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Chapter 20: Dead(ly) Island.

(One week later.)

*Illya's POV*

Rin: “Isn’t this a bit overkill?” Rin said while drinking some juice.

Illya: “Define overkill?” I say while tilting my head.

Rin: “Overkill in my dictionary, or yours?” Rin said with a sigh seemingly at the end of the rope with my absurd definitions of certain things.

Illya: “Yours please.” I cheekily say.

Rin: “Well let's see…” Rin said before doing a thinking pose.

Rin: “I think that BUYING not just renting out an entire resort island just for our use is, something that I’d define as ”overkill“.” Rin said while holding her head.

Illya: “Oh come on, it wasn’t that expensive.” I say with a shrug.

In my opinion, going overkill in this situation would be maybe buying every resort on earth and then only staying at one each day of our trip. We could travel the world that way. Not counting the less developed countries of course.

Rin: “In my opinion, spending 85 billion dollars on a resort is extremely expensive as well as overkill.” Rin said while looking like she was about to blow her top off. With anger I mean, not her swimsuit.

Haruka: “Mom, you know that is basically chump change to Illya.” Haruka said while rubbing her mother's back to calm her down.

Rin: “I know that she has a lot of money but, 85 billion surely isn’t chump change…” Rin said with a sigh.

Haruka: “Illya has shown me her finances before buying this resort. I tried talking her out of buying it before she showed me.” Haruka said while messaging Rin’s shoulders.

Rin: “And? What exactly is so surprising about her finances that it convinced you to give up taking her out of purchasing this resort?” Rin said with a questioning tone.

Haruka: “Let's just say that, her companies support the economies of pretty much every country in existence.” Haruka said with an extremely deadpan expression as if she’s completely given up on ever again being surprised by my antics.

Illya: “She’s right. I could easily destroy the world by just shutting down all of my companies.” I say something so terrible and then follow it up with a laugh.

Rin: “H-how much do you make a month?” Rin said with a nervous tone.

Rin wisely ignored my comment on being able to send the world into an apocalypse with a flick of my wrist if I chose to. Not that I would. It’s would be pretty hard to find beautiful women to make my lovers in an apocalypse.

Illya: “Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.” I say while holding Rin’s chin up with my hand.

Rin: “N-No. And just tell me already, I know that you like to flaunt your wealth.” Rin said while blushing and pushing my hand away.

Shame… One of these days I’ll hopefully be able to at least kiss her… So far, I’ve only been able to grope her in various places. The furthest I’ve gone with her was a week ago when I had played with her breasts. Ah, I do long for the day that I can finally fully make Rin my woman.

Illya: “I make about 85 trillion USD every month so, 1.02e+15 a year.” I say with one of my fingers on my chin.

Rin: “T-that has to be a fake number…” Rin said using her fingers to try to count the correct amount of money per year.

It would literally take years to do so with just using her hands so, she gave up pretty fast. She did have confused spiral eyes for a while though. I guess that she was still trying to add up the amount in her head. It’s kind of funny that I’m smarter than my own teacher.

Illya: “It is, funnily enough, most banks couldn’t even parse the amount of money I have so, I had to make my own bank.” I said with a shrug.

Rin: “Isn’t there only one bank company in existence now?” Rin said looking at me with pure disbelief on her face.

She must have realized what I was going to say to her next. It honestly feels good to show off to my lovers like this. Am I a narcissist? Eh, I don’t really care.

Illya: “That’s right. And it’s mine. All of the other banks folded and were bought out by me as well.” I said showing her a look that a rich person would give at a commoner being amazed at their wealth.

Rin: “Ah… I have a headache now…” Rin said while Haruka comforted her with a hug.

Seeing Haruka breast’s squishing onto Rin’s back made me lick my lips. Luckily Rin didn’t see me do that but, Haruka did and blushed because of it. Cute!

Everyone said in unison: “You get used to it.”

They all said that with a very bored look as if to say that I’d long since broken them. Even Diana joined in, which is weird because she hasn’t known me long but, seeing how she looked very pleased with herself at timing it right, I think she just did it for fun.

Illya: “Why’d you join in on that Diana?” I say with a questioning tone.

Diana: “Just let me have my fun please.” Diana said with a wave of her hand.

Looks like I was right… For being the Queen of Demons, Diana is really playful. As she been alone all her life or something? Ever since she met us, she looked like she is always having the best time of her life. She probably won’t even tell me if I ask so, I just spoil her as much as possible and hope it makes her even more happier.

Looking at the lineup of my harem members laying on their beach chairs is quite the sight to behold. They are all obviously wearing swimsuits. I would tell you what their swimsuits looked like and how they all look beautiful and enticing to see in them but, that’s for my eyes and my eyes only sorry. Actually, I’m not sorry at all.

Asami: “I know that you bought this place but, why are all the employees still here? Is it safe for them to be around us when we talk about sensitive information?” Asami said while looking at all of the staff members walking around and doing their jobs with a suspicious expression on her face...

Illya: “What’s wrong with that?” I said tilting my head.

Hmm, I wonder how many times I’m going to be doing that on this trip. I’m almost at my head tilt record of the day. Or not, I stopped counting my repeated expressions a long time ago.

Asami: “Well, this resort is pretty much just for our personal use now. No one else will be going to this ”resort” anymore. Other than us of course.” Asami said with one of her hands on her chin doing a thinking pose.

Illya: “Eh, it’s fine I gave them quite the pay raise. You don’t have to worry about them leaking any information either.” I said with a smirk.

