The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge Wizard

by Alex M

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.

Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard. However when the old man unexpectedly dies, his book of spells binds to Hump’s soul. Now without a master, Hump sets off to find his place in the world, to discover the secrets of magic, and to understand the Book of Infinite Pages.

Book 1 - Crypt of the Wolf Dragon

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Alex M

Alex M

Wizard Supreme

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Grave Digging ago
Chapter 2 - Rusty Knight ago
Chapter 3 - The Unreachable Ale Mug ago
Chapter 4 - Adventurers' Guild ago
Chapter 5 - The Fool and the Knight ago
Chapter 6 – Death Magic and Fiancée ago
Chapter 7 - Bonefiend ago
Chapter 8 - Dungeon Encampment ago
Chapter 9 - Boiling Pools ago
Chapter 10 - Dungeon of Horrors ago
Chapter 11 - Kobold Slaughter ago
Chapter 12 - Bitter Victory ago
Chapter 13 - Think Before You Speak ago
Chapter 14 - Offer from Royalty ago
Chapter 15 - Potion Making ago
Chapter 16 - Once More into the Deeps ago
Chapter 17 - Dungeon Grove ago
Chapter 18 - Battle Amongst the Trees ago
Chapter 19 - Desperate Plan ago
Chapter 20 - Blessing of a God ago
Chapter 21 - Kobold Den ago
Chapter 22 - Rage ago
Chapter 23 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 24 - Kobold Village ago
Chapter 25 - Drums of War ago
Chapter 26 - Dark Rituals ago
Chapter 27 - Dungeon Heart ago
Chapter 28 - When the Dead Walk ago
Chapter 29 - Wizardfire ago
Chapter 30 - Tunnel Rats ago
Chapter 31 - The Butcher's Corner ago
Chapter 32 - Questions in the Dark ago
Chapter 33 - River and Waves ago
Chapter 34 - Dungeon Spawn ago
Chapter 35 - Guardian of the Dungeon ago
Chapter 36 - Wolf Dragon Rampage ago
Chapter 37 - False Gods ago
Chapter 38 – Beyond the Veil ago
Chapter 39 - The Chosen ago
Chapter 40 - Battle for Bledsbury Dungeon ago
Chapter 41 - Last Hope ago
Chapter 42 - Dragon's Heart ago
Chapter 43 - Dragon's Legacy ago
Chapter 44 - Dragon's Gift ago
Chapter 45 - Decisions for the Future ago
Chapter 46 - Overseer ago
Chapter 47 - Onwards and Upwards (End of Book 1) ago
Book 1 – Afterword (and Book 2 Blurb) ago
Chapter 48 - Troll Hunt (Start of Book 2) ago
Chapter 49 - No More Secrets ago
Chapter 50 - Blessings and Magic ago
Chapter 51 - Sheercliff City ago
Chapter 52 - Next Stop, Magic Shop ago
Chapter 53 - Accidental Thievery ago
Chapter 54 - Favour from the Countess ago
Chapter 55 - Bloodshadow ago
Chapter 56 - Burden of Legacy ago
Chapter 57 - The Haunted Town ago
Chapter 58 - The Witch of Fishers Lake ago

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Took me 3 days from beginning to end, and 5 min after that I'm already in need for the next book to come out. 
The world and character building is well done and although there are no surprises the story is really enjoyable. 
cost me my sleeping hours but definitely worth it.


You need hedges in your life

Reviewed at: Chapter 1 - Grave Digging

When Alex M told me about his concept many moons ago, I tried to convince him to turn the story into a raunchy comedy called Hump the Hedge Wizard. Where hedge wizardry opposes the will of the gods and therefore divinity is out to destroy and discipline Hump. However, Hedge Wizards are beings of power and their offspring are born with incredible gifts. As a result, women are constantly throw themselves at Hump, getting him in all kinds of trouble.

I'm glad Alex M ignored my advice and tailored the story to his tastes and not mine. It's much better than anything I could've written.

Lets skip over categories like Style and Grammar. Both are great and will be better if/when it's plugged through a decent editor. I'd rather focus on Story and Character.

It's apparent that Alex spent several months formulating the story instead of throwing ideas at the screen until something came together. This is a rare skill amongst indie authors. Hump's growth and journey from apprentice to wizard is a compelling one and I can't wait to see where it leads him. Every character, including him, is entertaining and has as much depth as the primary cast.

As a beta reader it's hard for me not to give away spoilers, but you're in for some great things, fellow readers!


Reviewed at chapter 14 / 122 pages.

Hump is not just any wizard.  He's a hedge wizard’s apprentice stuck in a precarious position after his master's death.

Inheriting a tome of magic, a staff, and a horse, Hump must now find his own path in life as he navigates situations that all pose great risks to himself.  

Follow him on his journeys and find out how.


