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[Initiating stimulator awakening]

[Increasing stimulation]


[Ceasing support functions]


He woke up to the loss of the golden light.

[Awakening complete]

The golden light wrapped him again.

[Announcement: Welcome to the Alamar worlds. Home to the Aevans, Humans and Aex Incarnae. Choose a being of your choice. Note that choices are first come first serve basis.]

The robotic voice informed him and he was in a strange place. He was confused and dazed.

Looking around there were endless amount of golden lights shifting in and around a bigger blinding light. The bigger light was arranged in the form of concentric circles. Amounting to eight.

There was an incredibly mesmerizing humming sound that was heard coming from the big light.

[Task: Would you like to sing?]

"No, thank you.

[Announcement: It is customary to greet the eight lords of Alamar with a song from your past life before entering into them. Please do so to avoid future troubles. It is extremely disrespectful if you don't sing.]

The robotic voice urged him. He was apprehensive. He didn't like music all that much. Nothing came to mind for a choice of song.

" I'm no Bard. Is it particularly bad If I don't sing? Can I just lip sync and get it over with"

[Announcement: The lords appear unimpressed by your decision and you have no mouth.]

"You can read from my mind please play it for me"

[Announcement: I can't do such a thing.Please sing or I'll cease support functions]


The golden light slowly dimmed.

He was assaulted by pain and grief. It felt like dying again. He had no body but he felt his head splitting in agony and his eyes felt like they have been staring the sun for long and he couldn't close his eyes.

He could not remember much but he heard a song from "Praise the Daring".

*To little girl of the sun ,I have lost my soul and my life, *

*I just bent a little but I got caught inside her tiny bangles, *

*Leaving my post , raising a ruckus,*

*How many are the dirt clouds? *

*I kicked up to high heaven,*

*just to see her walking in the street, is she walking towards me? *


*Like Pincers*

*She held my soul,*

*As she beat it like hot iron*

*She is brilliant like a Shard of Sun,*

*now she has descended the heavens for me*

*She talks disrespectfully and tries to pick up a fight (tsundere)*

*Her eyes explode within the depths of my soul*

*She is my canary,*

* and I am intoxicated by her presence*

*Sieveing through my soul, she found my love,*

*Why is she laughing like a demon, *

*With that, She has tied my to her hips,*

*as she walks away swaying triumphantly*

*dancing merrily as she came towards me*

[Stop! It is incredibly cheesy. I can't stand it no longer]

"No announcement, eh?"

The voice wasn't robotic anymore. It felt surprisingly like a feminine voice but much much younger and not like the warm, motherly voice of the Formless void from earlier.

[Shut Up, I had been sleeping. I haven't gotten much sleep lately. Running errands for the eight runts restlessly is tiring. It's like putting on autopilot]

"If you were asleep how did you know my song was cheesy? Perhaps you awake all this time?"

The ethereal form was wavering and glowing with a salmon almost light. It felt hot and warm.

He didn't notice too much of the changes of the ethereal orb. He was impressed with a much more pressing matter.

"Now, the eight lord thingies they just moved. And why did I feel like I couldn't sing it in the language I'm accustomed to. It feels vastly different"

[You might not know it but you have been speaking the language of the God's for a while now. It is a language without any falsities and subterfuge. The eight lords seem to be touched. Forgive me for trying to cease support functions but may I know where you were from? ]

"Um... Earth?"

[I forgot you were stupid. Which earth are you from?]

"The one in the solar system"

[Okay. That perfectly clear and descriptive...]


[Are you messing with me? Which solar system? ]

"You must have picked me up from there. Yes the Formless Void picked me up from there, she will be able to tell you. Is she your superior? "

[What makes you think that a scavenging entity like that compares to the grand orchestrator that I am? We may be aspects of the same thing but not all aspects are equal, even if they are from the same thing.]

" I don't know of any earths other than mine. I never believe in aliens and now I'm told there are many earths. I feel I have been living under a rock. No I have been living on a rock. Yes I got another clue. It is the third planet from the sun it got a one moon and it's covered with salt water."

[Wait! Wait! I figured you when you said that you didn't know of other earths.

Don't tell me you're from that earth? That blue pearl? Humans from Milky thingy?]

"Yes, No bonus points for guessing."

[Yeah, No shit. I did hear from her that you were special. If it wasn't for that situation, you would have been recycled for the third time by now.]

“Wait what! I didn't think I get what you are saying. Recycled? Three times? What situation? "

[Human soul, You can't put two and two together, can you? Do you have any Idea how long you have been in stasis?]

" Three human lifetimes? "

[ Human soul, your planet is now lifeless. Rather devoid of higher life forms]

"Does that mean Humans are extinct? I knew it they'd kick the bucket themselves with all the messes we had been making, what kicked us off? Climate change or rising sea levels?"

[ Wouldn't you have witnessed it? I'm sure you must have seen signs of it. You might know it as a viral pathogen but it was a small benign curse from the Lord of the beasts from your world. Your kind were architects of their own fall.]

"That virus infection? It was not even a thing when I died. One in a million died. Many didn't even did as much as a sniffle for being infected"

[Oh boy, Aren't you lucky? That thing raged on. Some of you kept it alive deliberately and tried to control it like a tool, as a weapon. Cotton dolls don't play with fire. And the last ones died really pitifully]

The shock was too much for him to bear.

"What about the rest of the animals? Did they make it? They should be thriving now that we are gone? Has green reclaimed the earth?"

[While I can't read your memories but I can reveal some of mine to you. Call me by my name when you are ready. I am the one called Amara.]

"Wait did you tell me your name? That gives me power over you?"

[ It is just one of my names. I designed it for one way access. Just shut up and say it.]


He was assaulted by the senses of a burning sulphur, Death, Decay, rot and The taste of metal lingered on his mouth. It felt hot beyond all limits of understanding and he was pulled out.

While he was pulled out he managed to get one last glimpse of Earth's Horizon.

Over the Horizon, with several of them spawning in various shapes and sizes. There were several eerie mushroom shaped clouds.

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