*POV The sister.*


I don't know what had happened to big brother, dad had suddenly rushed in here and had left him here then he had ran off, he had shocked all of us because big brother had been covered with injuries, he was breathing heavily and his temperature was increasing.

"Mom, what happened to big brother?! What do we do to heal him?!"

"Yeah mom what do we do to help him?"

"I'll do anything to help him."

My big brothers had also showed their desire to help with the oldest one looking very pained and angry that he couldn't protect his little brother.

"Calm down cubs, we are going to get some Laknin leaves to help him, they look spiky, thick and are pretty long."

"Alright!" We all say simultaneously

We follow mother out of the den and rush to the river, leaving the oldest back home to look after big brother, which was met with loads of complaints until she told him that he needs to guard him as he is the oldest, which made him stay.

We get to the river, and we immediately start looking for the grass, my brother finds some before me which is very frustrating, so I fire myself up and try to find more than him, the first one I got wasn't the plant we were looking for so mom had to show me one, eventually we gather enough I had gathered less than brother which is frustrating because he is totally a lazy bones.

We get back home and big brother is still watching him, he asks us if we are finished but mom doesn't respond, she walks up to big brother, who was still breathing heavily, she squeezes the leaves in her mouth, which causes a gooey green juice to come out, then she applies it on his wounds.

We sit next to him waiting for him to wake up, we are all terribly worried about him and wish for him to wake up.

Big brother, please wake up.

*POV The father.*

I run out quickly, I have realized that he was poisoned because of the hornet, I had set off to find some Terapi flowers to cure his poison, after all that was what my own father had used to cure me of the hornet poison.

I run closer to the mountains as that was where the flowers most commonly grew, I encounter some goblins after leaving thick of the trees and they begin to battle with me.

"I have no time for you! My son needs me!"

I snarl at them, they had certainly been shocked, I prepare a powerful technique, I mix my wind affinity and fire one to create a ball of golden fire, as we had been out of the thick of the forest I was able to use this powerful technique.

I shoot the ball of fire towards them, the ball lands between them and explodes, the 5 meter explosion swallows 3 of them whole and partially explodes one of them, the goblins had been defeated instantly, I absorb the Essence and I continue to run for the mountains, I find some Terapi flowers then I rush back home.

After getting home, I see them sitting near him, I give my wife the flowers, she feeds them to him and I relax he was now alright.

"Hey dear where's our last son, I see only four of them so where is the last."

She asks me with fear in her eyes hoping not to hear what she thinks I am about to say, the cubs look with anxiety towards me.

"He.. He has died." I say looking away from them.

They had been terribly shocked, their faces completely blank at the news, then my daughter was the first to react.

"Dad, th-that can't be true he couldn't be drop-dead."

She looks very sick from hearing the news, her body shivering and clenching her teeth strongly.

I don't answer her, I couldn't answer her, but she takes my silence as a yes and she breaks down, my two sons look also heavily disturbed, the older one shaking and the younger one just falls down from shock.

"What an older brother I am, I couldn't protect neither of my brothers one of them is now on the edge of death and the other is dead."

My son was blaming himself for their deaths, I try to comfort him, to tell him that it's not his fault but he refuses, he says that he promised to protect his younger siblings and that he couldn't do that, he turns away from us and leaves the burrow, I run after him but I see that he is sitting in front of the entrance watching the stars, if it is only this much it should be okay, I let him by himself.

I go to my wife, she is very distressed from her son's death I go to comfort her, I sit next to her and cuddle her, she looks at me with sad eyes.

I say nothing to her I just stay by her side so she can feel better, we sit together like this for a while waiting for our son to wake.


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