I left from our resting place to practice a bit with my new abilities, I didn't dare to stray too far from the tree in case an enemy appears.

My body feels lighter and stronger than ever before, I ran around the place at a fast speed somewhere around 60 to 70 kph although running that fast was pretty taxing, if I was older I would probably have had more strength, after coming to a halt I face a tree and I decide to use my claws to scratch it, upon scratching it claw marks appear on it the marks were pretty deep too.

My body wasn't the only thing that has changed as now I felt I could use energy better and I felt I could use affinity techniques, facing the same tree I try to use a lightning affinity technique, I imagine a lightning bolt to strike the tree then I was able to manifest a lightning bolt in front of me it zaps the tree piercing a hole through it that was slightly burnt, that one attack drained me pretty well, I should be careful when using these attacks, but looking at the damage caused fills me with excitement.

Wow! That is seriously awesome! But I better not use fire techniques in the forest or I'll deeply regret it.

But affinity techniques weren't the only things I could do with my energy, I felt I could now manipulate energy to do other techniques.

I try using the body strengthening and it works pretty well, I could now use it more efficiently, I remove it and go to my most anticipated test.

I look at a nearby rock and try lifting it with my energy, I cover it in my energy and then... I manage to lift it up!

I quickly drop it as it was more taxing than body strengthening to use, but I decide to try making myself float with it, I cover myself in energy and then...

Woah I'm flying!

I managed to levitate myself I use my energy to move myself around but I stop doing it as I was feeling exhausted from all the energy using, I decide to go back to the tree then I catch the smell of a goblin.

Goblins here again? Why are they so common now? When I was back home they were more rare.

Thinking about home gets me feeling nostalgic and angry, I disregard those thoughts and I focus on these goblins.

There were 3 of them, none of them were evolved, they looked like they were looking for something, no they were looking for someone.

I assume they are looking for the evolved one to find out what happened to him? It doesn't matter what they came to do, because I will kill them.

I climb a nearby tree above them and wait for them to get closer, when they get close I pounce on one of them them and bite it in the neck, I rip out its throat, killing it immediately, I absorbed its essence as I was eyeing the other goblins, they were still composed despite their comrade having been killed in front of them, completely different from all the goblins I have met before, I decide to come to them as they were keeping their distance, they attempt to hit me with their clubs but I was too quick for them I retaliate with my claws by clawing one of them in the back of its neck, it falls to the ground dead, the final one had been preparing to attack me after I had attacked the other one, it swings down its club towards me, I was slightly caught by the attack but the damage was very little, I return the attack with a small lightning bolt aimed at its head, the lightning bolt pierces a small hole into its brain which kills it.

I had absorbed all of the essence from the goblins, I headed back to the tree to get some rest, I settle next to my sister and go to sleep.

The next day arrives and when I wake up I was greeted with my sister's excited voice.

"Wow big brother! You evolved!"

I nod to her.

"Congratulations big brother! How did you do it though what did it feel like?"

"Well I just slept when my chest was feeling full and then I picked an evolution."

"Wow! I also want to evolve!"

"I am sure you are pretty close to evolution, now let's go get some food."

We leave the tree, we were likely not to return here as it didn't feel like home, we return to the pond to get some water when we get there the goblins body had disappeared, maybe it was eaten by something?

We drink from the pond and then go to find something to eat, we end up finding a horned rabbit, I let my sister catch it for her to get the essence and I find some berries, we eat our meal and then head off in the direction where we found the evolved goblin, my reasoning being that since it came from there that there must be something there, we walk in that direction until we find something.

After a while we end up finding big crude wooden walls with two watch towers, we had found a goblin settlement.


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