Asami: “*sigh* how much of a pay raise are we talking about here?” I’ll have you know that Asami didn’t *sigh* she actually just said “Sigh” out loud…

Illya: “Currently, they make 500K USD a month so, they make 6,000,000$ a year.” I say in a deadpan tone.

The whole joke of me spending a shit ton of my money on random things has long since worn its welcome so, I just replied without really making a big deal out of it.

Asami: “A 7-figure job as a resort clerk is something else I have to say…” After saying that Asami took a sip of her drink.

Illya: “Isn’t it? Come on you all, praise me for how kind I am!“ I say while patting myself on my chest and looking at everyone.

Rin: “I don’t think that we should praise you for spending so much money…” Rin said with a conflicted expression on her face.

Illya: “What use does my money have unless I’m using it to have fun with my lovers?” I say with a head tilt.

Rin: “…”

She seems to have completely given up trying to refute my ridiculous statement. Looks like even though she won’t admit it, she really likes it when I spend money on her. If only someone could spend ludicrous amounts of money on me… But, too bad! I basically already own the entire economy.

Asami: “Rather than praise, why not go a round with me?” Asami said giving me a seductive look.

Illya: “Later. I’m not too keen on doing the deed in public.” I said giving her dangerous idea a dismissive wave.

Haruka: “I’d say that we’re lucky that you don’t have such a fetish…” Haruka said hugging her shoulders and shuddering from the very thought.

Illya: “True but, even if I did I wouldn’t force any of you to indulge me in it.” I say with a shrug.

I’d probably be able to convince them though. Corrupting girls is my specialty after all. Who else could seduce the Queen of the Demons so easily? No one else that I know of.

Diana: “You had bloodplay sex with us. I’m sure that if you can get us to do something so uhh… niche, you’d be able to get us to have sex in public.” Diana said with a smug expression on her face.

Ahh… She caught me. And she hasn’t even known me for that long. Maybe Diana isn’t as childish as I thought she was. Is she just playing around or something?

Illya: “I’m not the kind of person that likes to show my naked body to random people.” I say with a shudder.

Just thinking of such a thing happening makes me sick. I am a woman who could indulge in many different fetishes but, sex in public is too much even for a perverted lily girl like me.

Rin: “Pretty sure that you’d kill anyone that managed to force you into showing yourself nude in public.” Rin said with a sigh.

Haruka: “And in the most violent way possible.” Haruka said in a deadpan tone.

She knows me so well! I’ll make sure to pay extra “attention“ to her tonight. Maybe I’ll get Diana and Asami to help me…

Illya: “Aww stop, you’re going to make me blush.” I said while putting both of my hands on my cheeks and twisting around a bit like a school girl who just got called cute.

Rin: “…”

Haruka: “…”

Diana: “I’d honestly love to see that. The violent murder part I mean.” Diana said quickly correcting herself and ending her sentence with a laugh.

Well to be fair, she has already seen my naked body in depth before so, it was pretty clear what she actually meant. Again, I feel like she is just messing around.

Rias: “That’s right, you haven’t been on a ‘justified’ slaughter with us yet.” After saying that Rias licked her lips and seemed to be in a daze with a sexy smile on her face probably remembering our previous slaughters.

Oh no… I might have completely broken Rin… Eh, she is still cute either way. Even more cute to me since she gets off on killing her enemies like me.

Diana: “I did watch the previous one but, watching a slaughter and being the slaughterer are both very different things.” Diana said looking sad that she couldn’t join us.

Now that I think about it, what she said out of context would make her sound like some really really fucked up voyeurist… Well, cute girls can be forgiven for even the most terrible crime.

Illya: “Then, I do hope that the next ‘justified’ slaughter happens soon.” I flashed a very smug smile while saying that.

Rin: “Goddammit! You just jinxed us…” Rin said with a facepalm.

I think this might be the first time I’ve ever heard Rin swear. Ahh, they grow up so fast. And I corrupt girls so well. I truly have a talent for it.

Everyone besides Diana looked at me similar to how Rin did so, looks like they all agree that I have forsaken them all to a bloodbath at some point in our stay at this resort. The good thing is that Diana looked very happy at my comment. Cute!

Haruka: “Don’t worry mom, we’re already prepared for a bloodbath just in case it happens.” Haruka said with a smile.

For the second time of the day, Haruka was comforting her mother. She is truly a good daughter. Rin isn’t used to my antics just yet unlike the rest of my harem so, must crazy things I do affect her more than them.

Rin: “That’s good to know.” Rin said with a calm tone as her daughter consoled her.

Asami: “I know that you got a little mad at Illya for buying an entire resort but, I’m surprised at the fact that you haven’t complained about what she named it.” Asami said with a smug smile. Like mother like daughter I guess.

Rin: “Huh? I’m going to regret asking but, what did she name it?” Rin said with a nervous tone.

In preparation for hearing the name of my resort, she was still being hugged by her daughter. Like I said, Haruka is an amazing daughter.

Asami: “Oh nothing special, just ”Illya’s Wonderful Love Nest Resort!“.” She said that as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say.

Rin: “…”

Rin: “Illya, at times like this, I like to wonder who your parents are and, how they act.” Rin said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “Trust me, they’re quite ‘interesting’ to say the least. Isn’t that right Asami?” I say while showing Asami a very smug grin, which caused her to blush and stutter her words. Cute!

Asami: “Y-yea that’s right.” Asami said while looking away from me with a blush on her face.

