Runic System

Runic System

by fragtastic

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A world that runs with the power of runes.

Cultiviation to immortality is possible.

Legends are possible.

A world of martial arts, where survival of the fittest is supreme.

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Not terribly bad but could be better

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Imma go for an advanced review to help a little. A note of warning, however, this is still early into the story and I believe we still have much to see from the coming chapters.

Style 2.5/5: First chapter starts with what seems to be the main character recounting his life's story, breaking the fourth wall a few times and changing PoV in the middle of the chapter. Yeah, I won't argue, that was a bad start, but it's a fairly simple thing to fix with a bit of effort, so I'm open to editing this review once all the mistakes have been cleared out.

Story 3.5/5: so far it's not something unique, nor amazing. The benefits he receives are not unique to him, though it could be argued that they seem to be extremely rare judging by everyone's expressions. And even though it's not the best way to build up a strong lead in my opinion, it's not wrong either and I don't want to bash the author for going his way about writing his story.

Grammar 4/5: a few mistakes here and there but nothing too extreme. Obviously the first chapter being the worst of the worst had some extra stuff in it (of the negative nature), but it's not too bad.

Character 3.5/5: I saw two dimensional characters, and though the author has tried to explain the reason behind their behaviour, I think they need more time if they want to be seen as actual characters. 

As for the main character, I think he's in a good spot for now. I mostly want to see his character development and how he goes on about this new world. The author time-skipped through the beginning of the main character's arrival in the world, which in my humble opinion can be a very interesting part of one such story, if done right.

Overall 3.5/5: it's not a bad story and it has potential. It's about average in quality and I've seen worse stories make it into trending. I believe this is worth giving a try; the story is new and has a lot of room for improvement. 

Quite Possibly A Cat

Starts off with a life summary and in first person. Quick, but nice. Then the reincarnation and basic world summary and a confusing and unheralded switch to third person, which is annoying and pointless. Then the MC gets showered with OP random S plus tier super awesome mega powers for being the MC. Hard pass