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Chapter 23: War?

It’s been 6 months since the whole kidnapping situation happened. As always, I was just having fun with my lovers in many different various ways during these two months. All of the world's most powerful militaries are already outfitted with the most advanced tech and weapons that I was willing to produce for them. I’d say that I advanced their tech by at least 80 years. I could have easily advanced it more but, I don’t want them to be too powerful or they might just end this planet by accident due to them not realizing the power of their futuristic weapons.

I say “me” but, most of that work was done by, Priva, Lina, Lila, and Rias. Rias was the one who managed everything involved in a joint effort. Meanwhile, I mostly spent my time converting most of the girls in Endo to lilies. I didn’t make them my lovers mind you. Frankly, most of them were already leaning toward lesbianism, and me flaunting my lovers around pushed them to confess their feelings to girls that they had feelings for. This could heavily affect the birth rate so, I had developed a pill that could get a woman pregnant without needing a male partner many years ago. You could even give your DNA to a clinic and the pill would be the effect of getting your female lover pregnant yourself even though you’re also female. And I of course, slightly edited it to make it so the woman would have a 90% chance to have a female child instead of a male one.

I have to say that I am very proud that I’ve turned all of the most powerful heiresses in the world currently alive into lesbians. If you’re wondering why so many powerful families had made their daughters the ones to inherit their power and assets, it’s because I just made a law that says if you do give your daughter or niece or other female relative your assets then, it’ll all be tax free and neither the one handing over the inheritance or the inheritor would have to pay anything in taxes. I put this law into practice in every country that I could. Because of that law, every family worth anything let their female relative be the inheritor of their fortune.

It’s not like I am against heterosexual couples but, the male to female ratio of births in every country in this dimension was already heavily declining on the male side. When I was 3, the ratio was for every 10 females born, they were only 5 males born. Now, the ratio is for every 10 females, only 1-2 males are born. If anything I only stopped this dimension from being destroyed either by the birth rate plummeting or the economy crashing because there were no male inheritors left.

Yuna really put me into the perfect dimension. I was able to turn it into a yuri garden with only a small amount of nudges. She must have figured that I would do something like this so, she put me in a dimension where I wouldn’t have to do too much work to turn it into a paradise of my liking.

The increasing demand of yuri themed media was a pretty obvious event considering the birth rates. Since I realized this when I was 4, I had already secured most of the producers, artists, novelists, game designers, etc, that produce yuri, shoujo ai, or just girls love media in general, into an exclusivity contract. The pay I gave them had basically made them millionaires overnight. This spawned a wave of yuri themed media that I had full control and monopoly over. No one could come close to the rates that I was paying people so, everyone signed with my companies that are in various parts of the world.

Most people probably wouldn’t have signed even for the stupid amount of money, if not for the fact that there were basically no deadlines required and my companies would do all of the marketing and PR for the creator. As for the bad works, they’re either just not learned enough to make something good or just trying to get rich quickly. For the get rich quick people, my companies just paid them off. For the inexperienced creators, rather than reject them and let them get signed by another company, my companies offered training for them. That way no other company can compete at all.

Enko was interested in making a yuri novel so, I helped her write it, and even before I promoted it with one of my companies, it was a major hit. Enko had worked very hard to make it into Endo, her family wasn’t significantly rich or anything like that. Apparently the first few days of her being in school, Enko was bullied for being the poorest one in school but, that didn’t really last long and most people forgot about it after a few days. I mention her family’s financial situation because in just two months of sales Enko had made a few million USD in sales. Already far outreaching her family’s worth.

Once I signed an exclusivity deal with her and promoted her novel everywhere and anywhere in the world, she had become the first hundred millionaire in her family tree in just 4 months. Enko wanted to leave Endo since she already achieved her goal of making money but, I convinced her to stay because graduating from Endo looks good and if she left she wouldn’t be able to be with me whenever she wanted so, she ended up staying at least until I graduate.

