*POV The sister.*

I woke up in a mysterious cave, I didn't know how I had gotten there, when I look at my front legs and see that my fur had changed color and became golden, just like in that white world.

I was very excited, I happily turn to my brother to tell him the news.

"Big brother! Look I-"

Then I had seen his state, I look in horror at him, he was covered in wounds and wasn't moving, his white fur was stained red with blood.

"Big brother! Wake up! Please!"

I beg him to wake up but he doesn't awake, I was feeling terrified of the possibility that he may have..!

"No! He's still alive, I know it!"

That's right it's just like last time he was this injured, I just need to heal him again then he'll be alright, now what did I and mom do to heal him?

Ah that's right, I need to get laknin leaves to help him, they grew by the river if I remember correctly.

I turn to the cave exit and attempt to leave but my eyes fall back on big brother, I see him lying there so vulnerable if anything comes to attack him he'd die, I feel saddened when I see him like that, he always forces himself to his limits, he always tried his hardest to protect all of us, he had forced himself through such a battle I couldn't imagine to protect me.

"Don't worry big brother... This time I will protect you."

I leave the cave having made a vow to him, I turn to the entrance of the cave and use my first affinity technique, I had imagined that there was a wall of wind to stop anyone from getting in, the wall had appeared and covered the entrance, this technique had drained a good amount of energy from me, but I continue on, I try to listen for the splash of the river to hear where it was at then I find where it was, I head towards there and look for laknin leaves, there were 2 horned rabbits there, the rabbits freeze when they see me and then try to run away I decide to use them as practice for my new light techniques, I try to make a ball with the light like brother but it fails, I didn't understand why and by then the rabbits had escaped.

Why?! This light technique is useless!

Frustrated at how my prey had ran away from in front of me, I grab the laknin leaves then go back to the cave, as I was going back there I had foraged for some berries, and i got back to big brother.

Now what did mom do again... hmm. Oh right she squeezed them with her mouth then applied the goop to the wounds.

I squeeze the leaves in my mouth, goop comes out of it in my mouth, I find it unpleasant but continue on, I then apply it to his wounds.

I sit next to him and eat my food, I was going to sit here and wait for him to wake up.

"Please return soon big brother."

*POV The brother.*

I had waken up as soon as I had fallen asleep, it felt like such a short while it was confusing, I look around and I see my siste-.

"Big brother! You worried me so much!"

She lunges at me and embraces me, I was very taken aback at her strange behavior.

"Hey sister what are you doin-"

"I was so scared I thought that you were going to die, everyday I dreamt of you leaving me and going somewhere I couldn't go, I was so lonely being by myself every day with no one to talk to."

I didn't understand what she was saying, every day? But I thought I was asleep for just a day or so?

"How long was I knocked out?"

"You were gone for 6 days, and in those days I was trying to heal you."

Now that she mentioned it I was feeling crazily thirsty and was feeling super hungry, looking at my body I also see that my wounds were healed.

"Thank you sister, and congratulations for evolving, you look beautiful."

"O-Oh yeah I nearly forgot, thank you big brother!"

"By the way can I have something to eat? I'm starving."

"Oh yeah I stored some excess meat from when I went out to get some food, lemme give it to you."

She brings over a horned rabbit for me to eat, after eating I ask her for some water, she left and had returned with a bunch of water floating next to her.

"Woah can you use water techniques?"

"No, I am using wind to lift the water."

I nod to her then drink the water, it tasted phenomenal, I didn't think water would taste so fantastic.

I now stand up, my bones were also healed, she must have done a fantastic job in healing me. I now wanted to see how much essence I had gained from that battle, I now knew that the feeling in my chest let me know how close or how far I was, my chest had felt pretty loaded I reckoned that I was pretty close to evolving again and speaking of evolution.

"Hey sister what're your abilities from evolution?"

"Oh I have a wind affinity as you saw and also light affinity."

"Wow! Light must be fantastic!"

"Well to be honest I don't know how to use light that well, I tried to copy what you do with fire but it doesn't work!"

She was obviously very bitter at her affinity failures, but I had an idea with it.

"Hey sister, don't copy what I do with fire as light works differently than fire."

"Like how?"

"Try to do beam attacks with light, make your attacks piercing and weapon like."

"Like what weapons?"

"Human swords, arrows and daggers."

"What do those look like?"

Uh oh I just told her about those weapons even though I shouldn't know about them.

"Just make your attacks pointed like your claws."

"Got it big brother!"

She faces a wall in the cave then she shot a light beam towards it, it had made a pretty impressive hole in the wall.

"I did it brother!" Then she sighs a sigh of relief "I thought it was a useless affinity"

"Yeah I'm happy for you."

Light affinity was pretty good and it looked similar to my lightning one.

"Anyways, I want to ask something of you sister."


"Now that you evolved we should be more equal, so I want to spar train with you."


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