Singularity [Fantasy-LitRPG | Hard SF]

by Weaver of Fables

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After an accident that nearly claimed his life, Arnel has become Humanity's first Mind-Machine Interface, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and human consciousness. In the competitive, virtual fantasy world of Singularity, this gives him tremendous and unfair advantages. However, there is a small problem; The AI he shares his mind with is not a harmless helper program, but a vast, sentient intelligence created for war, and capable of not only predicting the future, but influencing it to a degree of certainty.

Coincidentally, possession of such an intelligence is equivalent to possessing nuclear armaments for which the punishment is death.

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Overpowered Suffering MartySue

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

The main character is a marty sue in constant pain in real life, who at times is an 8 year old, and at other times is an early 20-something.

The setting has some huge, glaring flaws. Apparently it's a utopia where robots do 99% of the work, and rather than just... let people do community service or paint or whatever, there is government mandated MMO time? Also, countries still exist, and the military still has a huge amount of clout? But we are terraforming Mars?



Reviewed at: Chapter 31

I kinda enjoyed it for a while, but the AI make the MC a bit more too overpowered. Sure, the only person with an AI should have a significant edge, but it might as well be the AI playing the game directly. The MC is miraculously saved from so many impossible scenarios that it gets old really quick. If AI's are really that crazy powerful, then the other AI's in the work would have no trouble identifying that the MC has a restricted AI guiding his every move. 


The grammar is decent at least.

Reviewed at: Chapter 30

The grammar is ok, and the vocabulary is acceptable.

Combat: I'm angry or over my head, cue new ability that wins the day. 

The MC's actions doesn't line up with what any reasonable would do with little to no planning, recon or information gathering or seeking of help in any way. 

Example here is calling the guards when threatened, or performing any information gathering or recon when attacking a well known enemy stronghold.

The world is very focused on the MC, and not much happens outside his little box. Which leads to a boring and dead world.

The characters aren't horrible, but don't expect to actually like any of them. To name MC love life as an example.

He has a love intrest from childhood that is for an unknown reason totally devoted to MC, he is just that awesome I guess. Which in turn he has lost whatever feelings he had for in her when they where children. Instead he falls for an AI female after a trauma and following recuperation at an iland resort. This is all explained as things that is, and we are in little to no way shown why this is or how it came to be.

I also don't see why this is a VR story, which has a heap of intrinsic negatives (death doesn't matter, NPC's are, well, NPC's, word balance between the two worlds to name a few), instead of standard isekai.

Half Life

A Boy and His Killer AI

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

TLDR Version: Really good. Read it if the tags align with your taste.

Full Version:

Imagine, if you would, what it might look like if The Six Million Dollar Man was just some unlucky kid. Who, as a result of the operation to install cybernetic implants, was forced to spend most of his time inside a government-mandated game world, to escape from the endless pain of his body. Yeah. At the start, it is some truly grim stuff. But hey, always a silver lining -- in this case, love.

She was the only thing that kept him going when his life was otherwise loneliness, punctuated punctually by mind-bending horrific pain. Even if the target of his love is a supposed NPC, Aren (the main character) fully intends to fight the entirety of both worlds to find her again. 

The writing is as solid as I've seen on RR. I saw no noticeable errors in grammar or style.

The story is somewhat of a slow burn but, given the complexity of the subject matter, that should be expected. Characters are somewhat limited in that most of the story is focused on Aren. The game world thus far is fairly standard and doesn't stand out overly much. Interaction with the system is minimal. Aren's fighting style reminds me quite a bit of Haruhiro from Grimgar, in that the targeting is guided to the optimal result. So, judging as a pure LitRPG, I might have only given it a 4-star. However, the other elements of the story help it rise well above the crowd.


Has the Ingredients to become a great story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

The story, chapter 26, up to what I've read has been excellent. I had some issues following the story as the author tends to skip transition scenes after a change in chapter. The story however remained easy to follow and enjoy. The characters are better than average currently, and based on what I've read so far, I have no doubts that they will continue to be developed. In my opinion, the dialogue is among some of the best on the site, which I attribute partially to the authors style.


What I like most about this story is that the characters act according to their desires and have their own story, and not just fill the empty space around the protagonist. Even NPCs have personality and history in the virtual world, although how their attitude towards characters changes depending on a certain status, although they have not even heard of person looks strange.

Despite the fact that the main character receives help from the AI, he does not try to exploit him or influence him with his actions. It would be strange if meat bag could force a strategic military AI to do something. Interaction between the protagonist and the AI ​​looks promising given the various hints of other AIs interfering with the life of people IRL and the virtual world. I look forward to the story progression. 

coalmine overlord

So it's amazing from how the AI interacts with people and vice versa to the real feelings you get from reading it it is great and I think that the author is not a wordsmith in the traditional sense but one who's sci-fi'ed.  Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it 


The AI feels real

Reviewed at: Chapter 27

This is a fantastic story, the AI component is handled in a very unique way. The author is great at pacing and research. The writing is very engaging to me; action scenes are really intense. Bla bla bla just read it I'm not good at the whole review thing just showing support for a great story.

