Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

by Gennon Asche

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A puzzling encounter leaves Dimitry a beggar with a strange emblem on his wrist. Around him, people suffer as ruthless organizations, opportunistic nobles, and an overly pious church vie for power in a medieval land under constant siege by stone monstrosities rampaging from the coasts.

Can a kindhearted surgeon aid this ailing world with modern knowledge, resourcefulness, and magic? Or will rival powers crush Dimitry first?

A fiction that starts brutally grim and eventually transitions into technology uplift with a focus on science, magitech, and town building.

Warning: Technical terms abound.

Cover art by AbsolutePower.

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Gennon Asche

Gennon Asche

Mr. Dr. Professor Potato

The Days after Christmas
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Setting The Board ago
1. Woodpusher ago
2. Ravenfall ago
3. Unemployed Surgeon ago
4. Damn Leeches ago
5. Back Alley Physician ago
6. Monopoly ago
7. Invisibility Experiments ago
8. A Humble Heist ago
9. Puncture Wound ago
10. Tenebrae ago
11. A Job Complete ago
12. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ago
13. Peter Pan, Take Her Back ago
14. Night of Repentance ago
15. Ye Olde Biochemistry ago
16. Doubled Pawns ago
17. Isekai Anatomy 101 ago
18. Fire Opals from Africa ago
19. Rickety Infrastructure ago
20. Public Entertainment ago
21. Magic Toilet Paper Cartons ago
22. A Not So Humble Heist ago
23. The Pious, the Enslaved, and the Desperate ago
24. Rich Noble Slave, Poor Noble Freewoman ago
25. An Empty Bliss Beyond This World ago
26. Mutated Turkey ago
27. Dirt Cartography ago
28. Crawling Rocks ago
29. Can I Kill You? Please? ago
30. Rude Reception ago
31. The Emblem's Guidance ago
32. Ominous Algae ago
33. Sympathetic Assassin ago
34. Light Through Dark ago
35. Gift ago
36. Bon Voyage ago
37. Green Water, Green Sky ago
38. Whale Watching Cruise ago
39. Shackles Unbound ago
40. High Vol Mileage ago
41. Cold Desert ago
42. Travel Arrangements ago
43. Wizard's Apprentice ago
44. Breakthrough ago
45. Secrets Revealed ago
46. Ominous Greeting ago
47. Arrival ago
48. Once upon a time... ago
49. Feisty Girl ago
50. Renovations ago
51. Family of Sorcerers ago
52. Ratcatchers ago
53. Controlled Clinical Trials ago
54. Employee Training ago
55. Plagued Plague Doctor ago
56. Unlicensed Medical Practicioner ago
57. Enchantment Channeling ago
58. Phase I Trials ago
59. Wizard Surgeon ago
60. Busy Hospital ago
61. The Royal Offer ago
62. Potential for Aggressive Expansion ago
63. Business Negotiations and Promotions ago
64. Foundations for Healthcare Infrastructure ago
65. Court Doctor ago
66. A Princess and a Mine ago
67. Alien Constructs ago
68. Meeting With Demons ago
69. Negotiating With Demons ago
70. Devil Amongst Demons ago
71. Discovery ago
72. Medieval Propaganda ago
73. World's First Chemistry Lab ago
74. Sourcing Explosives ago
75. Spies Hunting Spies ago
76. Explosives Inept Doctor ago
77. Thaumaturgical Greenhouse ago
78. Convincing A Sorceress ago
79. False Church ago
80. Flying Devils ago
81. Improvised Explosive Device ago
82. Hunting With Grenades ago
83. Chicken in a Temporal Field ago
84. Voltech Hand Cannon ago
85. Black Powder Blast Tattoo ago
86. Prelude to a Lie ago
87. Blasphemous Rifle ago
88. Medieval Combat Medics ago
89. Military Foundations ago
90. Painting With Demons ago
91. Carapaced Devil ago
92. Anterior Shoulder Dislocation ago
93. Calculating Opponents ago
94. Misdirection ago
95. Last-Ditch Defense ago
96. Apostle of the Damned ago
97. Warm Berry Lady ago
98. All In Gambit ago
99. Reclaim Your Future ago
100. Volume 2 Prologue—Fracture on the Black Sea ago
101. Budget Army ago
102. The Arbiters ago
103. Raven’s Progressive Matrices ago
104. Assault ago
105. Mirror Therapy ago
106. Methanol Poisoning ago
107. A Scientific Inquiry Into Magic ago
108. Reclamation Day ago
109. Naval Mines ago
110. Of Faeries and Potassium Nitrate ago
111. Remodeling ago
112. A Show of Force ago
113. Magic-Assisted Firearms ago

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One of my favorite story in RR.

