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Chapter 22: European delicacies.

As per usual, I was enjoying my time with my lovers in my dorm. Priva still had to rest for another 2 days so, I had those two girls who had bullied her dress up in maid outfits and serve Priva until she was well rested. Their maid duties were as follows, feeding her, massaging her entire body, and allowing Priva to explore her new interests in the female body. The two female bullies were all for it since they had gotten addicted to being “bullied” by me. Priva was no where as skilled as me though. After she was better, those two maids whose names are Morino and Takina, were still left wanting more so, I indulged in their bodies for another day until they were satisfied.

Apparently, living a high profile life ends up leaving you with a lot of stress from keeping up with the high expectations of your peers and family members. Such stress was finally relieved by me so, Morino and Takina were extremely happy. The personalities that they show everyone else were fake. Only when they’re at my dorm do they show their real selves. I had asked them if I could get their help with gaining the 4th and 5th rank but, they said they ever since they fell for me, the 4th avoided them. Most likely so they wouldn’t drag her into my clutches.

As an apology, I took them both on a shopping date at the same place where I took Haruka a while ago. Oddly, they both were extremely happy to spend time with me far more than buying cute clothes or accessories. Morino and Takina both kept trying to get my attention. They would even play rock, paper, scissors, the winner would be able to hold my hand for 15 minutes. These two must have been starved for attention for many years to act like this. The attention that I give them is most likely a highly addictive drug to them and they just can’t get enough of it.

I felt bad about them being so neglected like this so, I pampered them more than I have ever pampered a girl before. After spending the entire day with them doing any and everything that they wanted, I took them to Asami’s restaurant. I of course let them order whatever they wanted to eat. They wanted to order some alcohol but, I said that I didn’t like it. Rich people like them and me tend to break the rules all the time so, it’s not like they haven’t drank alcohol before. I was able to convince them to not order any by saying “This Restaurant has a hotel in it as well. I don’t want to take advantage of drunk girls. Though, if you don’t want to spend the night with me having fun then, order away!” To which they didn’t order alcohol at all and finished their meals before heading up to the hotel room that I booked for us.

After I enjoyed their bodies for 6 hours, I told them to enjoy the rest of the night with each other. Morino and Takina rather than my lovers are more like sex friends with me. I could tell that they only really have feelings for each other. Although I’ll be missing out on two beauties pure love for me, I don’t mind fostering two lily girl's relationship, especially if I can still have my fun with them when I please. Before I left, I gave them a magic scroll that they could rip to be teleported back to their rooms in my dorm. I also gave them a special gift. I slid a matching pair of rings on Morino’s and Takina’s ring fingers. I then whispered this into their ears “Tonight, you two are a newly married couple on your honey moon so, enjoy each other as such.” In a seductive pleasing voice. They could barely even wait for me to leave before they started kissing and touching each other passionately once I closed the door. Of course, I didn’t close it all of the way and peeped on their love nest for a few minutes before leaving with a bright smile on my face.

That was a few days ago. Despite my searching, I couldn’t find the 4th and 5th at all. Those two sisters wisened up and stopped attending school. They had all of their school work delivered to their dorm. It’s funny that they think that they’re safe from me. I could easily break into their place of safety with ease. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for them, it’s against my beliefs to force a girl. Relationships created like that are weak and I’d rather they fall in love with me willingly and with their entire being. Fortunately, I was given a chance to meet them.

The school sent out a message to students to meet in the gymnasium today after class. I was heavily suspicious of this since Rin had no idea about it. Even more odd was that only the top 100 students were given the message. And it was only for the females, the male section of the school didn’t announce it to them. There was also no announcement for us either. I had a feeling that something was up so, I had asked every one of my lovers to stay at my dorm for today and not go out. Rin was hard to convince since she would have to skip work and she loves her job but, I was eventually able to convince her after telling her that I was being serious and not playing around. I asked the three strongest of my lovers, Arath, Diana, and Asami to protect everyone else. Before I left the dorm, I put up a magic barrier at max strength. Not even Arath could make something like this and of course, she was at awe when she saw it. No one can get in or out until I lower it. They have food and entertainment so, they’ll be fine and I don’t have to worry about them.