Rias: “…”

Haruka: “You know Illya’s parents?” Haruka said while tilting her head.

Lots of head tilting going on today it seems. Not that I’m complaining, girls are cute when they do pretty much anything after all.

Illya: “Oh, she is very familiar with them but, that’s a story for another time.” I say while flashing my nth smug face of the day.

Another time being after we’ve been together for a few years. I can’t wait to see what kind of faces they’ll make when they realize that they’ve had an orgy and possibly more orgies with one of my mothers.

Asami: “A-Another time…” Asami dejectedly said.

Looks like she isn’t looking forward to the day that I reveal her identity as my mother. Then again, it’s not like I’ll tell anyone unless she is fine with me doing so. So far the only one who knows about her identity as one of my mothers is Rias and, I’m completely fine with keeping it that way.

Even so, whilst I was still salivating over that idea, one of the resort employees informed us that the BBQ and other foods were done. Though it’s not my cooking, this resort is well known for its amazing food. It’ll be even more amazing since I gave them a stupid high budget and all of the ingredients are the highest quality money can buy.

Illya: “Food is done. Let's eat and then take a dip in the beach.” Before I said that I clapped my hands to get their attention.

Everyone: “Alright.” Everyone said in unison.

You wouldn’t think that I’m the youngest here going by how they all replied like preschoolers on a school trip. Eh, they’re cute so I don’t really care though, Diana continuing to play along even though she is the Queen of the Demons is a little jarring since I’m pretty sure she is older than most of us maybe even including Asami… Then again, she is cute, and cute is justice so who cares? I sure as hell don’t.

Everyone was sitting around an uh… Round table and eating. Right around when we were almost done with our food Rias set up a flag.

Rias: “Alright... I think it's about time something stupid happens.” Rias said with a sigh. Unlike Asami, Rias properly sighed.

Haruka: “Yup. We’ve luckily got some extra time to chill before someone shows up trying to kill Illya.” Probably in preparation for said stupid thing, Haruka finished up her food.

Diana: “Hopefully! I am really itching for a slaughter.” Diana said while licking her lips.

Aww, the face of pure excitement that she made would really be even cuter if, not for the fact she only made that face because she might have a chance to slaughter something… As for her licking her lips, I can’t tell if it was because of the food or because of the whole slaughter thing.

Rin: “…”

It’s fine Rin dear. You’re definitely the most normal out of all of us, don’t worry we’ll protect you. And by that, I mean, corrupt you until you are fine with slaughtering your enemies and enjoying it as well. Though, I’d doubt that would happen considering that Rin isn’t really the fighting type.

Illya: “I know that I jinxed it earlier but surely nothing ba…”

Before I could even finish my sentence, the sky which was completely free of clouds and previously had a bright sun shining down, was now covered in dark clouds and from what you could see from behind the clouds the sun and sky were tainted a blood red.

Illya: “This is surely just a naturally occurring phenomenon and nothing to be afraid of.” I said like I was in some sitcom but, in a deadpan tone and expression.

Rin: “…”

Haruka: “…”

Rias: “…”

Diana: “This is a common occurrence in the Demon Realm but, I don’t recall anything like this happening in this dimension… Well, this is good for me though. Surely some will show up that I can kill!” Diana said looking like a kid in a candy store.

Meanwhile, everyone looked at me as if this was all somehow my fault. Stupid luck stat not doing shit at all! Anyway, to try to fix the mood I just glanced at them all and said…

Illya: “Teehee!” I said whilst tilting my head to the side and bonking it.

To which they all gave me a look of contempt, Well at least Diana found it funny enough to start laughing hard.

I was about to try and figure out what could have caused such a drastic and stupid thing to happen but, a figure appeared floating in the air above us.

???: “MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” So said the being with a girlish voice.


I don’t think that she is mad or anything, she probably just wanted to make sure that we actually heard what she was actually saying since she is pretty far away from us floating in the sky.

The person that said this was a loli of some sort well, to be fair she looked older than me at least maturity wise. Said loli had deep black hair with twin ponytails and pure black eyes. Her outfit was fittingly a gothic lolita black dress with a black headband. She was probably 15 or so depending on if she isn’t actually some absurd age and didn't just look young. Cute! That is what I would say if she didn’t just declare that she was going to “END!“ me.

Illya: “COME AGAIN?” I yell.

???: “I SAID THAT I…” She also yelled.

Illya: “WHAT?” I yell again.

???: “I SAID…” She was about to yell in an annoyed tone before I cut her off.


That is a complete lie and I just was wondering if she was as stupid as she was small. My harem members instantly realized what my goal was as well.

Rin: “…”

Haruka: “…”

Diana: “…”

Rias: “…”

Asami: “Illya…” Asami said with a face plam.

Asami cut herself off. She was probably going to say that no one would be that stupid but before she was able to reprimand my stupidity, that said loli actually came down towards us. Huh… Someone as stupid as me, how rare.

???: “There! Surely you can hear me now, I mean I’m just a few feet away from you.” Said loli says this with a :T pouting face.

Illya: “I can hear you loud and clear now. What’s your purpose here?” I say with a tone that someone would use when talking to a little kid.

Assuming something bad was going to happen I flicked my wrist and sent all of the staff here off the island so that they would be safe. Now the only ones left on the island are my lovers and that loli.

???: “My name is the great Arath. On behalf of the Celestial Unification Army, I am here to kill you.” Arath said with a proud tone.

