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Chapter 21: Russian delicacy.

*Illya’s POV*

Despite Arath’s mother trying to contact her so many times, it’s been 4 months since I went on a beach date with all of my lovers. For these few months, I’ve just been having fun enjoying myself. Although my dorm isn’t filled with a countless number of harem members, it’s still almost constantly filled with the scent of lilies. Pretty much every one of my lovers are present in my special dorm at all times. The only ones who aren’t always there are, Diana and Rin. As for Diana, she has to go back to the Demon Realm every once in a while. Rin has to teach multiple classes every day. Although I could be selfish and just have Rin come over to my dorm once she is done and have fun with her, I get her to bring her work to my dorm. Me and Rias then help her finish all of her paperwork. Once we’re done, that’s when the fun begins.

Because Rin, Haruka, and Rias who doesn’t even bother to hide herself anymore since I practically rule this school, almost all of the faculty and students are aware that my dorm is a land of lilies. I legitimately just attend class these days to flirt with Rin and random students. All I have to do is just look at a girl and they instantly blush. It’s a mix of me being beautiful and everyone being aware that I’m a lesbian. It’s unfortunate but, most of them aren’t up to my standards of beauty. This doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to accept any girl here if they approach me first though.

There are a few girls in this school that I am interested in but, they’re aware of their beauty and Haruka was a well known student at this school. Since she, a mature beauty on the outside fell for me so easily, they all avoid me. Not wanting to fall under my spell. In this school, I’m known as the “Beauty tamer.” any beauty that catches my eye is said that I will eventually make them mine. Even a teacher wasn’t out of my reach so, this nickname isn’t that unbelievable at all.

There is another rumor that, if a female goes to my dorm, I’ll end up “eating” them and making them one of my lovers. I mean, that rumor isn’t completely wrong. Why would I let a woman who just so happened to graciously present themselves to me for my taking? I’d be a fool if I did such a thing!

Speaking of one of the girls that I’m interested in, there is this beauty named Privalova Frosya. If the name wasn’t obvious, she is a Russian exchange student. She is ranked 3rd in the school test results. Just behind me and Haruka. On top of being the 3rd rank, she is also a third year student. Due to her stereotypical frosty personality, she doesn’t have any friends at all. She is always alone. Privalova will either be in the school library or in her dorm when not attending classes.

Privalova has long silver hair down to her waist. Her eyes are also a light silver. She is slightly shorter than me and, her breasts are about c cups like mine as well. From what I’ve learned so far, unnatural colored eyes are a sign of power of some kind. Those like one of my lovers, Haruka who just happen to know magic for no real special reason other than just trying to learn it, and have no special things about their bodies, are outliers. After I train Haruka a bit, her eyes now glow slightly. Apart from that, her eyes look like just normal blue ones.



Why am I specifically talking about Privalova?

That’s because she is currently in my arms right now. Unfortunately, we are not in a sexual situation though. I was walking up the stairs to reach the floor that Rin’s office is on so that I can help her move her paperwork to my dorm. As I reached the 2nd flight of stairs, I heard some bullying going on. Two girls were bullying Privalova. They are orbiters of the 4th ranked in exams. From what I’ve heard about the 4th rank and from the information about all of the female students that the school handed to me for “safekeeping”, the 4th rank isn’t the type of woman to send people to bully someone so, these two must just be acting on their own without her knowledge.

I won’t describe their appearance because none of them look like a protagonist and they just look like standard female NPCs with black hair and brown eyes. As for why Privalova is in my arms, during their bullying, she had replied “Can we please end this already? I have books to read.” In a deadpan tone. Which, pissed the leader of the two off greatly. In her fit of anger, she had pushed Privalova down the stairs. The stairs weren’t that long, only 15 steps so, with the force the bully used, was enough to send Privalova to the second floor.

Since I had a perfect opportunity to add another girl to my harem, and since I am the self proclaimed savior of beautiful women, I caught Privalova in my arms to save her from falling to her death. The only injury she obtained was hitting the back of her left foot on the second to last steps. The other girl saw who had caught Privalova and she had immediately booked it. Meanwhile, the one who pushed Privalova was still in shock at herself for attempting to murder someone else.

Illya: “Apart from the back of your left foot, you seem to be completely fine.” I say after I had let go of Privalova and helped her onto her feet.

