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Chapter 2:

The experts from each world all landed near each other, confused, and slightly excited. An expert from a technological world immediately tried to report back to the command center, but his communicator wasn’t working. He soon realized that everybody around him were all wearing different, and strange clothing.

“What the hell is going on?”

He asked to no reply, as everyone else was equally confused. Everyone soon heard a cold, mechanical voice echo through their heads.

“Please enter the hall, if you do not, please be prepared to leave.”

Everyone was now interested, as they were the experts of their respective world. Most people entered the hall, but a few younger looking ones stayed behind. As everyone entered the hall, people heard screaming coming from outside.

“What the hell? Is this some kind of prank? Or are they actually in pain?”

One asked, again to no reply. As everyone made their way into the hall, they saw a simple looking man standing in front of them, his face covered in a black mist no one could see through. The man, asked everyone to sit in a seat, and to prepare for the auction.



Ethan had been prepared to only auction off one item, but he heard the familiar voice of the system as soon as the experts entered the Auction Hall

“Please go to the front, and ask our guests to take a seat

Reward: 50 auction points”

Ethan did what the system said, and soon had obtained 50 points. He decided to acquire some miscellaneous items from the store. He chose a pill to speed up cultivation for an hour, and a scroll for a one time use high level spell.

“These should be good for a first auction!”


The experts in the hall, were all either nervous or excited for the prospects of obtaining divine items from the auction. One said:

“I can’t wait to see what’s up for aucti- wait, did any of you bring any money?”

Everyone in the hall had soon realized they didn’t bring any money, because they weren’t expecting an auction. No sooner had they realized this, had someone come out onto the stage and brought a cart with an object covered in cloth on it. The man soon revealed what was under the cloth, it was simple looking pill.

“Miracle pill! Will boost cultivation speed for 1 hour! Beginning price is $100,000, increases must be 10 thousand or beyond! Begin bidding!”

Ethan shouted, nervously. Soon he noticed everybody wearing awkward expressions, and he realized they hadn’t brought any money. As soon as he thought this, he heard a notification from the system

“Host may acquire lifespan, Divine artifacts, or other useful items, in this case you will be using lifespan! Price of pill: 5 years of lifespan! Increases 1 year each!”

Ethan shouted out what the system had said, and soon people started bidding. A middle-aged man with a balding head called out:

“5 years of lifespan! Here"

Soon after this one man bid, many other started bidding. Shout could be heard from every corner of the hall, and the system sorted out the bids:

“Highest bid: 10 years of lifespan from a man named Nathaniel Fitzgerald”

After this man's bid was called many people dropped out, but the middle-aged man, named Mervil Marshwitz continued to bid.

“15 years of lifespan!”

He called out, and everyone else fell silent

Ethan had sold his first item!


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