Illya: “Why’s that?” I say as if her words mean nothing and don’t scare me at all.

Arath: “You’re the daughter of Yuna and Mia, as such killing you is a high priority.” Arath said holding her chin up high.

Seems like she doesn’t know that she really can’t do shit to me. Good to know that they never found out who killed that commander whose name I can’t seem to recall. Do they even know that he is dead? Though, It looks like the cats are out of the bag. Yuna sure has terrible timing with things. Didn’t she say that they wouldn’t be able to do much for a while? Though, me being her daughter and doing similar stuff means I can’t really complain at all.

Illya: “Oh and why do you think that you have a chance against me little girl? let alone my lovers.” I say with a thinking pose.

Arath: “L-little girl? You’re talking to the daughter of the leader of the Celestial Unification Army. Despite my looks, I am well over 500 years old.” Arath said in an annoyed tone.

Oh, so their group does have a name, too bad that it's stupid and I hate it. I was sorta hoping that the name she said before was just a joke but, turns out that they really just have a terrible naming sense.

Arath: “If you think that some weak reborn spawn of those two can really go against me you’re truly foolish indeed just like your mothers.” Arath said with an overly smug face similar to the faces I made earlier.

Why is the Celestial Unification Army so bad at gathering information? I mean do they even know that I killed B… Whatever his name was? I’ve gotten tired of using inspect on small fry but, even without using it, I can tell that the only one here that she is able to kill is Rin. She has like a 15% chance to be able to kill Haruka. I mean, among my lovers not a single one of them has gotten into a fighting stance. The only one who looks scared is Rin.

Illya: “What was the name of the second in command of the Celestial Unification Army?” I say with one of my fingers on my lips.

Arath: “Uh? What do you exactly mean by was?... Anyway, The second in command is lord Baz.” Arath said looking confused at my comment.

Illya: “That so?” I said with a sinister smile.

Arath: “…”

The reason why the loli Arath was speechless was that I had just taken out Baz’s head from my inventory. Still just as fresh as it was when I severed it thanks to time being frozen in my storage.


What? Why do I have his head in my inventory?

I might forget their names but, I still like to collect war trophies you know.


That’s insane? Are you crazy?

Nonsense! I am perfectly mentally stable and can be trusted with my absurd amount of wealth and power. Teehee!

Illya: “Between you and Baz, who is stronger?” I say while putting the head back into my inventory. Can't let my trophies rot now can I?

Arath: “I-IMPOSSIBLE!” Arath said while shuddering. She is in the first stage of grief it seems.

Illya: “Very possible. I mean he wasn’t even a challenge.” I say with a sigh.

Rias: “She even forgot his name even though it wasn’t that long ago that we killed him. Illya only asked you for his name because she had forgotten it.” Rias said with a deadpan tone.


Rias: “Rather than a fight, it was more like we’re just getting off.” Rias said with an evil smile.

Arath: “E-Even so… If you had killed that army of demons then, the Queen of demons won’t be idle and will want revenge. I can get her to help me fight you all!” Arath said triumphantly.

Diana: “Queen of the demons here!” Diana said like she was in a sitcom with a salute.

Arath: “Diana… W-what are you doing here?” Arath said with a shocked expression.

Diana: “After Illya, had defeated one of my elite soldiers, I was curious about her, and then I had watched Illya slaughter an army of mine and I instantly fell in love with her.” Diana said like a young girl confessing to her crush.

Arath: “T-that can’t be…” Arath said with a face of disbelief.

Illya: “Diana is currently one of my lovers actually.” I say with a smug smile.

Diana: “Currently and forever!” Saying so Diana went over to me and held up my chin with one of her hands and bent over and gave me a deep kiss.

She had to bend down to kiss me because again, she is quite tall. The kiss was amazing and lasted for a total of 8 minutes. During those 8 minutes, Arath had her mouth open seemingly unable to accept what she is seeing in front of her.

Arath: “Diana… The Celestial Unification Army won't take your betrayal lightly…” Arath said gritting her teeth.

Diana: “Ooo I am so scared!” Diana said in feigned terror.

Arath: “It’s true that if you help Illya she will be able to beat me but, where is your shame? You killed the members of your army!” Arath said angrily pointing at Diana.

Diana: “I did no such thing, foolish girl.” Diana said while doing a shrug.

Arath: “W-what do you mean?” Arath said with a shudder.

Diana: “Illya and her harem members killed them all by themselves and effortlessly at that.” Diana said with a laugh.

Arath: “…”

Diana: “Even if I don’t help Illya, she can kill you without much effort.” Diana said with confidence.

Diana: “The Celestial Unification Army? The only reason it still exists is because, Illya is too lazy and hasn’t gotten around to destroying it. I mean look at us, we aren’t even in any battle stance or have our weapons out.”

Illya: “She’s right... Wait, lazy?” I say while looking up at Diana with a pout.

Diana: “Lazy as a spoiled rich kid who will only do work at the last minute and who would rather be indulging herself in her desires at every waking moment.” Diana said in a mischievous tone.

Illya: “I mean… You aren’t wrong I guess…” I said in a defeated voice.

Diana: “Aww! Don’t worry don’t worry! I still love you very much!” Diana said that while patting and rubbing my head while I was pouting.

It's sorta nice being the one being comforted rather than being the one doing the comforting sometimes. I should ask Asami and Diana to indulge me later tonight.

Arath: “…”

Yet again, Arath was at a loss for words and just stared at us as if we were aliens or something weird.