I’ve also learned that satisfying my lust seems to also satisfy my blood lust since, I haven’t even killed a fly for these past few months but, I haven’t felt the urge to kill anything at all. Were all the celestials so murder crazy because they couldn’t satisfy their lust or something? When I don’t have anything to do, I just fool around with one of the hundreds of girls that are my lovers. I can’t even remember the last day where I didn’t at least have one of them to comfort me every minute of the day… Have I figured out the secret of life? Well, at least life for a Celestial.

I really wanted to continue thinking about how productive I’ve been in the past few years but, unfortunately, Yuna is trying to contact me once again. I do hope that she has cooled off by now. I am not looking forward to it if she decided to lecture me on how much of a terribly perverted daughter I am once again. I mean, Yuna isn’t wrong in saying that but, she could at least not lecture me about it. I am a sensitive girl after all. Or at least that’s my defense.

Yuna: “I have an important matter to discuss with you Illya but, first what the hell? How did you even achieve this lily garden dimension so damn fast? I thought that it would at least take you a few hundred years to get to this point…” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: ”I’ve been working on this lily garden since I was 3 you know.” I say in a proud tone.

Yuna: “You mean that you have been planning this ever since you woke up?” Yuna said in a questioning tone.

Illya: “That’s correct! You should know that I am the most productive when it involves beautiful women.” I say with a chuckle.

Yuna: “You and Asami are really mother and daughter… I actually wonder if you even got anything from me at all?” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “I clearly inherited your amazing beauty and sense of right and wrong!” I say while a seductive tone.

Yuna: “First of all, could you please stop trying to flirt with your own mother? Second of all, you haven’t even seen me before…” Yuna said in a slightly annoyed tone to hide her embarrassment from my amazing flirting skills.

Illya: “I flirt with Asami all the time though? Also, I doubt that Asami would marry you if you weren’t the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen.” I say with an innocent tone and a head tilt.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “What did you urgently need to tell me anyway?” I say in a serious tone.

Yuna: “Thanks for changing the subject and, Arath’s mother and the Celestial Unification Army will invade your dimension in a few days.” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Thanks for the heads up! Is there anything else that I should know?” I say with a warm tone.

Yuna: “I’ve looked at what you’ve done with the military in your dimension so, I honestly doubt that Celestial Unification Army could even do much at all so, no.” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “That’s good to know but, I just realized, why do they call themselves the Celestial Unification Army? From what Arath said, they aren’t really Celestials at all…” I say with a thinking pose.

Yuna: “They think that they are the true Celestials. They claim that since they already killed all of the real ones. Arath isn’t a believer in that. I don’t know about her mother though.” Yuna said with a serious tone.

Illya: “You mean that I have a chance to “convert” her to my side?” I say with a seductive tone.

Yuna: “I think that you could and, easily at that. Knowing her, just show her the power she can get from being with you and how you can make anyone immortal and, she’ll fall for you like a princess to a knight in shining armor that saved her. The only problem is that doing so won’t stop Celestial Unification Army.” Yuna said with a serious but playful tone.

Illya: “Why not? Isn’t she the leader of that stupidly named army?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yuna: “Yes and no. She is more of a figurehead than anything. War planning and commanding aren’t her strong suit at all. Baz was the one responsible for that job.” Yuna explained calmly.

Illya: “Huh? Who’s Baz?” I say with a confused expression.

Yuna: “Illya… It’s… It’s just someone you killed a while ago, don’t worry about it.” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Someone I killed? I don’t recall but, I’ll go along with your idea of not worrying about it.” I say with a laugh.

Yuna: “Good. Now, the CUA won’t stop even if their leader is out of the picture. You must take out the commanders first and then they will collapse.” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Any information on the commanders that you could give me?” I say with a serious tone.

Yuna: “I could but, would it really even matter?” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “What do you mean?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “You won’t lose to them. They aren’t beautiful women so, you’ll probably forget everything that I told you about them and, Arath’s mother won’t show up until the 3 remaining commanders of her army are dead and gone.” Yuna said with another sigh.

Illya: “So I don’t really have to worry about them at all huh.” I say while doing a thinking pose.

