Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

by Gennon Asche

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A puzzling encounter leaves Dimitry a beggar with a strange emblem on his wrist. Around him, the people suffer as ruthless organizations, opportunistic nobles, and an overly pious church vie for power in a medieval land under constant siege by stone monstrosities rampaging from the coasts.

Can a kindhearted surgeon aid this ailing world with modern knowledge, resourcefulness, and magic? Or will rival powers crush Dimitry first?

A fiction that starts brutally grim and eventually transitions into technology uplift with a focus on science, magitech, and town building.

Warning: Technical terms abound.

Cover art by AbsolutePower.

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Gennon Asche

Gennon Asche

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Setting The Board ago
1. Woodpusher ago
2. Ravenfall ago
3. Unemployed Surgeon ago
4. Damn Leeches ago
5. Back Alley Physician ago
6. Monopoly ago
7. Invisibility Experiments ago
8. A Humble Heist ago
9. Puncture Wound ago
10. Tenebrae ago
11. A Job Complete ago
12. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ago
13. Peter Pan, Take Her Back ago
14. Night of Repentance ago
15. Ye Olde Biochemistry ago
16. Doubled Pawns ago
17. Isekai Anatomy 101 ago
18. Fire Opals from Africa ago
19. Rickety Infrastructure ago
20. Public Entertainment ago
21. Magic Toilet Paper Cartons ago
22. A Not So Humble Heist ago
23. The Pious, the Enslaved, and the Desperate ago
24. Rich Noble Slave, Poor Noble Freewoman ago
25. An Empty Bliss Beyond This World ago
26. Mutated Turkey ago
27. Dirt Cartography ago
28. Crawling Rocks ago
29. Can I Kill You? Please? ago
30. Rude Reception ago
31. The Emblem's Guidance ago
32. Ominous Algae ago
33. Sympathetic Assassin ago
34. Light Through Dark ago
35. Gift ago
36. Bon Voyage ago
37. Green Water, Green Sky ago
38. Whale Watching Cruise ago
39. Shackles Unbound ago
40. High Vol Mileage ago
41. Cold Desert ago
42. Travel Arrangements ago
43. Wizard's Apprentice ago
44. Breakthrough ago
45. Secrets Revealed ago
46. Ominous Greeting ago
47. Arrival ago
48. Once upon a time... ago
49. Feisty Girl ago
50. Renovations ago
51. Family of Sorcerers ago
52. Ratcatchers ago
53. Controlled Clinical Trials ago
54. Employee Training ago
55. Plagued Plague Doctor ago
56. Unlicensed Medical Practicioner ago
57. Enchantment Channeling ago
58. Phase I Trials ago
59. Wizard Surgeon ago
60. Busy Hospital ago
61. The Royal Offer ago
62. Potential for Aggressive Expansion ago
63. Business Negotiations and Promotions ago
64. Foundations for Healthcare Infrastructure ago
65. Court Doctor ago
66. A Princess and a Mine ago
67. Alien Constructs ago
68. Meeting With Demons ago
69. Negotiating With Demons ago
70. Devil Amongst Demons ago
71. Discovery ago
72. Medieval Propaganda ago
73. World's First Chemistry Lab ago
74. Sourcing Explosives ago
75. Spies Hunting Spies ago
76. Explosives Inept Doctor ago
77. Thaumaturgical Greenhouse ago
78. Convincing A Sorceress ago
79. False Church ago
80. Flying Devils ago
81. Improvised Explosive Device ago
82. Hunting With Grenades ago
83. Chicken in a Temporal Field ago
84. Voltech Hand Cannon ago
85. Black Powder Blast Tattoo ago
86. Prelude to a Lie ago
87. Blasphemous Rifle ago
88. Medieval Combat Medics ago
89. Military Foundations ago
90. Painting With Demons ago
91. Carapaced Devil ago
92. Anterior Shoulder Dislocation ago
93. Calculating Opponents ago
94. Misdirection ago
95. Last-Ditch Defense ago
96. Apostle of the Damned ago

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Rewrite took this story from “Good” to “Must Read”

Reviewed at: 6. Monopoly

Let me begin by saying that this is a rewrite of an already fun and engaging fic. I am only comfortable writing this review so early in the story because I enjoyed the previous one so much and can already tell that this one is an improvement.

There are very, very few spelling/grammar issues. The pacing is slightly on the slower side, but by no means does is drag. The rewrite is still in its infancy so the worldbuilding is still being established, but from what I can recall of the original story it's going to be well-built and internally consistent.

Most importantly, the main character is likeable and competent. He's a former surgen dropped into a medieval fantasy world with no money and no connections. His knowledge and skills are believable and enjoyable to read and don't bog the story down like most insert characters. He attended medical school and practiced medicine for years, so he's very knowledgeable about the human body and how to treat various aliments, but he has no tools and no medicine to prescribe. He doesn't instantly become a respected doctor. If he's going to do anything with his knowledge, he's going to have to work hard and find a clever way to move up in the world. It's executed phenomenally and I highly recomendable you give it a shot. 

Anton Wahlsten

One of the best stories on RR, but with one flaw

Reviewed at: 2. Ravenfall

An incredible story that made me read all the 60 released chapters in one day.

What sticks out is that the magic and characters are both unique and interesting. I also enjoy how MC is trying to improve the medical practice in the world instead of the cliche "let's reinvent modern technology again isekai."

The only problem I found in this story was that it is exhausting to read, the MC is constantly running into problems and is never given some kind of rest. As soon as the MC finds some goal or peace, random people will always show up and ruin everything, piling on even more problems for the MC to handle.