Once school was over for the day, I went to the supposed meeting place. As suspected, only a hundred female students were present. There was only one teacher in the Gymnasium. It was a male teacher which is weird since all of the faculty and teachers in the female section of Endo are also female. On top of that, he wasn’t an actual teacher that worked at Endo. I am privy to the information of all of the teachers and students at Endo and as for the teachers, this man isn’t one of them.

While everyone was getting settled down in their seats which were just cheap plastic ones, I finally got my eyes on the oh so beautiful pair of twins. Lina and Lila Patel were identical twins. Lina was the 4th ranked and Lila was the 5th ranked. I actually only need to describe one of them since they both even style their hair the same and wear the same accessories. These two, they must have the game of switching each other's lives to play around. Otherwise, I don’t know why they would make themselves look even more identical than they already are.

Lina and Lila had c cup breasts and looked extremely similar to Haruka. Long blond hair tied into ponytails. Their height was shorter than mine by a decent amount. Anyone would mistake them for 15 year olds if they didn’t know better. That “teacher” finally began to speak and stupidly pretended to speak in a “foreign” language. Anyone here who knew even a small amount of magical knowledge would be able to tell that he was casting a spell. Me, Lina, and Lila noticed it right away but, before we could do anything there was a huge magic circle underneath us.

Student A: “W-what is that circle?” She said in a confused tone.

Student B: “It looks like a magic circle in an RPG game!” She said in an oddly excited tone.

Lina: “T-this is a summoning circle!” Lina said in a desperate tone.

Lila: “I can’t stop it at all!” Lila said with a depressed expression on her face.

While those two were getting sad about not being able to stop the summoning magic from sending us away with that mysterious “teacher” to God knows where, I had already modified the circle. I made it so that, it’ll summon us to a different place than where that man had wanted us to go. As for him, he’ll end up where he wanted but injured somewhat. I could stop it outright but, I think this will be far more fun than just stopping it and killing him. I really have to know why he had wanted to take so many beauties to his world.

Lila: “Illya! I know that you can use magic!” Lila said with a worried tone after rushing up to me with her sister in tow.

Lina: “That’s right! You can stop this summoning magic!” Lina said in a slightly loud but pleading tone.

Illya: “You’re right. I can easily stop this magic from executing but…” I say with an evil smile.

Lila: “But?” Lila said with a head tilt.

Illya: “I just have to know what kind of bastard wanted so many different beauties that they are willing to invade another world just for that purpose!” I say with a laugh.

Lila: “What if we get summoned and end up in a dangerous situation?!” Lila said while shaking me via her hands on my shoulders.

Illya: “It’s too late to worry about that besides, I’ve already modified the circle to send us elsewhere than the intended destination.” I say with a shrug.

Lina: “But…” Lina said in a shocked tone.

She was probably going to say more but, she was cut off by the summoning magic activating and sending us to a different dimension. I was fairly confident that I had sent us to a safe place but, I ended up summoning us in mid air. I’ve just now realized that Akane didn’t intentionally send me into the sky above that lake. It’s not like I specially made the circle summon us in the air either. I apologize to Akane in my head for getting mad at her back then.

Lina: “WE’RE FALLING TO OUR DEATHS!” Lina screamed from the fright of the ever closer approaching ground.

Lila: “ILLYA! I THOUGHT THAT YOU SAID THAT YOU MODIFIED THE CIRCLE!!” Lila also said while screaming.

Illya: “I did but, I never claimed to be perfect you know.” I say with a shrug which was hard to do while falling to your death.

Student A: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!!” She yells.

Student B: “I HAVEN’T EVEN KISSED A GIRL YET!!” She screams.

What’s that? A lily girl who hasn’t become one due to me encouraging them? Odd. Maybe all girl's schools really do have a high majority of lesbians? Stereotypes aside, I flew close to the student who yelled about not even kissing a girl before her death.

Illya: “I can fix that but, first, what’s your name.” I say in a seductive voice while holding the girl close to me by her waist and looking directly into her eyes.

Student B: “I-I… My name is Enko! Save us and I’ll give you as many kisses as you want!” Enko said while hiding her face in my breasts.

She wasn’t doing that from being embarrassed but, from not wanting to look at the death approaching her anymore. Not that I mind.

Illya: “Oh? But, aren’t you the one who wanted a kiss?” I say in a smug voice.

Enko: “…”

Lila: “ILLYA! IF YOU SAVE US! ME AND LINA WILL ALSO GIVE YOU A KISS!!” Lila said in a pleading tone.

