An unbearable thirst parched his entire being, clawing away at his life.


"Help me!"


"Ameliorate Me"


"Embrace me!"


A woman's cries were heard by him. Each more pitiful than the last. 


He could hear the sobbing. 


Despite his pitiful and agonizing state he wanted to rush to the aid of this woman. For some odd reason he couldn't Identify whose voice it was. But it felt like it was a voice he was used to hearing. 


The thirst grew and this time it was mortifying.


He felt mortal pain coursing through his shell.


Then he heard a whisper. 


"Knock! Knock!"


"WHO THE FUCKK IS THISSS!", he asked. 


"Death" it answered. 






Raj Ramesh woke up gasping. He was in the middle of work. He had the night shift. 


He looked at his limp hand which he had used as a pillow for sleeping. 


The faint music from the movie "Praise the Daring" was heard. His ears stung from wearing earphones too long. 


He looked around and found a nearly empty water bottle. He grabbed it and chugged it down his throat. 


He felt peace. 


"Death... " he said to himself. 


"... and the week has just started. Way to go, Raj. You bloody bastard, Can't you even have a proper good dream?"


He looked at his office desk where he had slept. He was confused.


For some reason, his supervisor and manager never woke him.


"At least I got some z's" 


Then he remembered the voice and he was assaulted with a throat pricking thirst.


He stood up and stretched himself and yawned.


He saw his weary countenance stare back at him from the glass wall.


"Good morning, Shithead!"


Raj said that real careful and audible only to himself. Once his Supervisor had been walking towards his desk to wake him and Raj had woken up and said his usual greeting to himself. His supervisor Mr. Mehta still believes that Raj actually called him a shit head. 


Just as he thought about his supervisor he spotted his bald head approaching. 


"Mister Mehta! Very good morning!" 


Raj greeted as he waved his hand but the supervisor seemed to be hurrying. Running, huffing and puffing for his short frame. That guy was startled by Raj greeting him and ran faster. 


"What the!" Raj Grumbled as he walked towards the water cooler. Rubbing his eyes as he walked. 


As he approached the cooler he could hear faint noises coming from below him.


"People are not supposed to come out in this many numbers right?" 


He remembered that the Government has imposed a curfew. The water cooler appeared in his view. It looked extremely slick, ergonomic and had all the traces of a well thought out design but it didn't cool water. It just dispensed water and leaked like a Incontinent diabetic grandpa on steroids. 


The ingenious management had placed a bucket underneath the cooler. Service cost 10 bucks and a plastic bucket cost 50 cents. 


"Guess that's just like our government" 


He picked up the glass and filled it with water and gulped it down repeating the process 5 times in a row.


"This is a record"


He then bent down took the nearly filled leak bucket beneath the "water cooler" and walked over to the ledge on the side of the building where it was open to the outside and not covered with glass. There were several plants or 'Crotons' they called it. He emptied the leak buket into all of those plants, letting out another yawn. 


Just as he shook the water bucket to the last drop he saw something fall down and break. 


"Oopsie! Not me! Not looking!" 


Raj had fallen victim for these sort of situations several times. If someone were to see him from down and he was seen peeping. Then instantly he is the culprit. 


"Nope! Not happening! Not today!" 


Then he felt his phone beep.


He had recieved a message.


"We regrettably inform you that your position held at X-on Gas company has been liquidated as of 3:30 AM IST".


Raj felt all the water he chugged down returning back through the emergency exit.


Wait a second! He remembered His bald supervisor running and the Pot falling down. His heart pounded as he went near the window to check.


In the middle of the walkway there was at least 3 people splattered on the ground.




Raj felt his phone again and sifted through the needless mess of applications he had installed and found the messages he had received while he slept.


"We regrettably inform you that your position held at YY company has been liquidated as of 3:30 AM IST".




We regrettably inform you that your position held at ZZ company has been liquidated as of 3:15 AM IST".




We regrettably inform you that your position held at QQ company has been liquidated as of 2:50 AM IST".


"FU*K! " 


Almost his entire portfolio which was valued at 4500 US Dollars at its peak had been washed clean. All that was left was spare change which amounted to a little more than 20 bucks. 








In a daze Raj had wandered to the stairwell. It spiraled down for ten floors


He peered into the void. Strangely he not afraid of the heights as he usually was.


