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Chapter 2 – The Home RUCKUS

The night was darker than any other days. The moon was shining like an evil piece, laughing down on the earth. What is this? A mysterious horror story?

Welcome to my house, a little bigger than a 3BHK flat. It was a fitting home for a middle class family such as ours. Today, was exceptionally silent. I, Mom and Dad were eating our food on the table in the hall. Mom was angry and only her spoon's sound was coming. I and Dad looked at each other. Finally Dad broke the silence.

“ Hey, listen up...”

“ Eat your food silently!”

“ You still angry?”

Mom stopped and glared at him. “...No”

“ That means you are.”

She puts the spoon down and angrily yelled at us. “ Obviously! Your dearest son have managed to get expulsion from another school! Not even that, his image is so famous that no school is willing to accept him! The ones who are willing to are with a fees of Lakhs of rupees! How will he study now? You have any idea? Your polite and kind behaviour have spoiled him and his life!”

“So what? We’ll find some school. Don’t worry.” Dad replied softly.

“ Yeah Mom. Chill out.” I also tried to back him up.

“ You just shut up!” She gave me a demonic glare and then said to Dad. “ You have any plan?”

Dad looked down on the table.

“ I knew it. Both of you are idiots and useless. All you can do is talk! I had high hopes for this one and only child and he is utterly worthless and hopeless. No going to school for 78 days? Don’t you have any shame?” Her words were making us melt with shame.

I and Dad ate our food silently as she went on with the cruellest lecture one can get. She was continuing but suddenly she fell down. Her voice faded and she fainted.

“ MOM??! MOM?!! ARE YOU OKAY?!! MOM?!!” I stood up with a tensed look. Dad hurries to her side and tried to pick her up in his arms.

“ TALK TO US! WHAT HAPPENED?! WATER?! YASH, BRING WATER!!” Dad yelled at me. He carried her to the bedroom while i bought water from kitchen. Then i called a doctor. He checked up on her.

“ Don’t worry. Its just due to exhaustion. She got too stressful and fainted due to high BP. I have written some medicine. Give her a dose twice a day and let her rest for 2 days at least.” The doctor explained to us.

“ Also...” He continued, “ Try not to put much stress on her mind. Another shock like this might get her brain in a serious Coma.”

I and Dad got astonished after hearing that. A strange feeling of burden on my chest filled me. My breathing stopped for a couple of seconds.

“ Alright. I should head home now.” The doctor said, picking his bag.

“ Thank you doctor. Let me drive you back.” Dad proposed.

They both left while I went to Mom. She was sleeping. I sat near her bed and held her hand.

“ It’s all because of me. I am truly the worst son you could hope for. I’m sorry Mom. All this time, you cared so much about me, you put my desires before yours, my health before yours, and yet, all I did was create problems for you. I’m such a scum. But no matter what, I can’t bare the world without you Mom. I am sorry. I will not create any trouble for you. So please get well soon. Don’t leave me and Dad behind. I will do whatever you want. Just please...”

Tears started dripping down from my cheeks.

“ ...Please get well.” I sobbed. The feeling of guilt was like the darkness outside. It was getting thicker as the night was getting darker. That feeling I had that day is the one that I can never forget as long as I live.

The next morning, I woke up, brushed my teethes and then went out in the hall. Mom was sitting on the sofa, watching T.V. and Dad was cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

“ So you woke up, huh?” She said with a piercing look.

“ G-Good morning, Mom, Dad.”

“ When I woke up this morning, do you know what I saw?”

“ ...”

“ Cute kids going to school. Filled with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.” She said imagining the scene. I made a weird and blank face.

She got out from bed and this is what she says to me? And who are this kids that went to school with enthusiasm? No kid in this world goes to school with enthusiasm and those who do, are not kids from this world! I think I should change her ringtone again.

“ Which ringtone will you set this time?” Dad asked with a cheerful smile.

“ Exactly my thought, Dad!” I exclaimed.

Suddenly 2 slippers, one on Dad's head and one on mine, strikes. We both fell down and the slippers bounced back to Mom, NINJA STYLE. A screen flashed on our heads ‘HEADSHOT'.

“ Your Mom is Ninja khatori?”

“ Ninja Chichori, Dad.”

Mom fell down from the sofa.

“ That's Ninja Hattori! Go and bring the letters or I’ll become Kung-Fu-Panda!” She yelled at me.

I stood up and started to go.

I am son of a ninja? That means I have ninja powers too... Is what I thought.

I started running towards the gate while saying “DING, DING, DING, DING.” And on the Background, Ninja Hattori's opining song was playing. I reached to door and jumped and tried to kick open it. But the door opened on its own. Our neighbour was the one who opened it.

I flew past her and fall in the big dustbin right in front of our house.

“ So you finally realised your true place? Good for you.” The neighbour lady said giggling.

“ What are you doing here, Mrs. Shukla?” Mom asked.

“ I am here for morning tea.”

Then go drink it at your house, lady!

“ Shouldn’t you press the doorbell first?” Mom asked again.

And behind the scenes ... I was thinking something else. I changed something along with the ringtone. It was ...

“ THE DOORBELL?! AUNTY! STOP! STOOOOOOOP!!!” I exclaimed. But it was too late. She pressed the button and another song started.

“ Mai v changa, mera pyo v chanag, meri maa v changi, padosi bhen*ho.”

