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Chapter 24: Cold War.

*Illya’s POV*

A few hours after I arrived in Russia to help Priva, swarms of monsters appeared out of that portal. After 40 minutes, an army of 1 million monsters finished coming out of it. The last to appear was an old looking man. So much for these “Celestials”. Using such disgusting beings for an army is something that my kind would never do. We’d just steam roll everything with beautiful and powerful women after all. As for why their army is disgusting, they had Goblins and Orcs for soldiers. The Russian military seeing such creepy looking beings showing up out of a weird portal, really shook them up but, I did warn them to be aware that some creepy things would show up so, their shock only lasted for a few seconds before they regained their calm.

Priva: “A-Are… Are those Goblins and Orcs?” Priva said with a disgusted look on her face.

Illya: “That they are. Disgusting right?” I say with a cheeky tone.

Priva: “God… I can even smell their stink from here…” Priva said while covering her nose.

Illya: “I know, I can smell it too. I’m pretty sure that we’re miles away though...” I say with a thinking pose.

Priva: “Maybe it’s just us tricking our brains?” Priva also said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Maybe… You know, I’ve genocided a whole shit ton of Goblins once before.” I say while a reminiscing smile.

Priva: “I… I’m going to choose to ignore how you looked very happy while remembering that and ask you if we stand a chance.” Priva said with a sigh.

Illya: “Didn’t you just hear me say that I genocided Goblins once already? Just because they also have Orcs doesn’t matter. With the current weapons, our armies are fielding, that disgusting army doesn’t even stand a chance in hell.” I say with a shrug.

Priva: “You sure seem confident at least… What about their commander? Won’t he flee when he realizes that he can’t win?” Priva said with a serious tone.

Me and Priva were currently looking at the holographic display that covers every inch of the battlefield. Not even a fly can escape our sight. So far, no one has made any moves at all and both armies are just staring each other down. The commander of that disgusting army has a happy look on his face. He probably thinks that he will easily win since he has 500 thousand more soldiers than us. That won’t happen since, his army is only using melee weapons and only a few Goblins and Orcs that can use magic.

Illya: “You don’t have to worry your pretty little head about that at all.” I say with a joking tone while rubbing Priva’s head who is still on my lap.

Priva: “Illya… Please don’t do anything sexual right now. Not when there is a battle about to happen!” Priva said with an embarrassed expression.

Illya: “I don’t think rubbing someone's head is sexual though? What, Priva? Do you? Are you a lewd girl that gets off from having their head rubbed by a beautiful girl or something like that?” I say with a smug tone.

Priva: “If the beautiful girl in question is you then, I won’t deny that… But, what did you mean exactly by not having to worry about him running away?” Priva said in a serious tone trying to hide her bashful face.

Illya: “Oh, that? He’ll be crying that he can’t escape very soon, just watch!” I say with a slightly evil tone.

I say before raising my open hand in front of me and directing it towards the portal where the monster army appeared from. After doing that for a few seconds I closed my hand shut and the portal disappeared. I didn’t say that this dimension is mine without a reason you know. It really is mine and I have practically full control over it at all times. I only let Yuna do as she pleases with it just because I like her and she is also one of my mothers.

After the portal was shattered into a million pieces, that old commander of that disgusting army was speechless and had a bad look on his face. It didn’t last for long though. He must have thought that even if he was stuck here, he could get one of the other commanders to help him return once he succeeded in this battle. With my action of closing off their only means of escape, the stalemate had ended and their forces began to move out in droves.

Priva: “You got rid of their escape and now it riled them up Illya…” Priva said with a sigh.

Illya: “That was the plan after all.” I say with a shrug.

Priva: “I know that you have no love for my country but, could you at least pretend to care? It hurts my feeling to see you act like this doesn’t matter.” Priva said with a sad tone.

Illya: “I do care about your country Priva since, it was where you were born. I just think that this war will be over easily so I’m acting like it’s not that troublesome. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.” I say in a loving tone while wrapping my arms around Priva after I changed her position to be looking right at me while sitting on my lap.

Priva: “Illya… Sorry, that was a lie… I know that you do care I was just… I was just trying to get more of your attention…” Priva said with a red face that couldn’t look me in the eyes.

