Chapter 1 – The Beginning RUCKUS

A big Yawn starts the story “ I won’t do this again. *Yawns* I won’t do this again. How long do I have to say this?”

A stick hit me hard on my ass. Yup, that’s me alright. The main character of this story. Ta-Da. I know its stupid to enter like this, but you can’t blame me. My life IS a ruckus afterall.

Let me introduce myself. The name is Yash, a High schooler. I’m at my last year, the 12th class from Commerce stream. The new session have just begun 3 months ago and guess what, I have attended school for only 12 days. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, a question is answered here.

Yash: (Painfully) AAOOWWW!!! Why are you hitting my ass? That hurts, you know.

Principal: (Angrily) You know exactly why I hit you. NOW MAINTAIN THAT POSTURE!

This freaky lady with bouncy balls is my Principal, and in one corner of her office, the legend of this story, Me, a truly useless and worthless guy was in a punishment to maintain a posture of a chicken. (Or hen)

The principal then picked up her smartphone and called a number written in front of my name in a register.

“ I’ll talk to your parents on loudspeaker.” She said with an evil smile on her face.

I had a blank and plain look. “ No ma’am, that might be harmful for both of us.” I said with a calm voice.

But ignoring my warning, she puts the phone on loudspeaker and the ringtone started. It was a song called ‘Sadma Aashiq'.

“ Aashiq hu mai dil ka mujhe jeena mat sikha, muh me l*nd mujhe cho*na mat sikha.”

[Song translation – I am a lover of heart don’t teach me to live, take my di*k in your mouth don’t teach me to f*ck.]

The song was so loud that some teacher as well as a boy walking from outside heard it. The boy who heard this was famous for 1 thing only. He spreads RUMOURS. That’s why he is called Rumour boy.


As soon as he heard the song he ran towards his class and before we knew, the Rumours started spreading.

At class 10th A the rumour was like “ Guys. You know what Yash did? He gave a marriage proposal to our Principal and now they are marrying. They both are dancing and celebrating now.”

The students exclaimed to this while the students of class 10th B had something else to talk about. Their Rumour was “ You guys know that Yash is marrying principal ma’am’s daughter? Its was just decided and now they both are dancing.”

They all looked at a girl with the corner of their eyes. Yes, she was the Principal's daughter. She felt insecure and left the class. On her way, something Upgraded fell in her ears.

“ I heard Principal's daughter is 2 months pregnant. That’s why she is marrying Yash.” Is what she heard from Class 12th A's students.

“ When did that happened?” she exclaimed shocked.

As she went towards the principal office to clear off everything, something crosses her ears again and this time, the shock made her faint.

A student was telling a teacher “ Sir, do you know that Yash is the father of Principal's daughter?”

Teacher adjusted his spectacle with this mid finger and asked excitedly. “You sure about that?”

“ Yes! I have just read the DNA report myself. The DNA matched 100%.” The student replied in a passionate manner.

Then a worker sweeping the floor nearby said, “ I can back that statement. I even saw the Principal having sex with a student one day!”. This was a big fat lie but he told it like it really happened.

As the Rumours kept spreading while getting UPGRADED, I and the Principal, completely oblivious to it, were normally talking it out.

Principal made a disgusted face and asked “ What ringtone is this?”

“Why? You want it too?”

“Like hell I need”



A mature lady's voice came from the other side of call. It was my Mom's voice.

“Hello ma’am. What kind of shameless ringtone have you put on?” The principal said raising her eyebrows.

We were from a middle class Family and my parents had not found the way to the English medium school so they had not much experience with English. The effect of this was ... My mom interpreted a different meaning.

“ Huh? You shameless! Your Mommy shameless! Your Daddy shameless! Why me shameless?” Mom yelled at my principal.

The principal changed her talking manner to Hindi so that they can talk conveniently. She explained again that the ringtone was shameless.

“Shut up! My ringtone is Bhajans and prayers of god. Its not shameless.” My Mom yelled again.

Yes, she said true. Her original ringtone was supposed to be Soothing prayers, but I changed them this morning since I anticipated this to happen. As my Mom said that, I heard some voices from outside.

“ Rumours about me and Principal? Yup, I’m screwed.” I mumbled to myself as the Principal said slowly to me.

“ Psst. Oyi. When did such shameless things became soothing prayers?”