Style Score:  the author presents the story in a 3rd person limited point of view.  No issues with pacing and the plot seems to be developing well as Hump learns more and more about what it means to be a wizard in his world.  I found three instances of modern vernacular that threw me out of immersion, but that has more to do with my personal preferences than the storytelling.

Story Score:  The story seems well plotted.  The scene-setting is great and each chapter seems to reveal more and more about the world the main character is living in.  Honesty, I can't say anything bad about how the story is developing.

Grammar Score:  I found no errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.  I'm a little jealous of that, lol.  This story easily has better grammar than most Royal Road stories.

Character Score:  The main character is sympathetic and easily relatable.  Side characters are well developed, and there are no issues with voice.


Overall, I highly recommend this novel, and I think most readers who enjoy fantasy novels will enjoy this one.



What I loved most about this story was that each character had their own personality. Wasn't two dimensional at all. Also, Bud is a secret badass! The story itself flows very smoothly, and is on par with other top tier stories on royal road such as Mother of learning and super minion.


Near perfect beginning arc. All around engaging and unique take on an overdone genre. No power creep thus far or in the foreseeable future(though the first Big Bad was a little too OP IMO.) Only issue I have thus far is in the direction the plot took at the end of the fight. The rising action and Climax of the fight outshadowed the resolution by a large margin. I sincerely hope that it doesn't become a "Gotta stop the Demon King/ Evil God" novel making it loose some of its unique charm.  Even if it is I would still read due to MC and perhaps other characters(when the novel explores their stories more).


Very competently written so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 - Rage

Hedge wizard so far has been written very competently, now I can not speak about grammar and word choice as the way I read means I don't pay it enough attention as I should but the fact that nothing stands out implies to me your doing things right & the writting flows well. From a story perspective the story flows very much like an action packed thrill ride which feels great but I don't necessarily feel like it gives itself space to breath at times. The world of dungeon crawling and the party's adventure feel fleshed out and I personally feel immersed I also feel like that's all there is at the moment. It's as if the world is a stage for this story not a world the characters live in. Now I very much understand why this is the case at the current moment due to the problems the characters are facing but it's a concern if the story continues in the future without fleshing out the world.

Altogether I'm really enjoying this and will keep reading it and would recommend it to people. I would love further world building going forward once the current adventure is finished with.


Everybody loves an underdog... wizard?

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - Kobold Den

This story has instantly become my favorite.

Wizards are portrayed very differently than usual. Gone are the masters of the inner workings of the universe, who bend reality to their whim through sheer understanding and will. 

In this world, wizards only have bits and pieces of magic obtained by stealing and reverse engineering the divine magic of the Chosen of the gods.

The gods do not like this, and they do not like wizards. 

Hump is a working class wizard, as was his master before him, and he's not trying to understand the universe, he's just trying to get by. 

The characters are smart and well developed, the monsters are cunning, and the dungeons are realistic and not limited by arbitrary rules like "the monsters can't leave".

I can't wait to see what happens next. 


Snarky Wizards are the best kind

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Blessing of a God

Probably one of my new favourites of RR:

 In this world the Gods choose a few, in their opinions deserving of their gifts, to wield the power of nature with but a gesture: Sadly for him, our protagonist is not one such chosen. Not letting the rejection discourage him, we follow Hump as a fledging Hedge Wizard, a human that takes the power of nature with study and effort, rather than as a gift. Which is a lot harder and less glamorous that what it might sound.. 

After his master found himself in the wrong end of an unexpected arrow, Hump graduates early from his studies and embark on a quest to find greatness, or food, a warm bed and some coin. With no clear goal other than glory, we are left to wonder what awaits for Hump in this world, as we get to know it. 

 This novel has; interesting well defined characters; a world full of potential and wonder; good flow in its style, which always leaves you submerged in the story and waiting for more; impecable Grammar, with the few mistakes that are made from time to time getting corrected right away by the author, and, most importantly, a great Main Character, with whom we get to enjoy the story from his perspective. 

Highly recommended. I think anybody that's into fantasy would enjoy this novel.

PS: The author's cats are also really lovely 


One of the best stories i have ever read. The quality is so good its worthy for the story to be written in an official novels. I loved the author's writing. For those who wish for a much more fuller stories with apt description, longer chapters with none of the filler words and a pacing that leaves you satisfied and full, you should try this one out. The World Building is impressive, thr magic immersive and believable, and the action scenes well illustrated and clear. I can not say more about it considering this is my very first review on this website😊


I need a physical copy of this. Have you ever read something so good that you feel depressed afterwards? Why isn't book 2 finished already for me to devour? Why the hell did I read it so fast? Now I have to search for another fix. Y'all book addicts know exactly what I'm talking about. Holy crap this story gave it to me!

Hedge wizard is written very well. The grammar mistakes are few and the pacing is well done. The story is action packed with loveable characters and a great main character. The fight scenes are detailed with a cool magic system in place. Just stop at this review and go read it please!