Felicia's Second Life

by Ai-chan

Good evening, everyone. My name is Felicia Belphere Metrune. I am the only daughter of Baron Alphonse Lartes Metrune. I am 7 years old. I haven't always been Baron Metrune's daughter, though.

I was originally a 29 year old man who lived in Cornwall. One day I was hit by a truck and you guessed it, I was reincarnated into what at first seemed to be medieval Europe.

But what's this? We are a noble family, but why is our house so run down? Why are the fields looking so lifeless? Why does our army consist of one person? Why do we have so much land but it's all barren?

Why? Why? Why?
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Can't judge a story by it's Tag in RRL!!! A fast paced awesome read!!!

First, let me just state that I like most of the Genderbender stories for all their worth, either it is the Comedy or romance and of course if yuri is involved it’s a plus. But the most important thing are the actions of the MC to what they would do when placed in their opposite gender? Will they just accept their fate of that gender and the matters if/by their family decided when they are weak? Or will they use their own wits to escape from any problematic situation? Of course, whatever actions they perform, their inner monolog is the main aspect in any Genderbender story, either for our amusement or for their emotional condition to how they adapt, because there’s no going back to the previous gender unless you are a sex changing being like the dragons or a frog… 

So about this story… 



The Author has adapted an LN style for the writing of the chapters, which according to me, is one where every single Chapter are very long and said each chapter has a different theme/scene with their own conclusions but overall Chapters are connected to the main story. Also, the story is quite fast paced. 



The starting theme of this story is a Reincarnation story which in RRL are many, but this one comes with a Genderbender twist, which again many put off many people. But I say that it doesn’t affect the story in a major way because the story is mainly focused on the Adventure which takes place where the MC is involved in petty family problems, bringing a revolutionary change in the lives of people surrounding her, modernization of the medieval period, Sea battle against the Pirates and with the Pirates against novels etc…. The story is spanned across many events taking place in the lives of our MC which is quite an enjoyable and Comedic read. Although, let me warn you that there are no Magic and only boomsticks and Candy bombs, which in the time period of sticks and swords which is magical enough already. Also, the story seems to be divided into Books with each containing near 10 chapters each with their own satisfying conclusion. 



Not much I can say here since there seems to be no punctuation or grammar mistakes according to me. The wordings are very easy to understand. But if more complex /deeper meanings wordings are used then it would make a very good immersive reading experience for me at least.



This is one of the main points of this story and also a little questionable. All the characters have their own unique personality and if they don’t then they are destined to be background characters. Even though Unique, they follow a predefined personality of cool beauty, aloof mother, genius but mischief, cute puppy like, etc… 

The main attraction is the MC, and if you didn’t know then this is the Genderbender character. Although he, now she is the main source for the development of all the Comedic events and main plot elements, her previous life history of an all knowing genius is a little questionable, at least, to me. Even though MC is GB character the actions of her is always quite fun to read, a situation where one wouldn’t have acted like that if they were of the opposite gender and when done by her might be a shock or just fun. 

But again my main complaint is about not using the Proper gender bender character to its full potential by showing the emotional ups and downs…. But instead we get a gender neutral story where the actions and emotions don’t make a difference if the MC was a female or a male and the female perspective choices when done, do seem a little forced and the actions carried were written off lightly as in it had no impact on her. And mainly it seems that the characters are all very static with their personality, where they remain the same in any situation is what it seemed to me. 


Finally, if the readers are put off by the Genderbender tag, then don’t,  because the point of this story is the adventure and antics of the MC which is an enjoyable and quick read. Also, the story seems to be divided into Books with each containing near 10 chapters each with their own satisfying conclusion. Also, there is a plan for or is already planned to write 10+ books it seems, but it all depends on us readers with our support, mainly by just reading the written work first for faster future releases.


This story is about a little girl named Felicia, who was some kind of uber knowledgable history professor who loved to LARP  in her past life. She’s here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And there’s no bubblegum in this world (yet). But there are lots of lollipops.


So she kicks a lot of ass, sometimes using the lollipops. Not an OP MC in that she is strong herself, but she is unbelievably knowledgeable, genre savy, and confident.  Read about Felicia implementing reforms and new technologies left and right as she sees fit, and jerking adults around by their nose, realism be damned. Story shouldn’t be taken seriously or you will have a bad time, because it follows the rule of awesome and the rule of funny.


Overall, I had a good laugh reading the story. Grammar lacks polish but otherwise, there isn’t anything wrong with it. There are a couple places where the story becomes a bit inconsistent or chaotic, but again, this story shouldn’t be taken completely seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


I really like this even if it's extremely similar to Eulalia's Adventure by KK_Akatsuki it's very fun to read and I can bet with ya that Felicia will have a cult by the end of february at most.Looking forward for more fun and will give a serious review when i'll have more chap's to read.


