Rising World

Rising World

by Snow Quill

Vonn of Shieldpoint is an ambitious young inventor who, as far as his family knows, just survived a terrible accident. Really, he didn't. Instead a being known as the System has recruited the soul of a modern college student from our world, to fill in for him. Given a new life in a new body, the former human wants to make good use of it and fulfill the dreams of the one he's replacing.

He's an Engineer in a world where that's a character class with explicit levels and stats. This world is just discovering the power of steam and clockwork and the occasional magic dungeon crystal, so Vonn is just in time to become a famous genius.

He just needs to figure out what the gods actually want from him.

(LitRPG Isekai with light but important stats, nonhuman MC. Cover art by Alexandra, https://www.deviantart.com/oktoberbeef .)


This book is now available on Amazon! https://www.royalroad.com/amazon/B09H5CQSX5 For legal reasons, I need to hide most of the content from Royal Road for now. The version for sale is revised and expanded anyway, including a rewritten opening. If the book does well, that's encouragement to write more of it soon! Reviews are welcome too. As noted in the afterward, it's been fun and useful to share this work with all of you here as I worked on it.

Update 2022/2/22: Wow, it did do well! Thanks to all who read, commented, bought, and/or spread the word. Right now I'm working on a side-story about character Selen, and posting that starting yesterday. I do plan to do a true sequel this year, yet.

Update 2022/11/5: The sequel, "The Rising World Company", is now on sale! Earlier this year I also released the side-story "The Purpose Of Wings", which you can read free on RR.

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Snow Quill

Snow Quill

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Slice of Life Isekai Engineer

Reviewed at: Pest Control

A slice of life story about exploring an engineer class in another world.

Emphasis on the slice of life. From the summary I wasn't sure if this would be slice of life or power fantasy (with a showboat MC awing people and face slapping, etc.). Both have their pros and cons, but this definitely falls in the slower, less dramatic slice of life category.

I don't have much to say about the main character's intial transmigration (standard random event that kills him), but I do like how he had some choice over who he transmigrated into. I think there's potential for exploring what happened with those he didn't choose (he already seems a little interested in investigating it).

It would be nice to see more reactions to the main character's inventions. Right now he makes something, maybe one person asks, "how did you think of that?" and he moves on. Reading about the main character engineering something is fine, but reactions and repercussions are important to keep the story interesting. I hope there is more of that in future chapters.

Also, the things the main character makes are kind of random:

First a pinball machine, then a crossbow, then maybe some kind of water irrigation device. He doesn't really seem to have any kind of direction. 

There's that vague mandate he has from the system to do something important, but so far that has had pretty much zero impact on the story.

Things are still in the beginning stages though, and I can see a fair bit of potential. 


For anyone wondering, this is a stub

Reviewed at: The Purpose of Wings: Selen's Story

there's no tag, but yes, this is indeed a stub. "What is a stub?" It's when a part of the book is removed, usually because of licensing reasons.

So this book is a stub, it has been stubbed, very much so.

If only there was a tag, there might've been an announcement, I don't know, the author doesn't need to do it but it would've been nice.


Reviewed at chapter 15.

Let's say a meteor came outta nowhere and killed you.  Let's say a powerful entity offered you a chance to be reborn in a gameworld in-between your past life and the next.  

Are you gonna say no?  Well, maybe.  But Vonn, an engineering student at university, didn't.   He chose to be reborn into a fantasy world ruled by a system.  

Follow his story as he navigates his new world and his new life in this slice-of-life adventure.



Style score: the style is fine.  Pacing, scene-setting, etc.  The style of writing has no issues that I saw.

Story score: the story starts off well, a bit standard for isekai fantasy litrpg.  Having read 15 chapters / 63 pages, the pacing of the story is slow.  Nearly slice-of-life.  While that pacing is fine, there was nothing to identify it as such.  Around ch 7, it started to feel a little boring as I was expecting the plot to emerge.  By ch 9, I realized that wouldn’t be happening immediately.

Grammar score:  I saw no grammatical errors within the 15 chapters I read.  That already puts it above most Royal Road stories, including my own.  Not that I'm the best at catching errors.

Character score:  I felt there were several missed opportunities in this story so far.  The main character hasn't done anything to make him sympathetic to me.  There's little to no characterization and little emotional depths explored to find myself attached to.  While this might be considered early in the story, I felt it was an opportunity missed.


All in all, the story hold potential and promise, and is worth seeing how it develops from here on out.  Time will tell if that potential is realized.


Just a few yards short

Reviewed at: Fired Up

This is a hard review for me to write.  I love the story.  The MC is a likable guy with no weird flaws that require plot armor to protect him.  The premise is good and the world building solid.  The writing is also solid with story flow that is paced to keep the reader interested.  The trick with fantasy is to keep the reader in a state where disbelief is suspended.  So if you introduce elements of science, mathematics, or logic you can’t screw them up or the juggled disbelief drops to the ground.  That is where the story fails.  Over and over the engineering choices the author makes leaves this engineer scratching his head.   I do plan to keep reading the story.  I just find the reality based parts to be very unreal.

