I was revived by my best friend

I was revived by my best friend

by Kaoseto

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

After my unexpected death, I learned that my best friend is the son of a great necromancer!

My friend spent years running away from his dad, but there he is now, learning the ins and outs of necromancy at a fast pace, all for my sake.

As for me, I'm happy to be still around and kicking. Bit by bit, I'm adapting to my new life as an evolving undead. So many things have changed: my everyday life, my senses, my view of the world and necromancy… Luckily, I kept my soul! That's cool because I kept my memories, but that also means I'm… just me. My high-school grades aren't going to improve miraculously!

This slice-of-life, urban fantasy saga tells the story of a high-schooler undead, his master, and their companions. It takes place in a world of superpowers and qi practitioners, two thousand years after the Big Blend, when our Earth was pierced by a rain of giant Crystals and everything teleported away: cities, monuments, forests, and even mountains got shuffled!

Updates Tuesdays and Saturdays.

This is a Creative Commons By work.

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Life reaper

Word Count (14)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The day I became an undead was a Friday ago
2. Death is boring: contract and rebirth ago
3. Don’t cry for the dead ago
4. Cute lil bro ago
5. When I was alive ago
Map of the lands around the Blazing Sea ago
6. Death heirloom ago
7. Ray: great panic! (Two hours back in time) ago
8. The trio gamers ago
9. A quarteto ago
10. Black tears ago
11. My stalker & my master ago
12. The Lord Necromancer's revelations ago
13. Louise ago
14. The Dark&Light couple ago
15. The crying of the dead ago
16. On the top of the sky ago
17. Surpassing my limits ago
18. A sakura in the sky ago
19. Rescue plan? ago
20. A qi master in the Work-Lair ago
21. Black-Hearts ago
22. Disappear! ago
23. The music of a heart ago
24. Inferno: Hell will wake you up ago
25. The Christmas party ago
26. Let’s set my friends on fire! ago
27. Deathforce ago
28. My master lost it ago
29. Nowhere to be found ago
30. Necromancers are all freaks ago
31. Tracking necro-bonds ago
32. Reconciliation ago
33. The undead on the phone ago
34. The day of the spar ago
35. Magnet power vs. brainpower: I won’t give up! ago
36. Negative spirits and TG-gums ago
37. Happy New Year! ago
38. The Independent Hero Association ago
39. Bonus: At cram school, one month before dying ago
(book 2: Ave Zombatory!) 40. Undead can read encyclopedias too ago
41. Unlucky with cats, lucky in life? ago
42. A genius ago
43. My first kiss ago
44. I left The Sleeping Beauty on a tree ago
45. A secret ago
46. A True Hero ago
47. Accepted? Rejected? ago
48. Roommates ago
49. Undead hearts rock! ago

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LN Creeper

I think the story is really fresh and heart warming. The interactions between the MC the world around him is fun and endearing (even tho he is a little dumb and too optimistic, I think that's what makes him stand out among all the other edgy, all-knowing protagonists that we see often as an undead character). I also like the world building and other mysteries within the story, it makes me wonder what will happen next in the story. I'm leaving this 5 star review encourage the author as well as expressing my interest in the story and where it will lead. Cheers and stay safe!!!