Privalova: “T-thanks!” Privalova said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “Stay right there, I’ll help you to the infirmary in a bit. I just have to deal with that bully first.” I say with a bright smile at Privalova.

Privalova: “O-okay.” Privalova said with a slight stutter either from being embarrassed or from almost dying, no one knows for sure.

After I made sure that Privalova was okay for now, I made my way up the stairs to the bully. As I approached I had an evil smile on my face. This caused the bully to back all the way back to the wall of the stairwell. I slammed my open hand on the wall to the left of her face to spook her. She had made a yelp sound after I did that. She also refused to look me in the eyes due to her being scared of me.

Illya: “Do you really think that doing something as foolish and petty as bullying someone is a good idea?” I say while holding up her chin and making her look at my face.

Bully: “I…” The girl wasn’t able to say anything other than that due to being scared.

Illya: “Since you are attending this school, you definitely have a bright future right?” I say with an evil smile as I got my face closer to hers.

Bully: “…”

Illya: “Why ruin your life because you got a little too angry and almost killed a fellow student?” I say with a stern tone.

Bully: “It… It was an accident!” The girl says in defense in a weak voice.

Illya: “That’s irrelevant! She would have died from that fall if I didn’t save her! Do you think that just because of your family background that you could get away with it? I assure you, Privalova’s family backing is definitely far more powerful than your own.” I say in an angry tone.

Bully: “…”

Illya: “I don’t want to see such a petty thing like bullying ever happen again in this school! You know my connections, I can easily get you and your friend expelled. Hell, I could even kill you two in cold blood and get away with it scot free.” I say before laughing in an evil tone right in her face.

Bully: “I-I won’t do it again! I swear! I’ll even make sure that my friend won’t do anything like this again as well!” The girl said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “That is the right answer!” I say while caressing her face with my left hand since my other hand is still on the wall.

Bully: “…”

Illya: “You were bullying Privalova earlier right? You like bullying pretty girls huh?” I say with a seductive smile.

Bully: “I don’t…” The girl said with a stutter.

Illya: “I just so happen to love bullying naughty pretty girls as well!” I say before I put my left leg in between her legs to rub her “special” place with it.

Bully: “W-wait… Don’t!” The girl said with a flustered voice.

Illya: “Oh? You were enjoying bullying Privalova just a few minutes ago. I thought that you like bullying?” I say while putting my face practically against hers pretending that I was going to kiss her.

It seems that I have a talent for bullying girls. Rather than try to resist me, she even closed her eyes and prepared herself for me to kiss her pretty lips. It’s unfortunate that she isn’t a beauty that is comparable to my other lovers, otherwise, I would have taken her down right here and made her mine. I could tell that she wasn’t a lesbian and, I don’t have the hobby of forcing girls so, I had to resist the temptation however small it was.

Illya: “If you were a man, I would have killed you. You were quite lucky to have been born a woman. Now, leave. Though, if you want me to continue bullying you in this manner, come to my dorm after school.” I say in a seductive voice while whispering into her ear.

Bully: “I-I’ll leave now!” The girl said with a bright red face before running away.

Diana had taught me some of her succubus magic. It requires you to come in contact with your victim. It works through clothes as well. The magic that I used on that bully heavily aroused her, just me using my leg to slightly rub her “sweet” spot and whispering to her in a seductive voice, was more than enough stimulation to make her be on the edge of “finishing”. Rather than go find her friend, she probably went back to her dorm room to “relieve” herself. When I had “finished” off the bully, I walked back down the stairs to Privalova who was waiting for me.

Illya: “Sorry for the wait.” I say with a bright smile.

Privalova: “It’s fine. Thanks for standing up for me.” Privalova said with a bright smile of her own.

Illya: “No problem!” I say with a thumbs up.

Privalova: “Though, I don’t think that I can approve of the method that you used to handle the situation…” Privalova said with a slight blush on her face.

Oh yeah, I completely forgot that she had a front row seat to watch me “bully” that girl into submission. Eh, in my opinion, it was definitely a far better method of stopping their bullying than just using my money or power. Plus, I also gained the new habit of bullying girls. So this was absolutely the best outcome and method.

Illya: “Would you have preferred me to hit her to get revenge for you? She did almost kill you after all.” I say with one of my hands on my hip and my other hand on my chin.

Privalova: “No… You’re right, sorry. Albeit an odd method, it was most effective in this case. Every time that girl even thinks about bullying someone again, she will remember when you “bullied” her.” Privalova said with a laugh.

