SUSPICIOUS BAG! SUSPICIOUS BAG! BOMB! BOMB! CALL POLICE!” An old man was yelling from near the LED.

“ Wait, what?” I said to myself. It was my bag. And there were 3 police officers already.

“ The police came unusually fast! “ I thought and suddenly I got tensed. “ I can’t let them check my bag!”

I ran towards them.

“ Whose bag is this?” The Police head asked.

“ Leather's bag.” The old man replied and the public laughed.

The police head said to his subordinate, “ Tiwari, take this bastard in a corner. We’ll deal with him later.”

Another policeman caught the old man.

“ Who’s bag is this?” He asked again.

I arrived and popped in between them. “ That’s my bag.”

“ Oh? So what’s it doing here?”

“ I ... I went to the washroom, so I left it here for a while.”

“ Really? What if someone had stolen it?” He asked glaring at me suspiciously.

“ I’m sorry. I ... I’ll take better care next time.” As i was about to take my bag, the police head taps his stick on it.

“ Open it.”

“ Wh-What?”

“ I’ll check it just to be sure of no criminal activity.”

“ Um ... Er ... There are only my things.”

“ I said open it!”

I gulped and walked to him and then slowly said in his ears.

“ Sir, there are porn DVD and Magazines in it.”

He got startled. “ FuQ!” Then he slowly says to me, “ You are smuggling Drugs!”

Huh? How the hell are Porn DVDs drugs? Well, whatever.

“ I can’t open it in public.” I gave the police head a worried look and he nodded in agreement. He then started to tell people to mind their own business and go.

You all now understand, right? I use to take Porn DVDs and Magazines to school and that’s why all the girls thought of me as a Pervert.

“ So which one are the best quality video?” The police head asked after the public dispersed.

“ All of them. From 4k to 16k. Just name it and you have it. I have even VR videos too.” I said proudly. The police head drooled.

“ Sir, what to do of this old man?” Tiwari, his subordinate asked.

“ Fuck off.” He replied.

“ Really?” Tiwari got happy and started unzipping his pants. The old man cried for mercy and help.

“ Stupid Tiwari! Learn some English. I said Fuck off. Let him go. No fuck him for real.” The police head said angrily.

“ What? This is not fair sir! I got excited for nothing!” Tiwari said disappointed. The old man ran away towards his Plane.

The police head chose 3 DVDs.

“ I’ll take these.”

“ Okay. Total is 6000 rupees.”

“ Should I seize them?” He glared.

“ 1500 rupees only sir.” I said nervously.

“ Your stuff is seized kid.”

“ IT’S FREE! The DVD are totally free of cost for your sir!” I said clinging to the suitcase.

“ Good. You may go now.” The police head walked away laughing with his subordinate. “ It was nice doing business with you. See you soon!”

I wrapped my stuff and walked towards my plane.

“ Nice doing business? My ass! I fucki*g lost 6000 rupees. That bastard old man, damn it! Its all his fault for yelling!” I said to myself angrily.

With the help of guard and the receptionist, I found my plane. I climbed it and then started looking for my seat.

“ 117D ... 116C ... 112E ... 110C ... Where is 105D?”

I finally found my seat 105D which was attached to 104C. A girlish bag was on 104C and 105D was already occupied by the same old man from before. The one who yelled about my bag.

“ Old geezer? What the hell?!” I yelled surprised.

“ Johnny sins? You?” He too was surprised.

The public all around got hyper and stood up on their seats and started yelling excitedly “ Johnny Sir! Johnny Sir! Autograph, Sir!”

And coincidentally, the original Johnny sins was sitting in the flight with a disguise and mask. He was traveling to Rajasthan for some work and got nervous.

[“ Oh no! How they recognised me in this getup? I gotta run!”]

He thought and then stood up and left quietly towards the airport.

“ Johnny Sins? Where is he?” I asked.

“ I mean the CD seller boy! What're you doing here?” The old man asked.

“ You give me my 6000 rupees! Because of you yelling ‘ BOMB! BOMB!’ at the airport, my bag was captured by the police and they took 3 of my DVDs for free!”

“That wasn't my fault! You should've gone and taken better care of your bag!”

I gritted my teeth in anger and then I noticed his ticket. He was having a seat of 105D for other plane. I got an evil smile on my face and then I went down and called the police from before. They took the old man away.

“ You brat! I'll curse you for eternity!” The old man yelled while I smiled and waved at his goodbye.

“Why did they took the old sir?” a super cute girlish voice asked me.

“Because he was flirting with grannies on the airport.” I replied.

“That's disgusting!”

“ Yeah. Totally disgusting!” I looked at the girl. She was the one from before. The super beautiful girl which I tried to follow (Actually stalked).

I got super red and surprised. I have never seen such a beauty ever in my life. And now I get to travel with her! Awesome! Thank you lord of porn!

Somewhere behind our seat, sat a suspicious figure. He was wearing a detective like dress and was reading a magazine. He was the guy who spread rumour.

“Grandpa was flirting with grannies? He's trying to be new Johnny sins? This is the latest Rumour!” He said to himself and then literally jumped like a ninja and went out.

A little while later, was heard an announcement. The rumour was developed already.

[“ Beware! Beware! Beware! We got the news that Johnny sins sir is flirting with grannies. Everyone should take care of their grannies! If something happens to her, then the administration will not be responsible for it.”]

The real Johnny sins heard this.

“When did I flirted with grannies?” He asked his manager with a tensed look.

“How should I know? You were the one flirting!” The manager replied.

And thus, the Airport was in crises to save grannies and capture sir Johnny sins. The flight got delayed by 10 minutes and we finally reached to our destination, Rajasthan, by 4:00 P.M. in the evening.

Chapter 3 – The Airport RUCKUS.


Next time: Chapter 4 – The Haunted House RUCKUS.


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