Illya: “A-anyway, like Diana, said. You can’t win against me.” I say with a small stutter after separating Diana’s hand from my head.

Arath: “Even if I can’t win in a one-on-one fight, I can still win with numbers!”

Illya: “Sheesh! Will you learn to just accept defeat already huh?” Before saying this I appeared right in front of Arath and started to pat her head.

Girl's heads were made to be headpatted and I know this for a fact!

Arath: “Fuck you!” Arath knocked my hand aside and backed up.

Haruka: “Wow! She’s like an another Illya!” Haruka says whilst looking at Arath with sparkling eyes.

Illya: “Hey! How is she like me in any way?” Once again I was pouting.

Asami: “Looks like a little girl, swears more than a sailor.” Asami said smugly

Haruka: “Yeah exactly!” Haruka and Asami gave each other a high-five.

Oh sweet innocent Haruka, that’s one of my mothers that you’re getting all buddy-buddy with. Maybe I should tell her that tonight as payback…

Illya: “Fair.” I say and shrug.

Arath: “Damn you all! Fucking listen to me already!” Arath said while stomping her foot on the sand once again.

Illya: “What’s that? I’m far too busy mingling with my lovers to deal with a small fry like you.” I say while waving her off.

Arath: “YOU WON’T IGNORE ME WITH THIS! GYAMPUR ONGEK CRIJEEKE!” After she yelled that. magic swirled uh… magically around her.

Illya: “Oh shit! She’s speaking in a magic like language that I don’t know of! She’s serious!” I say feigning great concern.

The dark sky got uh… darker and the ground shook. All of a sudden zombies sprouted out from the ground. All groaning as if to say “Mmm gimme brains” or that’s at least what I think they’re trying to say.

Illya: “Dammit! I hate zombies!” I say stomping my foot on the ground killing an emerging zombie under me.

Fucker got blood on my dress which I quickly cleaned off with magic. If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a dress instead of a swimsuit, it’s because I’ve already changed my and my lover's clothes already. I do like getting covered in the blood of my enemies but, I draw the line at disgusting and rotting zombie blood.

Haruka: “Ditto!” Haruka said with her usual pep that doesn’t fit her mature appearance.

Rias: “Same here.” Rias said raising her left hand like a school kid asking the teacher if they could go to the bathroom.

Rin: “…” Seems like Rin has decided to shut her brain off long ago.

Diana: “I hate them as well. I don't get any pleasure from killing soulless husks.” Diana said looking at the zombies with disgust.

Illya: “Right?” I give Diana a thumbs up.

Diana: “You really get me Illya!” While saying this Diana gives me a big hug and spins around with me in her arms.

That was pretty fun not going to lie. I should ask her to do that to my other lovers as well. They would probably get a kick out of it at least.

Everyone else besides Illya and Diana: “…”

Illya: “Aww how cute!” I say while giving my harem members other than Diana headpats.

Diana: “What’s that?” Diana says tilting her head like a puppy. Cute!

Illya: “Everyone besides us hates zombies because they find them disgusting while, we hate them solely because killing them gives no pleasure whatsoever.” I say with a laugh.

Diana: “Aww that is quite cute! We have to make sure to pamper them later.” While saying this, Diana gave Rais, Haruka, and Rin headpats.

Illya: “By pampering, I assume you mean the sexual kind, right?” I say with a smirk.

Diana: “Correct!” And finally, she gave me a long-awaited headpat as well.

Ahh, affirmation via headpat feels so good! No wonder every girl I’ve ever patted on their head would have a look of pure bliss on their faces.

Arath: “Fucking hell! Can’t you all flirty assholes stop flirting with each other for at least five minutes!” Arath says while stomping her foot down over and over again to show her anger.

Arath seems to have a habit of stomping her foot on the ground when she gets mad. It’s a pretty cute quirk I have to say.

Illya: “No!” I say in a loud and serious tone.

Arath: “…”

Illya: “I would rather die than stop flirting with my lovers at every second!” I say with the conviction and power of a preacher.

Every one of my harem members: “She would!” They say in unison.

Illya: “Anyway, enough fooling around.”

Rias: “Aren’t you always fooling around Illya?” Rias said with a smirk.

Illya: “Maybe? Anyway, zombies really? How is that going to stop us?“ I say in a questioning tone.

Despite us having a conversation like all is normal, me and Diana were constantly killing the zombies around us with magic and our fists.

Arath: “Regardless of how powerful you’re, you can still become infected with the virus that inhabits these zombies.” Arath said with a confident tone.

Again, their information network is probably nonexistent. I’ve already cured every illness, poison, and disease in existence. Even those that refused to be vaccinated are immune to everything because I put all of the vaccines into their food and water. Wait… Me and my lovers are also immortal so we're double immune. I gave Rin half immortality already so, she is also safe.

Illya: “Really your group is greatly lacking an information network it seems.” I say with a smug expression.

Arath: “Huh? what do you mean?” Arath said with a confused expression.

Illya: “I’ve already cured everything that could be labeled an illness. Everyone in this world is immune to EVERYTHING and if they weren’t, it would take only a few seconds to be because of how effective their antibodies are.” I say with a proud tone.

Arath: “…”

Illya: “I bet you aren’t immune though.” I say in a smug tone.

Saying this I use magic to throw an uh "living" zombie towards Arath which, bites her because she wasn’t paying attention. Which, was my intention to distract her by being smug.