...I'm impressed. Potential to be really good

It's hard to find a story that Is fun to read. I really like the whole "diary" style (like In the beginning of the chapters) of the writing.

the chapters are long enough to be entertaining, and not long enough to make you think It will never end.

the MC's personality Is fun to read, makes me want to read more about her.

Her mother Is interesting too, I hope to read more of her in the next chapters.

bad points: 3 chapters (4 If you include the prologue) and I feel there Is already a lot of characters, kinda makes me confused to who Is who.

the MC Is kinda of... incredible? I mean, she knows a lot about farming, mining, (about metals and what not), blacksmithing (making steel, making a place to make steel and even making a prototype of a gun). I think It would be better If her knowledge was In just one place, and use the little of what she knows to make the people of the county make prototypes or test the things she says.

Pacing Is kinda fast, It feels like she did wondrous advancement In technology In just 2~3 years, makes me wonder what kind of material you will have for more chapters In the future.


Even with what I described as bad points, I have a LOT of fun with your story, and I hope to see more soon!


5 out of 5. Would read again

I'm sure if one were to look for some plotholes in the story(not like there is any... Really, for the sake of my family there is absolutely no loopholes. Just agree with me here.), gramatical errors(again nope.... absolutely nothing to be found here. Even the queen would by jealous of the vebouse of the author) or cliched characters(no such thing here. All are one of a kind, unique and multidimensional characters) you may find some. But it is laregely overshadowed by a new world, defined not by how it looks but by the people that live it. Afterall, home is only home because of the people in it.(See author? I made a good review... So can I have my family back? Plz?)



All jokes aside, this story is one where anyone can take a step back to enjoy. The world is beautifully painted by the population full of very eccentric people of different morals and cultures as they interact with one another. The storyline whilst fast paced, is engaging and gives enough for readers to understand the world they are brought in without it being an info dump. Honestly, the sky is the limit because of how the story is portrayed and flows. You just dont know what our MC will get herself into and through what unorthodox methods will she use to get to see things done her way. 


A must try. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 



Really glad I found this story. There a few things I felt off but I guess that's just your style. Anyway, this is all in all a fun read. Although I really do want to see how Felicia's family's barony would grow. From what I've read im the last chapters, I noticed that you were setting it up to head towards that direction... Expansion I mean. With all those people with nowhere to go, I'm betting you're gonna make them settle in their land. Consequently making the place prosper.


Your story is great and it still has a lot of chances to get even better. Keep up the good work please.


Really like and its back!  Funny from start to finish and some kingdom building tossed in too.


Quite frankly one of the best stories in RR.

  • Much longer chapters than usual.
  • Almost without grammatical errors.
  • Good plot twists.
  • Easy to read.

This story is the perfect balance of pacing, story, drama, Genius, and Action. 

The story isn't like a lot of city building stories where the pacing is really slow and takes a while for things to start. This story does have time jumps but they never seem out of place and a story arc will be finished before a time jump.

Although it can be questioned why the MC knows some things and how they work. The story never goes over the board with stretching what I can believe the MC should know. 

The characters are all fun and it is fun watching the MC go up against over the top bad guys or people who look down on the MC for being 10 or 11. 

I do like that the story is touching the naval side as I don't recall any of the "Man with modern knowledge in a new world" stories touching the navy. It doesn't go over the top with us getting USS Iowa but from the picture painted by the author. It seems the ship is more like a Man O'War. I like imagining that it'd have eventually to the MC building an HMS Warrior type of warship.

The romance is also a bit interesting compared to most gender-bender Yuri stories. Normally the MC and another girl will quickly go to making out and get overly sexual. But with this, we have the MC resigning herself to have to marry a man cause of the society they live in. It's kind of nice cause we get to see the MC and the girl slowly start building more of a romantic relationship together as the MC has to decide what needs to be done. I imagine with so many of her accomplishments she'd be able to not have to marry or might be able to ask the King for a special marriage of a female thing. This type of romance is also interesting cause we get to sympathize with the MC more as we feel bad for her as she thinks she will have to marry a man. I do love seeing the fiance the family tried setting up with the MC be the butt of jokes.

Really, I can only recall one part that I found myself finding lacking with the story. It's near chapter 2-4 If I recall correctly. It just really started losing interest in it.

The story structure and grammar are both good and I didn't find myself struggling to understand a sentence due to grammar or having a hard time comprehending what I just read cause it doesn't make sense 

I do hope we will eventually get a book two to this. It's overall a great story.