“ Ma’am, the moment you ignored my warning and called my home, these thing came to trending in our school.” I said with a nervous look while still being a chicken in punishment.

She gave me a strange confused look.

“ Ma’am, I am Yash's Principal speaking. I have made your son a chicken.”

“ What? You cooked a chicken for my son?” she said excited and then yells to someone behind her. “ Hey, Shamu! Stop making food. We’ll eat chicken at Yash's school.”

“ You are from middle class, right? You have servents too?” The principal asks me because ‘Shamu’ is usually a name for servents.

I gave her a gentle smile. “ No ma’am. That’s my Dad. Mom calls him by this nickname.”

“What?” she exclaimed.

My mom then continued from other side “Ma’am, keep the chicken heated on the stove. We’ll be right there!”

She seems enthusiastic.

“ No. No. I have made your child a chicken.”

“ Wait, what?” Mom said with a low voice. “ Y-You killed my son and cooked him like a chicken? You demon! You witch!”

That’s an Indian Mom for ya. She went to a new conclusion. Watching serials all day does have a negative impact on life. Anyways, she continued her senseless accusions.

“I won’t forgive you! I’ll file a police complaint. I’ll go to CID. I’ll meet CBI. I’ll call Narendra Modi!” She said.

The principal got surprised and she came to me.

“ Your Mom knows Narendra Modi personally?”

“Nah! Narendra is the name of a man who comes to sell utensils at our home and Modi is his brother who picks up garbage. Poor souls.” I said with a sympathetic look for those two.

The principal hits her head with her palm. On the other hand, a new voice startled us from the other side of call.

“ Give me the phone! Hello? What happened?”

“ Who's that?”

“ I’m Yash's Dad talking. What is the matter.”

“ Sir, I am Yash's Principal speaking. I have punished your son to be a chicken.”

“Oh, good. Call us as soon as he lays an egg.”

Wow, my own Dad don’t care that I am in punishment. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

“ Sir, please come to school fast. I have an important matter to discuss.” The principal said.

“Whaaaaat?! He layed an egg already? Our son if so fast!” Dad made a teary face while saying that.

“ I told you that he’d make our name proud on day. After all he is MY son!”

Yeah, thanks a lot for that depressing statement Mom.

Then the Principal heard some noise from outside. The Rumours were going insane in the school.

“ What the hell is going on out there?” she asked me.

“ They all are talking about your husband and baby.” I replied. Mom was also listening to our conversation.

“ Argh. Go and call the guard!” the principal ordered me that so that the security guard can handle the RUCKUS outside.

Mom, as always, interpreted a different result. Her train of thought went like this. Husband + Guard calling = Principal's husband is school Guard!

I on the other hand walked like a chicken, dragging myself towards the gate.

“ Why are you walking like that?” Principal asks confused.

“Cause I’m a chicken.”

“Stupid, stand properly and then go.”

“ Are you stupid, Ma’am? If a chicken walks on 2 legs like human, won’t that be weird?”

“Idiot! A chicken DOES walks on 2 legs. Go and call the Guard, you stupid kid!”

I then stood up and left.

“ Ma’am, how many months?” my Mom asks with a serious tone. (She’s asking about Ma’am’s baby.)

“2 months” replied Principal. (She totally thought that Mom asked about me being absent in school.)

“ We … We’re coming right now!” Mom said with a sudden excited and hurried voice.

She then hung up the phone which puts my principal into an unexplainable confusion.

“What did she meant?” Principal wondered.

At my home, Mom was way too excited about all this.

“ Lets go. We’ll party at school. The principal is 2 months pregnant!” She ordered.

Dad gave her a surprised look and said “When did that happened?”

Mom glared at him annoyed “ Will she take your permission to have a baby now?”

Dad flinched and slowly shook his head.

Aaaaaand they finally reached school.

“What’s going on inside the school? Its too noisy. Well, like I care.” The school guard was playing a certain candy crushing game.

I was supposed to call the guard for discipline maintenance but instead, I went to the toilet, drank some water and then was walking back towards the principal office with a proud face.

The students around me were all clapping and shaking my hand for the different Rumours.

“ Congrats Yash. You finally landed a girl.” Said a boy form 10th.

“ And to think that is the principal's daughter. You’re awesome.” Said another.

“ You made her 2 months pregnant. You’re disgusting. And a creep.” A girl gang was cursing me.

