A second life as a fox.

A second life as a fox.

by LuaSucks

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

After a car accident which caused the death of 14 year old Felix. He finds himself in a new strange place but... This body? Is a fox's?! How will he survive in this new mysterious world?

A.N (This novel was made for fun and practice so bear with me as I learn more about writing)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Ch 1: Inside the burrow. ago
Ch 2: A strange world ago
Ch 3: The change. ago
Ch 4: First battle. ago
Ch 5: Loss. ago
Ch 6: The family's distress ago
Ch 7: Awakening ago
Ch 8: The family's grievance ago
Ch 9: The lone hunt. ago
Ch 10: Battle against the human. ago
Ch 11: Despair on the battlefield. ago
Ch 12: Goals and a nightmare. ago
Ch 13: Evolution. ago
Ch 14: Testing out new abilities. ago
Ch 15: The goblin settlement raid. ago
Ch 16: Goblin warfare. ago
Ch 17: Goblin leader. ago
Ch 18: Aftermath of the battle. ago
Ch 19: Sparring and falling. ago
Ch 20: The caverns. ago
Ch 21: The mines and a monster ago
Ch 22: Spider nest. ago
Ch 23: Spider queen. ago
Ch 24: Evolution and names. ago
Ch 25: The mines again. ago
Ch 26: The Abomination defeated. ago
Ch 27: The outside again. ago
Ch 28: Humans camp. ago
Ch 29: The Redhawk squad. ago
Ch 30: Consequences of naivety. ago
Ch 31: Death of the Redhawk. ago
Ch 32: Looming threat and the truth. ago
Ch 33: A monster. ago
Ch 34: Entering the forest. ago
Ch 35: A spring full of monsters. ago
Ch 36: Water drake. ago
Ch 37: A new ally. ago
Ch 38: Favor. ago
Ch 39: Night time. ago
Ch 40: Wolves ago
Ch 41: Alvey Ledal. ago
Ch 42: A resolve lit ablaze. ago
Ch 43: The next step. ago
Ch 44: Preparation for a beast. ago
Ch 45: To slay a drake. ago
Ch 46: An evolution from a different reality. ago
Ch 47: Space-time affinity. ago
Ch 48: Power of a kitsune. ago
Ch 49: Fight or flight? ago
Ch 50: Climax ago
Ch 51: The knights and the baron. ago
Ch 52: An abandoned child. ago
Ch 53: Leaving the forest. ago
Ch 54: What should be done next? ago
Ch 55: Learning how to make leather. ago
Ch 56: Making clothes. ago
Ch 57: Entering the village. ago
Ch 58: Inside the village. ago
Ch 59: Curing an illness. ago
Ch 60: The chief and August. ago
Ch 61: Lessons, begin! ago
Ch 62: A duel. ago
Ch 63: 3 Months later. ago
Ch 64: Spider-filled village. ago

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This is a monster evolution story.

Reviewed at: Ch 45: To slay a drake.

And damn is it entertaining. There are a few minor things which the story could do to make it better but to be honest, I'm enjoying it so far.


Hope you don't botch the evolution to human tho, that's where these types of stories usually die at.


I look rorward to seeing this at it's conclusion author! Keep up the dedication!


This is the story of an isekai boy-turned-fox. 

I wanted to like the story because of the cute fox family. I was looking forward to seeing a lot of fluff, which is conspicuously absent.

Instead, this is the story of fighting bigger and exponentially tougher foes. 

The rest of the story probably goes like this: have more fox drama, become a beastman, have human drama alongside his former human emotional baggage, and keep fighting bigger and badder enemies.

If you like correcting grammar and you enjoy a tragedy, then this story is for you.

This review is to remind me to not be fooled by the cute cover and to remember the invisible blood, sweat, and tears of the main character.