We continue running without looking back, we zig-zag away from there to throw them off only focusing on one thing, to get away, we eventually get tired and take a break.

By taking a break all the thoughts in my mind come bursting towards me as if someone had opened the floodgates, the realization of what has been lost slaps me in the face, a mixture of emotions starts to well up in me, ones of anger, fear, sadness and hopelessness, suddenly when I was struggling with these emotions I hear my sister's voice.

"Big brother... What are we gonna do?" She says quietly in a timid voice

I didn't know what to do, I was lost, I had no plan, nowhere to go to, I remember the man's face and when I do anger surges in me.

Only thing I know for sure, is that I will have my revenge.

"Sister. What I know is that what we need to get is Power, without power we cannot survive, without it we will be trampled on and without it we would have everything taken from us."

Hearing my eventual goal, her eyes light up with determination, she remembers what that man did to us, although she turns to me and asks a question about now.

"But brother, where will we go now? Where will we sleep, where can we find a place we call home?"

"I don't know! We lost our way home, we have to find a new one somewhere."

I get slightly irritated at the questions, but seeing my sister's shocked sorry face makes me feel guilty.

"Hey sister I'm sorry for shouting, I didn't mean it, it's just... So overwhelming, I have to make all the decisions that will decide our fate."

I comfort her, we both end up feeling slightly better, after our break ends we look for a home after all the sun was setting and the moon was rising.

"Hey brother, I found this opening under this tree maybe we can fit there?"

I go towards the opening she finds, the opening is a 1.5 meter opening under the tree, it really is a tight place but we could fit there.

"Yeah that place is good, you did a great job."

She gives a sad smile and we go in it's pretty crowded here and we end up laying while touching, as I try to sleep I am assaulted by memories of the battle, memories of my parents of my brothers and memories of my previous life, I continously try to sleep with these feelings burning in my heart, eventually , after what felt like an eternity, I drift off to sleep.

I was at home, at the burrow, I look around it's a familiar sight after all it was home, I see father and mother standing at the entrance I run towards them but the more I run towards them the further away I am from them, suddenly they vanish into thin air, I scream towards them for them to come back, from where they were I see that man standing there once more, his face looks sneeringly at me, mocking me, in his left hand he was carrying a miniature size of my family, and in his right he was carrying my sister, she was bloodied and beaten up, he says to me in a bone chilling voice.

"Oh you little fox, if you were stronger perhaps your family wouldn't have died like that, your own weakness made you lose everything, how could you even guarantee the safety of your sister."

"Shut up!"

I start to hear the agonized voices of my family, they start asking for help, they start blaming me, shunning me.

As I close my eyes to escape from their words suddenly I was human again, i look around and I realize I was in the back of the car once more.

"Eh? What about it champ a new house and a new school, we're gonna also find dad a new job."

"Yeah, everything will be alright dear, we are just moving to a new house."

I was feeling frustrated, I didn't wanna leave my old school and my old friends, so I started showing my parents I was mad.

"Felix, don't worry you are gonna make plenty of friends, after all you're going to middle school this time."

The scene starts to fade out replacing the day time with the night sky, I was back where it happened, the car starts speeding up and it crashes, waking me up.

I awake with my body shivering and my fur on end, my sister senses my distress and wakes up, clearly distressed herself.

"W-What is it big brother? Are you okay?!"

"I-it's fine I just had a nightmare."

"I also had a nightmare, it was terrifying, I had dreamt that I had lost you too, I dreamt that I was alone in the world and no one was with me, so seeing you so alarmed made me feel terrified."

I was surprised she was so distraught by what happened lately after all I was focusing entirely on myself.

"A-anyways let's go find water, I am feeling parched after all, then after that we will hunt and get stronger."

"Alright big brother!"

After leaving the hole we try to find a body of water, we couldn't hear the river anymore so we couldn't find it, we decide to follow some animal tracks to see where it would lead us, following these tracks leads us to a small pond, we go to drink from the pond, as we get closer to the pond we see that a goblin was drinking from it, the goblin was too relaxed and wasn't focused on anything else, we sneak up on it and I deliver a bite to it's neck It survives and struggles around until sister finishes it off, she absorbs its essence and we get to the pond and drink, eventually we were satisfied, we realize something was approaching while we were drinking, and it had the smell of a goblin.


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