Arath: “OUCH!… DAMMIT! KNOW YOUR ENEMY FOOL!” Arath yells in pain before destroying the zombie that bite her with magic.

Illya: “Well, are you?” I say with a head tilt.

Arath: “Dammit! I’ll leave this dimension and get treated!” Arath said in a defeated tone.

A magic circle appears under Arath but, quickly fades away leaving Arath confused. This is MY dimension! Fool!

Illya: “Ara? Ara ara? Are you confused little one?” I say turning my head to the left with my left hand resting on my left cheek.

Diana: “Please do that Ara ara thing in bed later Illya!” Diana said in an excited voice.

Diana’s face is flushed. looks like my ara araing has turned her on somewhat. Understandable!

Arath: “…”

Arath: “H-How?” Arath said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “This is my dimension so, of course, I can prevent someone from leaving it anytime I want.” I say with a shrug.

Arath: “Y-you’re that powerful? I refuse to believe it!” Arath said with a nervous tone.

Illya: “That I am, Care to take a look at my status?” I say with a smug expression.

Arath: “Really? I don’t think it’ll be that impressive though…” Arath said in denial.

Illya: “Status.”


Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 550

HP: 158,785/158,785

MP: 15,917,938/15,917,938

INT: 3845

STR: 5415

DEF: 15,851

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999

Oh, my level went up… Does having sex increase my level or something? While Arath was in the process of losing her mind I put a silencing barrier around me and Asami because I wanted to ask her about my level increasing even though I haven’t killed anything since last time. I don’t recall getting notifications for killing Baz and all of those demons.

Illya: “Hey Mom.” I say with rather than a smug face but with a seductive one.

Asami: “Please I beg you not to call me that…” Asami said with a slightly pleading tone.

She didn’t shudder or anything, probably because the others can’t hear us. She more of just looked mad. Cute!

Illya: “Don't worry, only you and me can hear each other in this barrier though, I’m sure you would like it if I called you mommy in bed.” After saying that I licked my lips. And held Asami in my arms face to face, boobs to boobs, etc.

Asami: “M-Maybe… But when it's just us.” Asami said with an embarrassed tone.

She was blushing a lot and broke from my hold. Shame. Squashing your breasts on another girl's breasts is quite an enjoyable experience.

Illya: “Sure.“ I say motioning her to give me a pinky swear which, she pinky swore with me.

Asami: “Are you a child?” Asami said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “Yup! And your child at that.” I say while patting my chest.

Asami: “…”

Illya: “At least give me some reaction! Like a laugh or something.” I say with a pout.

Asami: “Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t put up that barrier to just flirt with me, is there something you want to ask me?” Asami said with a sigh.

Illya: “You saw my stats right?” I say in a serious tone.

Asami: “Yes I did and I’m pissed off!” Asami said in an annoyed tone.

Illya: “Oh, why?” I say while tilting my head doing the same as Diana.

Asami: “How the hell did you become so powerful? Me and Yuna don’t even come close…” Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Beats me, I just killed a bunch of shit and my stats ended up like that.” I say with a shrug.

Asami: “H-how many genocides have you done?” Asami said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “I don’t recall, I stopped counting at the third one.” I said this like it's normal to have multiple genocides under your belt.

Asami: “I’m glad that you're on the good side.” Asami said with a hand on her head.

Illya: “Good side? What’s that? Can I eat it?” I said tilting my head again.

Asami: “Well… I guess I have to at least be glad that no one on the good side has pissed you off.” Asami says while doing a facepalm.

Illya: “Can we get back to my question now okaasan?” I say with a smirk

Asami: “ILLYA! WHAT I SAID STILL APPLIES EVEN IF YOU SAY IT IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!” Asami yells after bonking me on the head.

Illya: “It’s just us here though?” I say with a tone like an innocent little girl.

Asami: “YOU MAY ONLY SAY THAT IN BED WHEN IT’S JUST US!” Asami yells again.

Illya: “How unfortunate.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Asami: “Well whatever, what was your question again.” Asami said with another sigh.

Illya: “I don’t remember, I was having too much fun flirting with you.” I say with a laugh.

Asami: “YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Saying this Asami repeatedly bopped my head over and over again. Didn’t hurt hehe.

Illya: “I’m joking!” I say after blocking her latest head bop attempt.

Asami: “Are you sure?” Asami said with a look like she didn’t believe me at all.

Illya: “Yes! Now, as for my question, Does having sex increase your level?” I say in a serious tone.

Asami: “No!?” Asami said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “I mean obviously but, what about with like with powerful beings like us?” I say with a hand on my chin.

Asami: “STILL NO!” Asami said with another head bop.

Illya: “You sure? I haven’t killed anything since the last time I checked my status but my level went up a shit ton. Look at yours.” I say while jokingly rubbing the spot on my head that she bopped.

Asami: “That sounds hard to believe but, I’ll humor you.” Asami said with a sigh.

Asami: “Status.”


Name: Miya Asami

Race: Quasi Celestial human.

Sex: Female

Age: 32

Level: 285

HP: 55,382/55,382

MP: 910,938/910,938

INT: 545

STR: 1215

DEF: 851

Luck: 5

Asami: “What?…” Asami said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “Why the shock?” I say with a confused expression.

Asami: “Last time I checked my status, I was level 85…” Asami said with a look of disbelief.

Illya: “Let me guess. The last time you checked was before you met me right?” I say with a knowing smile.

Level 285 doesn’t sound high but, it’s pretty hard to level up in this dimension. With there not being any monsters or high-level beings, leveling up here is a challenge.