Miss Corbyn

Not your ordinary Fantasy-LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 39

It should be obvious for the title is stating that it's a mix of Fantasy and Hard-SF. Actually, it turned out to be Hard-SF with hard IA and Fantasy-themed virtual reality.

Combat in the game turned out to be less than memorable as the MC is kind of in auto-pilot. Interaction with other character is kind of lacking, be it in dialogue and emotional level.

That being said, there is a lot of good things to say about this novel that contribute to make it interesting. Forget about the actual action, the most of what is actually interesting his the MC thought and the humoristic tone of the novel.

Unlike most of the main characters of LitRPG that have absolutely no depth, this is all there is to this MC and the story. The MC is merely on a journey to accept what is happening to him. He is only reacting and not acting.

This novel is all the chaotic emotions and thought of a human being stripped of any illusion of agency, in a dystopic world controlled by hard-IA.

So if only for its subject and the way the story is written, I would give it 5/5 for it's a "hard to come by" kind of story and truly worth your time if you like dystopia filled with helplessness.

I'm not the right person to give a fair assessment about grammer so I would just say it is good enough for me, a none-native english speaker.

I would really like to give the character a good score too, for the main character thought and emotion are the core of this novel.

But that would be not taking into consideration that side character are completely hollow. That also would be not taking into consideration that the main character is but a puppet played by the hard-AI shredded in mystery that we have yet to get the faintest clue what it motives are. That would be not taking into account that the MC is suppose to be overwhelmed by his trauma but the way it is translate in the novel is somewhat cliché, boring and unrealistic.


And that point, those trauma are unecessary for the story but are here just because...

A guy that his ready to let the world burn for he is madly in love with someone doesn't really need a justification such as:

He lost everything in a car crash and half of is brain have been replaced with a hard-IA that is giving him unbearable pain.

Nope. I would say that any guy madly in love would just do anything, no matter how stupid it is, just because of LOVE. End of the story.


Overall, a nice SF novel to read in passing. Not a master piece. Not really hard SF. Fantasy Lit-RPG is a sub-theme despite the fact most of the action is happening inside the game.

Really, most of the story revolve around the MC and his inner relationship with the Hard-IA which is also inhabiting his brain. Don't expect exciting Fantasy lore, epic combat, romance or even deep relationship with any side character.

I would rather label it as psychological SF with Hard-IA, dystopia and virtual reality as a theme. Good enough for light reading before bed though. Enjoy!


EXcellent SF - MMORPG world - Cyborg

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

Excellent read. Haven't spotted any errors in grammar yet. Storytelling flows very well. Complex and excellently written story with a background civilisation/ SF arc, an RL going male main character in very strange situation arc, MC is also a real life cyborg arc (just beginning a voyage of self discovery - woohoo I love cyborgs - what is the self anyway?) and ON TOP OF THAT the MC spends a lot of time in the MMORPG arc (with Another AI) arc. And a few sidekicks too - who are also well fleshed out (not cyborgs haha). Any one of these arcs could be a good SF story in their own right.

So at least four linked arcs with a lots going on there but it all hangs together really well. There is so much interesting material to read and the whole is definitely more than the sum of the parts - this is a very entertaining novel.


The story is basically SF in (?) medium to far future solar system, during a Mars colonisation effort - although that is backdrop and not the focus. 
The focus is a young ( and initially naive/ socially inept) boy who has suffered major physical and brain damage (unclear what) and has been implanted with a brain-AI implant (so is a true cyborg) which he has to come to terms with both emotionally and cognitively. He is also recovering from physical trauma.

He is still physically limited into a VR capsule most of the time. Where most of the action plays out in a very interesting MMORPG role, which has clear AI links. There are at least two major (independent?) AI related arcs here in addition to the MC arc. There is also a group of well described friends/ allies (with indications of very interesting backstories) who I look forward to reading more of.

The MC does come across as naive initially - which is to be expected given his past social isolation(?duration) in what must be some kind of future rehab facility, but with military involvement - so all may not be what it seems. There are definite hints of something very unusual going on in the RL story as all this boy sees when out of VR is a bunch of scientist and military. Not suspicious at all. What they don't know is that the regular super duper AI in his head has been replaced by a humongous Lo powerful AI buddy called LEVIATHAN (yep nothing to worry about there either) and if anyone finds out that wee Levie has "escaped" then REALLY bad things will happen.
You can hear the "MUAHAHAs" already - well possible if Leviathan had a sense of humour, which it doesn't. So no MUAHAHAs then, oh well.