Yuna: “Arath’s mother is most definitely strong arming them into invading your dimension so that she can save her daughter so, if anything, just go have fun killing them. With Diana no longer helping them, most of their soldiers are male so I don’t think that you’ll care about slaughtering them mercilessly.” Yuna said with a small chuckle.

Illya: “True. Anyway, bye Okaasan!” I say with a childlike gleeful tone.


Once again as is customary for my interactions with mother 2, I teased her and then immediately cut off the connection with her so that I could avoid all repercussions. I do love this little game of ours though, I do want to play other “games” with Yuna one of these days. Oh, could those bastards just hurry up and invade us so that I could sleep with one of my mothers that I haven’t slept with yet? I realize that my words are messed up and I have a bad streak of jinxing myself and those around me but, even so, I won’t relent on this at all! As I was thinking about this, Rias came into my room.

Rias: “Illya… You just jinxed us didn’t you.” Rias said with a facepalm.

Illya: “How did you figure that out?” I say with a head tilt.

Rias: “Just a feeling I get from knowing you for so long.” Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: “Oh? You know me so well! I wonder, do you still have wet dreams about me?” I say in a seductive voice while playing with Rias’s hair.

Rias: “N-no… You satisfy my desires all the time now so, I don’t even have dreams. I just go to sleep and then wake up, I’d rather be awake with you.” Rias said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “Oh? Not dreaming? Why don’t I invade your dreams tonight and we can “talk” in our sleep?” I say with a seductive tone while whispering into Rias’s ear.

Rias: “S-sure but, I know that you’re just trying to distract me by seducing me. What did you jinx us with?” Rias said with a serious tone that failed to hold any weight from her face being red.

You would think that after all I’ve done to them, that my lovers would be immune to my seductive ways but, even after having my fun with them many of times they still get embarrassed every single time I seduce them. I can even get Diana to be embarrassed. Am I just too skilled at this or something? Is my charm stat being so high the reason? I was curious so, I froze time and talked to Yuna again. Unlike her, I can just forcefully make her pick up without her answering me.

Yuna: “Well… This is the first time you called me after you teased me…” Yuna said with heavy breaths.

Illya: “I know what those heavy breaths mean… Were you in the middle of satisfying yourself Yuna?” I say with a cheeky tone.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “No way… You really were… If you weren’t you would have refuted me.” I say with a shocked tone.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “Do you… Do you get off from me teasing you or something? Are you a masochist?” I say with a concerned tone.

Yuna: “Illya… I haven’t done anything sexual with someone else in many years so, let’s just leave it at that. What did you call me about?” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “I’ll make sure you satiate your desires once this war is over, I promise. Anyway, I was curious about why all of my lovers still get embarrassed by me seducing them. Even though I’ve done it so many times. I think that it has something to do with my charm stat.” I say while doing a thinking pose.

Yuna: “I’ll hold you to that promise. As for your charm stat, your luck and charm stat mean nothing in the dimension you’re currently in. That dimension doesn’t even have a system. You only have access to it because I gave it to you. Asami and a few others in that dimension are the only other ones that have access to it.” Yuna explained in a serious tone.

Illya: “Then why the reaction from my lovers?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yuna: “Illya… You’re just extremely good at being seductive. Just because they’ve been subjected to your seduction many times before, doesn’t mean that they’re immune to it. If anything, they’ll get more and more weak to your seduction.” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “What do you mean?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “Hmm… How to put it in a way you would understand… Okay, imagine you weren’t you and you seduced you and continued to constantly lust after you no matter of many times you had done it with you.” Yuna said with a conflicted tone as she was confusing herself with her own explanation.

Illya: “That was a confusing explanation but, I understand. So basically, because I still keep seducing and lusting after them, it makes them happy? And the more I do it the more they want me?” I say while doing another thinking pose.

Yuna: “Basically yes. Honestly, even I feel hot from seeing you seduce so many beautiful women all the time.” Yuna said in a confident but slightly embarrassed tone.

