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While still a young child James was bought by the Sorceress Lauren. She told his desperate family that she was looking for an apprentice. In reality she recognized the great store of magical energy the young boy held and she desired to feed from him; and thus take his power for her own.

The local people had another name for the Sorceress; they called her the Swamp Witch and most were in fear of her though they all needed her potions to survive living on the edge of Drake's Swamp.

James would learn many things while being the slave of the Swamp Witch, many of them bad but his experiences would make him someone to be reckoned with.
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I Wasn't Expecting This.

So I started reading this because i was all out of things to read and thought that it sounded pretty interesting and how right i was. This book is an original story that you can't helped but be drawn in to by his unique way of writing. Its a mage story that doesn't rely on cultivation! I know something incredibly rare on this site but it doesn't and you know what, it works. The author puts forth the all the facts brilliantly and you can easily tell that he actually spends a lot of time thinking on just how he wants this to grow. The only really bad thing that i can see so far is that besides James no other character is really developed all that well but its still early in the book and I believe that the author will be able to grow the more that he writes. 


love it so far, does a great job using the MC’s point of view in a way that lets us figure out stuff that is implied or hinted at. the MC is believably ignorant but it is written in a way that keeps us informed without pausing to tell us straight out or making him seem dumb. 

The settting is compelling and manages to balance realism and fantasy, the swamp is as deadly as you might imagine a swamp in a fantasy world. There are the very real threats of a normal swamp as well as fantastic ones mixed in.

frankly I’m only two chapters in and I’ve fallen in love with the world building already.



Solid Start But Quickly Loses Direction

This story blew me away during the first couple of chapters. The magic system was unique and I quickly grew attached to the MC's curious personality. Unfortunately while this story had a great start with fantastic potential, later on plot points start to seem like they're being determined by roles of the dice. At one point the MC is biding his time away in his shack and the next he's escorting armies of thousands of men for months across a supposedly untraversable swamp. Don't even get me started on how many potions he makes for each member of said army. 

Additionally, time-skips are a huge issue during the MC's childhood. There are frequent month and even year long skips that make following the story difficult and ruins the immersion factor of this series. Events that happen during these skips are often refered to later on to raitionalize certain behaviors and actions but it just comes off as sloppy.

Finally, theres the million things that are going on at the same time after this series passes the 10th chapter mark. Potion making, boat building, construction work, weapon developing and engineering are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the quantity and variety of the little projects hes got going on at all times. This is probably all a result of the RNG dependant plot points and frequent time skips. Regardless it's a pain in the ass to follow as the reader and the tangled mess that is the plot really triggers by non-existent OCD.

Overall, while the story seriously suffers from a lack of planning from the Author, it's still surprisingly a fun read despite these glaring issues. I probably didn't give this story enough credit considering the entertainment it gave me, but I wanted to balance out all the 5 star reviews that seem a tad bit unjustified. 





SciFiAddict just gets better and better.

SciFiAddict’s stories keep getting better. I really liked The Defective Hermit, but this one really takes the cake. The story is really original, which is saying something for this website, and has no meditation (seriously why does EVERYONE have to get stronger through meditation?), no beast/mana/qi cores, no cultivation, and no status screen. The grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are also head and shoulders above the other fictions here. 

Keep writing this SciFiAddict, I can’t get enough.


:-)Haven't seen a chapter for swamp boy in a while and miss it dearly :'(


Refreshing and different but in the best way possible

I really, really,really like how and what you have written so far. Its so different to most stories on royalroad that I am surprised and very happy.


If I had any problem with this story is that the time skips might have been a bit to frequent but it was a war so I can understand the seige and how it took years.

Though I can’t wait for him to learn spells!



update after many months.....

This story is amazing and I have come and changed it to advanced just like you have asked. 

Though, I am probably just really spiteful but....While I was reading this, I got really angry. Not frustrated or annoyed but actual anger on how James has reacted to this situation.

If you asking which chapter it is the latest-chapter 19.

I know you are making James responsible and mature but I feel that he just needs to  lash out. Show his anger, be childish. He isn't some old  man who has lived through his good years and been through countless life or death situations! He is a bloody teen who has to much power, to many demands directed towards him and should frankly be very unstable right now. 

I know that probably doesn't fit with the current story but I feel you need to just show more emotion. More negative, dark emotions. 

Not like I don't like the story or how it is developing but I can't relate to him at all. I am definitely not a generous person and he seems to be just that, generous. 

Basically, just dedicate James in these chapters while he is working to slowly start lashing out. It may be the fact that he just becomes more reclusive. Make him less generous. Maybe he uses others to show off his inventions while he studies, trains and creates. 


Anyway, great story and will definitely only get better through time. The Magic system is still vague so there is more Magic learning to come!

I definitely recommend this and hos other story for a good read!!!!

...I apologise for any bad grammar or for any offence this comment/review has caused.


Truly a magnificent piece of literature.

The author has a style that truly draws in the reader and leaves me craving more of James' story. Excellent grammar also helps to keep the reader drawn in and focused on the story instead of leaving me wondering if it was written by an eight year old. Characters introduced so far have very real reactions to things happening around them and doesn't make them feel like just background characters in the MC's life. In conclusion, read this sick ass piece of work and salivate at the thought of more chapters coming out just like me.


In my opinion currently in my personal top ten of best written and most original fictions on the site.  The grammar is excellent, the story is fun, interesting, and has great characters.  I am going to be checking daily for new updates for this one.


Love the story but Mr hermit is still the best. I curse you to have no idea for the swamp boy and you'll always have ideas for the Defective Hermit. XDDD



Thank you for your genius

I have read both of this authors stories and all i can say is that they are amazing. I find myself completely addicted to both "Swamp Boy "and "The Defective Hermit". Whenever I reach the end of the most current chapter i always want to weep and rage against something so that the author will write more. Thank you for both stories and for every chapter written.