I wake up next morning along with my siblings at dawn, our parents have decided to take us together with them on this hunt. It was the first hunt that I had went with them in a long time, they likely took all of us with them to not have an incident like yesterday.


We all leave home, my parents follow the river they are constantly smelling to know what is around them, continuing down the river we had encountered our first enemy.

It was a gigantic goblin, it was muscular and was carrying a stone sword, we retreat as we let our parents deal with this battle.

Our parents approach the giant goblin... but it pays them no mind, perhaps it hadn't seen them?

My parents sneak up on it and then dad lands a strike on its neck, he bites it firmly, but the goblin didn't flinch as if it didn't feel it, the goblin removes dad from its neck by hitting him with its sword.

Dad had bitten off a large chunk of flesh from its neck, but the goblin continues fighting just fine, all of us had been surprised as that would have been a fatal wound, but the goblin hadn't even flinched in pain.

Mom quickly follows up by firing a lightning bolt! I was surprised but not my siblings, apparently when she had evolved she had become able to utilise techniques, the lightning bolt pierces a hole through its heart, victory was assured.

Or so I had thought, as the goblin falls back it starts rising up, as it was rising mid way it starts rushing towards mom! It was a grotesque sight seeing this goblin crawling really quickly while spewing blood everywhere, I start feeling scared but then father swings his claws and from them there sharp slices fly towards it, the goblin had gotten cut up by father's technique, then it had stopped moving, after it was killed no essence had come out of it strangely, we were all confused about why no essence came out when someone had arrived.

It was the human that had helped me, he was accompanied by that muscular ogre he looks at my parents in shock then his eyes gleam with excitement maybe even desire.

He says something to the ogre that I couldn't understand then the ogre approaches, my mom and dad were extremely on guard, they had been getting ready to fight.

I couldn't believe it, that my parents were going to fight with the human that saved me, he was completely going to try and kill them as he had commanded that ogre to engage them.

They begin battling, my dad was hurt from that goblin attack and both weren't at 100% energy.

My dad begins by using his wind techniques to cut off a nearby tree, he then drops the tree on the ogre, but the ogre stops the tree falling on him, using the environment wasn't gonna work, father created a fireball as the ogre was stopping the tree and now he had imbued it with wind, turning the flames a golden color, he shoots the fire ball towards the ogre, and it explodes, the ogre blocks the fire ball with the tree but it had been caught in the explosion as its body was slightly burnt.

Mom sneaks up on the ogre while father was attacking him with his techniques, she jumps down from the tree she was on uses body strengthening and bites his neck, she couldn't cut his head off as its neck was too thick, although she cuts off a bit, but the ogre, like the goblin, felt no pain and continued on battling despite receiving a serious wound.

"Mom and dad are awesome! They are winning against that huge monster." Exclaimed my younger brother.

"Yeah they really are giving it a hard time." Said my older brother

"Of course they are beating it! They are the strongest in this forest!" Exclaimed my younger sister

"No... can you see that there, father is getting exhausted. Using all those techniques had started taking its toll on him... While the ogre hasn't attacked at all and the human is possibly scheming something."

"What?! That cowardly bastard! I can't let him do that while father and mother are battling."

My older brother had barged off to fight the human, we follow him to try and stop him but then we had already gotten to the human, the human spots us but he pays us no mind, mom and dad were still battling behind us, and then my brother decides to engage the human in combat, he bites him in the thigh the human cries out in pain, and throws my brother off of him, he had obviously been angered and no longer viewed us as cute little cubs but as enemies, the rest of us come out to help big brother.

And so we had engaged the man in combat


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