Lina: “W-WE WILL?” Lina said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Deal!” I say with a smile before snapping my fingers.

I used flying magic to slowly lower the hundred girls onto the ground safely. We landed in a forest with huge trees as thick as a house. After we landed I was about to try and receive my reward but, even though it was quiet a moment ago. A bunch of giant plant monsters with tentacles showed up. They were absolutely the perverted ones as well.

Student A: “Ew! Get off me! AAA!! My clothes are disappearing!” She yelled while being held captive by the tentacles of one of the monsters.

Cute girls are almost always only for me to enjoy! So, I of course immediately went over to the monsters and started killing them. Stupid or should I say, smart things kept avoiding me and went for the easier targets instead. Despite my “best” effort, most of the girls were being held captive and had their clothes dissolved by the liquid the plant monsters produced. Even Lina and Lila were unable to not be captured. Once more, those weird plant monsters started shooting out smoke. Once the girls inhaled the smoke, they instantly became greatly aroused and were all red in the face.

Illya: “These monsters really are perverted!” I say after killing another plant monster and saving three of my fellow students.

I was the only one here not affected by the smoke or the liquid that the monsters used. The liquid can’t dissolve my clothes since all of the clothes that I make are enchanted with magic. I had replaced my uniform with an identical copy before enrolling in Endo. As for the smoke with a lewd effect, it also didn’t work on me so, I was the only one fully aware out of all of the students. As for why it doesn’t work on me, I have no idea. Is it my level? Or is it just that I am just too perverted for it to affect me? Who knows!

Enko: “ILLYA SAVE ME!” Enko said in a scared tone.

Lila: “I…Illya! S-save us! We’ll do anything you want!” Lila said with a pleading expression and tone.

Lina: “I agree with Lila! Save us!” Lina said with an embarrassed tone.

Every student: “SAVE US!” They scream in unison.

Illya: “I can save you all but, you all first need to promise me that you’ll keep my power secret.” I say with a smug tone.

Every student including Lina and Lila: “JUST SAVE US ALREADY! WE WON'T TELL ANYONE!!” They all yell in unison once again.

Even the ones that I already saved said that. Every time I kill one of the monsters, another one would show up and recapture the students that I saved. Of course, I can easily save them all and I’m just messing around. These creatures don’t want to kill them, they’re being controlled by someone or something and are trying to capture us. I just want to get a better “deal” out of this situation is all. I mean, I still didn’t get my kisses from Lina, Lila, and Enko after all.

Illya: “Okay! I guess that I should save you all now.” I say with a laugh before once again snapping my fingers.


Once I snapped my fingers, all of the perverted plant monsters instantly exploded into a mess of purple. All of the girls fell on the ground buck naked before attempting to cover their sensitive spots with their arms on instinct. Which back fired due to the smoke that the monsters used on them. They were extremely aroused after all and their special places were even more sensitive than usual. There were a few moans here and there from some of the girls who had tried to cover themselves without knowing that such an embarrassing sound would come out of their pretty mouths when they did it.

Lila: “Illya… Why didn’t you just do that in the first place!” Lila tried to say this in a serious tone but it didn’t work due to her current physical and mental situation.

Lina: “…”

Enko: “…”

Illya: “Only my lovers and my enemies can know my strength.” I say with a shrug.

Lila: “Well… Anyway, thanks for saving us.” Lila said with a sigh.

Illya: “I haven’t finished saving you all “yet” though?” I say with a seductive smile while approaching Lila.

Lila: “W-what do you mean by that look?…” Lila said with spiral eyes as I hold her naked self in my arms by her waist.

Illya: “Don’t worry! I’ll make sure to take care of all your alls “needs” specifically the “physical” ones.” I say with a perverted look on my face.

Lila: “Just… Just be gentle!” Lila said in a pleading tone with her face completely red.

Illya: “Good girl!” I say before taking Lila’s lips and definitely her first kiss.

After I finished kissing Lila, she was in a daze. From a mix of that lewd smoke and my amazing God tier kissing skills. Then I made a big house appear and used teleportation magic to transfer all of the girls onto a big bed. They were all blushes and knew exactly what I intended to do. I needed to “help” them with their desires since that smoke had affected them quite a bit. I of course asked each and every one of them for consent before I “helped” them. The room was filled with constant moans of lily girls indulging in each other's bodies since I had gotten them in the mood. The room smelled completely of lilies and the huge bed was soaked in various translucent “liquids” of unknown origins. When I was done helping most of the other girls, I focused my attention on Enko, Lila, and Lina.

