Manyana Hobbit

Chapter 7: [Part 2] Overview of the World


Mariana roamed the floor again. “I have five children: Limunsudan, Adarna, Dragona, Lupine, and Ningning,” she started. “My firstborn, Limunsudan, was created from the tears I shed when you died and the blood I spilled when I tried to follow you to the afterlife. Adarna was created when I breathed calmly for the first time the moment I accepted my fate. Their fast and light forms, however, caused this place to freeze whenever they played, so I pulled out strands of my hair and ignited it. Dragona was born from that very fire but she was born weak and couldn’t play with her elder siblings so I created Lupine, a child who loved staying in one place, to accommodate her.” She smiled briefly, recalling the memories of the olden days.

“With four energetic children playing nonstop, I got tired and exhausted from taking care of them so I created my last child, Ningning. With her help, the night was created,” she continued. “I finally got time for myself, so I started creating the world you once imagined as a child. But I wasn’t successful; this place —” She waved her hand around. “feeds from my very core, and that world is too much for me to handle. I sent my children out and told them to build it for me instead; it took them centuries to create Imaginan. I called them back to accompany me once again after that.”

“You already created the world you wanted. You’re already a god, someone who controls everything in this world. Shouldn’t you be satisfied already? Why drag me here too?” I wanted to ask more, but when I saw her expression, I thought otherwise.

“Fine,” I conceded. “I won’t say anything anymore, but I want you to promise me one thing. You’ll be at my disposal. I created you; without me, you won’t be able to achieve what you have now so you technically owe everything to me.”

‘I’m already here, why not seize the opportunity to tilt things in my favor?’

“I understand; I know, I know.” She bobbed her head enthusiastically. “I’ll do everything you want me to do, I’ll be your slave.”

“Ew, what the heck!”

“But you love BDS--”

“Shush!” I cut her off. “Anyways, you’re not allowed to meddle with my affairs unless I tell you to. Never do anything you think would help me or will make me happy without consulting me, because let’s be honest, I won’t.”

“No surprises; got it. I promise I won’t let you down this time.”

Her enthusiasm was getting on my nerves, so I took a deep breath before asking her which person I’m inhabiting now.

“A princess — the only daughter of King Adrian Benedictus Gracia y Lazuli of Amari Kingdom,” she answered. “Your kingdom’s the most blessed land among the blessed lands in the continent of Doroveya because the Holy Portal was located there. You’re the daughter of one of the King’s wives, Concubine Luna. But don’t worry, your life will be easier since she’d most likely be granted the title of Consort because she gave birth to a royal child.”

I nodded. ‘So he wasn’t a prince.’

When I thought of another clause to my demands, I told her: “No arranged marriages, I don’t want any of that crap.”

She shrugged. “As far as I know, you haven’t got one. But that’s not on me. Marriage is something for your parents to decide… parents plus the Queen,” she corrected herself. “But, yeah. Nothing of that sort.”

“Good. No prophecy or anything that will attract attention to me.”

“Eeeh!” she squeaked.

“What is it this time?!” I snapped.

“I kinda made your birth... something?” An awkward smile was plastered on her face.

I calmed myself and asked, “What did you do now?“

“Just Janome birds crying and flying through the sky. Neverendin flowers that never bloomed suddenly blooms aaaand constant rain throughout your mother’s pregnancy… something like that.”

“What?! Why would you do that?!”

“Because! That was when I thought you wanted to be here! I didn’t know that you thought otherwise.”

I slapped my forehead. “Fine. What else did you do?” Oh, I swear to god, this woman-thing-or-whatever is gonna be the death of me. And that came from an already dead person, so take that.

“Nothing? Nothing. I swear.” She shook her head and crossed her heart, her eyes popping innocently. “I promise. Peksman.” [1]

I rolled my eyes and sighed for the nth time. “No more. Stop whatever you’re thinking. I plan to live my own life and with the way you announced my birth, responsibilities, and expectations were already put on my shoulders, so enough already.”

Her lips stretched as she showed all her front teeth. “Just one little thing... you see... you are a princess, the only princess at that. Being born into royalty was already a hassle, but then I did what I did, so it became more hassle. But then... I kinda did more. You see, I wanted everyone to celebrate your birth, so I made it a little... special.”

“Please, not a prophecy. Please, not a prophecy.” I chanted silently.

“Not a prophecy per se... but a curse.”

“You put a curse on me?!“

“No, no. On the people, I did, yes, but you, no,” she rambled.

My eyes quivered. “Oh, dear god, no.” Countless numbers of horrible possibilities flashed through my mind.

I cursed the whole Damaris nobility--”

“Damaris what?”

“The people of Amari Kingdom.” She answered quickly and then continued to what she was talking about before I cut her off. “--and of course that includes the royalty, to not bear a daughter and that happened like decades ago….” Her lips twitched when she saw my deadly expression.

“Oh, you did not.” I refused to accept what she just told me.

“I kinda did.”

“Send me back. Now.” I said sternly.

“But I’m not finished yet--”

“I don’t care!” I shouted. “Whatever it is, just stop. I don’t wanna hear anything from you. Send me back now before I kill myself again just to run away from you.”



[1] Author’s Note: Filipino kids used to say this phrase to show how sincere they are about doing something; mostly when told to keep things a secret. It is the equivalent of the English phrase: Cross my heart; hope to die.


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