We went back to the tunnel where the spiders were, their carcasses were still there which made a disgusting smell of burnt spiders, the tunnel looked to be in a really poor state, if we had another battle here then it would definitely collapse.

We pass over the corpses and head to where the queen came from, when we do we find the main nest of it, there were a ton of large spider eggs around the place, with creatures being held in cocoons of spider webs for consumption when they hatch, the creatures were of a large variety mostly being insects but there was the occasional glowing horn mole.

The sight was pretty disgusting and I felt myself wince just by looking at it, there really was nothing of value here, only paralyzed bodies of creatures that were gonna get eaten and a sight that was nightmare fuel, I decide to burn this place so none of them will hatch, I tell Nozomi to prepare to leave and before we leave I chuck a fireball in there which explodes with higher strength than I expected, this causes the tunnel to shake a little bit, but thankfully it doesn't collapse.

"Nozomi, it's time to go back to those mines."

"Alright Rai!"

I felt a little weird being referred to by a name, but it was a nice feeling, we had reached the place where the spider web was covering the mines and had went in, walking through the mines made us reach the three way fork in the road, the middle was a no go as the x mark was still there, so we had to decide on going left or right, I decide to investigate both paths by using techniques, I use a light technique to see around the twists and turns in the tunnels, on the left one there was a pretty high number of undead and other monsters, but it was a bit shorter than the right one, the left one was longer but had less monsters, both led to the same place though.

They led to the middle road.

I realize something terrifying, there was no escape unless we fought that monster, I turn to Nozomi and tell her these terrifying news, she looked mortified knowing that we would have to face that thing again if we wanted to leave, I assure her that it will be alright, after all I evolved again so I would be able to fight better, that looked like it had reassured her and she was sure that I'd win, I was pretty flattered from the amounts of hope she held in me and I decided not to betray her expectations, not like I really had a choice though. We decide to go on the longer road to conserve strength in order to fight better.

Nozomi took care of all the enemies that had appeared, I ask her why she didn't let me fight as she continously told me not to fight each time a monster appeared, she told me that she wanted me to conserve my strength because only I would fight the undead monster, since she was too weak and wouldn't be able to be of much use, she looked slightly depressed as she said that, so I told her that we would make her evolve next time and she'd be able to fight more properly next time. She beams when she hears me say that, and as we were talking with each other, I realize that the time has come, we were now practically at the room that lead to the monster.

"Good luck Rai, I believe you can do it." My sister tells me hopefully.

I nod to her and then I see her turning back to retreat, I now go in to fight that monster, my body was shivering from remembering our first encounter and my tails were flailing a bit, I look around the room to see where it was when, sure enough, it was there.

The giant abomination of human carcasses was looming around the walls of the room, with occasional wails coming from the many human faces on its body, the monster suddenly screeches and then turns to face me, It charges inhumanely at me, limping and forcing its grotesque gigantic body towards me, this thing was truly terrifying that I nearly didn't move when it charged me like that, I was brought to my senses before it reached me and I dodged it, my speed was at another level than before so I could make a real difference in distance easily, I jump onto it and graze it with my claws but that barely makes a scratch.

Seriously? Those claws would probably cut through a tree easily! And it only makes a scratch?! Crap this is gonna be difficult.

The monster tried to retaliate by slamming itself against me, I manage to get away but I was caught by the whirlwind it caused by such a large attack, the floor had collapsed more, and the cave was getting more and more unstable, this damn thing was gonna bury us both if I don't beat it soon, after all I have someone to protect here.

I use body strengthening to charge it and test the waters of its defensive abilities, it was still on the floor so I had thought it wouldn't get me, I dash with extraordinary speed onto it and strike with incredible force, its body caves in slightly and I start to hear more intense wailing, suddenly arms come from it to hold me down, I bite and cut these arms to get myself out yet they still manage to hurt me slightly, thankfully my defensive abilities had increased by evolving so the damage I sustained was less than I expected, I had exited its range and retreated, it looks like the only way to beat it is by using affinity techniques, hopefully my energy will be enough to beat it with my techniques.

With this knowledge it was time to counterattack!


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