Illya: “I see… I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for helping me figure this out. Anyway, before I leave, here’s a gift for you.” I say with a seductive tone.

Yuna: “No problem… WAIT! How did you even send me this?” Yuna said with a heavily confused tone.

Illya: “Tis a mystery. Anyway, I hope that you get some good “use” out of them.” I say with a seductive tone.

Yuna: “You… You better not just cut me off again!” Yuna yells.

Yuna: “…”

I stopped talking and pretended to cut Yuna off once again. I had “gifted” her the panties that I was wearing. I just took them off and imagined teleporting them in front of Yuna. I pretended to end the “call” because I wanted to confirm her lust towards me.

Yuna: “Illya?… She really did cut me off again… Well… At least she gave me some useful masturbation material.” Yuna said with a heavy breath.

Illya: “I knew that you’d like my present.” I say with a laugh.

Yuna: “I THOUGHT YOU YOU HUNG UP?!” Yuna yelled in shock.

Illya: “Yuna, I'm disappointed as your daughter, You should really make sure that you hung up the phone before you start touching yourself you know.” I say with a playful tone.

Yuna: “FUCK YOU! I’M HANGING UP!” Yuna yelled in an embarrassed tone.

She had hung up in such a fast manner because I had waited to speak until she started using my panties for masturbation support. Even though she hung up on me, it was due to embarrassment. I am quite happy about this outcome. Now I know for a fact that Yuna has feelings for me and, as a bonus, she can’t lecture me for being a perverted daughter anymore since, she has feelings and sexual desires for me, her own daughter. On top of that, I’ve gotten her to curse once again. I’d say this conversation was a win, win, and win for me on all fronts. Since I was satisfied with my discussion with Yuna, I unfroze time.

Rias: “Did you freeze time?” Rias said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “Wow… How did you even feel that I froze time?” I said with a shocked expression while walking out of my room with Rias.

Rias: “Again, just a feeling. Why are your panties missing?” Rias said with a concerned expression on her face.

Illya: “The hell? You didn’t even look under my dress...” I say while holding my dress down like an embarrassed girl.

Rias: “You carry yourself differently when you don’t have panties on.” Rias said with a confident tone.

Illya: “How so?” I say with a confused tone.

Rias: “You walk more sexually when you aren’t wearing anything. Apparently, you do it with only your panties missing. Have you never noticed this?” Rias said in a slightly mocking tone.

Illya: “No I haven’t… Anyway, as punishment for teasing me like this, put these on me.” I say with a cheeky tone while handing Rias some new panties.

Rias: “I’ll gratefully put them on you but, first tell me what happened to the ones you were wearing earlier.” Rias said in a serious tone as if I was cheating on her.

Oh shit… She is actually super mad… But why? I have so many other lovers and it’s not like I’ve hidden that from her… Oh! Is it because to her knowledge I’ve never gifted any of them my panties before? Is she just jealous?

Illya: “Rias, are you jealous?” I say with a seductive tone while holding Rias by her waist.

Rias: “No I am not jealous at all!… Okay, maybe a little…” Rias said with a red face and an embarrassed tone.

Illya: “There’s no need to be jealous my dear lovely and beautiful Rias. Put those panties on me and I’ll gift them to you later.” I once again whisper seductively into Rias’s ear.

Rias: “Fine, I’ll hold you to that… But, please tell me who you gave your panties to. It’s annoying but, It’s driving me crazy not knowing…” Rias said with an embarrassed expression on her lovely face.

Illya: “I’ve never seen you so jealous Rias. I think this side of you is also very cute!” I say while patting Rias on her pretty little head.

Rias: “Stop teasing me already! Just tell me who. I hate feeling like a girl who just got cheated on!” Rias said with a pout.

Illya: “I’ll never cheat on any of my lovers. I love you all equally. As for my panties, I just gave them to my mother.” I say while comforting Rias by rubbing her back and with a loving tone.

Rias: “Why would Asami need them?” Rias said with a confused tone.

