Dungeon Core Chat Room.

Dungeon Core Chat Room.

by Bluelightning42

This is a slower-paced "experiment and dungeon building" web novel that tries to use the idea of peer-to-peer communication with Dungeon Cores instead of Dungeon to slave monster communication to break up the detailed dungeon building.

Rank 1 description: (minimum met for system initialization...detailed description as follows)

Each race was given a system by the gods to make up for their shortcomings and balance their place in this world.

Humans: Abysmally bad at understanding and using magic unable to use more than the lowest of magic were given the "Skill System" magic in the form of premade skills with use, study, and mastery tied to experience.

Elves: Intuitively understand magic and have long lives leading to vast knowledge and skill in their chosen fields. However, as a species, they have nearly zero sex drive and less than low fertility, so they were gifted the "World Tree System" with experience gained through the care of natural areas – gifting the chance of children to increase their numbers without dirty copulation.

All “natural” or “wild” monsters are given an "Evolution system" designed around killing and consuming as many creatures as possible, slowly increasing strength and, at thresholds, allowing mutations to alter them multiple times.

Dungeon cores are different. Unlike humans, they can see, manipulate and live off mana. Unlike Elves, they naturally crystallize after extended periods of time in high mana level areas. However, they cannot easily move or communicate and typically go insane without companionship. As a species other than the odd eccentric they are unimaginative. Brute forcing solutions without the drive to truly innovate. Thus they have been gifted with the "Dungeon Connection System" a magical version of the internet accessible by their peers that allows them to barter and sell: bait, traps, monsters, and knowledge, as well as entertain each other with “adventure streams” using exciting recorded battles and humorous reels of arrogant chumps biting off more than they can chew to often fatal effects.

This is the casual story of a dungeon unluckily spawned far from potential adventurers forced to innovate beyond its peers to find its place in this world.

Rank 2 Description: Justification.

I've been on a dungeon core kick for months and while I love the genre – it's sparse with entries.

Often the forced conflict gets repetitive and frantic solving of threats "power levels" the protagonist to god levels to progress the plot – taking away the nice steady progression fantasy I'm looking for. (Progression in this story is linked to how strong of monsters/traps/whatever he can create not his "level"...this is demonstrated by some of his newer monsters beating his older monsters not with discrete "this monster has 10 attack this one has 40")

Additionally, the focus on 3rd parties with their drama takes away from the reason I’m reading dungeon core novels in the first place – I'm looking for magical crafting, experimentation and kingdom building – not defence from higher and higher levelled enemies looking to steal/destroy/control the MC. 

This novel is kind of just me writing the story I wish I could read. I like thinking about the experimentation that can be done in fantasy settings using 'mana' as an excuse to make up rules and try to keep them internally consistent. IE once I define how a rule works, I'm going to commit to keeping it – no breaking hard truths I've given when it's convenient, even if it backs me into a corner. Hopefully, that should make the story interesting to read even if it's SOL and less action-oriented.

There will be problems to solve and a clear progression in strength (of created monsters and knowledge) however due to not wanting to force conflict for the sake of conflict the general theme will be closer to slice of life with few action sequences and no overarching goal so please keep that in mind when picking this up as the genre is not for everyone.

Finally, I have a clear goal of what I want from this story (not an endless romp but a series of arcs and then a conclusion that's a couple of dozen medium-sized chapters long) I want to commit to finishing it or at least bringing it to a point of rest. I hate all the engaging stories that stop with a “hiatus” indefinitely so in the event I lose motivation I'll work to end this even if the ending becomes rushed/unsatisfying just to give a sense of closure.

I’m planning on including several polls in terms of direction and taking feedback heavily into account if I get enough readers (but may choose to ignore it if it deviates too far from the direction I want to take this as in feedback like: “The MC needs a cartoonishly evil arch-enemy that wants to enslave him and force the mc to pump out magic items” or “the MC needs to make a body and learn teleportation then live with humans” will get shot down without consideration.)