Illya: “That so? I don’t mind. I’m sorry that I haven’t been attentive with you lately. Once this war is over and if invaders don’t show up in other countries then, I’ll spend some time with you until the next invasion.” I say with a sisterly tone while playing with Priva’s hair.

Priva: “Dammit! I don’t even want you to know how happy that you just made me by saying that… I’ve never even acted like this with my family…” Priva said while burying her face in my chest in embarrassment.

Illya: “Oh? Does that mean that I’ve seen a side of you that no one else has? That makes me pretty happy you know.” I say with a laugh while rubbing Priva’s head while she continues to nuzzle my breasts.

Priva: “I used to be called the Ice queen from how I acted at school now, I’m here during a war flirting with my lover, while I should be commanding my army… I don’t know how to feel about this.” Priva said with a conflicted tone that didn’t belong in the situation where she is shoving her head into my breasts happily.

Illya: “Hmm, you should be happy. At least in my opinion now, give me a kiss, and let's play some chess!” I say before parting Priva’s head from my chest and giving her pretty and tasty lips our nth kiss of the day.

She did say that she wanted more of my attention so, I “ruthlessly” attack her tongue and mouth with my own tongue for 35 minutes straight, all while a war was waging on right in front of us, before I parted my lips from hers. A trail of saliva followed my lips that left hers. I spin up on my finger and got Priva to lick it off my finger like a kitten. We’ve been flirting this entire time while around 15 operators are in the command room with us. All women of course so, me and Priva didn’t mind getting intimate with each other.

Priva: “Illya… It’s not fair when you kiss me!” Priva said while softly pounding my chest with her hands.

Illya: “Oh? Why is it not fair exactly?” I whisper into Priva’s ear seductively.

Priva: “T-thats… It’s because you’re just too damn good at it! I swear! Any woman who was kissed by you for only a few seconds would want to become your lover!” Priva said with a pout before shoving her face once again into my chest with her face beet red.

Illya: “Honestly Priva, I just can’t get enough of teasing beautiful girls like you at all. I could do this all day with you and not be tired but, unfortunately, the battle is heating up and we need to work.” I say with a sigh.

Priva: “That is true… What did you mean by chess?” Priva said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “I get two strike squad's and you get two as well. We’ll command them separately.” I say with a smile.

Priva: “I don’t know if I can command people knowing that it may lead to their deaths… I don’t think that I could handle the responsibility…” Priva said with a conflicted tone.

Illya: “Deaths? What do you mean? Once their lives are threatened, they will be healed with the magic I enchanted on their armor. If they can’t fight anymore after being healed then, they’ll get sent back to base to recover.” I say with a serious tone.

Priva: “Illya… I can’t believe that you didn’t tell me this… This really is just a game then huh?” Priva said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “I could have sworn that I did though? And yes, the only ones that are fighting with lives on the line are the enemy army.” I say with a confused tone.

Priva: “Wait… Let me check… Damn! You did message me that… I guess I just forgot from all of the stress...” Priva said with an embarrassed tone after she finished looking at my messages to her on her phone.

Illya: “It’s fine, anyway, let’s play already.” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “I don’t think that I will ever get used to how you do things Illya… Well, no use in worrying about that now, Let’s play!” Priva said with a smile.

While Priva continued to sit on my lap, we took control of our squads and started the war. It was like a really high stakes chess match. After 2 hours, me and Priva didn’t even have to switch to new squads since, none of ours were taken out. Meanwhile, the enemy army has lost 800 thousand troops while we’ve barely suffered minor injuries. I had a second holographic screen to the left of the battle screen that focused on the old leader. His face had a mix of frustration and desperation showing on it. He was like that because 2 Hours was all it took to decimate his army of million. The rest of his troops are surrounding and protecting him. I figured that this might be a good time to show off to Priva so that’ll she’ll be “excited” later when the battle is over.

Illya: “I’ll transfer full command to you Priva.” I say with a smile after picking Priva in my arms and placing her down on the commander's seat.

Priva: “Huh? Why?” Priva said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Oh, don’t give me those puppy dogs as if to say that I’m abandoning you. I’m just going to show off by killing the rest of that pathetic army. Trust me, it’ll be a sight that you’ll like quite a bit.” I say while whispering seductively in Priva’s ear.