Illya: “That was the plan! Now, let’s head to the infirmary.” I say before picking Privalova up in a princess carry. The most effective and romantic method of carrying a woman.

Privalova: “W-why did you pick me up!?” Privalova said in an embarrassed tone.

Illya: “Privalova, your foot is injured. I can’t let you walk all the way to the infirmary with such an injury. You’d probably hurt yourself more.” I explain in a calm tone.

I made it seem like I was only carrying her because I was worried about her and, that is true but, I also picked her up since I wanted an excuse to touch her and have her body close to mine. Regardless of my reasoning, I set off with Privalova in tow to the infirmary. It’s stupidly on the top floor, which is the 6th floor is what I had told her.

Privalova: “You’re Illya, right?” Privalova said looking up at me while she is in my arms.

Illya: “That is correct.” I say with a smile.

Privalova: “My name is pretty long so, just call me Priva.” Priva says with a small blush on her face.

Illya: “Priva huh? That sure is a pretty name. It’s just as pretty as your full name. Of course, such a pretty name is fitting for such a pretty girl like you.” I say in a slightly seductive older sister voice.

Priva: “T-thanks” Priva said with a bright red face and looked away from me. Cute!

Illya: “Have you been being bullied going on for a long time?” I say in a serious tone.

Priva: “Hm… Only for the past few weeks. Those two started bullying me because I had reached 3rd place in test ranking which put their friend into 4th place.” Priva said with a sigh.

Illya: “Why not go to the principal and report them for bullying?” I say in a questioning tone.

Priva: “Today was a special occasion. They never got physical before. The other reason is because I don’t like talking much.” Priva said with another sigh.

Illya: “You’re talking a lot right now though?” I say with a head tilt.

Priva: “I don’t speak Japanese well so, it’s hard to have a conversation with anyone here. The reason that I can talk to you is that you just so happen to be fluent in Russian.” Priva said with a smile.

She had just so happened to reply to me in Russian when I had saved her earlier. I replied to her in Russian as well. Since then, I’ve been talking to her in Russian the entire time. Why the hell did her family send her to a country that she barely knew the language of? That’s a really nice recipe for isolation.

Illya: “I could teach you Japanese if you want.” I say with a smile.

Priva: “I would like that but, I have no time.” Priva said with a remorseful tone.

Illya: “What do you mean?” I say with a head tilt.

Priva: “I have to study otherwise, I’ll lose my current position in the rankings and, I won't ever regain first place.” Priva said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Huh? Does that really matter that much?” I say in a questioning tone.

Priva: “It’s a personal matter but, since you saved me, I don’t mind telling you.” Priva said with a slightly reluctant tone.

Illya: “Please tell me if you want to.” I say with a smile.

Priva: “If I don’t regain first place, I’ll lose the right to inherit my family's name and assets. I was ranked first before you and Haruka enrolled.” Priva said in a slightly sad tone.

Illya: “I’m guessing that this was a stipulation that the current head of your family set?” I say with a concerned tone.

Priva: “That’s right. My father was the one who set it.” Priva said with a sigh.

Illya: “Not to burst your bubble but, you won’t be able to regain your first rank position.” I say with a remorseful tone.

Priva: “What do you mean?” Priva said in a confused tone.

Illya: “You might be able to take Haruka’s position but not mine.” I say with a sigh.

Priva: “And why is that?” Priva said still with a confused tone.

Illya: “You might have noticed that I barely attend classes, right?” I say in a serious tone.

Priva: “I have heard that you mostly spend your time in your dorm with your lovers or going out on dates with them.” Priva said in a slightly embarrassed tone.

Illya: “That would be correct yes. As for why I can do that, I’ve already finished all of the exams, and essays before I enrolled in this school. I got full marks and I even correct some of the tests that had errors in them. And no I did not pay for my results.” I say in a proud tone.

Priva: “So… I can’t ever take the first place away from you, huh?” Priva said in a sad tone.

Illya: “No, it’s not possible for you to beat me since all of my scores are set in stone and can’t be overtaken at all.” I say with a remorseful tone.

Priva: “Then… I can’t inherit my family's wealth…” Priva said with a tone of disbelief.

Illya: “There isn’t another way for you to claim your inheritance?” I say with a concerned tone.

Priva: “There is one way but… There is no way for me to execute such a method.” Priva said with one of her hands on her chin.