Well, its not like I am not used to it. I have fell for many things. I don’t have much friends here and all the girls hate me. Why you ask? The answer is yet to come. But for a hint, its cause I am a … Porn freak. Yup, that’s right. I am one.

It was a pain to clear all the misunderstandings and moreover it was time consuming but the real reason I didn’t do it is because they would never believe that I am this innocent. So I just kept on thanking and taking the congratulations.

At the school gate, Mom and Dad arrived. These two are MY parents. What do you expect from them, huh? If you said RUCKUS, then have a hug from me. You are my true reader.

“ Come on, come on! Quick!” Mom said as they both got down from the taxi.

Dad followed her. As soon as Mom entered, she stuffed the guard's mouth with sweets.

“ Congratulations, sir.” Dad said grinning.

“Thank you. But why?” he asked confused.

“ Why? What why? Your wife is 2 months Pregnant! That’s why!” Mom said proudly.

“WHAT?” He was shocked “She’s 2 months pregnant? But I didn’t go back home for 4 months!!” He continued with a pale face. He then threw his cap and stick on the chair and ran out. He sat in a taxi and left for his home.

Yup, they totally destroyed a family.

“ What a strange husband.” Mom said looking at the guard.

“ Let’s go inside and see how many eggs have Yash layed.” Dad suggested.

They both reached at the office, where I was too … as a chicken.

“ What kind of husband do you have? When I mentioned you, he ran away to other woman. I’m telling you that he is cheating on you.” Mom told that with a really innocent face. C'mon Mom! Don’t break their family too!

The principal got shocked and called her dear hubby.

“ How dare you cheat on me with another woman, you heartless bastard! Who is that lady?” She yelled at her husband angrily. Thunder sounds echoed through the office. Mom and Dad looked around in surprise.

Its all a misunderstanding, Ma’am. Look what you guys did to her. My family is totally … I don’t even have a word to say.

[“H-How did you found that out?”]


“ That’s none of your concern! Tell who is it right now!” The thunderous sound continued.

[“ B-Baby, I-I can explain. I-Its our m-maid.”]

“ What about the 2 months pregnancy then?” Mom asked with an innocent voice. (She asked about principal's pregnancy.)

“What? The maid is even 2 months pregnant?” Principal said with a low voice.

Please, Mom. Don’t break their family anymore. He may be cheating, but he won’t fall so low as to make the maid pregnant.

[“ N-No! She's only 1 month pregnant. The 2 months child was aborted.”]

This damn bastard! He totally fell so low as to even abort a child! If I find him, I’m gonna kill him no matter what! And, on the other hand, Mom strike 2 perfect targets without even knowing it. Is she some ninja or what?

Anyways, the principal go so shocked to this that she fainted. Poor soul.

“ Oye, Yash. Go and wake her up.” Mom ordered.

Its all your fault to begin with, Mom.

I walked to the Principal in chicken pose and banged my forehead with her's.

That hurts! Oww. But hey, that worked! She woke up … yelling.

“ What are you doing still in that pose?” She asked.

“ I don’t know. Trying to lay eggs, maybe.” I replied with a serious look.

“ Very good my boy. We’ll sell your eggs and earn huge profits! If you need anything, just say to me.” Dad said encouraging me.

“ I need to eat omelettes. I’m hungry.” I replied.

Dad hits me on my head and yelled at me. “ Idiot! Don’t you have shame! How can you eat your own kids!” (He means my eggs)

“ Kids? I flushed them already. I drained them in the toilet this morning!” (I meant to say that I masturbated)

Now again, the kid famous for Rumours heard this and he went on his work again. The Rumours went like …

“ Guys! Yash drained his kids in principal!”

“Guys! Yash went to principal's house and drained his kids in her daughter!”

“ Guys! Yash went to Principal's house and they did a threesome with principal's daughter! Just like Jhonny sins.”

And finally it became …

“Guys! Principal ma’am have joined the porn industry and is now making a new video with Jhonny sins.”

Well that’s how Rumour flies. Now back at the office …

“ I’m so irritated and annoyed with your kid! He was absent for whole 2 months and even when he came, he was just a nuisance!” The principal said with a red and angry face. She is totally pissed.

“ Ma’am. Don’t lie. I was absent for 78 days.”

“ See? Why don’t you ask him where your beloved son was?”

They all looked at me.

“Er.. Um.. Cuk-du-coo?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” All of them yelled at me together.