Priva: “Okay… Just don’t get hurt… Wait, can anything even hurt you?” Priva said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Probably not. Anyway, I’ll be back soon my dear.” I say in a proud tone while playing with Priva’s hair before teleporting away.

Before I left, I commanded Priva’s army to stand down and withdraw from the battlefield. I teleported right in front of the remaining 200 thousand troops. With my absurdly good vision, I was able to see that old commander with a confused expression on his face. I only gave a passing glance as if to say that he wasn’t anything interesting to look at. Though I did scan his last troops to see if there was anything that could be fun but, they all looked stupid and definitely won’t be that fun to kill since, I’ve already committed a genocide on Goblins before and, the Orcs were the first to go so there is none left and their army only has ugly and boring Goblins left. As I had a look of boredom on my face, their commander told his army to stand down and appeared in front of me. Now that I see him up close, he doesn’t look quite right. Like there is something off about how he looks…

Old Commander: “Young child, who might you be?” He said while stroking his beard.

Illya: “I am the wonderful and powerful Illya, daughter of Yuna and Mia.” I say with a smile and a curtsy.

Old Commander: “So, this army was your doing… I’m no fool. I can tell that you could easily kill me as if you’re stepping on a bug. This invasion was a failure the moment it was brought up…” He said with a sigh.

Illya: “You aren’t wrong. It’s actually pretty rare for me to not just kill my enemy without even getting their name or letting them talk at all. In fact, if my memory doesn’t fail me, this might be the first time I’ve done this.” I say with a laugh.

Old Commander: “I am grateful for your mercy! My name is Petter. It is a pleasure to meet someone as powerful as you. You’re even stronger than your mother Yuna.” Petter said with a bow.

Illya: “So? Are you done kissing up to me? As thanks for all of that praise, how would you like for me to kill you?” I say in a serious tone.

Petter: “Please miss Illya! I implore you to not kill me!” Yei said while kneeling on the ground with his head down.

Illya: “And why should I spare you? You’ve invaded my dimension after all.” I say in a slightly angry tone with my arms crossed.

Petter: “Please! I can be extremely useful to you!” Petter said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “I don’t really care about your usefulness. If only you were a beautiful girl, I would have let you live.” I say in a sad tone before taking out my scythe.

Petter: “Wait!” He said with tears in his eyes.

Illya: “There are two things that you should do when begging for your life. One is to entertain the person holding your life in their hands and the other, is to entertain them. You haven’t even done one of those.” I say with an evil tone.

Petter: “Y-you’re like your other mother, Mia right? Then you can’t kill me. I'm actually a female!” He said with a slight stutter.

Illya: “That so? You don’t look it and, Yuna said that the only female in your army is Arath’s mother.” I say while spinning around my scythe to scare him.

Petter: “You have contact with Yuna? This plan really was doomed from that start…” He said with a look of despair.

Illya: “You’re running out of time to convince me not to kill you.” I say while tapping my scythe with one of my fingers.

Petter: “Wait! My real name is Yei!” He yelled before a flash of light appeared around him.

Once the light was gone, I was able to see Yei’s form. She had long light pink hair that went down to her waist. Her eyes were also pink in the same tone as her hair. Contrary to her previous male form, she was even shorter than me. Her breasts weren’t none existence and were just a little smaller than a c cup. She was wearing a pink lolita dress similar to Arath’s dress. Though, unlike Arath, Yei didn’t look like a loli. She just looked like a short woman who had an air of maturity to her. Honestly, her outfit doesn’t really fit her. I’m just going to assume that Arath had convinced her to wear it. Her outfit looks like a devoted wife who cosplays for her lover...

Yei just stood still in fear while I circled around her, examining her entirely. I pulled up her dress so that I could look at her “undercarriage” which she didn’t resist. Since I did that, I was able to confirm that she wasn’t packing anything “extra” down there. Her pink panties were pretty cute though.

Illya: “You’re definitely a female and absolutely adorable but, how do I know for certain that this isn’t some disguise?” I say in a serious tone.