Illya: “What kind of method?” I say with a head tilt.

Priva: “I have to show that I am better at using magic to my father… Once I show him that I am capable of overcoming him… Why am I even telling you this? You probably just think that I sound crazy…” Priva said in a defeated tone.

Illya: “Magic huh? I have no idea what you’re talking about at all.” I say in a cheeky tone while playing with magic in front of Priva’s face.

Priva: “Y-you can use magic? And that power and control… It’s already far surpassed my father…” Priva said with a shocked tone.

Illya: “Your father doesn’t even hold a candle to me.” I proudly say.

Priva: “Wait… If you can use magic then… Can’t you have just healed me instead of taking me to the infirmary?” Priva said in a confused tone.

Illya: “That would be correct. There isn’t even an infirmary in this school.” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “Dammit… How could I forget that there is an infirmary in every dorm…” Priva said with a facepalm.

Illya: “Now now, no need to be upset.” I whisper into Priva's ear before putting her down.

After I put her down, I healed her foot using magic. Which she thanked me for. I took advantage of her a little by saying “Let me check the rest of your body to make sure there isn’t some other damage anywhere.” Then I proceeded to slightly inappropriately grope her in various places.

Priva: “Enough! I am completely fine now. There is no need to keep groping me!” Priva said in an annoyed tone.

Illya: “Damn, I was getting to the fun part too.” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “Ignoring that comment, Can you help me with my father?” Priva said in a serious tone.

Illya: “What kind of help exactly?” I say in a questioning tone.

Priva: “Could you teach me to be as powerful as you?” Priva said with a continued serious tone.

Illya: “As powerful as me? That would be difficult…” I say in a remorseful tone.

Priva: “Why’s that?” Priva said in a questioning tone.

Illya: “Well, first let me check your status.” I say in a serious tone.

Priva: “Status?” Priva said with a head tilt.

Illya: “Status.” I say while looking at Priva.


Name: Privalova Frosya

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Level: 15

HP: 125/125

MP: 1,500/1,500

INT: 85

STR: 10

DEF: 12

Luck: -1

Charm: 150

Well, at least how she ended up being almost killed from being pushed down the stairs could be explained by her having negative luck. I didn’t even know that you could have negative luck…

Priva: “W-what did you just do? It felt so weird!” Priva said while shaking a little.

Illya: “Your father must not be that strong if you’re this weak.” I say with a serious tone.

Priva: “What do you mean? How do you even know how strong I am anyway?” Priva said with a confused expression on her face.

Illya: “Here, look at your status.” I say after grabbing Priva’s hand to let her see her status.

She then looked at her status for a few minutes analyzing it carefully. It might be hard to think that your soul’s power could be shown in simple to understand game stats. To confirm that this was real, Priva used some to get her Mana. Once she saw that her MP decreased when she used magic, she realized that what I showed her was real. Though she was confused about why her luck was so low but, I didn’t have an answer for her either.

Priva: “How… How are you able to see people’s status like this? Does everyone have something like this?” Priva said in a thinking pose.

Illya: “It’s a special privilege that few have access to. Even fewer can see people's status like me and, yes everyone and every living being have a status that I can view.” I explained calmly.

Priva: “I see… You said that my father was weak but, he is considered the strongest living mage in existence… Could I please see your status?” Priva said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “I could show you but, only my lovers have the privilege of seeing my status.” I say after grabbing Priva by her waist and holding her close to me with a seductive voice.

Priva: “If… If you are powerful then, I don’t mind being your lover. My family has always believed that we should marry other powerful people after all.” Priva said in an embarrassed tone while trying to remain eye contact with me.

It would be hard for any girl to remain calm when I look at them in the eyes with a lust filled look in my eyes. It probably feels like I’m looking at their very soul. Priva’s face was also really red and her breath was slightly staggered. And the rumors said she barely showed any reaction at all. This means that other than her family members, I’m probably the only one who has seen her make these kinds of reactions and facial expressions. Such a situation really excites me greatly.

Illya: “Is that so? Then let's make a deal.” I say after separating from Priva.

Priva: “A deal?” Priva said with a head tilt.

Illya: “I’ll show you my status and if you deem me fit to be your lover, you’ll let me kiss you.” I say with a seductive smile while holding one of my fingers on Priva’s lips.

Priva: “D-deal!” Priva said in a hurried embarrassed tone.

