We were now in a human mineshaft, that fact made me feel hopeful that there was an exit, I quickly turn to my sister to tell her.

"Sister! There might be an exit nearby!" I said feeling overjoyed by that revelation.

"Really?! How are you sure though brother?"

"These wooden structures are made by humans, so there is an exit nearby."

"Wait, humans? That means this place must be dangerous!"

It looked like she was paranoid by the possibility of humans being here, I reassure her that it was likely abandoned as there were skeletons here, and so she calms down. We finally decide to venture into these mines, upon entering the mines we find that the path had split up into three different ways, one to the left, one to the right and straight ahead, we decide to go straight ahead, as we were passing I was scratching the wall to let a mark remain to remember where we were going, the smell of the dead and of coal were wafting through the air and were a bit overwhelming the rattling of bones can be heard occasionally but no skeleton showed itself, which only heightened our anxiety, eventually half a dozen skeletons appear, we had spotted them but they didn't spot us, I wanted to defeat them in one attack but i couldn't use fire techniques in these narrow caves and lightning wasn't gonna attack a lot of them, I could use some other technique but those weren't really suited for combat and used too much energy. When I was deep in thought my sister had created an air slice, the air slice had cut up all of the skeletons in two, but they had survived the attack and were now crawling towards us, I jump towards them to finish them off and my sister follows up with me since they were crippled and on the floor finishing them off was simple, we take their bones and eat what's inside them.

We were now feeling pretty full and so our morale had increased significantly, I was teaching my sister about techniques while we were moving through the tunnels, I had told her about being able to use techniques even if you don't have the affinity for it, and she had tried to apply these teachings and had created a small ball of water, she then drank that water ball and was pretty excited at this new knowledge.

We keep on walking through the mines for what feels like hours, encountering a giant spider, slimes, and skeletons every now and then, but there was still no end in sight, we keep on walking and walking until we reach a huge opening, the opening was pretty vast like it was blown apart, indeed it looked too much like it was blown up, then I see the charred wood and remains and I realize that this mine must've suffered an explosion that caused all these people to die, but how long ago was this? I didn't know. Due to our exhaustion we decided to settle down here to sleep, and I tell my sister of an idea I had.

"Do you think you can make an illusion to protect us while we sleep?"

"An illusion? With what technique though?"

"Use your light affinity and create an illusion to let enemies not see us."

"How do I do that?"

I explain to her how you can use light to see and how you can make others see other things with light, she was relatively confused at first but it seems that she understood, she creates an illusion around us, it seems she used a lot of energy creating it as she seemed tired after making it, we had then settled down to sleep with no worries of enemies attacking us.

We wake up having not been compromised by any enemies, which meant that the illusion worked pretty well, we go on to the passage that was nearby and go through it, going there makes me feel all my hair stand on end, there was something dangerous in here, I wasn't the only one who had felt this, as my sister also looked tense, as we were petrified, soon what scared us had appeared, it was a huge mangle of bodies, all of them were intertwined and weaved within each other, a huge monster made of dozens of human carcasses.

The monster had spotted us and had howled in pain, I was terrified, my legs nearly didn't work until it started moving towards us with incredible speed, we were running as this giant monster was after us, we were throwing at it anything we could I used lightning techniques at it and sister had attacked with both light and wind but it continued on relentlessly, its mangled body was further mangled by our attacks but it was far too large to be stopped, we just weren't strong enough to kill it. My sister tries to make an illusion to stop it but it didn't stop, it could feel where we were.

We have to find some way to stop it or we will end up as one of those undead here!

I look at the ceiling and get an idea, I create a bigger lightning bolt with a bigger amount of energy than usual and then I shoot it towards the roof, the roof begins to crumble between us and the monster and we were separated, we were now safe from that thing.

But what to do now, we don't know where to go and there could be more of those monsters, and we could end up dead if we stay in the mines without getting stronger.

"Big brother, we should get out of these mines until we get stronger."

"Yeah I agree with you, there was another path other than these caves if we go there."

We had left the mines as they were too dangerous to lurk in, every turn and the hours of walking were filled with anxiety that another monster like that would appear, but only the regular enemies had appeared on our journey which relieved me.

We end up back to the 3 pathways again, I decide to mark the straight path with an X to not go there again, we continue on to leave the cave and then return to where the spider was.

We decide to go to the other pathway that was In here, as surely it couldn't be worse than the mines?


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