[Song translation – I am cool, my Dad is cool, my Mom is cool, Neighbours are As*hole.]

Dad had 2 cups of tea in his hands and still he was shaking his waist and dancing. And I was lying with my face down and butt up and shaking it while dancing. Mom and The Aunty looked at us stunned. Then Mom hit us both with slippers, NINJA STYLE.

“ Ninja Tapori?” Aunty exclaimed.

“ That’s Hattori.” Mom corrected.

“ I-I'll come by later ... When you change this doorbell.” The Aunty retreated. Oh, Yeah!

She quickly walked away. I took the letters and went inside. Mom and Dad gave me a thumbs up with shining eyes.

“ Wha?” I got surprised. Won’t I get punishment?

“ Good job protecting out tea kid.” Dad said.

“ I’m proud of you, my school-less, Shame-less, Perverted son!” Mom said.

“ If you are proud, then stop humiliating me.” I replied. So now you guys know why every girl hated me in my school! Cause I am a pervert. But, but, but. I never peeked on them or did anything to them. I didn’t even talked to them. So then how am I a pervert you ask? Good question. You’ll find in next chapter.

We then sat on sofa and drank tea. I noticed that there was a letter for me.

I opened the letter. It was a ticket for Rajasthan. Along with it was a paper. It was an acceptance letter into DOUBLE DOT SCHOOL.

“ WTF is this?” I said.

Dad looks at the letter.

“ Its ... From Double Dot? The prestigious school all over the world? Why’d they send an acceptance letter here?”

“ Its a favour that I asked from my Old friend.” Mom replied sipping her tea. “ The principal of that school is my childhood friend. I contacts her and she accepted to let him in the school.” She continued.

“ But fees?” Dad asked.

“ Its on scholarship basis. He’ll have to work hard to get it.” She replied.

“ Hold on a second! Are you seriously sending me to Rajasthan? We are in Mumbai right now! I can’t live in a new state all by myself! What about living expenses?” I hit the barrage of questions and what I got replied was...

“ Earn your Money.”

“ You serious, Mom?”

“ We’ll send you 1000 rupees each year. You will earn rest by yourself.”

Wait, did I hear correct? 1000 rupees each year? How the FuQ am I supposed to live with that?

“ Hmm. Well that’s a good idea. Yash, its time for you to step up. Go and ace your studies there!” Dad said giving me a thumbs up.

Don’t back her up in this Dad! 😤

“ Its a very famous school. Only rich class or the ones with totally intelligent brain can go there.” She said. “ Since you got the chance, go and become a genius!” Her eyes got teary and pink bubbles floated behind her. What’s with that background?

“ Genius, my ass! You only want this so you can save money and spend it on yourself!” I accused.

“ Exactly! I’ll buy new cloths.” Mom answered.

“ Huh! Huh!” Dad strongly nodded. “ I’ll buy a new car!”

“ Use the money on your one and only kid, damn it!” I said angrily.

“ No. We are very poor. Totally poor.” Both of them said sitting in a corner all depressed.

“ Liars! No matter what you say, I’m not going there!”

“ Its a school with 80% girls, all are beautiful.” Dad told.

The next moment, I was on the gate. 1 suitcase was near me and a backpack on my shoulders. I was ready in Jeans and T-Shirt with a jacket on top.

“ Mom, Dad! I’m leaving for studies! Stay safe! Take care! I’ll be studying everyone ... Er, I mean, everything very hard!”

Mom and Dad stared at me.

“ You do realise that your subject is Commerce, not biology, right?” Dad asked.

“ Go and study. Nothing else. If i receive any complaints, then you will be sorry.” Mom threatened.

I then took my bag and ran out. They both sighed. I left my home for the airport.

A taxi arrived at airport and I was sitting in it, licking a lollypop like a dog.

“ 15 rupees.” The driver said.

“ I have a 10 rupee note and a 50 rupee note only.”

“ I need 15 rupees.”

“ Hmm. I have this 5 rupees lollypop in my mouth. You want it?”

He looked at me with a disgusted face and then took 10 rupee note and left. I walked in the airport. It was my first time coming to such place. It was really busy and crowded. I looked around and noticed a big LED flashing the date and time for all the flights. I started looking for the plane for Rajasthan.

Suddenly, I saw a really beautiful and stunning girl passing near the other side. Her hairs were black and flying backwards as she walked. She wore a Black mini skirt, a white shirt and a black coat. Her figure took me by surprise. I was not able to remove my eyes from her.

I followed her and in that mesmerized situation, I forgot my suitcase near the LED. She verified her passport and ticket and walked in. I can’t follow her any deeper. I have no idea where is she headed. I was just staring at her. Then a guard came to me.

“ Hey, what are you doing?”

“ N-Nothing!” I said and I walked off quickly back to the gate. I completely forgot that i was here to leave for Rajasthan.

“ Phew. That was a close call.” I took a relaxing breath. “ Hold on, where is my suitcase?” I looked around in tension and confusion and suddenly a voice captured everyone's attention.


Chapter 2 – The Home RUCKUS.


Next time: Chapter 3 – The Airport RUCKUS.

Chapter 2 – EXTRA

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What can be in this bag of bomb? Will he survive? Will he find his own bag? And who is this mysterious girl. The answers are yet to come. And, and, and. Another question to be answered is Why am I called a pervert. That too will be answered in the next chapter.

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