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[John POV]

John was on the hunt for a lad.

A single. Frigging. Child. in the entirety of London.

Rob had done the best he could to remember the lad, but said all he remembered was the lad’s cloak; green, with many patches and well worn spots in it.

So, John and the rest had split up. Duke and Will taking the south and east of London, Rob, Much and John taking the north and west of London.

John walked down the street, Rob and Much taking their usual positions on the roofs running alongside the street.

John believed all this was excessive, but where Rob lead, he would always follow.

There was no real plan in this, just look and ask around for the lad. So, John questioned the merchants, newsboys, and anyone else that might have seen him.

At first, it seemed no one knew him. But as time went on, John noticed people acting nervous or slightly angry at his questions. It wasn't highly noticeable, but John had trained himself to read people's expressions. It made no sense. He was looking for a thief. Surely these people wouldn’t protect a heinous thief who robbed them of their income and lively hood...would they?

Finally, John couldn't stand it any longer. He whistled to Rob, three short blasts, asking to talk.

He walked down a side alley and waited for Rob and Much to come.

Once they were in the alley, John launched into the words he had been mulling over for the past two minutes.

“We need a new plan.” He said bluntly.

“Why? What happened?” Much asked.

“The people keep saying no one knows him, and at first it seemed true, but when I started going to the poorer merchants, I got the feeling that they were lying. They got nervous or angry and refuse to answer. I even offered one man money and they told me to "buzz off". I don't even know what that means!"

“Wait,” Rob said suspiciously, “since when do you have money?”

John laughed nervously, quickly changing the topic. It wouldn't be good to tell Rob he had money all along, they had skipped breakfast curtesy to a lack of money. “I think we should bait the lad if we want to catch him.”

“How?” Asked Much, ignoring the still grumbling Rob.

John thought carefully. They needed something to get him out on the open, some kind of bait.

John snapped his fingers "Rob us."

"It's us?" Rob asked uncertaintly. "We're the bait?"

"no, not "rob, us" it's "rob us". He's a thief right? So we give him someone to steal from."

"who?" Much asked.

"Everyone. Ah, except Rob. The lad saw him before, it'll be too suspicious. He can watch us from the roofs."

Much nodded, once again ignoring Robin's indignant grumbling. "I'll go find Will and Duke. Where do we meet?"

John was at a loss. He had only come to London today, he didn't know any landmarks.

Rob then showed why we made him the leader. You know, when he's not acting like a prick. "Meet at Westminster Abbey, it's on the west side of the Thames, you can't miss it. Especially around matins."

"Westminster Abbey, got it. See you there."

Much ran off to find Will and Duke, leaving John and Robin in an awkward silence, not knowing what to do now that their companion was gone.

Thanks, Much.

A note from Clarke James

Nope, I don't. I like talking too much. Well, That's all folks! I hope this story warms your heart, and I don't care how cheesy that line is.💖

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