I was in a dark abyss, I could not see anything, no matter how much I tried to open my eyes.


Brrr why am i so cold, where even am I, last I remember I had died, so is this the afterlife?!

But wait if I was dead why do I feel cold?

Suddenly I was picked up by something

Wait what?! Please don't eat me I'm not delicious I swear!

But I had just been moved somewhere else. I had been moved to a place with fluffy bodies around me, after being placed someplace else I had felt Something egging me on to bite down on what was in front of me, after biting down onto it, by instinct I had started sucking and then milk poured into my mouth.

After being fed I started feeling extremely tired to a degree I never felt before.

So I had slept.

I had been repeating this routine for a period of time, I mostly spent my time sleeping as I had no sense of hearing or sight.

By then I had already come to terms with the fact I was not human anymore I was an animal I don't know what I was as I hadn't been able to see... until now at least, I had just opened my eyes for the first time, in front of me I saw a very big fox but I had known that the fox there was my mother. She was a red fox with black parts in her ear tips and limb tips with white fur in her lower part

So I am a fox, huh.

Around me were my 4 siblings, and we were inside of a burrow, I guess that was our home then?

I was now also able to hear so I could now hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping and the water flowing.

So I am close to a river.

Just then a fox appeared from the entrance, but my mother was relaxed from their appearance.

I am assuming that's my father.

He was carrying an animal corpse, one that looked like nothing else I had ever seen it looked like a mole, but it was giant with mean looking teeth and most strangely a glowing horn, he carried it towards my mother she ate from it then turned towards her cubs.


Wait is she gonna feed us that?!

Mother turned to each one of us and then fed it to us, reluctantly I had accepted.

More time passes.

Now I was able to walk I had begun exploring the burrow around here and playing with my siblings, recently I had started eating physical food, in small amounts though, what I discovered is that me and my family were the only ones in the burrow.

I had been looking to the entrance of the burrow recently but my mother refuses to allow me to exit so I just looked to anything out there, I had been counting how many nights passed after I began to see it has been exactly 30 nights so around a month if it is the same as earth.

As I rise in the morning something different happens, my father takes me and my siblings outside for the first time.


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