Illya: “Status.” I say after grabbing Priva’s hands to show her my status.


Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 670

HP: 218,475/218,475

MP: 25,958,685/25,958,685

INT: 4957

STR: 6725

DEF: 25,961

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999

Oh? I haven’t checked my status in months but, looks like my sex power leveling with my lovers was a very effective method of increasing my level. I’m sure that all of the most powerful beings in existence are mad about my easy level up strat. And this is just with my current number of lovers. Just imagine how many levels I would get if I had like 100 members in my harem. I did ask Yuna why this even happens but, she didn’t know either so, it’s a mystery as to why it works. Not like I’m going to complain though. What’s that? Have sex with beautiful women and get more powerful every time you do? Sign me the hell up!

Anyway, whilst I was lost in my pointless thoughts, Priva was having an existential crisis. She just kept looking at my status screen and then back at me with her mouth open in shock. She did that for like 8 minutes before she stopped. She wasn’t done being confused though. I made a huge comfy pillow appear on the floor and got her to lay on my lap on it. Priva was in the process of thinking over my status for a good 15 minutes before she finally came to terms with it.

Priva: “Illya…” Priva said in a nervous tone.

Illya: “Yes?” I say in a calm tone.

Priva: “Do… Do you rule the world?” Priva said with a stutter.

Illya: “I sorta rule the world. I just own most things in existence.” I say while playing with Priva’s hair.

Priva: “W-what do you mean?” Priva said with a confused expression.

Illya: “I control the economy of every country in the world.” I say in a serious tone.

Priva: “T-that’s not possible…” Priva said with a look of disbelief.

Illya: “Want to look at my bank account? Oh, I also own the Coral Bank.” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “You mean the only bank still in existence?… Could I see your bank account please?” Priva said with a nervous tone.

Illya: “Here, you can look at my bank account on my phone. Oh, and I have more money than that but, it’s tied up in investments and other assets.” I say with a proud tone before handing Priva my phone.

Priva once again had a similar reaction as last time. Though, it seems less as extreme as her previous reaction. Not that I mind, all of her reactions have been really cute so far and, I hope to see her make many more of them soon.

Priva: “THIS ISN’T EVEN A REAL NUMBER!!” Priva yells in frustration.

Illya: “I assure you, it’s a real number also, I own a 90% stake in your family's companies by the way. I can basically just hand you those stocks and you’ll own most of your family's assets.” I say with a laugh.

Priva: “I… I have a headache…” Priva said while I rubbed her head to comfort her.

Illya: “I have that effect on people.” I say with a shrug.

Priva: “I’ll be one of your lovers but, first I have to get more powerful to claim my inheritance.” Priva said after getting up from my lap pillow.

Illya: “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I say in a questioning tone.

Priva: “R-right… Please kiss me.” Priva said after preparing herself.

Illya: “Ah, I’ve always wanted to try a Russian delicacy!” I say in a seductive tone before taking Priva’s lips for the first time.

Our kiss lasted for 10 minutes. During that time, I played with Priva’s mouth and tongue like an expert. I stopped at the 10 minute mark because Priva’s legs shook like crazy. It seems like my technique of bullying girls is so good that I can even make a girl “finish” by just kissing them. Keep in mind, that I didn’t use any of the succubus magic that Diana showed me. After I was done, I separated my mouth from Priva’s. A long trail of our saliva followed along with my lips as I left hers. Some of it ended up on Priva’s face so, I took the liberty of cleaning it off for her with my tongue.

Illya: “Mmm… Priva, I can tell that I just took your first kiss. So? How was it? I think that it was an amazing kiss.” I say while holding Priva in my arms in a sisterly tone while rubbing her back since she is still experiencing the afterglow of her kiss induced orgasm.

Priva was in that state for a solid 25 minutes. The entire time I was just rubbing her back and whispering things like “It was good wasn’t it?” and “Good girl!” and other affirmations like that in a sisterly seductive tone. I was just comforting her until she was finished with the afterglow but, my plan had the opposite effect and she ended up having her legs buckle once again under my verbal pleasure assault. Priva… She is the type of girl who probably barely even pleasures herself so, what I did to her must have been sensory overload for her pretty little brain.

Priva: “I… Illya… No wonder you have so many beautiful lovers… Anyone would fall for you after experiencing that.” Priva said with staggered breaths while red as a tomato.

Illya: “I take pride in being able to pleasure women expertly after all.” I say in a proud tone.

