I stand there facing against the leader squad, my sister had already hidden somewhere behind me, the goblins were gazing with rage filled eyes, they were not about to let me or my sister go no matter what.

This's bad I'm pretty exhausted and I'll have to battle while protecting someone.

I grit my teeth and focus on the battle, there was no point in lamenting now, what I have to do is clear.

The goblin leader commands the 2 unevolved goblins and then they start to run towards me, I counterattack the goblins but it was a diversion made by it, as I attack one of the goblins it goes in for a massive strike with its hammer I pull out of the attack and barely manage to dodge, the ground under the hammer broke causing a 1 meter wide crater and killing his goblin trooper.

If I get hit by his attacks it won't matter how defensive I am as I'm sure I'll break a couple bones at best.

Strangely enough the essence from the goblin wasn't absorbed by the leader but instead by me, it looks like members of the same species couldn't absorb each others essence.

The evolved goblin now was attacking along with the leader, it tries to attack me from behind while I was dodging its attacks and every so often the one goblin tries to club me in vain.

I start to regain my composure by putting distance between myself and them, they were approaching rapidly but I had some time to think now, I decided to weed out the weaker ones so I could focus on the big one.

I rush to the goblin but the leader had expected that and it tries catching me with its hammer, the hammer lands in front of me nearly striking me, as it had swung its hammer I maneuver around it and attack the goblin, it had stopped for a second in fear and I had clawed its throat.

I absorbed its essence and had gotten a little bit stronger but every drop helps, the goblin leader looked enraged, and was now trying to attack me again with its hammer, at the same time the evolved one tries to attack me, I let the evolved one approach me from behind and as the leader was swinging his hammer in fury I pushed the evolved one into it, the evolved goblin was mashed by the hammer leaving a grotesque bloodied mess on the ground.

Now it's just me and him.

We face off against each other, exhaustion was now catching up to me, I was now breathing heavily and my legs felt heavy, the goblin leader did not miss this opportunity and was now giving it's all in it's most brutal and savage flurry now.

I desperately try to dodge them until one of the attacks catches me in the side and blows me away, I smash into the tree halfway through it, I was now in extreme pain, this pain made me nearly faint.

Ahh I can't handle more what do I do now?! Is it really my time to go now? At least I'll be able to meet everyone again...

I thought these dark thoughts as I lay there with the leader approaching to end me.

No. No I will not die here! I have someone I have to protect! And I will never be able to meet my parents unless I lay their bodies to rest!

Forcing myself to stand up with determination and rage overpowering my fear and pain, I dodge the attack from the leader and as its hammer falls to the ground I jump on top of it and attack like mad, the goblin was flailing around trying to get me off of it, using its hands to pull me off, but I remain fixed on it, I use lightning to coat my claws and fangs in them and attack all the parts I could, the skin and flesh of the leader was getting scorched leaving a sickening smell behind, the goblin repeatedly strikes me trying to pull me off but its attacks were growing weaker by the minute.

We continue on doing this mad battle where none of the combatants held any regards for his own safety, until eventually the leader couldn't handle it's own wound anymore and had collapsed.

I had won I absorbed its essence and felt a bit better but I was filled to the brim with pain, several bones were broken, I was filled with scratches and bruises from the leader, a good bit had healed due to the essence but I was in severe pain.

I force myself to get to my sister's hiding spot and then find her there unconscious.

She must have passed out due to exhaustion the instant she laid to rest.

I force myself for the last time to get us to a safer place, I carry her on my back and eventually I find a cave by a cliffside, I lay her down in it and then I pass out next to her.

*POV The sister.*

I had went unconscious when brother had told me to hide, I really hope he's okay, but after I went unconscious I was now here, in this world that is just white everywhere, it wasn't like any dream I ever had, no, it felt way too real to be a dream.

Suddenly three other foxes appear, I was confused at the appearance of these three, but I instinctively knew that these were all evolutions.

The first was a golden fox with its lower part being white and with golden eyes, its abilities were light and wind.

The second was a small cream colored fox with huge ears, its abilities were earth and wind.

And the last was a large grey fox that looked like another creature rather than a fox, its abilities were water and wind with rather high physical abilities.

It looks like all my options have wind in them, I avoided the second option as the small size will be a disadvantage in melee combat, then I looked at the first and the third options, I eventually decided on avoiding the third option as I didn't wanna be too different than big brother, so I picked the first option.

When I do think that my body vanishes along with the other two options, I was floating on top of where my body was when suddenly my conciousness was moved to that new body and then the white world had vanished.


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