The Prophesied Calamity

The Prophesied Calamity

by Mizuraki Hochizuka

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

ON HIATUS. Will return in a few weeks.
"I'll be the catastrophe they so direly want to prevent!"

Akuro, a traumatized boy who just wants a peaceful life finding himself enthralled by death, accepts the powers of a 'God'.

Like everything, it came at a price. A curse.
"It will break you and everything around you!"

Without paying it much heed, Akuro gets crowned as a 'Hero'.

Watch Akuro, descend into madness and darkness, as his life implodes in itself.
Learn about the vast world which contains numerous secrets.

Follow Akuro as he conflicts with himself, learn such secrets, and learn the truth about life and death.

Why did he release himself as a catastrophe on the world? Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: This is just the first draft of the story.

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Mizuraki Hochizuka

Mizuraki Hochizuka


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OOOH, that synopsis got me hooked, if he gets crowned a hero and then descends into madness, then this should get interesting. Cant wait for more. My expectations are going off the charts for this one. This better be a wild ride for all of us to enjoy. Can't wait to see how you will build the story. Keep at it author. 

First of all, the style, its written in TPP with limited knowledge and the way the dialogs and thoughts are written, they remind me of slime tensei and overlord.

The grammar is great with a few tiny mistakes, it should get over time as the author writes more.(I hope)

The story hasn't progressed much yet (tbf, its only been 2 chapters), Im leaving a 5 star because I really like the plot synopsis. It shall be fun to see a heroic protagonist succumb to darkness, this screams character development.

So overall 10/10 yet. Give it a read. Should be fun.🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

So yea author. Please keep writing more, I want to see where its headed.

This review was written with only 2 official chapters release. So far I like the book.


what a brilliant story, looking forward for more. akuro's srory is so interesting, i really want to read more what happens next, please upload another chapter soon.. the way you describe about belle, i love that. your imagination is so goood. write more.. character's names, story build up, background everything you described so well.. good work author!!!