Dungeon's Pet

by hotachan

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Girl meets dungeon. What could go right?

A story of a good-hearted Scholar driven by her compassion and curiosity. She might be a little combat averse, but um, isn't that only logical?

Love me a good grimdark, but sometimes I want to read feel-good fiction that isn't pure action, romance, or comedy. The plot and characters of Dungeon's Pet won't be all happy and fluffy, and the world will be more dungeons and monsters than rainbows and puppies, but overall the sweet moments should overshadow the bitter. Let's say three dollops of sugar for every pinch of salt, with lemon slices left on the saucers? Enjoy.

Note: This is NOT a typical dungeon story. If you are here for the dungeon aspect, then fair warning this will seem incredibly slow-burn to you. The dungeon will eventually become the most important 'character,' arguably, or the second-most important narratively, but you might jump out the window in frustration long before that happens. At its heart, the story's core remains 'girl meets dungeon,' not 'dungeon meets world.'

(To be clear, this does or will have a plot! It's just the more conventional story-like elements contribute to Rowena Loress's greater story, not the other way around; no conflict takes center stage until it becomes personally significant to her.

Meanwhile, have some Slice of Life.)

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Fun cheerful reading, but not without depth.

What I like about this story:

  • An proper start of a story, instead of those boring preludes or stories thinking any book should start with Genesis found far to often found on this site
  • Nice complex backstories of chracters (at least as far as an can tell with so many chapters).
  • When you consider the motivations of the chracters there are enough hints about their backstory to understand them, but the author does not bore us readers with those backstories.
  • Very sympathic nerdy heroine.
  • Quite optimistic and positive atmosphere. Noone whines about their hard past.
  • The world lore and mechanics mostly get explained by the story and not by data dumps.
  • Very fun to read. Make sure your floor is clean before reading and you cannot startle anyone by suddenly laughing our loud.
  • Did I already mention that there should be more stories with positive nerdy main characters like this?

What could be done better:

  • Sometimes (like the middle of chapter 5) there's a bit too much world building information information compare to what fits into the story, so it feels a bit forced. There less might be more. (Even some plain data dumping might be better than people talking about it so long without anything other being conveyed).

As there are only 8 chapters yet, some part of the rating is potential (as it would be unfair to rate a story for the lack of things that should only appear later). If that potential does not come to pass, I might have to reduce it by half a star (assuming the quality of the story otherwise the quality stays the same).

Mr. White

Very relaxing and pleasant read.

Reviewed at: 11 - Beginner Basics

I've been really enjoying this story. It feels a lot slower than most others (which is not a bad thing!) so I normally read it to unwind. The worldbuilding seems to be quite complex and thought out and the characters seem to be actual people instead of tropes, even with the few chapters that have been posted so far.

In one chapter I did feel a bit of loredump but better a bit of knowledge than none. I know that feeling too well. No more words because i'm bad with reviews.


Great characters and a vibrant world setting

Reviewed at: 12 - Cheating in Combat

I really like this one! 

Each character feels very distinct from the get-go, and the author does a very good job of introducing you to the world without too many info-dumps.

I like the complexity of the guild system, and how the main character is already a part of a vibrant life when the story begins. She has an interesting personality, and seeing the world through her perspective really gives it a lot of flavor.

I am excited to see how things with the dungeon develop!


Finding this on RR is a bit like finding premium sushi at McD’s. I almost want to say: Sure you’re in the right place? But mm, sushi.

What I expect from RR: hotheaded prideful protagonist hacks n slashes
What to expect from DP: sweetly shy protagonist employs logic n avoids action

What I expect from RR: lots of dumb, annoying, and/or evil side characters to make us feel for the protagonist

What to expect from DP: generally good people, an interesting and diverse cast of non-idiots without detracting from the likable protagonist

What I expect from RR: hook followed by direct plot line
What to expect from DP: hook followed by slice of life in immersive world and where’d that hook go again

What I expect from RR: hopefully not too many grammar errors but whatever is readable enough
What to expect from DP: wow this is clean writing with some neat turns of phrase like from a literary work:

“The only ugliness marring its epistolary perfection was the conspicuous absence of a signature, like a gaping hole, a missing punctuation mark.”

I could go on, but basically I like this rare gem so far and am pleasantly surprised to find it among the isekai LitRPGs, xianxias, harems etc cluttering the site. Mind the Slice of Life tag though.


This was supposed to be atypical?

Reviewed at: 8 - A Simple Quest

Tried reading Dungeon Pet but it feels like an interesting premise and character getting sidelined by an aggressive need to have a generic litrpg adventurer progression.


Would have been much more interesting if the main character just stayed a non-combatant.

Or at least if they kept focus on the dungeon and instead of feeling the need to go into combat training.


For all that this isn't a typical dungeon story, it feels like you are being held back by trying to include those elements.


The story is okay; not god awful but not something I would reccomend either.

Things just kinda happen. Originally it appeared that there was going to be a focus on the mystery of the dungeon, but it keeps on getting sidelined by other things. I understand that a story won't usually go straight from 'point a' to 'point b', but the plot points just seem so random.

The saving grace is the high quality world building.