Empath Magi

Empath Magi

by Andrew J

Magic is real. And Brand is about to get an unwilling crash course on what it can do. Thrust away from his planet to another unknown, he must quickly adapt to his unique gift if he wants to survive.

Emotion magic is rare and unstudied, and nothing like he would have expected. But it is all he has when he finds himself waking up in a lifeless land with nothing but the clothes on his back. The only chance at keeping himself alive is trusting the words of a mysterious stranger.

And the world continues to turn, ignorant of his place within it. Age old myths and buried dangers threaten to rear their heads once again. Machinations millennia old are beginning to bear fruition. With each turning era the world’s future becomes darker. A godless land cannot survive on its own.

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Bishop of the Lamb

Great ambition, form lacking

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Author made himself one hell of a goal imagining and creating new magic and doing it right by making sure it doesn't spiral into mc oneshotting everyone like in the streotypic isekai. Ambitious goal yet there is one tiny thing, psychological type of the story isn't the author thing because there wasn't anything very interesting during that phase also why do you have to use cliches? Read Arificial Mind the novel itself is very deep and sometimes headache inducing but it's a great read. 

Author you need to either rework the story because in almost every story mc gets sent into a royal capital usualy either kings or princess begs the mc to save the kingdom and stabs the mc when he does it. You tried to do something originall? Great! Do it all the way! No half-assed attempts.

 i'll gladly help during you journey with Brand but man you gotta do it right if ya want this novel to go anywhere. feel free to criticize my works to yer heart content.