Yei: “It isn’t! I swear! I was born female!” Yei said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “And yet, Yuna didn’t know of you. Why’s that?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yei: “She knows of me! I am Arath’s friend! I just use Petter as a disguise while in her mother's army!” Yei said with almost tears in her eyes.

Illya: “Why? I don’t see a reason for such a cute girl like you to pretend to be an old man. It’s honestly a crime against all of existence.” I say in a serious tone.

Yei: “Arath was against me joining the CUA so, I joined it in disguise so that she wouldn’t know about it. She said that it was too dangerous for me to join.” Yei said with a slightly embarrassed expression on her face.

Illya: “She was right. If I hadn’t decided to not just instantly kill you then, you’d be dead. I only didn’t since I felt something off about your disguise.” I say in a reproachful tone.

Yei: “I know… I was extremely lucky for that…” Yei said while looking down at the ground in shame.

Illya: “First, let me ask Arath if everything that you said is true.” I say before snapping my fingers.

After I snapped my fingers, a circle appeared on the ground next to us. It flashed a bit for a few seconds before Arath appeared from the circle. Arath was wearing her signature black lolita dress that I made for her and she was holding on to a stuffed bear. She was rubbing her eyes. It seems like I summoned her when she was resting. Her cute sleepy appearance is very alluring. If it wasn’t for the current situation, I’d keep her “awake” much longer.

Arath: “Illya, what is it? Wait… Is that you Yei?” Arath said with a surprised expression on her cute face.

Yei: “Yes…” Yei said while not being able to look Arath in the eyes.

Arath: “This a battlefield right Illya? Why is Yei here? I haven’t seen her for a long time. I was wondering where she went to.” Arath said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Yei said that she was using a disguise to be in the CUA without your knowledge. Her disguise was an old man named Petter.” I say with my arms crossed in a serious tone.

Arath: “You fool! You should have at least pretended to be a woman! Do you know how lucky you are that Illya didn’t just kill you in seconds?” Arath said in an angry tone before bopping Yei on the head.

Yei: “I know! I’m sorry okay? Look, I’m even still wearing the outfit you got for me!” Yei said in desperation under her friend's assault.

Arath: “You do look cute in it but, now that I think about it, it doesn’t fit you well.” Arath said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “I agree. Her outfit looks like a failed cosplay.” I say with a sigh.

Arath: “You have to make her some new ones that fit her, Illya.” Arath said with a smile.

Yei: ”Wait! I’ve just realized! You were with Illya this whole time? Your mother has been worried sick about you. So much that she had this dimension invaded!” Yei said in a serious tone.

Arath: “Hm? Yeah, that’s right. I’m one of Illya’s lovers. And my mother will probably be one of her lovers soon as well so, I don’t think that she’ll be angry with me.” Arath said with a shrug.

Yei: “B-but…” Yei said with spiral eyes.

Arath: “No buts! Now, join me and become one of Illya’s lovers!” Arath said while holding onto Yei’s shoulders like someone who was brainwashed.

Yei: “Lovers? I can’t! I’ve just met her… Wait! Weren’t you weaker than me?” Yei said with a shocked expression after she realized that she couldn’t shake her friend off.

Arath: “I was but, that was before I met Illya. She has a special ability where you can get stronger every time you have sex with or do something sexual with her. Currently, I am even stronger than my mother. Stop resisting and join us!” Arath said with a lewd smile.

Illya: “Arath, why are you so adamant about her becoming one of my lovers? And that look on your face…” I say in a questioning tone.

Arath: “I used to always dress Yei up. I realize now that I liked doing that because I could touch her everywhere on her body and see her naked. Since my desires are no longer suppressed, I now know that I actually have feelings for Yei. First, you have to make her fall then I’ll get together with her. Like I was before, she is a thousand year old virgin. She hasn’t given away any of her firsts, I’m sure you’ll like her!” Arath said with an evil but bright smile.

Illya: “That so? What a dazzling recommendation for her that you’ve given me but, what do you think Yei? Food? Money? Power? Sex? Entertainment? Immortality? All of these will be yours if you join me.” I say while whispering into Yei’s ear in a seductive tone.

Yei: “I… Kiss… Kiss me first t-then I’ll decide!” Yei said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “Sure, you don’t have to ask me twice!” I say while holding Yei by her waist and staring right into the beautiful pink pearls that she calls her eyes.

