I had started my counterattack against this thing, I shot it with 3 mini lightning bolts to see how resistant it was to them, the abomination was charred slightly in the locations hit and it made a small hole in it, but relative to its size this attack was practically nothing, I also couldn't really use fire that well as this was a coal mine, so fire may make it explode, this leaves me my last two options, light and lightning.


I use a light technique to shoot a lazer beam and cut it, the lazer wasn't concentrated enough to cut it completely so it made just a long scratch across it, the energy intake of light techniques were pretty high too so I decided not to do that lazer again, the abomination was sprinting towards me using any limb it could, arms, legs and all, which not only made me wince from how grotesque it was, but it also made it move ridiculously fast for its size, the abomination had reached me before I had an opportunity to retreat and slammed me with half a dozen arms, that made me fly across the room and slam into a wall.

Ow, that really hurt, even with all my defences I really shouldn't get hit with many attacks like that.

Thankfully, that attack didn't make me sustain any life threatening damage, I was already back on my feet, I used light techniques to shoot a spear of light towards it, the spear finds its target and shoves itself into the abomination, the damage done was way more than the lazer as the hole that appeared into the abomination was visible from back to front and the cost was slightly higher, I follow it up with a bigger lightning bolt than usual, it pierces through the abominations arms and cuts 4 of them off.

The abomination was wailing louder and louder with the more damage it sustains, the wails were also starting to sound more human, this was getting pretty terrifying, the abomination was now more violent in its charges, trying to hunt me down relentlessly, I continously retreat and fire lightning bolts at it, the lightning bolts pierced it in locations and charred it in others, but then the abomination does something different, it slams into the wall and with its remaining arms digs into it and picks up a piece of the wall!

The abomination holds the piece over itself, then throws it towards me, I didn't expect this so I ran as hard as I could and when I thought I was in the clear, one of my tails had gotten caught up in the attack, that had caused me to stop in pain as it was now caught under the rock, I needed to stop for a second to remove the rock, I hold myself with my front legs as I use my hind legs to lift up the rock so I can escape, by doing that the abomination had caught up to me, it holds me once more with its many arms and tries to gnaw on me with its many faces, I use lightning to cover my entire body in it which makes me feel faster and it starts to char the abominations body, it still doesn't let go of me as it felt no pain, my damage was now ramping up and my pain was getting higher and higher, I had gotten an idea, I use my energy to shut my pain receptors off, suddenly all the pain vanishes as if it was a dream, I was able to think more rationally and fight more effectively now, I bite, claw and use techniques to cut off the arms that held me, the abomination now had only 8 arms, I target the arms as it approaches me and with the most efficient light beam, I cut one of them off, then another and another.

This song and dance repeated between us 8 times until all its arms were cut off, the abomination now only resorts to crushing me with its size and weight, it tries to jump on me, but I had dodged its attack, it was now time to end this as my energy was really nearing the limit, I put a good deal of energy to make a sword of light then I mix lightning affinity into it, the bright flashing sword now swings towards the abomination, crackling with thunder and cutting it in half, the gigantic 10 meter abomination was wailing the loudest it had ever wailed and just as suddenly, it stopped.

The abomination had died, and I won the battle, the last attack used up most of my energy so I stopped shutting off my pain receptors, what followed suit was immeasurable pain, pain that made me apparent of all the battering I suffered through with bitemarks across the entirety of my body, I use the rest of my energy to try to shut these wounds somehow, which indeed does stop the bleeding somehow, but I yell in pain from how painful it was, my sister finally rushes into the room looking terrified and worried, it seems that all this screaming was too much for her to handle.

"Rai! What should I do to help you?!"

"Don't... worry... just... use your... energy... to... heal me." I say to her while panting and feeling pain

"How would I do that?!"

"Imagine... my wounds... healing... then... pour... your... energy... to do it."

She immediately gets down to it, by doing that I feel slightly better, the wounds I have begin to close over, although they still feel as though they aren't completely healed yet, looks like a quick explanation like that causes impartial healing, but it was healing nonetheless.

My sister was starting to look exhausted, looks like healing was a lot more exhaustive than any other technique, my energy was a lot higher than hers due to me evolving twice so I underestimated the amount that would be used.

"Thank you... Nozomi." I give her these words of encouragement seeing all the effort she put in.

"No problem Rai, you can depend on me the same I can depend on you." She tells me while smiling.

Ah, it truly is amazing having someone like her with me, I'm blessed with just her being by my side.

"Hey Rai?"

"Yeah Nozomi?"

"I was hearing wailing during your fight with it from this undead... Do you... Do you think our parents are suffering like it?"

"I... I don't know... but if they really are suffering like this pitiful undead then I will put them to rest, no matter what."

"I... I understand Rai."

She knew that going onwards we were going to fight our parents, but firstly we had to find them, I currently had enough strength to win against them, but will I be able to beat that man? Will I have enough resolve to be able to defeat my own parents? Will I be able to kill a human being? I didn't even know, what I knew for sure is that I will protect Nozomi, no matter the cost, but seeing her care for me like this, it makes me realize, that I was also the one being protected by her.

"Hey Nozomi?"


"I'm thirsty."

She produces water for me to drink, and I gulp it down, after having a drink I was now feeling very exhausted.

"Let's have a rest, Nozomi."

"Ok Rai."

I was too tired to move from this battlefield, so I had just slept on this destroyed floor among all the rubble from the battle.


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