I face towards my sister after I had proclaimed to her my desire to train with her, she looked surprised after she heard what I had said.

"You're asking me to spar with you? After you've been on the edge of death for the last 6 days?!" She yells at me in anger.

Yikes, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

"I'm fine I can train. No, I have to train. We don't know what other powerful things could be living here." I say to reassure her.

"Prove to me that you're well first, and then we may spar."

I decide to prove it to her, I use body strengthening and run around a bit, my body felt slightly stiff and I was a bit sloppy but there were no other problems. My sister had been relieved that nothing was wrong with me then had finally agreed to sparring with me, we leave the cave and stand in front of it.

"So how will we do it?" She says

"We'll battle each other with no techniques and will not aim to harm the other, if either of us manages to hold down the other for until the count of 3 then it'll be their victory."

"Got it."

We face each other, and we begin our spar, she stays back and plans something I rush towards her to stop her from planning anything she then retreats from facing me directly, it looks like she knows that it's likely I'll win in face-to-face combat, I continue on rushing her, she stops retreating and faces me, I was now on guard, after all she would only stop if she has a strategy, the she rushes me, I go in to counter but then she skids across the dirt throwing it in my eyes, I couldn't see and try to remove it from my face, I then get hit by something in my side and fall as I was just standing on three legs, she tries to hold me down but I break out before 3 was counted, I now had gotten my sight back and the distance was closed between us. She tries to retreat but I catch her I tackle her, dropping her to the ground, then I hold her down, she struggles to throw me off, flailing her tail and limbs to throw me off she had even bit my tail that was close to her, I nearly let her go because of the pain but I held her down until 3.

"I really thought I had you there big brother, also sorry for biting you." She says while panting.

"That really hurt y'know! And didn't I say that we weren't aiming to harm the other?!" I say to her angrily while also panting.

"Well, I had to do that if I wanted to win." She explains.

"Fine I guess. But that dirt strategy was pretty clever." I say to her after sighing.

While we were talking, the ground started shaking, it was an earthquake! My sister seemed terrified of the earthquake as she had clung onto me, I reassure her that it was okay and that these things happen naturally.

The earthquake had soon stopped as quickly as it began leaving us relieved and confused, why did an earthquake occur? I didn't know, when I looked around us I saw that several trees had fallen over and the cave had collapsed, when we go towards it we see that the cave had turned into a hole towards a weird place, suddenly the ground we were standing on was also sliding downwards into the hole there, I try to use telekinesis on both of us to get us out but the rest of the cliff continues falls down on us, my sister had used a wind technique and made a wall to hold the rocks but it wasn't gonna last long, I lower us to the bottom and then we run towards the opening in the wall which carries us deeper into this mysterious cave, after getting through the rocks come crashing down blocking our exit.

"Dammit! We're now stuck down here." I say feeling both scared and angry.

"What'll we do big brother?!"

"I don't know! Why are you asking me that?!" I yell at her angrily before I realize what I had done.

She looked shocked and upset, I look in horror in what I've done, I try to apologize to her but she had ran away, I chase after her desperately trying to apologize, when she turns a corner and I follow her, I find that she was stuck inside a gelatinous body, it was a slime!

She uses a wind technique and blows off the slime, then she fell on the ground panting as she couldn't breathe while she was stuck, I go to her.

"Sister, I'm sorry I didn't mean to shout at you, I was just feeling hopeless from what happened to us. Please forgive me"

I was apologizing desperately out of fear of losing her, not in death. No, but of losing our friendship.

"Do you really mean it?"

"Yes, how could I not. After all you're my family and I love you."

She smiles after hearing my sentiment and I was relieved that she had accepted my apology.

"Anyways let's find an exit."

"Okay big brother!"

With renewed determination, we go and explore these caverns.


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