Illya: “No not Asami. I gave them to my other mother, Yuna.” I say with a laugh.

Rias: “Huh? Yuna? I thought that she wasn’t one of your lovers?” Rias said with a shocked tone.

Illya: “She practically already is. I know for a fact that she watches me have sex with my lovers pretty much all of the time. Using it as material to satiate her sexual desires.” I say with a proud tone.

Rias: “I see. Why did you give her your panties though?” Rias said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “I talked to her before you came into my room. I usually tease her in a sexual manner before I cut her off. Apparently, she gets aroused from me doing that because, I had called her again and she was in the middle of pleasuring herself.” I say with a laugh.

Rias: “I guess she is just been left wanting for so many years so, I don’t really see anything wrong with that. You gave her your used panties so that she could have physical masturbation material rather than just visual right?” Rias said with another thinking pose.

Illya: “That’s right! Although I could just appear before her and satisfy her that way, we promised that we’d have sex once this whole war is over. I take my promises with beautiful women very seriously you know so, I can’t go back on my promise.” I say with a slight sigh.

Rias: “She promised to have sex with you after the war? So you can even make the Queen of The Creators to lust after you… Honestly, that mother of Arath’s doesn’t even stand a chance.” Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: “Right? I am quite proud of my ability to seduce even the most powerful beautiful women.” I say with a laugh.

Rias: “I won’t deny your effectiveness at seducing women… Anyway, back to what I was asking you earlier. What did you jinx us on?” Rias said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I say in a playful tone.

Rias: “And what might that be?” Rias said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Rias, I am not an exhibitionist. Please stop holding onto my panties with such curiosity and please put them on me already.” I said with a cheeky tone.

Rias: “Right… Sorry, I forgot. Here I’ll put them on you now.” Rias said with a flushed face.

Illya: “Did you really forget? Or did you want to pocket them for “use” at a later time? I think that they would be more effective once I have worn them for a few hours.” I say seductively while Rias put my panties on.

Rias: “I won’t comment on that at all.” Rias said she finished putting on my panties and looked away with a blush on her face.

Illya: “I wonder who the most perverted of my lovers is. You should rank pretty high. I mean, you don’t even have a problem with me lending one of my mothers my used panties after all.” I say while playfully holding Rias’s right hand.

Rias: “I’m sorry Illya but, I don’t want to know where I rank on that list though, Asami is definitely at the top of it.” Rias said with a slight blush on her face.

Illya: “You wouldn’t be wrong there. As for your question that I’ve been skillfully avoiding so that I could flirt with you, I just said “Oh, could those bastards just hurry up and invade us so that I could sleep with one of my mothers that I haven’t slept with yet?” in my head before you walked in my room earlier.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Rias: “Illya… Sometimes I think it would be fun to listen in on your thoughts but, now I know that you would destroy the world if it meant that you could sleep with a beautiful woman…” Rias said with her second facepalm of the day.

Illya: “If I had no other way to achieve that then, I probably would. Assuming I can make sure that all of my lovers are safe first though. My lovers rank higher than a random beautiful woman that I don’t know.” I say while holding my chin with one of my hands.

Rias: “You do realize that you just jinxed us into a war right? Are you sure that our safety is your top priority?” Rias said with a stern questioning tone.

Illya: “Yuna said that they can’t even do anything to us at all so, It doesn’t matter if they even attack us at this exact second. Even if they do, none of my lovers will be in danger.” I proudly say.

Rias: “Illya… Now you have just double jinxed us…” Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: “Oh come on, that is just superstition.” I say with a shrug.

After I finished saying that, I was trying to take Rias’s mind off of the impending war by dancing with her in the dorm hall. But, after dancing for a few minutes, I got a call on my phone from Priva, who is currently in Russia waiting for the war to start. I figured that she had called me for something important so, I put it on speaker so that Rias could hear her as well.

Priva: “Illya! A huge portal just appeared in the sky in the middle of Russia!” Priva said with a serious tone.