Surprisingly, Even though Lila was the most serious of the two twins, she was also the most lewd one of the two. Her moans were even louder than any other girl in the room. Even in an orgy of a hundred different girls, her moans could be heard over all of them. Lila completely lost herself in the pleasure and kept pleading with me for more. The more peppy of the two, Lina was a far more tame girl in bed. Rather than constantly asking me to pleasure her like her sister did, Lina would just silently beg me for more or just whisper that she wanted more into one of my ears because she was too embarrassed to let the other girls hear her pleading me for more pleasure. Me being the pervert that I am, I indulged their desires willingly.

Although I wasn’t going to do something as perverted as making the two twins kiss and pleasure each other, they started doing that out of their own volition. They started to “fight” when they kept arguing over who I should pleasure first. After arguing at each other face to face, then they just started to make out and touch each other's special places without me needing to do anything to convince them. Since they were busy with each other I then focused all of my attention on Enko.

Much like Morino and Takina, Enko was also starved for attention and pleaded with me to pleasure her just as much as Lina and Lila did earlier. I wouldn’t have killed all of those plant monsters if I knew that the smoke that they could use had such an amazing effect! All of these girls are now lily girls. They probably won’t even feel anything from looking at the most attractive man they’ve ever seen. I was complaining about my dorm not being as full as I wanted but now, I’ve just gotten 99 new lovers! What a steal!

Despite my gloating, I really was helping them. The girls didn’t stop being affected by the smoke until after 2 days straight of indulging in each other's bodies. I was worried that they would die of dehydration or starving so, I taught them to feed each other mouth to mouth during their play. That way, they won’t die and they can continue to sate their aching bodies. Once they were “finished” and were “healed” I gave them the same kind of uniform that I made for myself. Lina, Lila, and the other girls were curious about how I not only knew the measurements for their school uniforms but also the measurements for their bras and panties. What I told them was “I played with you all a lot already so, I’m familiar with your body's every nook and cranny so, of course, I can figure out your measurements since I’ve touched you all everywhere already.” To which, they all just blushed and refused to look me in the eyes any longer. Don’t they know that reacting like that just makes me want to tease them even more?

I sent a message to Diana and the rest of my lovers. I asked them to help the new members of my harem set themselves up in my dorm. Even though I’m in a different dimension, I can still send them messages through using magic on my phone as a medium. After I confirmed that everyone was ready, I sent most of the students back to their original dimension. More specifically in my dorm. To which my lovers welcomed them with open arms.

Lila: “Illya, why didn’t you send us back as well?” Lila said with a confused expression.

Lina: “Yeah! We don’t have to stay in this odd dimension any longer! I don’t want to encounter more perverted monsters…” Lina said with a pout.

Illya: “Those monsters were being controlled by someone. Don’t you want to kill the one who sent you to this dimension and humiliated you?” I say with an evil smile.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “Illya… At this point, whoever sent us here, hasn’t humiliated us more than you already have…” Lila said with a sigh.

Illya: “How have I humiliated you?” I say in a voice as if to say that I’ve been wronged.

Lina: “I can’t look at another girl the same way again… Dammit! I can’t even look my sister in the eyes either!” Lina said in a frustrated tone.

Illya: “Hm? I don’t think that I did anything wrong. All I did was open you two up to the idea of liking other women. You two entangling in each other's embrace had nothing to do with me.” I say with a shrug and a smirk.

Lina: “DON’T REMIND ME!!” Lina screams with her head in her knees and her face as red as a tomato.

Lila: “Anyway… Are we even strong enough to fight whoever sent us here? If they can invade different dimension, then they must pretty powerful.” Lila said with a thinking pose but with her face still showing a blush.

Illya: “I can do the same though.” I say with a head tilt.

Lina: “Really?” Lila said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “Yes.” I say with a smile.

Lila: “But are you really powerful enough to take out the person who sent us here?” Lila said with a questioning tone similar to her sisters.

Illya: “I’m getting tired of explaining this so, I just explain it all at once. I can increase the power of the women I have sex with. No, I don’t know how or why. And here, let's look at your status’s.” I say in a deadpan tone before grabbing their hands.