I read the original and this one too. The pacing rather slow but not dragging the story. Character is likeable, resourceful and competent even if setting is grimdark MC still trying help others.

The magic system is also very well done. Castle Kingside takes what seems like a very limited set of spells, but then depends on ingenuity of the characters to find uses for them.

Highly recommended this sttory.

Dark Jester

It takes a little while to get going, but once it does it really takes off. It is a dark, mature but ultimately optimistic isekai that i binged until 3 am. It is well written with a nice variety in side characters that feel like real people. The setting is interesting and there is plenty of worlbuilding, but luckily the author shows us the world very well without relying on lots of infodumps. I particuarly enjoyed the use of modern knowledge in a plausible way. The MC an expert on some things, but isn't going to be building mobile phones any time soon.


Really enjoying this so far. I gave this story a 5 review before the rewrite, and it's even better now. One issue potential readers might have with this story is the MC being a Gary Stu, but I would say 90% of popular RR stories feature one anyway. And unlike other Gary Stus, who suffer from poor characterization, Dimitry makes for a fun reading experience. No other complaints, and even that complaint isn't really a downside for me. The side characters and world building are great. The pacing is a breath of fresh air with so many stagnant plots here on RR.


All right, let's try this again. I was a big fan of the original Castle Kingside and I'm happy to see it back, I loved the characters, the story, the world, and the magic system. Honestly I'd be hard pressed to find anything I just strait up didn't like about this story. Regarding the rewrite the biggest changes I caught without having the original to compare to is definitely in the beginning. Dimitry went right to trying to be a doctor whereas in the original he was struggling for some time before  his medical skills came into play. I think it was still good the way it was but this way does clue new readers into a little of what the later chapters will be like. Either way I loved it and I'm sure if you give it a chance you will too!


The summary does not do this story justice. This is one of the best stories I have read on this site. I especially love the characterisation. I really like the theme of perseverance through hardship to hope. Was a bit weaker at the very beginning with the MC seeming a bit judgemental, but weaned offf that quickly


Plot: The plot is very well designed and considered. It is engaging and interesting. Always leaves you with enough information to understand what is happening, but allows a great deal of mystery and anticipation.

Character: The main characters are well-thought out and engaging. They are very well written and their dialogue feels their own. You'd be able to identify each character from their dialogue alone without needing their name being said. The main character is interesting and realistic, with limitations and flaws, and while at times he seems "perfect" he is still very well written.

Setting: The setting is filled with details, and it is always presented dramatically. This in my opinion is what differentiates this story from many others in the site, where we learn about the world in an interesting and dramatic manner, where the writter is showing us instead of telling us.

Pacing: Every chapter you read wants you to keep reading. Every chapter is dramatic, and interesting, and you never feel as if the words you have read could have beeen erased and the story would have no repercussions. 

10/10 would continue to read again.


One of the best stories on this site

Reviewed at: 59. Wizard Surgeon

Absolutely gripping, one of the best. The re-write did it well, It was  a good story before, now its a great one. Most stories on this site are posted as they are written, this story has been revised and it makes all the difference. It gets a ccross a harsh and brutal world, the mc is in constantly in terrible peril, but somehow there's always that spark of hope to keep the grimderp at bay. If you like watching people overcome adversity, you'll like this.


Style/Grammar - this is a really well written story. 

Characters: All the characters so far have been good though its suffers from a needless amount of corrupt characters. 

Story - I went in expecting to read a story about about a modern doctor dealing with the problems of medieval medicine with magic thrown in, and early on that appeared to be what the story was going to be. The MC started out with nothing but was slowly working his way to becoming an established surgeon. Then something bad happened, and something bad happened again, and again, and again, and again. The story went from realistic and fun to read to just a nihilistic dystopia where everyone is corrupt and evil. It has just become an endless slog with the only thing keeping me reading is my hope that the MC can go back to being an actual surgeon a hope that grows smaller with each chapter. This is an alright story for those you enjoy grimdark adventures where the MC keeps failing but it's not my cup of tea. I'm going to keep reading to see if it ever improves.


Good, shows struggles of a man out of his depth. Trying to survive in the nook and crannies yet what makes this novel special is that we follow his thoughts, ride through his guilt revel in his kindness and stay for his determination. I'm impressed and would easily recommend this novel.  Though it's a dark in the beginning it just makes the light at the end of the tunnel that much more worthwhile. 


Cool Story But Hard content

Reviewed at: 50. Renovations

I like the chapters as the stoy is quite interesting, but at first i thought it was a sci fi novel but i was worn its a hybrid.

I like the novel but it would be better if writer use simple English so that it can be approachable b more people.