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Table of Contents
106 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1. Birth right into a tutorial. ago
Chapter 2. Candid advice. ago
Chapter 3. A simple chat group. ago
Chapter 4. A study of base elements and unwanted drama. ago
Chapter 5. On trying to make a monster. ago
Chapter 6. Magic Materials. ago
Chapter 7. Filling out the bestiary. ago
Chapter 8. Multiple Floors and Explosions. ago
Chapter 9. Level 9... ago
Chapter 10. Rank 2 Advancement. ago
Chapter 11. Buying information is as easy as... ago
Chapter 12. Rank 2 Mana Experimentation. ago
Chapter 13. When Crystals Fly. ago
Chapter 14. Combining elements for the first time. (A+B=C not AB?) ago
Chapter 15. Setting up a trade-test fest with Amy and Bose. ago
Chapter 16. Second shot at beating Amy taken. ago
Chapter 17. Why am I outmatched. ago
Chapter 18. The return of Abe. ago
Chapter 19. Legs, Many Legs. ago
Chapter 20. What happened here? ago
Chapter 21. Rebuilding and re-evaluating. The first boss monster is created! ago
Chapter 22. Its a trap! ago
Chapter 23. Buying schematics, paid for in pride. ago
Chapter 24. Exploration #1. Following the snakes and turtles. ago
Chapter 25. Exploration #2. Following the bats and spiders. ago
Chapter 26. Tier 3 System. ago
Chapter 27. Networking or socializing outside his bubble. ago
Chapter 28. Life and Death. But not a matter of life and death. ago
Chapter 29. A living dungeon. ago
Chapter 30. Training Montage. ago
Chapter 31. Testing. ago
Chapter 32. Final Push for the surface. I will not be left behind. ago
Chapter 33. Level 33. Rank 3. ago
Chapter 34. When you gaze into the void. The void gazes back at you. ago
Chapter 35. A simple group chat...again. ago
Chapter 36. Nothing brings friends together like experimentation and murder. ago
Chapter 37. FedEx(ecution) ago
Chapter 38. An a-maze-ing chapter. ago
Chapter 39. A visitor. ago
Chapter 40. A day in the life of Amy. ago
Chapter 41. A day in the life of Bose. ago
Chapter 42. A day in - ago
Chapter 43. A day in the life of Doc. ago
Chapter 44. A day in the life of Abe. ago
Chapter 45. A day in t - nope. Tier 5! ago
Chapter 46. A day in the life of Innearth. ago
Chapter 47. No sight, no sound, no service. ago
Chapter 48. A distributive Ice Ice baby. ago
Chapter 49. We all go a little mad sometimes. ago
Chapter 50. The 200th decennial dungeon games! ago
Chapter 51. Battles royal are popular...right? ago
Chapter 52. I guess I can see why battles royal are popular... ago
Chapter 53. So you want to be an adventurer. Eh? ago
Chapter 54. Its dangerous to go alone. Taaake this! ago
Chapter 55. [redacted due to spoiler] [redacted due to spoiler]! ago
Chapter 56. Command And Conquer: Dungeon Alert - Corestrike. ago
Chapter 57. The Mysterious Island. ago
Chapter 58. The Mysterious Island. ~Part 2~ ago
Chapter 59. Cooldown and review. ago
Chapter 60. Tier [6]... I curse having [0] adventurers. ago
Chapter 61. The Storm before the Calm. ago
Chapter 62. Face your fears they can't- okay they can only hurt you a little. ~promise ago
Chapter 63. A Delve or two. Perhaps three? May I have another Delve good sir? ago
Chapter 64. Momentum. ago
Chapter 65. Anti Exploit Engineering. Part One - The Carrot. ago
Chapter 66. Anti Exploit Engineering. Part Two - The Beating Stick. ago
Chapter 67. Toilets are necessary for Growth. ago
Chapter 68. Baking is a good hobby. ago
Chapter 69. One man's trash is a Dungeon's treasure. ago
Chapter 70. Imma' Firing my laser straight into Tier 7. ago
Chapter 71. Into the abyss. ago
Chapter 72. A Slice of Innearth's Life. ago
Chapter 73. The dimension of friendship and rainbows. ago
Chapter 74. The bloody dimension of friendship and demons. ago
Chapter 75. Time, the 5th dimension. ago
Chapter 76. I think...I think we are safe. Time for a change of state. ago
Chapter 77. Building like a (dungeon) Boss. *Airhorns*. ago
Chapter 78. Friendship is a disease. So is life. Everything is a disease if you put your mind to it! ago
Chapter 79. A delve or two, perhaps a thousand? Is anyone else seeing this? ago
Chapter 80. Sorry, That wasn't the delve. This is the delve! ago
Chapter 81. The inbetweeners. The in-between years. The forgotten times. ago
Chapter 82. The Peanut Gallery. ago
Chapter 83. Adventurers, Gotta catch them all. ago
Chapter 84. Tier [8]. Rank [4] ago
Chapter 85. Welcome to the internet, have a look around... ago
Chapter 86. Experimentation is the lifeblood of a Innearth. ago
Chapter 87. Mindless Experimentation. ago
Chapter 88. Weather warning. A Serene Hail. ago
Chapter 89. Existential dread and nihilism. ago
Chapter 90. The first day of the rest of your life. ago
Chapter 91. Let's go whaling~ ago
Chapter 92. A Tree's [system]. ago
Chapter 93. An Impossible tree. Birth of a myth. ago
Chapter 94. What makes a [God]? ago
Chapter 95. Party at the tree of life. ago
Chapter 96. The Boss to end all Bosses. Just [9] easy steps. ago
Chapter 97. I am become life, creator of worlds. ago
Chapter 98. The daily grind of life. ago
Chapter 99. Cheating godhood for fun and profit. ago
Chapter 100. Birth of a god marks the end...or perhaps the start? ago
Afterword+AMA ago
Chapter A. [A] Story of [A]n [A]dventurer named [A]dam ago
Chapter B. The stereotypical [B]each Episode. ago
Chapter C. Mana[C]orps. ago
Chapter D. The [D]ay the system was made. ago
Chapter E. An [E]pilogue of sorts. ago