Lina and Lila: “Status?” They both said with a head tilt.

Illya: “Status.” I say while looking at Lina and Lila as well as myself.



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 670

HP: 218,475/218,475

MP: 25,958,685/25,958,685

INT: 4957

STR: 6725

DEF: 25,961

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999


Name: Lina Patel

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Level: 50

HP: 2,800/2,800

MP: 8,200/8,200

INT: 110

STR: 125

DEF: 85

Luck: 8

Charm: 350


Name: Lila Patel

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Level: 50

HP: 2,800/2,800

MP: 8,200/8,200

INT: 110

STR: 125

DEF: 85

Luck: 12

Charm: 325

Surprisingly, just as they look the same, their status’s are identical. The only stat that differs is their luck and charm stats. Other than that, even their soul are practically identical as well. Rather than being shocked by their own stats, Lina and Lila were completely shocked by my status. Similar to Priva, they both used magic to check if their status that they were shown was accurate which, it was.

Lina: “I’m just going to accept that whole status windows thing without question. I do feel more powerful but… Just because I have more power doesn’t necessarily make me stronger.” Lina said with a conflicted expression.

Lila: “Power without the knowledge to use it, is kind of pointless, Illya.” Lila said with the same exact conflicted expression as her twin sister.

Illya: “Knowledge on how to fight? What didn’t you say so earlier, one order of fighting knowledge coming right up!” I say jokingly before putting my left hand on Lina’s head and my right hand on Lila’s head.

Lina: “W-what?” Lina said with a shocked expression.

Lila: “Illya?” Lila said with a confused expression.

They both fell to their feet from all of the information that I gave them. Once they understood what I did, they accepted my idea of finding the mastermind behind this stupid kidnapping plan. I can’t honestly let such a dangerous person alone. What if they take took one of my lovers or one of my potential lovers? Unforgivable! I am aware of where the mastermind is since I remembered the location that the fake teacher put on the summoning circle. As such, I directed us there. Along the way, these two twins just got even more interesting to me. They both keep stealing glances at each other's bodies as well as my own body. Somehow they haven’t had enough and still want more pleasure from each other and from me.

Illya: “You know, I can tell that you two are staring at me.” I say with a smug tone.

Lina: “No, you’re wrong!” Lina said in defense of herself.

Lila: “Lina is right!” Lila said using her own twin sister as a cover for her behavior.

Illya: “Oh silly me, you’re right. You two were not only looking at me with lust full eyes, but you two were also looking at each other's bodies in the same way.” I say with a smirk.

Lina: ”…”

Lila: “T-this… This is your fault Illya!” Lila said with a pout.

Illya: “I did hear that you two don’t always get along. I’m glad that I’ve strengthened your sisterly lover to such an extent.” I say with an evil smile.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “…”

Illya: “What’s wrong you two? Cat got your tongue? I’d bet you two would much prefer me catching your tongues instead though. Be good girls and tell me exactly what you two want.” I say with a seductive tone while whispering into their ears.

Lila: “Illya… We’ve fallen for you and we want more sex with you once we get back home… Will that be fine?” Lila said with a face as red as a tomato.

Illya: “I can wait that long. I’ve heard your wishes Lila but, I haven’t heard Lina’s.” I say while whispering seductively directly into Lina’s ear while playing with her hair.

Lina: “I… I want the same!” Lina said with a blush on her face.

Illya: ”I shall your wishes as well as any other wishes you have in the future!“ I say before holding Lina by the waist and kissing her deeply. Then I switched to Lila and did the same.

On the rest of the way to the mastermind, Lina and Lila didn’t speak at all. It took an entire hour before they had calmed down and their breathing returned to normal. It’s official! I am so damn good at kissing that women just can’t handle it at all and just immediately fall for me. Whispering seductively into a girl's ear is also amazingly effective as well.

It took us around an hour and 30 minutes to reach a big castle. I told Lina and Lila to use the invisibility magic that I taught them. Then we stealthily climbed over one of the walls of the castle and snuck into it. When we made it into the hall, it was a pretty normal looking castle with maids and butlers walking around. Since there was nothing unusual about it, we went further into the castle. We then came to a heavily guarded door.