Priva: “Will you help me with my father now?” Priva said in a serious tone after spending a few minutes to calm down.

Illya: “Since you’re one of my lovers now, of course, I’ll help you!” I say with a bright smile.

Priva: “But how?” Priva said with a head tilt.

Illya: “First, let me give you some information.” I say before putting one of my hands on Priva’s forehead.

Priva: “What are you doing?” Priva said with a confused expression after I let go of her head.

Illya: “What I did should be obvious,” I say in Japanese with a laugh.

Priva: “What do you mean… I can understand Japanese perfectly?” Priva said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “Also let’s look at your status real quick.” I say with a smile before grabbing Priva’s hand once again.

Priva: “Why?” Priva said with a head tilt.

Illya: “You’ll see. Status.” I say holding one of my fingers on Priva’s lips.


Name: Privalova Frosya

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Level: 45

HP: 1,500/1,500

MP: 5,800/5,800

INT: 110

STR: 85

DEF: 52

Luck: 5

Charm: 150

Illya: “Ara? I even corrected your luck stat as well. How amazing!” I say with a happy tone.s

Priva: “How… Why did my level go up?” Priva said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “When I have sex or do sexual things with my lovers, their level increases.” I say with a prideful tone.

Priva: “Is this why you have so many lovers?” Priva said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “No. All of my lovers love me deeply, and I love them deeply as well. Me leveling them up via sexual acts is a new thing that I have no idea why it works.” I explain in a calm tone.

Priva: “Never ending money and assets… God like power… Is there even a reason for me to resist you any longer?” Priva said with a conflicted expression.

Illya: “A good reason is worrying about how long that you can last in bed with me since, my sexual appetite is damn near endless but, I don’t believe you should resist me at all.” I say while leaning in on Priva and whispering in her ear in a seductive tone.

I should have realized long ago that a girl's ears are a vital weak point. Oh, all of the effort that I could have saved if I just had known this sacred secret. Well, I’ll definitely be using this technique much in the future so, I decided to practice it on Priva. I’ve only inadvertently done it to my other lovers. Sensually whispering into a girl's ear on purpose should be more effective than when I did it previously.

Priva: “L-later! I have to fly to Russia to discuss my inheritance with my father.” Priva said with a serious tone.

Illya: “Okay.” I say with a child like glee.

Priva: “W-what’s this light?…” Priva said while looking at the floor under me and her.


I used magic to teleport me and Priva to Russia. I even went above and beyond by appearing right in front of her father. I was able to pinpoint this location due to the fact that I got quite intimate with Priva already and she has been here before. Priva’s father was a tall man with short silver hair in the same color and luster as Priva’s. He didn’t look surprised by me teleporting into his office since he probably is used to seeing magic being used.

Illya: “Hello, Mr Frosya. Me and your daughter have something to discuss with you.” I say with a serious tone.

Priva: “Father…” Priva said with a confused tone.

She was still in shock from not only me teleporting us but, me also teleporting her right in front of her father without prior notice. So she wasn’t really in any position to talk with her father. After I let her calm down for a few minutes, she was able to talk properly again.

Mr Frosya: “Miss Illya. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” He said in a calm tone.

Illya: “Likewise.” I reply in a calm tone as well.

Mr Frosya: “What did you like to discuss with me?” He said in a calm tone while looking at Priva.

Priva: “Father, with Illya’s help, I’ve surpassed you.” Priva said confidently.

Mr Frosya: “Oh? Is that so… I was well aware that Miss Illya could use magic and was far more powerful than I even though we only met for a few minutes. Regardless, prove it.” He said in a stern tone before getting up from his chair and standing in front of Priva.

Priva then used magic to a degree of expertise that no one besides me could do in this dimension. I didn’t just give her information on Japanese, I also gave her most of my magical knowledge. I couldn’t give it all since her INT stat wasn’t high enough. If I tried, she would at least be brain dead and at worse, she could die. Mr Frosya looked at Priva with an expression of shock and admiration. He then walked to his desk and took out something from one of its compartments.

Priva: “Father… Isn’t that the family seal?” Priva said with a shocked expression.

Mr Frosya: “That it is. You’ve surpassed me greatly so, this seal is rightfully yours.” He said while kneeling on the ground with one leg and slipping the ring which is the Frosya family seal onto Priva’s beautiful hand.