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This book was an incredible slice of life story, litrpg story and dungeon Core story. I think this story did an incredible job of making a dungeon Core story that did not fall to far into murderhobo or pacifism. The litrpg aspect was nice but stayed as a background element which stopped the story from falling into a cycle of gaining levels for the sake of gaining levels. Additionally I'm glad that the core started as a new person rather than being a person that reincarnated as a core which many dungeon Core novels do. Finally this story does an amazing job of bringing the reader into a world where th main character develops over time which causes a connection that characters that are old initially lacks.


overall amazing story, 5 stars, recommended!!!


 This is one of the best stories I've read in the dungeon core genre, its a little slow in the beginning but once it gets going I couldn't stop reading! 

 The story is well written in terms of grammar, spelling ect.

 The characters are interesting and unique, and there is enough action to keep things interesting. I particularly enjoy the dungeon reviews!


Excellent view into dungeon society

Reviewed at: Afterword+AMA

How can they not get bored? Why do they feel different? Who are they? All answered here.

This excellent slice of core society shows what to expect when decent souls challenge explorers. These Cores aren't good but they aren't evil either. They care about themselves e.g. avoiding Nuclear Mana and care about each other. 
This story finished. Another plus on RR. It was a soft ending and much more detail could have been presented but it was appropriate. 

This story is worth the read and the effort to encourage the author to continue.


It is just amazing. There are very few dungeon core books as good as this one.  I just like it a lot. Thank you for the entertainment. The chapters are also just long enough for me to want to check up with every one fresh out the oven. To be honest stories like this are very hard to find. The author deserves one of the top spots on trending until the story is over.


Really enjoying a well written slice of life Dungeon Core novel. 45 chapters in and I gotta say this has been checking all the boxes for what I'm looking for in a book.

It's not incredibly fast paced, but I see that as a plus. Many of these kinda of books get the power creep totally wrong, getting too strong too fast. This feels much more like "The Wandering Inn," or "He Who Fights with Monsters." Which are two of my favorites and also understand the importance of slow meaningful progression.