Instead of taking out the guards, I just put them to sleep and entered the room after opening the door. The sight we saw was pretty interesting, to say the least. There were many girls tied up on red crosses with their mouths gagged. They were also completely naked as well. Luckily, Lina and Lila had already seen a lot of naked women in one room so, they didn’t end up making any noise from the shock of seeing such a rousing scene.

Lina: “Illya! We have to save them!” Lina said in a quiet but pleading tone.

Lila: “I agree with my sister!” Lila said in a similar tone as her sister.

Illya: “These girls aren’t girls from our dimension though?” I say with a questioning tone.

Lina: “Even still… We should still save them!” Lina said urging me to save them.

Illya: “Fine but, they’ll become my lovers as well. Are you fine with that Lina?” I say while looking at Lina with a concerned tone.

Lina: “It’s better than them staying here so, yes I am fine with it.” Lina confidently said.

As such, I contacted my lovers and told them about the situation. Rias said “How many more new lovers are you going to bring back? You really weren’t lying about filling up this dorm completely it seems.” In a joking tone. Of the girls held captive, there were 50 of them and of course, all of them were very beautiful. None of them were from this dimension either, the mastermind seems to have a hobby of kidnapping beautiful other world women. Not that I don’t understand the appeal but, I can’t condone the kidnapping part at all.

None of them resisted while me, Lina, and Lila helped them off the crosses and removed their gags. Mostly because we were also women so they felt safe. Oh, if only they knew that us three were a group of a hyper lesbo and two twins who were recently turned lesbians. Then they probably wouldn’t have been so happy to be saved by us. After we helped them all, I summoned them back to my dimension and into my dorm. As for how I’ll get them to be my lovers, I’ll give them money and safety so, I doubt that they want to leave me at all. And if they do, then I’ll let them. At this point, these 50 girls are just a bonus.

When the matter with the captives was settled, me, Lina, and Lila put our invisibility magic back on and went further into the castle. Our last goal is to kill the mastermind behind our kidnapping. I used detection magic and found that there weren’t any other captives besides the ones we already saved so, we didn’t have to worry about that at all.

After 20 minutes, we ended up in a throne like room. In it was a man sitting on a throne and drinking some kind of alcohol that was being poured by the fake teacher from earlier. Looks like the fake teacher was an underling of this evil looking man. I was just going to quickly kill them both while still being concealed but then, I was in the process of arguing with Lina and Lila about something kind of stupid.

Evil man: “Are you sure that those Grievetaur will soon return with my spoils?” Said the evil man with a frown.

Fake teacher: “Yes sire, they will return soon. I promise.” Said the fake teacher with confidence.

Evil man: “Wonderful! I can’t wait to finally taste them! My current stock was getting quite boring.” He said with a chuckle.

Now back to me and Lina’s, Lila’s discussion. I had used voice concealment magic so that we could talk without anyone hearing us at all. I'm really getting a lot of use out of my magic lately…

Lina: “Illya! Where is your honor? You can’t just kill them without them even knowing! We have to fight them head on!” Lina said in a serious tone.

Lila: “I don’t care about us using tricks but, we should at least show ourselves to them first.” Lila said with a sigh.

Illya: “You two just don’t understand the allure of killing your enemies without them even knowing what hit them!” I explain with a pout.

Lila: “Lina you have to appeal to Illya.” Lila said with a sigh.

Lina: “What do you mean?” Lina said with a confused expression.

Lila: “Like this, watch. Illya, if you go with our plan then, we’ll tell our family that we are your lovers.” Lila said with a smile.

Lina: “That won’t work Lila...” Lina said with a look of disbelief.

Illya: “Deal! You have to do it immediately when we get back.” I say with an excited voice.

Lila: “See Lina? You have to know how to give Illya what she wants if you want something from her.” Lila said with a smug smile while looking at her sister.

Lina: “…”

Lina had a red face from being outplayed by her own sister and look quite upset that she had been had. I could tell that she was using every part of her pretty little brain to come up with a way to get back at her. I had a very good idea on how she could get revenge.

Illya: “Lina, if you want to get back at your sister for playing you like a fool then, hold her by her waist and kiss her deeply.” I say while whispering into Lina’s ear seductively.

Lina: “…”

Lila: “L-Lina? What’s with that look on your face? No, wait! Don’t! I won’t tease you again I promise!” Lila said with a pleading tone.

Lina: “Sister… This is your fault for making me mad! Now take your punishment with grace!” Lina said before holding her own twin sister by her waist and prying her sister's lips open with her tongue and kissing her deeply.