Examples of what I mean:

1. MC starts to stabilize his new life, until a jealous surgeon bribes the guards to kill him.

2. His only advantage in combat, a unique magic only he can use gets exposed publicly.

3. MC needs to distract three watchmen with two of his newfound friends, suddenly two guards shows up and ruins everything.

4. MC plans his escape, suddenly he only gets a day to finish his plans.

5. MC needs to reveal that he is the infamous user of unique magic making him even more wanted.

6. First night after escaping three people find him, exposing his trail.

7. Last night before reaching his first major destination after escaping reveals his identity to a farmer wife.

8. Can't enter city because he is wanted and recognizable so the plan is to get caught to enter the city. (what could go wrong)

9. During the whole escape MC has over drafted his magic, in the city he is forced to use it because female lead had to give money to some poor family before protecting him.

10. While traveling with an illegal smuggler the official church joins them on the journey?

11. Church inspection makes MC overdraft again + revealing his identity to other stowaways? (They should be stowaways but the church doesn't seem to care)

12. MC gets captured for the 3rd time.

13. TBF the last journey with boat is actually pretty calm, until some murlocs? attack

14. Finally reached destination, mini arc of MC trying to prove his medical knowledge while some groups try to sabotage him.

During all of this the MC hasn't really progressed towards his goal of healing people, except around chapter 60. Most of the story is character and world building.

While the story is not fast paced, so far (chapter 1-60, 650 pages) the MC has never gotten any real rest which is a bit exhausting to read. I'm only ranting because I want to let the author know of the only fault I find in his story. I'm pretty sure things will calm down at the end of the first volume.


The original was one of the stories that finally got me to actually make an account on royal road so that I could follow it and never miss an update, it was that good. I was sad to see it go and am overjoyed at its return.

The one thing I hope for more than any changes to the book itself (which was already damn good) is that the author has learned to take things less personally. There will always be people who don't like what you do. Add that to the trolls who are just trying to get a reaction, and people giving 0.5 reviews to knock the book down in the ratings so that whatever other novel they are fanboying is raised a place, negative feedback is inevitable on a public forum like this. Focus on the positive, I would hate to see this dropped again.


I've read up to chapter 40. The world and it's magic are fascinating. I look forward to Dimitri discovering more about the mysterious about the world he is stuck in. The character interactions decent too. 

One aspect of this story I like is that Dimitri is actually struggling to use his surgeon skills. There are plenty of transmigration stories where the tranmigrator drops into a medieval fantasy world and builds an army with firearms or secures a fortune by making mayonaise or something else rediculous. Dimitri has to struggle with some basic things from being dropped in another world, like his lack of identity and connections, his lack of tools, and being broke. He isn't helpless though. He has advantages but I don't want to spoil the story.

Civ Defender

I am in chapter 7 and so far I love the rewright so far so much is different that I am more entertained than by the original story.

This was not my expectation when starting I expected a slightly improved story that I would dropp because it was to much the same.


So good it's unbelievable. I say yes.

Reviewed at: 68. Meeting With Demons

It's very good. I binged it. The prose is extremely readable, the events are always actively getting us somewhere new, the characters are well-defined and actually interact with each other the way real people would, and to finish, the main characters are likeable and resourceful. 

I'm almost losing my mind as I'm writing this. It's been far too long since I've had such a painless experience reading something new on royalroad. Thanks for writing this. 


Read before, will read again

Reviewed at: 1. Woodpusher

This story was good in its first iteration. Even if the author had only copied/pasted the entire story again with no changes, I would still be comfortable saying this is worth checking out. And going off everyone else's reviews, it's even better with the alterations.

The protagonist is cerebral without being a heartless machine. The story is contemplative, but there are still moment of action. It can be a bit of a slow burn. But considering there will be 90+ chapters up very soon here, there's plenty of story for you to figure out if it's up your alley.

Looking forward to binging the story all over again when it catches up to where the old story was. Welcome back!


Excellent Low Fantasy

Reviewed at: 59. Wizard Surgeon

Having not read the pre-rewrite story I have to say that this is an extremely well executed story. The story has a fundamental realism about it dispite its fantastical element. It is a low fantasy (defined as a story with fantastical elements but approached realisticly) people are cruel and magic is used for power more than heroism but into this story our protagonist, Dimitry, has entered with the hope to survive and make it a better place.

In ealier chapters the protagonist was a little too passive for me but as of chapter 50 he has really started to drive the story with his actions. I enjoy how the author balances the main characters internal debate and his struggle without  descending into whining. Too often protagonists in stories on RR are the nicest people ever or sociopaths, this story actually features a real person.

The magic system is also worth a mention in this reveiw, as of chapter 59 the basics of it have been laid out but several mysteries remain which point in a more eldritch/cosmic direction which I am always a fan of. (Without hitting you over the head with tenticles)

Fundamentally speaking this is a EXTREMELY well written story, with an interesting and unique world and I am interested in seeing where the author takes it. 


This story is straight up awesome, having a blast I never saw the original so I can't comment on its improvement but the world feels unique and the protagonist isnt an idiot like most of these stories make them. Thr characters and world feel very fleshed out and believable, the author also knows his stuff so treatments can go in depth. Overall highly recommended


There're only three facts that need to be considered in this review.

First, I'm very hesitant in investing myself in new fictions. The ones I do invest in I bookmark/follow. I'm even more hesitant in leaving reviews.

Second, I joined up in 2016, and since then have only followed 25+ fictions. I've reviewed only around 3 or so, plus this.

Third, I ended up following this fic and reading through all the rewritten chapters in just a few hours. I'm now in the process of cursing the author for taking down the previous version of the chapters (which I'm told was up to 90+).

With the above in mind, that should tell you how much this fiction has hooked me. 

Edit: Author should now be a cursed potato. Read at your own peril.