Asami: “That’s right. I never really checked my level since leveling up takes so long and I hate the level-up notification and noise so I disabled it long ago.” Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “So? How goes my sex leveling theory?” I say with a smug expression.

Asami: “Well… It seems plausible. We would have to ask Yuna…” Asami said with one of her hands on her hip.

Illya: “My level-up notifications should be on since I don’t recall ever turning them off or even knowing how to do so but, I didn’t get any notifications even though I definitely leveled up a lot.” I say with a confused expression.

Asami: “Save it for Yuna…” Asami said with a sigh.

Illya: “Oh I can just ask her now. Hey, Yuna I got a question, I’m pretty sure that you’ve been listening as well so please answer it o mother of mine.” I say with an excited tone.

I stopped time and talked in my head so that I could talk to Yuna. I don’t need to be specifically sleeping for her to be able to talk to me since she did it before. It’s probably just easier to invade someone's dreams. I mean, it was pretty easy when I did it to Rias.

Yuna: “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice…” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Notice what? Was my theory correct?” I say in a questioning tone.

Yuna: “Knowing you, now you’re going to go on a powerleveling plan with your lovers which just involves you having sex with them…” Yuna said with another sigh.

Illya: “True.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Yuna: “At least deny it!” Yuna said in a reproachful tone.

Illya: “Where’s the fun in that? Oh right! What if they have sex with each other but not me?” I say in a serious tone.

Yuna: “They only get exp from having sex with you. I have to thank you for making Asami stronger I guess…” Yuna said in an annoyed tone.

Illya: “Ara I see… Wanna sex powerlevel with me and my lovers?” I say in an alluring tone.

Yuna: “I AM YOUR MOTHER!” Yuna yelled.

Illya: “So is Asami and that didn’t stop me.” I say with a shrug even though she can’t see me.

Yuna: “EVEN SO!” Yuna said in a loud voice trying to scold me.

Illya: “Yuna, I can tell when you’re watching me.” I said with a smug tone.

Yuna: “AND?” Yuna said in a loud confused voice.

Illya: “Dear mother of mine, how come that you are always watching me and my lovers have sex?” I say in a knowing tone.

Unfortunately, I can’t make a smug face whilst talking in my mind.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “…”

Yuna: “I-i plead the fifth!” Yuna said in a flustered tone.

Illya: “They have that in the world of the creators?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yuna: “We do now!” Yuna said in an angry tone.

Illya: “Still waiting on your answer to my proposal.” I say in a seductive voice.

Yuna: “A-after the war is over, then I’ll think about it but, only with you and not with the other members of your harem or Asami.” Yuna said with a slightly embarrassed tone.

Yosh! I’ve seduced both of my mothers now… What the hell is wrong with me? Welp, I have crossed many lines I shouldn’t have long ago and I ain’t going back now.

Illya: “You don’t want to have sex with your own wife? What are you a cuck? Is that it? Did you enjoy watching me every time that I had sex with Asami?” I say with a questioning tone.


Illya: “That so? Still, it’s good to know that you can make a joke.” I say with a laugh.

Yuna: “EAT SHIT AND DIE!” Yuna yelled once again.

Illya: “How could you say that to your own daughter? You’ve truly hurt my feelings.” I say with a fake sad tone.

Yuna: “I’ll have you know that I didn’t swear this much until I met Asami and only got to this point after I started talking to you. You horrible corrupter of women!” Yuna said in a fed up tone.

Illya: “That’s me alright! Truly I should have a title called *Illya Corrupter of beautiful women.* or something like that.”


Congratulations! You gained a new title!

Illya Corrupter of Beautiful Women. Rarity SSS.

Illya: “I WAS FUCKING JOKING GODDAMMIT!” I scream in a loud tone.

Yuna: “Serves you right!” Yuna said with a smug tone.

Illya: “I have a migraine…” I say while rubbing my head with one of my hands.

Yuna: “How does it feel huh? You give me and your harem members multiple migraines a day.” Yuna said with a pout.

Illya: “The pain is almost euphoric Yuna.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Yuna: “What? Aren’t you a sadist and not a masochist?” Yuna said with a confused tone.

Illya: “I’m definitely a sadist. That was just a quote.” I say quickly.

Yuna: “Would you enlighten me on where the quote comes from?” Yuna said in a questioning tone.

Illya: “It involves a talking dog and rabbit, no I won’t explain any more than that.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Yuna: “Alright…” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Hey wait, if sex really increases my level and the level of those I do the deed with, how come I don’t get notified for it?” I say with a confused tone.

Yuna: “You have sex like every day and for days on end for god's sake… You would go insane if you got notified for each level up. I set it so the system doesn’t notify you for exp and levels.” Yuna explained in an annoyed tone.

Illya: “Oh really? How thoughtful! What would I do without you o sweet mother of mine.” I say in a loving tone.

Yuna: “Destroy everything that wasn’t a beautiful woman in existence?” Yuna said in an angry tone.

Illya: “Probably... Anyway, keep your bed warm for me.” I say in a smug tone.

Yuna: “Oh does that mean that you’re going to destroy the Celestial Unification Army soon?” Yuna said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “Depends.” I say with a deadpan tone.

Yuna: “On what?” Yuna said with a confused tone.

Illya: “Is their leader a beautiful woman?” I say with an excited tone.

Yuna: “Yes she is…” Yuna said with a fed up tone.