Massive points for the author being willing and able to incorporate ideas from the fan base, and consistently be a part of the community.


this story has surprisingly creative magic systems, great characters with clear developmend and a very fun to read story, if you like experimentation heavy chapters.

the only minor issue i have, is that the whole story is only from the MCs POV. there are no view shifts at all. only the excerpts at the begining of the chapters come close to that.

that being said, it still works well for this story.


One of the most engaging Dungeon Core stories yet

Reviewed at: Chapter 54. Its dangerous to go alone. Taaake this!

Ok, so, I cannot recommend this enough. It may not be a complete subversion of the genre, but it's pretty damm close. Story is thought out and well written, very interesting, with multiple engaging characters that while somewhat steroytipical (the kind one, the chunni, the one obsessed with explosions, the mad doctor, and the erratic inventor) they have excellent  characterization  and feel realistic.

MC is a dungeon core (not a transmigrator) who is a long way away from adventurers, but is connected to the other dungeons by "the dungeon chat System" one of many  systems, and it's incredible to watch. 

not fast paced, but the slow experimentation and obvious energy and joy in said experimentation is just as engaging. Watching our MC craft, build monsters, and learn is a real treat. 

oh, and monsters? Yeah. No templates here. The MC has to design and build all of his monsters from scratch. From the most basic slime to a psudeo dragon, we get to see him tinker and advance. It's the same for crafted items. And it works really well! The heavy system involvement is done in an interesting way, and it forms a storyline around experimenting and finding the best solutions to a given problem, which is a wonderful departure from the "fight to survive, possibly ascend to godhood"  stchick. 

seriously, one of the best of the genre in my opinion. 


The story had a lot of building chapters but it so far has held true to the bios. Easy to follow so far. I want more chapters a week! Lol But that aside the developing personally is a good concept and all cores not seeing eye to eye is realistic!

Commander Kane

A dungeon core story that uses a bit of science-y which is...okay, I guess, but I find that stories that use such methods take forever to get anywhere. This one included. Sure, there are only 7 chapters but the pace is slogging forward.

The chat elements were nice; I wish the author used them more, since the title of the story made it seem like it was a core part. I can't really say the same for the others. The author has a habit of writing run on sentences with no periods, which makes reading the often long paragraphs a chore.

Not the best dungeon core story out there. It's okay if you like scientific experimentation but rather boring to read.

Miss Corbyn

Did you already enjoyed the rulebook of any game? Or play with the character creation tools without actually playing the game?

If the answer is yes, this novel might be for you.

The MC is a dungeon core. Otherwise said: a sentient magical piece of rock spawing monsters and using magic while doing nothing by itself.

The Chat Room part had a refreshing social dimension to the subgenre. It feel like reading some geeks collaborating to make their own dungeon and dragon homebrew from scratch.

So the novel isn't only system heavy: it's the core part of the novel. Everything action of the MC is about exploring the system, exploit his discovery and expand his dungeon.

So far, there is no exterminating trespasser but that might or might not be happening. The MC doesn't seem beligerent but have a huge drive to prove himself so he could show off to his friends in the Chat Room.

While the MC is a blank slate at the start of the novel, he is starting to show a distinct geeky, extravert and prideful personality. Even more, side characters are original too with a goody-goody genious (hermione granger as a dungeon core), an overdramatic oddball obsessed with immortality and trampling adventurers, another enthuasiast oddball obsessed with explosion, and some other side characters that have yet to have more character development.

And if the system-centered part isn't enough to get you hook, there is also a lot of lore here and there to remember that there is a world outside of the MC point of view.

The style is simple, clear and straight to the point. The grammar is flawless enough for me. What's more to say?

The description as a slow-paced "experiment and dungeon building" web novel is 100% accurate. Don't like it? Don't read it.

However, if that's your thing, this story is damn promising and a lot of fun.

Kind of the first novel in a while that made me want to do my own fanfiction out of it. That's how much I love it. Enjoy!