We had set off to explore these caverns a while ago, I don't know how long as there is no indicator of time down here, we had been continuing onward trying to find an exit, we had stumbled upon dozens of slimes on our way all of which were beaten by us, they didn't give a good amount of essence as defeating them didn't make me feel all that stronger and didn't make my chest feel fuller.

Now, we were feeling tired of all the walking and fighting, so we had set down close to the walls to sleep, but before we sleep I think of something.

What if we are attacked while we sleep?

Thinking about that I decide to tell my sister about this problem.

"Sister, one of us should keep watch while the other sleeps, in case something comes out to attack us." I tell her.

"Hmm. That's a good idea big brother. But who'll keep watch first?" She says back.

"I'll do it, you should go to sleep first, I'll wake you up when I feel way too tired to continue." I offer to her.

She nods and goes somewhere behind me and curls up and sleeps, I stay watching for anything that might come and I wait for what feels like an eternity, to pass the time, I started practicing techniques, I try to imagine water forming from my technique and... it worked! A small amount of water appeared in front of me, using a water technique without having the affinity for it took me quite a lot of focus and used up more energy than usual, but I could do it nonetheless.

Thank god, now we won't have to worry about water. Wait now that I think about it my fur is covered in blood still.

I decided to clean my self, I made more water then heated it up with fire, I used telekinesis on the water to clean myself with it, after cleaning myself I try to use wind techniques to dry myself, and it also worked.

Looks like I can still use techniques from affinities I don't have, but it is way worse than using techniques that I have an affinity for, after all that little bath there used up a pretty big chunk of my energy.

I then wait a while until I start feeling very exhausted, I wake my sister up and then she gets on guard duty, I go to sleep peacefully.

I was waken up by my sister after a while, and we both go on exploring these caves, we run into a giant spider a dozen meters away from where we were, the giant spider was hanging by its web, and was looking at us, it looked as if it wanted to trap and eat us, I decided to strike first before we become a meal to it, I make a fireball and shoot it towards the spider, the spider was clearly shocked and frightened as it didn't expect this when it saw two small foxes, the spider was hit by the fireball along with its home, it started screeching and its web was burning, the smoke was increasing in the room, this was bad it will make us suffocate if it increases further, I tell my sister to use wind technique to blow away the smoke and she does that.

The spider had died after writhing on the floor for a while, its home had burnt and revealed another pathway for the cave, we decide to go through it, the cave there continued onward and onward, I started hoping to find some food soon as we were feeling pretty hungry, I look at the walls as I pass and it had a lot of different plants there, some glowing plants were growing on the walls, and weird looking mushrooms by the base of the walls, all of them looked poisonous in my eyes so I didn't risk it, as we continued walking we suddenly hear a rattling noise, when we look up towards the sound and then we see a human skeletal figure standing there, the skeleton was holding a pickaxe in its skeletal hands and was wearing tattered clothing, the skeleton lunges at us with its bones rattling as it moved, it tries to attack us savagely with its pickaxe. The lunge was very sloppy and was dodged easily by us going backwards as it stumbles into the ground I jump towards it with incredible speed and slam its fallen skull against the ground with my paws, the skeletons skull was crushed and the ground underneath its head cracked slightly, the skeleton had perished easily, but no essence was gotten as undead gave no essence. I then hear my sisters dejected voice

"I wish this skeleton had some meat or something." She says disappointedly.

Hearing her say that made me remember something I once read, that inside the bone was meat that was edible, I felt slightly uncomfortable and unwilling to eat from it seeing as that it was a human bone, but what choice did I have?

I go up to one of the bones then open it up then I find meat inside it, my sister had looked impressed at me and had copied me, we ate it and then went on but I felt a little sick in the stomach.

"Big brother, you're pretty smart, although both of us are of similar age you know a lot more than me."

"Uh thank you, I guess?"

Yikes, I knew that she'd eventually be pretty confused about my knowledge.

While we were walking we had begun to see the territory change, wooden structures started appearing that was holding the cave up along with giant carts that looked incredibly heavy and looked like it was made to carry a lot of stuff, I knew where we were now.

We were in a human mineshaft.


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