Illya: “…”

Rias: “…”

Priva: “Illya?” Priva said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “I’ll be there right away Priva!” I say with a serious tone before hanging up on Priva.

Rias: “I don’t have to say it, do I?” Rias said with a smug expression on her face.

Illya: “If you don’t say it, I’ll take you on a date in another world once this war is over.” I say while whispering in Rias’s ear but not in a seductive tone.

Rias: “A date with you is worth its weight in gold so, I’ll abstain from saying anything else.” Rias said with a bright smile.

Illya: “Good girl! Now give me a kiss before I go off to war.” I say with a seductive tone while holding Rias by her waist.

Rias: “Illya, I’d accept a kiss from you any and every time.” Rias said while leaning her face towards mine for a kiss.

Since Rias was jealous earlier, I decided to freeze time and spoil her with a long and deep kiss for 45 minutes. I had pinned her to the wall in the dorm hall and pressed onto her with my body. Even after all this time she still couldn’t hold up from my kisses that last a long time. I don’t know how long that I would be gone so, I gifted her my panties. Although I haven’t been wearing them long, I did just give Rias a deep kiss and the evidence of that action is apparent on my panties so, she should be able to get some use out of them.

After I made sure that Rias was able to walk, I said my goodbyes to her and teleport right next to Priva. I honestly have no idea why they would choose to attack Russia first. Wouldn’t Japan or the UK be a better target? Did they think that Russia would be the easiest to take? Who knows! All I know is that Priva’s mouth and tongue are very tasty!

Before she could even speak and inform me on the current situation, I took her by her waist and sealed her lips with mine in a deep kiss similar to the one I had just given to Rias. It didn’t last the same amount of time though. After Priva’s breathing was back to normal, she then was able to explain the situation to me. It’s not like she isn’t aroused though. This situation isn’t really the best time for sexual matters. Priva has been away from me for a while so, I’ll make sure to “reward” her later.

Priva: “Can you not wait until we have time to do sexual things?” Priva said while wiping away the saliva from her lips.

Illya: “I could but, I prefer not to.” I say with a shrug.

Priva: “Later, okay?” Priva said with a slight blush on her face.

Illya: “Of course! I’ll be sure to satisfy every desire of yours that cropped up during our time apart.” I say while whispering seductively into Priva’s ear.

Priva: “A-anyway, currently nothing has appeared out from that portal or anything.” Priva said in a serious tone while her face was still flushed.

Illya: “That’s good, how are the troops?” I say with a serious tone.

Priva: “All is fine and everyone is prepared for war.” Priva confidently said.

Illya: “That’s also good! I can’t wait to have a war where I’m not a front line fighter!” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “I’ll hand over command for the military to you for now.” Priva said with a smile.

Illya: “Thanks! I won’t let you down!” I say with a smile while holding one of Priva’s hands.

She just blushed and didn’t say anything more. As for what she meant by handing me the command of the military, I now have control of a holographic screen that shows me the position and health status of every soldier under Priva’s command. Currently, she has over 500 thousand soldiers in this war. It was kind of funny since, Priva, Lina, and Lila had a lot of trouble convincing everyone in power in their respective countries that an invasion would happen. Now that this portal appeared I’m sure they’re all convinced since, I had Priva broadcast the news of this invasion to the other countries after I arrived.

As for the holographic screen, I can command every soldier from here just from a tap of a button on the screen. I designed this system to be similar to an RTS game. Although I can’t command them like mindless soldiers, I can still issue them orders that they will try to follow. I am not merciless so, I won’t go throwing their lives away by treating this war like a game. That said, I do think that I will enjoy this new way for me to kill my enemies. If I’m lucky, they won’t invade every country at once. They only have three commanders so, with any luck, they’ll invade the UK and Japan one at a time after I deal with the ones invading Russia. I said it already but, can’t those bastards just hurry up and invade already? I’m getting itchy to kill them after all. The anticipation was killing me so, I asked Priva to sit on my lap and let me touch her in various places. I was being impatient for the war to start and Priva was already wanting my attention and touch so, this arrangement worked out for us both.


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