I wake up having been moved to a different place, I was now in a tunnel instead of the battlefield with that abomination, looking around me, I see my sister asleep a bit far from me, it looks like she tried to keep watch over me when she couldn't place an illusion, luckily nothing had found us when we were asleep.

I go up to her and then I try to wake her up, she wakes up being on guard asking things like "Where are the enemies?!" I laugh then tell her that there's nothing and that I just woke her up, she gets a little annoyed at being woken up but she gets up properly.

"Hey, where did you move us when I was asleep?"

"I moved us to the open pathway that was in the place where you battled."

"Then let's continue going through here, from which direction did we come from?"

"From over there" she says as she turns her head to the right.

"Alright, let's go."

We go to the left path and we continue on walking through there, we end up seeing far less monsters only seeing the occasional skeleton or so, we pass by many coal covered pickaxes and clothing, the path continously takes us upwards, which makes me feel hopeful that we were gonna find an exit soon, eventually we find a room that had human structures in it, bunk beds made of rough wood with straw for them to sleep on was there, the appearance of such a room surely meant that we were getting closer right?

My sister looked pretty confused about what was there and what the purpose of it was, I told her that this was human structures and she told me she guessed so, but that she didn't understand what it was for, I told her it was for sleeping on, she still seemed a little confused but she had just accepted it, I decide to go in that room to look around it a little bit, I find some rough looking molded bread, a torn straw doll and a dull dagger, none of these items were of value but they were practically the only semi usable items here as everything else was burnt or withered with age.

It was pretty disturbing how it was likely that there were children here, but until now none of the undead I saw had been children so hopefully they had gotten out, I decide to leave to not get cursed or something, and we continue going onwards, eventually we find stairs that went upwards, I felt excited as I was sure this meant we were gonna find an exit soon, we bolt upwards and then we see our exit... that was blocked.

I couldn't believe my eyes, possibly our only exit way was blocked, I started feeling hopeless.

"Rai! Don't worry, let's try to lift these stones with techniques!"

"Yeah... Yeah! You're right!"

I can't believe that I gave up so easily, I felt very silly for doing that, I use telekinesis to lift up the collapsed rocks and my sister uses wind techniques to help lift it up, little by little it was being lifted up but my energy was getting consumed by all the weight, eventually the clearing opens slightly.

"Ok Nozomi, you go first."

She passes from under the floating rubble and reaches the other side, I continue to hold it up and pass slowly until I reach the other side, then I let the rubble fall, the rubble falls and slightly collapses again but my focus wasn't on the cave anymore, it was now on the night sky, we had finally made it, we finally got out of that cavern, I didn't know how long we were in there as we had no indicator of time and usually just stayed up until we were absolutely exhausted, we were now in an open field by the side of a cliff instead of a forest, most importantly though, I was happy that we got out.

"Wooo yeah! Freedom! Haha! We did it Nozomi, we got out!"

"Yeah! I'm pretty hungry though, I wonder if there is anything to eat."

I also wondered if there was any food nearby, as this place was very unfamiliar compared to the forest we were in, but that didn't get me down, as we had finally gotten out of that stupid place, though something catches my eye, in front of us on the plains was a paved dirt road, which were signs of human civilization, there were no travellers on it as it was night time, my sister sees my fixation on the road and questions me on why I was staring at it, I tell her that humans were likely to use this road when the sun is up and that I wondered if we should stay away from it, she didn't want to mess with humans as she was slightly afraid of them, so instead we divert our attention to finding something to eat, I smell the air to find the smell of any animals I could identify, but none of the smells were very recognizable, except the smell of goblins, but come on I'd rather starve than eat a goblin, I'm hungry but not that hungry.

We end up finding some berries to satiate us a little bit, but overall we were still pretty hungry, with no where to go and no foreseeable plan, I decide to finally follow down the dirt path, my sister was against it when I first told her but then she accepts the plan reluctantly, and so we go down the path humans made, I hope that we could find some food source or something like that while we go along the path, maybe even a forest.

When we continue down the path, we see the bright light of a fire in the distance, we see figures sitting by the fire with their weapons laying by them, eating their soups and hard looking bread, after all, what we had found was painfully obvious.

We found a human camp.


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