The Heroic Journey of a Toxic Gamer

by Grimtorn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Are you ready to Embark on a Journey of sheer Wonderment?
Then join us in the Real Fantasy world of Fanswald where our hero is finalizing his grand entrance into this brave new Realm. 

Don't forget our brilliant heroine Melly who will have to keep her wits about her to deal with this rather odd hero.

Oblivious to the truth, Clemiticus will explore this new realm with open eyes and a closed mind. Join him as he battles the forces of bright-darkness and explores a new crazy world of epic fantasy! 

 Will he change the future of this crazy land for the better?
At least one thing's for sure, Fanswald will never be the same again.

"A LitRPG you can laugh at." - Clemiticus.

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Word Count (VII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Clemiticus the Splendiferous ago
Chapter 2: This is no escort quest. ago
Chapter 3: I am not eating that! ago
Chapter 4: Welcome to the family ago
Chapter 5: The obligatory tavern scene. ago
Chapter 6: Looking for a party? ago
Chapter 7: Our first quest. ago
Chapter 8: I've got an Epic! ago
Chapter 9: Base case of the cool downs. ago
Chapter 10: Nuecus the Thaumaturgic ago
Chapter 11: Shots fired ago
Chapter 12: A tour around town ago
Chapter 13: This Arena is broken. ago
Chapter: 14 Derrick's scrap heap adventure. ago
Chapter 15: The um... Treasure room... ago
Chapter 16: Boss Fight ago
Chapter 17: Loot? ago
Chapter 18: Time to leave! ago
Chapter 19: Nom Nom O'clock ago
Chapter 20: Questus interuptus ago
Chapter 21: Count Leer ago
Chapter 22: The hungry thing ago
Chapter 23: Due north! Due Gone? ago
Chapter 24: Not a big problem ago
Chapter 25: Oh Arrr! ago
Chapter 26: An unexpected turn ago
Chapter 27: Reeeeeeeeeeee! ago
Chapter 28: Melly in tights ago
Chapter 29: What do they got? A lot of sand. ago
Chapter 30: Don't break the task! ago
Chapter 31: When in doubt go up! ago
Chapter 32: To flip one's perspective! ago
Chapter 33: Flying like a dragon ago
Chapter 34: The Ace of Hearts ago
Chapter 35: Onwards and Beyond ago
Chapter 36: To catch a sneak! ago

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I was drawn to this book by its bright cover.  I was looking for somewhere to start and it looked so different that it hinted at originality and not taking itself too seriously which is refreshing.  It’s a light-hearted romp with plenty of laugh out loud moments, a feisty female MC and a very laid-back gamer.  Maybe the gamer could be more aggressive but it’s easy to like him.  This appears to be a first book and I think the author has made a great start.

Style: Flows easily with appropriate natural dialogue.  Doesn’t try to overdo the description with unnecessary adverbs and adjectives but still sets the scene while not sacrificing the action.

Story: Basically jumps straight into the action where Melly, a young village girl, encounters our gamer in the forest.  The story follows them as they try to rescue her village from villains.  On the way they build an entourage of assorted and quirky characters.  Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, something unexpected takes our heroes in a different direction.

Grammar: Very good.  Some minor faults.  You can tell it’s been properly edited.

Character: Clemiticus MC is a bit cocksure, prone to stuff ups but generally likeable.  The female protagonist, Melly, is strong and feisty without being bitchy.  There are several other characters, my favourite being Neucus, who mixes up his adjectives.

Handsome Ransom

Very good.  Basically it's from an NPCs perspective on a gamer entering their world.  It's absolutely ridiculous in a good way😁

NGL it's taking a long time for me to read as you have to be in the "right" mood.  This isn't a serious type of book as MC just wants to have fun so he just goes with the flow.


I have no idea how one would review this story to capture it's full color range.

One, I could tell you that the cover is ... accurate. And pretty much sets the tone for the story.

Two, this is exactly the kind of story I love to find around here, bizare, interesting and unique. Unlike most others that fit the same bill, it's easy to read and no grammar mistakes that I could see. (not a native speaker)


A laugh-out-loud comedy of errors. 

The main character is Melly, a young villager lady. She is unfortunately saved by an otherworldly gamer and his reality-bending fairy.

This is a fantasy world, slowly turning into an immersive RPG by a higher power, for giggles.

The gamer, Clemiticus, is by no means a toxic personality. He simply feels that way to Melly. I'd say he's rather mild-mannered, as far as gamers go. Good news: Clem doesn't swear, PK, go grimdark, or enslave. 

I am happily surprised about the (so far) lack of harem and the complete off-the-wall humor. :)

Bragi Gautrsson

A lot of comic potential is being realised here.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Looking for a party?

Definitely a funny jaunt that takes the piss out of the traditional tropes of Western LitRPG's.

For those who loved "Beware of Chicken" This provides many of the same feels early on. Hopefully it continues with just as many laughs as it currently has.

It might need some minor editing, but it's pretty clear this is something to watch. 

I just hope it doesn't get dropped anytime soon!


Up to halfway chapter 8, which was when I pulled the plug, yet another generic litrpg parody with its customary snarky protagonist, serendipitous gags, meta genre savviness, etc. Probably the time is ripe for parodies of these parodies to become a thing.

Just the usual jokes and gags; no characterization, worldbuilding or prose to speak about. What it does, it does as well as any. Fans of the genre who haven't yet been exposed to too many of these will probably get a few laughs out of it.