His phone beeped again. Something about his company CEO has been ousted dude to gross mismanagement but he has sought asylum from island nation like Malta, Mauritius or something. 


He didn't care. He was beyond caring. 


All his life's work, almost all the money he had saved was up in flames. His career had choked, stuttered and died. He knew it. He had yet to be told. 


His phone beeped again this time it was a mail from Mr. Mehta. Raj Ramesh knew why the annoying short, fat, bald goblin of a man had been running. 


The message smelled of a notice of undue termination. 


He swiped at his phone, pushed the notifications to the side and withdrew the spare change from his portfolio to his bank account.


Raj Ramesh didn't have any immediate family. No pressing responsibilities. Nothing had him tied up to the ground and None of his friends would actually miss him while he is gone. 


"Not that they like me while I was there." 




"I'm already thinking of myself in the past tense"


He looked back at his office. Of course that is why it was empty.


"Why now?"


"They told me it won't happen again."


He heard someone running slowly, down in the ground. He saw his supervisor then running down the towards the parking lot and realized that the bastard didn't jump.


He started the car and drove fast that he skidded. The supervisor's car then accidentally drove over the leg of someone who had fallen to death. 


There were two or three bodies all over the driveway. The security personnel were moving vigorously to and from the scene. They were talking into their walkie talkies like they were some kind of commando or something. 


He knew the coat hanger cameras at the ladies bathroom and wireless cameras that were found beneath cubicles of women were their handiwork. Majority of the office women were assaulted at some point by these scum. Not all of them but most of them had filth flowing through their veins. 


People like them and Mr. Mehta would rather nibble at the corpses than starve.


"Mr. Mehta, I sincerely hope you die of diarrhea. Unmentionable STDs for the rest of you"


Raj Ramesh was a model citizen. Despite his low self esteem and lack of funds he had strived to improve.


He never owned a house. He didn't have a car. He couldn't afford both but he was able to afford a bike. But even though he had a bike but he favoured cycling to work so as to reduce pollution.


He sat stinking of his own sweat and deodorant that barely managed to mask it for days and days because he wanted to be a good person. He never wasted water. He bathes only three times a week and sometimes only twice o week.


He never wasted electricity and saved up whatever he could and put it in investments.


Even when he found himself without a family he didn't despair he tried his best to pick himself up and live what he thought was the best way to live.


And now he was having thoughts about dying.


As if he remembered something he took his phone and typed something a page with a green background and a huge black X mark showed up.


He wanted to go to extinction rebellion protests atleast once but he was afraid of the consequences he would have to face in his company.


He didn't have to worry about that now. He donated all the money that was left. 


He opened notepad and typed something in his phone and tossed it into the air.


"Dear God,


You are an asshole. Hope you are satisfied with my misery. I wish I go to hell so I don't have to deal with you ever again




Please go Fu*k yourself.


  - Raj Ramesh. "


Raj Ramesh sat on the handrails of the stairwell. It was a pretty remarkable feat that was worthy of praise except he was planning to jump right off any moment now.


Raj Ramesh waited patiently. Not knowing why he waited but he waited none the less. Maybe he was going to change his mind. Maybe he would buy a new cellphone. Maybe... 


He heard another dull thud. Someone else had kicked off the fall ball. It was then he heard someone walk up the stairs. It was a security guard. Him with his rifle that he can't fire inside the building. He didn't notice Raj Ramesh sitting on the ledge. He was a middle aged man who successfully staved off balding but couldn't do nothing about the greys. 


The security was well exhausted running up the stairs. He saw Raj Ramesh sitting on the ledge but didn't notice what was happening he seemed to approach Raj Ramesh.


"Sir, Bathroom, Where?" 


Raj Ramesh for the life of him was confused. This idiot asking for directions to pissing from a person who is planning to jump. 


Then out of nowhere the security guard shouted at the top of his lungs. 




Raj Ramesh was 28 years old when he jumped off the ledge. He didn't jump of his own volition. He had decided on jumping but was scared shitless into doing that because of a dumb security guard who was probably regretting his life choices up until now. 


As Raj fell down he heard the guard speak in slow motion.




Raj spoke to himself. 


"Not so great fall, Eh Humpty?" 


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Bio: I found myself writing things and you found me.

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