Unbeknownst to the two twins, I had already undone our invisibility magic and the scene of two twin sisters passionately making out was plain to see by the two at the throne. They were both shocked to not only see three girls appear right in front of them but, were also surprised that two of the girls were kissing each other.

Lila: “L-Lina! Stop!” Lila said in desperation after realizing what I had done.

Lina: “No! I want to kiss you even more when you resist like this!” Lina said with a seductive look on her face.

Lila: “Later you idiot! Look around you!” Lila said after pushing her sister off of herself.

Lina: “…Illya… YOU BULLY! HOW COULD YOU REVEAL US AT SUCH A MOMENT LIKE THIS?!” Lina said while shaking me via her hands on my shoulders.

Illya: “Oh come on, it’s funny plus, they’ll be dead soon anyway. Just think of it as just grandstanding on your enemy before you kill them.” I say with a laugh.

Evil man: “W-who the hell are you three?” The man shouted after getting up from his throne.

Fake teacher: “These are three of the student from the world I went to. Sire I believe…” Was the last thing he said before he died.

Lila: “Lina?” Lila said with a concerned tone.

Lina: “Lila! We have to kill them right now!” Lina said in a serious tone after killing the fake teacher.

Illya: “What about your honor?” I say with a smug expression.

Lina: “Screw honor! I can’t let these two live a second longer after they’ve seen you and me kissing! That scene is only for you, me, and Illya to see!” Lina said in a confident tone.

Lila: “I-I agree!” Lila said with a confident tone of her own.

The last standing evil man wasn’t even able to last for a minute before Lina and Lila finished him off effortlessly. After they were done, they both walked up to me and asked me to kiss them which, I of course did. They both looked very happy. I walked with them hand in hand to the treasure room to loot it. There wasn’t anything special but, we took a few gems with us before we returned to our dimension.

Once we got back, I had Lila and Lina call their parent while I groped them in various special places on their bodies. This dangerous and embarrassing play of mine got them in the mood once again so, after they were done telling their parents that they are my lovers, I took them to my room. I had Lina and Lila take each other's clothes off each other piece by piece. Then I proceeded to enjoy the morally wrong play of two twins having a threesome. Hey, Asami said she did something even worse so, I can just blame this on her influence on my decisions.

The two twins had to leave after two days of having fun because they needed to get their stuff from their old dorm rooms and bring it to their new ones. I had them dress up in each other's clothes as a joke. Just as I did a few days ago, I asked them to do it in reverse and put each other's clothes on. They left while holding each other's hands before returning an hour later since they had Diana and Arath’s help moving their stuff.

The students and captives I rescued were having a time of their lives as my dorm was basically a private resort. The captives didn’t mind staying with me at all. As for the students I saved, they agreed. Partly because I’ve already had a quite fun time with previously. My once empty dorm only housing me and Rias now house over a hundred different beauties. I’m not stingy so, I of course let the girls mingle with each other in bed if they wanted to. My dorm became even fuller when Asami brought her own harem to live with her in my dorm. She had 15 different girls in her harem.

The last main addition to my harem was Enko. A very nice girl who was already a hard core lily girl even before I land my hands on her. There isn’t really much to say about her. We enjoyed each others bodies greatly for many hours. But, we actually found out that we both also enjoy reading together a lot as well. Maybe even more than having sex. I always have access to sex at practically any time so, I didn’t mind indulging in a none sexual activity with my lovers. As what we read together, there were mainly yuri themed manga and light novels. Whenever a scene got too steamy, I would help Enko out with her situation down there. One time I even got her to read a manga while I vigorously touched her special place between her legs. I would always stop my attack before she “finished” and let her soak in the feeling of being denied what was rightfully hers. After doing that for 15 minutes, she threw the manga off the bed and begged me to let her finally get sweet release. I obviously agreed to her suggestion with great interest.

As for the plans for war, I had already discussed it with Priva, Lila, and Lina. Once they realized that I was planning for war against an otherworldly invader who is probably decently strong, they agreed with me immediately and gave me full control of their military’s. I will provide them with advanced tech and weapons that shouldn’t exist yet to combat the invaders. I can already feel that someone is trying to invade this world in great numbers so, Arath’s mother will be here any day now. I wonder if I can make her my lover as well? Only time will tell!


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