Priva: “I’ll… I will serve this family well father!” Priva said with a determined tone.

Mr Frosya: “I know you will. As for your inheritance, I’m sorry. Miss Illya owns most of it already.” He said in a remorseful tone.

Illya: “That won’t be a problem!” I say with an excited voice.

Mr Frosya: “What do you mean Miss Illya? Are you going to give Priva the stocks and assets of ours that you own?” He said with a confused expression.

Illya: “This is what I mean!” I say before grabbing Priva’s waist and planting a PG-13 kiss on her pretty lips.

Mr Frosya: “…”

Illya: “Priva is one of my lovers. What is mine, is hers and vice versa.” I say while holding Priva’s right hand and looking at her father.

Mr Frosya: “So… The rumors of you having many female lovers is true.” He said with one of his hands on his chin.

Illya: “As true as the sky is blue.” I say with a proud tone.

Mr Frosya: “And you Priva? Are you fine with her having many lovers?” He said with a concerned tone.

Priva: “Illya treats her lovers equally. Even if it wasn’t for her power and money, I’d still fall in love with her easily.” Priva said with a blush on her face.

Have I gotten so good at this that girls fall in love with me after only meeting a short time ago? I’m starting to get scared at how good I am at this… Is my charm stat actually working now or something? Well, whatever! More beautiful women for me and me only!

Illya: “As she says.” I say while playing with Priva’s hair.

Mr Froysa: “I assume that she will be living with you for the remainder of her time in school as well for the foreseeable future?” He said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “That is correct yes. Here is the deed for this estate as well gift from me.” I say before throwing him the deed to his estate that I had bought from him and using my phone to give him a gift.

Mr Froysa: “This… This gift is 100 times more money than the entirety of my family's wealth and assets combined.” He said with a look of disbelief.

I had given him $150 billion USD in cash that I sent to his bank account. It’s not like I just bought his daughter or anything okay. This is just a “gift” from me to him. Mr Froysa was a very tricky customer to acquire huge percentages of his family's businesses and other assets so, this was also a warning to show how much more powerful I am than him. The Katsumi family is the most powerful family in the world. During those 4 months, I had finally met my grandparents and convinced them to hand over all of the companies and assets the family had. It was pretty easy since I practically already owned them due to the high percentage of their stocks that I owned. Since they were getting older I suggest that they just spend the rest of their time enjoying their lives together and I’ll handle all of the family businesses. And by me, I mean the Yakuza that I have under my control.

Mr Froysa: “No bank would allow such a huge transfer…” He said with a confused expression while making sure the money was real.

Illya: “Such a huge transfer of money is usually a bad sign and the Coral bank wouldn’t allow it either. Of course, it’s my bank so, I can do whatever I want.” I say with a laugh.

Mr Froysa: “So… You really do control the world… I can confidently leave my daughter with you. I know that she will never want for anything in life ever again.” He said with a warm smile while looking at Priva.

Priva: “Thank you father!” Priva said after giving her father a hug.

After that exchange, me, Priva and her father sat down and talked about a lot of things. Both Priva and her father were interested in what I own. I had no doubt that Priva’s father wouldn’t do anything bad to me or Priva so, I gave them the option of either me telling them half of the things that I own or the most expensive things I own. They chose me telling them the most expensive things. Of which, I had a lot. There are way too many things that I own for me to go into detail right now but, just know that I own every building and piece of land in Japan and every other country as well. I also own 100% of my school, Endo. Not even the principal knows about that. If there was a shadow cabal, I’d definitely be the leader of it. What’s that? You have to declare your money and assets? Not when you basically control everything secretly.

Illya: “It’s getting pretty late you know, We should head back Priva.” I say in a calm tone.

Priva: “R-right… By dad, I love you!” Priva said while giving her father another hug.

Mr Frosya: “I love you two Priva.” He said in a warm tone.

When they were done saying their goodbyes, I teleported me and Priva back to Endo. I specifically teleported us to my dorm to which, Priva instantly blushed seeing the room that I had taken us to. It was the big alluring room that I used after I killed that commander whose name alludes me.

Illya: “What was it that you said Priva? You love me? I’ll borrow a phrase from your father, prove it!” I say while pinning Priva down onto the huge bed with both of her hands above her head.

Priva: “Wait! I beg you! Please be gentle and take this slowly!” Priva said in a pleading tone.

