We went down the remaining path, we were cautious against anything that might appear when moving in this narrow tunnel, the tunnel continued on and on, bringing us lower and lower into the cave, and what eventually appeared was a blockade made of spider webs, seeing that our path was blocked we started debating what to do.

"We should continue on, after all there is no other path that's available."

"I don't know big brother, but there could be something worse here."

"At least there is a chance it could be better here while over there its guaranteed that we would probably die because of that monster."

"Fine, I guess."

We had finally decided on continuing on, I light the web on fire and then get back as it burned intensely, the fire had burnt the web and along the tunnel that was revealed I could see a spiders nest, suddenly dozens of large spiders the size of rabbits were approaching en masse, the sight was mortifying seeing an army of such large creatures approach at us in quite a rapid pace, the distance between us was still quite large, around 75 meters, but at their speed that meant we had several seconds, I imagined shooting flames like a flamethrower, I had then fired it from my mouth at them when they got close, the spiders at the front were burned to ashes and the ones behind them were on fire or struggling and running. My sister had made a wind barrier to protect us from the smoke and the fire, the essence from the spiders had flown to me, each individual spider wasn't worth much but combined they were pretty good.

I thought that their army was about to end when suddenly 3 of the giant spiders had appeared, they were running towards us and were a ton more defensive than those smaller ones, I diverted my attention towards them, as did my sister, and had a lightning bolt towards one of them, it was struck by it directly at its body and had fell to the floor and stopped moving but it wasn't dead, the other two were now rapidly closing in, and my sister had attacked one of them with light beams, she had pierced it with that beam and it had stopped moving, she had killed it and absorbed its essence and essence from the first spider soon followed for me, the final one of the three had made it to close range and attempted to bite me, I had dodged it, as I was suspicious that it might have poison in it, the remaining smaller spider had now reorganized and were also approaching us, there were 20 of them left.

Crap we might get overwhelmed at this rate, guess we can't be too stingy with our energy. Wait that's it!

I had gotten an idea when I thought of energy, there was no time to talk to my sister so I decided to do a trick that was once used on me by that man I imagine our minds were connected and then focus on these words.

"Sister, use a wind technique with my fire one to increase its power."

My sister was surprised by hearing my voice in her mind but instantly did as she was told as there was no more time remaining since these spiders have reached us, I use the flamethrower technique at the highest power I could muster at this time, sister then blows a gale of wind, the gale of wind mixes with my flamethrower and brightens as the heat was raised till it became gold colored the attack had swallowed all of the spiders in it and had turned them to cinders, the battle had ended with one decisive attack, the essence had split up flowing towards whoever was close to it, which meant it split into 50:50 ratios, the oxygen was pretty low now, and so we both decided to make more air although mine was a lot less than hers. None of the bodies of the spiders survived that attack and the walls of the tunnel were charred black and had were pretty destroyed in places, it was very flashy and loud so I thought that trouble might be coming soon, soon my suspicion was proven right as now I was hearing the crawling of more spiders, though this time larger and more powerful ones were coming. We prepare for the coming of these spiders in any way we could but there was much we could've done as this was basically the best environment we could've fought them in, since the tunnel was in front of us they could only come from one singular way and our attacks could be more likely to catch them, also we were feeling stronger than ever after that battle, the spiders were getting closer and closer, and I started feeling anxious, and then spiders had come out of the walls beside us and from in front of us, the largest spider I've ever seen had arrived and with it were four giant spiders that felt like they were guarding it.


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