Without rubber, quality small springs, or solenoids pinball is little more than pachinko.  Rubber does not require rubber trees.  There are a large number of plants that contain latex like compounds.  Sulfer should be a common reagent..  The author has made it seem that quality alloy steel is not available.  This removes most forms of springs and limits clockwork.  Ping pong balls require rigid plastic. Stirling engines are great for efficiency.  The power to weight ratio for a stirring engine will keep it out of the skies.  



Above Average

Reviewed at: Goblin

In general, this story is above average compared to other RoyalRoad stories. It has its issues and I'll address those issues in the hopes that they would help the author grow. 

Style: The first issue we see is here, the author's style, unfortunately, is disorganized, which makes it harder to follow along with the story. A more organized approach to scenes and dialogues would definitely help the author. 

Story: Story we are getting told has a good premise and as far as I can see the author is developing the story in a good trajectory. If you are not turned away by the disorganized style, this could be an excellent story for you.

Grammar: It has some issues, but not much. Mostly, grammatical errors are about unnecessary commas and commas not being placed where they could help bring more clarity.

Character: Second big issue the author has are characters. They, unfortunately, suffer from the author's disorganized style. Dialogues are scattered and do not really help at bringing characters to the forefront. A more structured approach to dialogues will help with character development. 

Overall: This story is above average and could become an excellent one if the issues I pointed out gets better. I hope, the author keeps working on this story and improve it.

Bishop of the Lamb

The mc's past has been expalined suffieciently and while his behaviour is strange considering him being dubbed 'young inventor' but for now it's still logical hence the score.

i don't like writting long reviews, i found a hobby to write reviews on new works since mine doesn't have any. 



Rising World answers the critical question - can foxes blush? 

Yes, they can, but I still don’t know how it looks. 

Style - I've seen a fast and dirty approach to storytelling in so many other works published here, and this one isn’t any different. 3rd person narration, but very little description other than very basic. 4-stars.

Grammar - All stories I review shall receive a 5-star for grammar by default.

Story - Stub. The author removed the good portion of the story in favour of posting somewhere, so a large portion of the actual story is missing. 4-stars. Though I understand the business model, I really do.

Character - Only two characters received a basic introduction before the story disintegrated. 4-stars due to the absence of the content. 

Actually, I don’t mind the story for what it is, but I wouldn’t necessarily pay money to read it. I went here mostly to get the context for the newer sequel for the story I’ve noticed. It didn’t help much. 


Should see his other works he's written because they are more than worth the time and money to invest in them. For example his 1000 Tales stories are the best.  One of my favs outside that series is "The Dream of Aveire".  My only issues is that a lot of his books are digtal only.  Would happy shill for Kris Schnee (as I am now) because his work is always intresting. 

Why read this story?  Don't care for people getting killed and being transported to another world. Don't care for RPGlite stories.  The gimick doesn't grab me.  Mix them together and it almost there.  What does get my intrest here is how Vonn the main character starts with little and grows his life.  This what Snow Quill does best: character growth stories. 


Will do a quick review now as it's only a few chapters in but deserves some recognition , so far it's fantastic, well written story and characters intresting twist on a popular plot line beginning and character selection. Cleanly written and informative without having info dump chapters that overwhelm you be intresting to see how this progresses and if they keep it up, well worth the read 


I have read all the way to Chapter 31, posted a few hours ago now. This story is pretty decent. I am not going to go in-depth about the style and grammar and whatnot, as others have done that already and it has been consistent.

The story is currently fairly "slice of life". However, in-universe the main character's age is supposed to be a time of study and growth, as they are able to gain Stat Points every season for the first five years. Already, we have seen three months pass in-universe, and there is still much to do.

The Main Character is going with an "Engineer/Mage" build, which will probably end up something like a classical Artificer. He is working from Renissance-era tools to create modern items, using his knowledge of math, physics, and engineering from Earth. His "brilliant" inventions so far have been a marble maze toy, Pinball machines, and a very basic bicycle. We are heavily hinted towards Steam Power, not only in the Story Summary but also in the story itself. 

Probably the most interesting part, for me, of any story like this is the Magic System, and the System itself. Magic in this world seems fairly limited, at least at the low levels we have seen; using mana to add or remove energy of a certain type. "Ice" and "Fire" spells are adding and removing Heat, "Light" and "Shadow" would be adding and removing Light, Air spells are adding Motion/Kinetic Energy, Lightning is mucking about with electrical potential. Hints of higher level magic include necromancy and "blessing" the fields with Earth magic.

The system itself has not revealed all of its attributes yet (and that is my main complaint, we should be able to see the level 0 attributes). However, Attributes can be increased at the Temple every so often, by sacrificing three skill levels in skills governed by that attribute. Skills only have two levels maximum, and you lose a level when you raise an attribute.

Finally, the system for Perks is well thought out. While the MC got basic information for them at first, he could focus on the individual perks to gain more information. One of the perks available would "magically replicate 10% of materials used", basically a 1/10th refund. The fine print said that it wouldn't work on rare materials like Dungeon Crystals or Gold, and that the skill would fail if you attempted to use it to farm for resources (by building and deconstructing a device multiple times).