Illya: “Of course, I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to do. I mean, I’m not even using any force to hold your hands. You could easily escape my grasp.” I say with a smug smile.

Priva: “T-that’s because…” Priva said with an embarrassed tone after looking away from me.

Illya: “I understand. It’s because you want me, right?” I say seductively whispering into her ear while playing with her still clothes in her school uniform breasts.

Priva: “Y-yes! I do!” Priva said with a frustrated embarrassed expression.

Illya: “The safe word is “Kumquat” now, open your mouth for me to play with!” I say before taking Priva’s lips once again.

The Froysa family seemed to major in ice magic. Due to this Priva's skin was cool to the touch and was very enticing to caress. The only other person who has a similar quirk is Diana whose skin is hot to the touch. I decided to thoroughly thaw this icy beauty fully so, I took my time slowly kissing her on her tasty lips while also undressing her. Every part of her body that was free of clothing, I kissed in great detail. Each kiss sent Priva over the edge since I had used some succubus magic that I learned from Diana to make every inch of Priva’s body an erogenous zone.

Despite this being not only her first time but, also her first time with me who has never ending lust, Priva lasted 12 hours until she was completely out of stamina. Since she is the type to keep things to herself, I made sure to ask her constantly if she wanted to stop but, she kept saying that she wanted me to continue. Who am I to turn down the offer of such a beautiful woman? I was still worried but, luckily I had another trick up my sleeve. Diana had also taught me magic that can tell you a person's mental state. The entire time, Priva was absolutely happy and never once felt sad or anything like that.

The main reason that I kept asking her if she was fine with continuing was because, every time that I did, it made her really happy and, I am nothing but a woman who loves to make other women as happy as they can be. After we were done, I took her to an empty room in my dorm that she will be staying in from now on. And tucked her into bed after putting silver colored lingerie on her pretty body.

Priva isn’t as mentally strong as most of my other lovers so, the aftercare that I gave her was more thorough than usual. I made her some Pelmeni and Shashlyk that she requested of me. After taking a bit she was shocked at how good that it tasted. After eating for a few minutes she was able to get used to how amazing the food I cook tastes. She jokingly said “Shouldn’t you be feeding me? I am in this state because of you after all.” To which I replied by taking a bit of her Pelmeni in my mouth and feeding it to Priva mouth to mouth. She just had a blank expression on her face for a few seconds before she turned beet red and didn’t say anything after that.

After Priva was done eating, I gave her a full body massage. Having sex with me is extremely taxing on your body so, Priva enjoyed the massage greatly. I did take the opportunity to grope her since it was a given that I had to do that during the massage but, she didn’t buy my excuse but, didn’t stop me. Since Priva wouldn’t be able to walk right for a few days, I went ahead and fixed her grades to be high scores and made it so her attendance will always be counted. Haruka enjoys the same treatment of me buying off her grades and attendance so, her fellow classmate Priva who is now one of my lovers received the same privilege as Haruka.

It’s not like I did all of this for no reason mind you. I need the militaries of most of the big countries to be at my command and ready for war. Arath’s mother is definitely planning a big war to invade this dimension and deal with me as well as saving her daughter. Now that Priva is my lover, the Russian military is under my command, or at least hers. The Japanese military has been under my control for a while now. My next targets are the 4th and 5th ranked students at Endo. With them, I will have the entire military of the UK under me.

I was very lucky with Priva but, I do hope that I’ll have the same luck with those two. But first, I have to spend the next 5 days pampering Priva until she is back to full health. Plus you really should understand that pampering your lover is extremely fun! Giving a girl a bunch of gifts, sweets, food, etc. And seeing their expressions is a gift from God that I am always willing to give my all to see at every chance that I can.

The girl pushed Priva down the stairs showed up at my dorm on the third day of Priva’s aftercare, she brought her friend along for “support” I’m guessing. Needless to say, I had my fun with them but, since they’re just normal girls they didn’t last long at all. After I was done pleasuring them and realized that they were at their limit on hour 4, I positioned them face to face, and even without me needing to say anything, they started kissing each other relentlessly. Their kisses weren't only filled with lust but also filled with love. Those two are apparently childhood friends and now, I’ve turned them into lesbian childhood lovers… I am truly living up to my title of Corrupter of Beautiful Women... Anyway, soon I’ll make my move on the 4th and 5th. Those two new additions to my harem will probably be some help for the 4th… My dorm is getting a bit more full lately… Not that I mind!


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