“ CID kidnapped me. They needed my help to find a priceless secret  which went missing.”

“ So did you find it?” Mom asked seriously.

“Yes. I even got a copy of that secret DVD.”

“So what was in that?” Mom asked again.

No. If I tell them the truth that it was a porn DVD of Sir Jhonny sins latest collection in UHD quality, I’ll be killed for sure.

“ Tell!” Mom said in a little heavy and angry voice.

“ Er…Um… No. I can’t tell.”


“ Cause it’s a secret. If I tell you that, it won’t be a secret anymore.”

I smiled at her. She and I stared at each other for a couple of seconds and then she slapped me. I fell on ground.

“ The DVD … is it the one of UHD quality?” Dad asked me slowly so that no one else can hear. I nodded with a blank face.

“ I need a copy too.” He said

“2000 rupees”

“Go to hell. I don’t need it.”

“ Alright, 1500 last. No more bargaining.”

“Deal done”

He gave me 1500 rupees and I gave him a pendrive with all the videos.

“ What are you two whispering about?” Mom growled at us. We both flinched and said “Nothing!”

“ Ma’am, I can’t tolerate this kid anymore. He only came for 12 days in school and what he did is unimaginable. When it was English listening skill test, he replaced original audio CD with a porn CD. When the test begun, instead of English audio, a girl's moaning and yelling sound echoed.” She said nearly crying.

“ That was my friend's idea.” I defended myself.

Principal then glared at me and said “ Oh yeah? Then what about that time you got in a fight with a student and next day you hung his photos in a girl's dress all around the school? That student left the school in embarrassment.”

“ That was his fault. Serves him right.” I said without any guilt.

“Yes, but now you won’t do anything else.”


“ I’m expelling you. Take your transfer certificate and find a new school.”

“ Ma’am, don’t do this. I assure you that he will behave from now on. He will attend school daily too. Please don’t expel him.” Mom requested with a sad face.

She continued with a helpless voice. “ He won’t be accepted in any school at this point of time. All the schools have already registered for final exams. He’ll fail at this rate.”

“ I wish I could help. But is an order directly taken by our board of directors. I can’t do anything for you at this point. I’m so sorry.” The principal replied.

“Please Ma’am, reconsider this decision. I beg you.” Dad requested.

“ I’m sorry sir. I have not the power to reconsider this. You have to find a new school.” She signed a paper and said. She then handed the Transfer Certificate to us.

I feel so guilty. I made my Dad beg for me and I made my Mom nearly cry. We took the paper and left for home. After that a car stopped in front of our school. The state chief minister came out to congratulate Principal for getting pregnant. 😝

The Rumour was now world wide. A little while later, Spiderman came to greet principal and then Captain Marvel, followed by Thor and then Hulk.

All this was witnessed by a student, The Rumour Boy. He was so surprised.

“Wow, my rumours are this famous?” he exclaimed.

Then Thanos came and gifted the infinity gauntlet to Principal, who had no idea what was going on.

“ Hey! Weren’t you killed?” The Rumour Boy asks Thanos.

“Yes. But I took Reincarnation stone from Harry Potter and revived to congratulate Principal.”

“ You revived just to congratulate our Principal?” Rumour Boy was completely shocked.

“ Yes. Now I’ll watch Endgame once again and then I’ll die peacefully without regrets.” Thanos says. “ Oye, Thor! Kill me you Moron!” He yells at Thor, who was buying potatoes from a vendor nearby.

Then suddenly some aliens came in UFO and congratulated Principal.

“ Fu*k! My rumours have reached other planets too? Gotta go and start work on new Rumour ASAP!” The Rumour Boy walks away as this RUCKUS went on.

Chapter 1 – The Beginning RUCKUS.


Next time: Chapter 2 – The Home RUCKUS



Yo folks, this is the shitty writer here. Many things are unclear now and the starting might have been boring. But I hope you liked it.

If not then I’m sorry but please stick with this because the plot is just starting. Many new things are yet to come.

RUCKUS is the only thing in this story. Be it in comedy, Romance or in Drama. Even the sex time is gonna be full of RUCKUS. Maybe I should change the story name to ‘THE RUCKUS LIFE'.

Ha-ha, just kidding. But I do hope you can give me comments about this story and new suggestions too. My email ID is x double x triple x and xnxx 😄 See you all in next chapter. Thanks for reading.


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