Ahh, I can’t resist such a beautiful woman asking me to kiss them. I doubt that anyone could. I wouldn’t even dare to not add Yei to my harem. It would make Arath happy and I would get another lover. It’s a win win win and win, As such, I took Yei’s first kiss. It was a kiss that she’ll remember forever. I relentlessly attacked her mouth and tongue with skill that was honed from all of the times that I’ve made a girl fall with my kissing skills. Once again, my kissing prowess is not to be taken lightly.

35 Minutes was all it took for me to make Yei’s legs shake violently and to leave her legs wet with a mysterious liquid. My kiss was too much for the poor little virgin girl to handle. I took my lips off her’s and she was speechless. Just staring at me with hazy eyes and panting over and over again trying to regain her breath. It’s just occurred to me that haven’t gotten a single milf to join my harem… Rin doesn’t count since she isn’t really milfy is more just a mature beauty… I have to rectify this soon!

Arath: “Illya… Could you not have gone easy on her? I want to make her my lover but now, I don’t think that you can live without you because of that kiss.” Arath said with a facepalm.

Illya: “I did go easy on her though?” I say with an innocent smile.

Arath: “I already learned to not underestimate your power but, now I learned to not underestimate your skill at taking down women.” Arath said with a sigh.

Yei: “Arath… I can’t believe that you didn’t tell me about such an amazing thing!” Yei said with a bright happy smile.

Arath: “Illya… I think you might have broken her…” Arath said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “Yei is fine, Arath. She is just still in the afterglow of her first kiss induced orgasm.” I say with a laugh.

Yei: “Broken? I’ve never felt more alive! Who cares about killing Yuna? I just want to be with you and Illya!” Yei said while hugging Arath.

Illya: “We can enjoy ourselves later. Right now we have to kill off the remaining army.” I say in a serious tone.

Arath: “I haven’t killed anything with you in a while so, count me in!” Arath said confidently after getting Yei to stop hugging her.

Yei: “I was against using such hideous monsters for an army so, I don’t mind killing them with you!” Yei said with a laugh.

Priva was right about a girl falling for me with just a kiss... Even though I could kill the remaining 200 thousand with a snap of my fingers, I didn’t because I wanted to have fun with Arath and Yei. Since we didn’t go all out, it took us an hour to kill the rest of them. Seeing two beautiful girls covered in the blood of their enemies with smiles on their faces, was a breathtaking sight. They looked just wonderful!

After we were done, I talked to Yei who gave me insider information. As my luck would have it, the CUA will invade the countries where I set up a defense in. Yei was the only one who disguised herself so, I won't have to worry about accidentally killing a beautiful woman. According to her, the rest of the army and commanders don’t stand a chance at all. Which is pretty good. I do hope that Arath’s mother is a milf so that I can solve that problem that I realized earlier. Since they don’t stand a chance, she will show up sooner.

Once I was done asking Yei all of my questions, I gave her a kiss and sent her off with Arath who I gave permission for her to take Yei’s first time. Yei agreed to it of course. Although I would really kill to take the virginity of a woman who hasn't been touched in thousands of years, I can't let my lust get the better of me and hurt Arath in the process. Besides, it's not like I can still have my way with Yei when I want.

I had returned to Priva who had her head in a facepalm. She was able to see everything so, she was surprised that I seduced the enemy commander and had her help me kill her own army. After sighing for a few seconds, Priva said to no one in particular “Trying to understand things that involve Illya will just hurt my head so, I’ll stop doing that completely otherwise I’ll go insane.” After which she took my hand and led me out of the command room and to her room.

Once she let go of my hand and shut the door, she started taking off her clothes. I mimicked her and also took off my dress. I then picked her beautiful naked body up in a princess carry and put her on her bed. I set up an alert system so that I could be alerted if the other commanders invade and then I went to indulge in Priva’s beautiful and alluring body. We spent a good 6 hours just having sex. I would have spent way more time with her but, I got an alert that a portal similar to the one that appeared here in Russian, appeared in England where Lina and Lila are stationed at. I gave Priva a kiss on every part of her body before landing the last on her tasty lips. Then I said goodbye to her since I had more work to do.


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