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Book 2, 'Below the Skin', has begun! Releases 8:30PM EST, Monday & Friday.

Caleb hasn't had a good day ever since he was abducted into outer space. The food sucks. Nobody understands a word he says. The aliens won't even let him leave his cell.

He's driven to fight his captors and escape their clutches.

Confronted with hostile aliens, intent on holding him prisoner, Caleb chooses to dive headfirst among forces he can't understand. He'll either learn the eddies of the alien worlds he's stranded in, or else he'll never make it back home.

If his hallucination of one of the other abductees can be trusted, maybe they can make it through the trials before them.

At least there's no homework?

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A Strong Start to a Strong Story

Reviewed at: 1.4 Escape Velocity

(Pel and I beta read for each other, but my review is still my own)

Cosmosis starts off pretty strong, with a good and intriguing hook, lots of speculation fodder and mysteriess to sink your teeth into, if you like that, while also not sitting around too long before giving peeks behind the curtain. The design for the aliens are inventive and unique, and one of the better parts of the early story.

The story is solid enough. Nothing too spectacular, but it's still better than a lot of stuff out there. No major twists or shakeups of the formula so far, but what is there is executed well.

Prose is pretty standard for quality webnovels. Nothing special, but not painful to read either. The sort of thing you've read many times and will read many times again.

Grammar is really solid, no major mistakes to be found.

A lot of the story is getting into character's heads, and they're at least interesting for it. The MC isn't anything revolutionary, just an average guy thrown into a decidedly non-average situation, but the interactions are fun and there's seeds of an interesting character seeded in there for the future.

Overall, give it a go. The chapters are beefy and provide an interesting window into an interesting cosmos.


It seems well written, I didn't see anything major in the construction.


The story starts very in media res, which I like generally, but it's a tad confusing on how they got there - but that's also part of the point, since the narrators don't know either.

Oh and it had Otters.


I feel like this maybe a bit too early for a proper review, but what's there is great. Aliens are Alien enough, there is enough mystery and clues to keep me guessing, I like the few creative applications of the "power" that we got to read about. It's rare to read good sci-fi on RRL that didn't get popular from r/HFY.


I'm not gonna lie, going by writing quality this story should be in the top five on royal road. If your looking for a sign to give it a shot this is it, you won't regret it.

I really wish I could give feedback on this novel but for all the books I read I'm actually pretty trash at writing, I know whatever he's doing is working though.


The book starts off strong with an mc stuck in an alien cell. Things go south after that, if they werent already. My major gripe is the lack of planning. Mc cant communicate, has a weird tag along that is more aware than the mc, and has to fight for survival every chapter. There is no goal, no pursuit, and no training. It's frustrating to read because even one time skip could solve almost every problem from communication to fighting ability, yet I read in disbelief almost anything can happen at all. Hopefully these issues will be sorted out without plot armour.


It's been so long since I read a good 'kidnapped by aliens' story. For some reason they're just not trendy right now (can't imagine horrible reality where they'd replaced isekais as most popular genre xD). This webnovel is an enjoyable read with suprising drama right from the start and interesting worldbuilding. It doesn't have stellar quality but it is leaps above averege RR webnovel- it flows very nice, grammar is great and it's cringe-free.

The only dowside is the chase sequence wich IMO drags too long because Caleb didn't just make a knife to use in combat while complaining for 10 chapters about not having a weapon (which was just frustrating to read).

Overall a solid SF story so far, go and read it :)


A great mixture of cosmic horror, survival and action in a single story.

The pacing is fast, but that just adds to the feeling of urgency in the chase. Characters all feel real and incredibly fleshed out, and no complaints from me about the grammar. All in all would recommend to anyone.


Read this. It's a good story. The characters are pretty cool, the grammar seems pretty good, and the story is interesting. I'm only halfway through, but so far the only problem that kind of stands out to me is that the writing can be kind of confusing and hard to read sometimes. Doesn't really happen too often though, and even when it does it's still pretty easy to understand what's happening. So uhhhh. At least give the story a chance. For me, I could tell I liked it after the first 3 chapters. (Another plus: the chapters are long, at least compared to some other stories on royalroad).

Edit: Just read the whole thing, still a very good story. Looking back, there were a few times where it switched perspective that I didn't like, but that's more personal preference than anything being wrong with the story. 

It's still really good and you should still definitely read it (or at least give it a chance).

Edit: Changing this to an advanced review, it says I need more words. Uhhh. 

I really like the main character's interactions with the alien species. Part of the reason I disliked the pov switches is because it kind of took away from the intrigue and mystery if who and what the aliens were.



Can't actually say that much more than that since, you know, I haven't read much more than that. I have had trouble actually understanding a few parts of this novel, but I suppose that's where it gets it better parts from. The mild mystery of how it all fits together.

I don't normally like this type of story, but I personally think that it's very well-written. While there might be changes to how I think of this story, later on, I do think it would be a good idea to give it a try.


A great example of original HFY-style sci-fi that starts with an abduction, and spirals into a story about language, culture, connection, isolation, and superpowers.  Every part of this story so far has kept me engaged and guessing, while never feeling like it was holding out on me.  The characters are compelling, and the looks into the perspectives of the alien characters give just enough of a window as to keep the situation from feeling too confusing.

The small moments spent on showing strange differences between species, or examining the functions of an unfamiliar magic system, all keep the story constantly exciting.  On the surface, the magic seems like just that - magic.  Or, to use the generic sci-fi term, 'psionics'.  But it feels like it's had enough thought and creativity put into it that watching the characters puzzle out what they *can* do is satisfying and fun.  Even if it's just 'make soap', there's clearly a lot of thought that goes into the how and why.

Overall, this is a story I look forward to reading for a long time to come.  It really feels like it could go anywhere, like there's a bigger world to be explored, and the author is doing a great job of giving that world real detail and believable texture through the eyes of the protagoinst.