Manyana Hobbit

Chapter 8: [Part 1] The Ride to the Temple


A month after my encounter with Mariana, a banquet was held in celebration of my birth and to officially welcome me into the royal family. Delegates from other kingdoms were sent an invitation and most of them attended. I’m no stupid, I knew why they came — to size things up and jump into whatever opportunities they could find. Some took the chance to introduce prospective wives to the King — who I mistook as a prince the first time I saw him. Too bad for them, Father didn’t even spare them a glance. The only women he entertained were my mother and Hara Licentia. I only attended the banquet for less than an hour and during that time, I was surrounded by a bunch of Royal Knights and high-level Inheritors to ensure my safety. [1]

It’s been two months since that day and we were now on our way to the temple.

“May the benison of Kismet be with you, Vhar El Haluman!”

“Thank you for giving birth to our Dayang-Dayang, Royal Consort! May the benison of Kismet be with you!”

“Many blessings, Dayang-Dayang! We wish you a blessed life!”

“Long live Vhar El Haluman, Hwan Adrian! Long live the Royal Family!”

As the carriage we were in traversed the road, countless cheers and cries from the citizens were heard. I could hear the happiness in everyone’s voices; some of them were following the moving carriage while some stood still while waving Amari mini-flags. Petals were thrown at the road as the carriage moved, Royal Knights and high-level Inheritors rode horses as they surrounded us in a uniformed position. The whole way to the temple, no one caused any kind of trouble — a sign of respect from the citizens to their monarch.

This grandiose parade was both a sign and a statement that the Royal Family would become stronger and greater in the coming years. It was a silent declaration that the Amari Kingdom would rise back to its glorious past; announcing to everyone that we were not weak, never have been, and never would be.

My body unintentionally rocked as Mother trembled due to nervousness.

Father wrapped his hand around her to console her. “Don’t worry, wife. Our Iris will do just fine.”

“I know, husband, but I just can’t calm myself. She was almost killed the day she was born but after today, she’d be targeted more. If she does well, our enemies will come after her but if she does not do well, she will be abandoned by our people.”

May I just add that these two love birds have gotten closer than ever these past months and now they are calling each other by endearments? It may not be in the “babe” level, but it’s still something. At first, Father never addressed Mother by any names except “you” and “she” or “her”, but he now called her wife. That’s something! Especially for a king.

“Nonsense. Who would dare abandon our child? I won’t let that happen, let them try and see what awaits them.”

“I am serious, Your Royal Majesty!”

“Aish, you’re getting worried for nothing, wife. I promise you that no matter the outcome, I will do my best to protect you and Iris,” he said, stressing the word “wife.”

The carriage slowed down and the clopping of the horses stopped. The commander knocked on the carriage door and informed his King that we had arrived at the temple’s gates.



[1] Hara = literally means Queen Consort. Damari term for the word Queen whether Regnant or Regent or Consort.


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