Though I can’t tell what her reactions are, I’m assuming that she probably threw something across the room going on how I heard something hit a wall or something like that.

Illya: “Cool. I’m going to kidnap her daughter.” I say something so bad in a calm tone.

Yuna: “I will most likely regret asking but, why?” Yuna said with a tired tone.

Illya: “I’m going to get her to join my harem and if she doesn’t want to, I’ll just hold onto her until her mother shows up.” I say with an evil tone.

Yuna: “Please don’t tell me that you’re planning to seduce the leader of the army that is not only trying to kill me but, who also killed my wife?” Yuna said in an angry tone.

Illya: “That’s exactly what I plan to do though?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “I don’t think she will go along with your whims…” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Why not? She just wants power right?” I say with a questioning tone.

Yuna: “That is the reason why she wants my throne so, I think so.” Yuna said in a tone like she was thinking about something.

Illya: “Currently I can give her far more power and benefits than she would get from taking your throne.” I say with a proud tone.

Yuna: “That’s true…” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Oh, I’ve just come up with a title for a light novel.” I say with an excited tone.

Yuna: “What is it?” Yuna said in a deadpan tone.

Illya: “The mortal enemy of my mothers is also my sex friend.” I smugly say.

Yuna: “…”

Yuna: “Fuck it! Do whatever you want I don’t care anymore…” Yuna said after she probably threw another object across her room.

Illya: “Thanks for the approval, okaasan!” I say in a seductive tone.

Yuna: “DONT USE THE SAME JOKE TWICE!” Yuna yelled.

I was never keen on her lectures so, I cut her off and return time back to normal. She can yell at me later or not at all since, by then she’ll cool off.

Asami: “You can talk to Yuna?” Asami said with a head tilt. Cute!

Illya: “I already did.” I say with shrug.

Asami: “Did you stop time to talk to her?” Asami said with of hands on her chin.

Illya: “That’s right.” I say with a calm tone.

Asami: “What’s the verdict?” Asami said with a sigh.

Illya: “Sex exp confirmed!” I say with an excited tone.

Asami: “Ignoring that comment, I’m guessing she just turned off the level-up notification because otherwise, we’d go insane with all of them popping up?” Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Correct!” I say with a thumbs up.

Asami: “Will you tell the others about it?” Asami said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “Sure.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Saying so I removed the barrier that I had set up. Diana was still swatting the zombies away like flies and Arath was still in shock.

Illya: “Everyone.” I say after clapping my hands.

They all looked at me not counting Arath who as I said was still in shock. Oh, wait she came to her senses and is now listening to what I’m about to say.

Illya: “I have confirmed with my mother, Yuna the Queen of the creators that I do, in fact, give you all exp when you have sex with me.” I say with a proud tone.

Everyone: “…”

Illya: “Henceforth it will be called Sex Exp and having sex with me will be called Sex Leveling. No, I don’t take criticism.” I say with a smug expression.

Everyone: “…”

Everyone just stared at me in shock. Hmm… Yes, that was the effect that I was going for. Even Diana looked quite shocked but, she was still killing any zombies that approached us skillfully. Pretty sure that she is just having fun again.

Arath: “If I wasn’t going to die I would so ask you if I could join your harem…” She says while looking sad.

Illya: “Oh, why the change of heart? It was only a few minutes ago that you wanted to kill me.” I say while pretending to make a shocked face.

Arath: “This war is pointless. Like Diana said, you could end it whenever you want and the benefits we would get if we did win pale in comparison to being one of your lovers.” She said dejectedly.

Illya: “I don’t mind you joining my harem you know.” I say with a head tilt.

Arath: “That so? It’s unfortunate that I will soon be a zombie.” Arath said with a sigh.

Rias: “You seem to not understand Illya at all.” Rias says while shaking her head.

Arath: “And why is that?” Arath said with a confused expression.

Rias: “You’re beautiful.” Rias says while pointing at Arath.

Arath: “Well thanks for the compliment. You’re quite beautiful as well but, what does it matter that I’m beautiful?” Arath said with a slight blush on her face.

Rias: “Illya would never hurt let alone kill a beautiful woman.” Rias confidently said.

Arath: “She threw a zombie at me that ended up biting me though…” Arath said with a confused expression.

Rias: “You did say “Ouch!” But, that was by reflex, do you feel pain from your wound? Being bit by a zombie would be pretty painful. In yet, you have complained about the pain at all.” Rias explained calmly.

Arath: “There is n-no pain from it…” Arath said confused about how she doesn't feel pain from being bit by a zombie.

Rias: “That is because Illya made it so you wouldn’t feel pain from it.” Rias said with a smile.

Illya: “Guilty as charged!” I say with a salute.

Arath: “B-but I’m still going to turn into a zombie…” Arath said with a sad expression on her face.

Illya: “About that…“ I say with a seductive smile on my face before vanishing.

I appear yet again in front of Arath and hold her in my embrace. Face to face, breast to breast, etc. Optimal female docking procedure.

Arath: “W-why so close?” Arath says while brushing heavily.

Illya: “May I kiss you?” I say with a smile.

Arath: “S-sure!” Arath said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “Great! Thanks for the meal!” I say before licking my lips.

I give Arath my patented deep kiss for a total of 15 minutes. She melted into my arms quickly but, I couldn’t help myself and selfishly played with her mouth and tongue until I was satisfied.

Arath: “T-that was an amazing kiss but, why exactly did you kiss me?” Arath said with a blush while wiping my saliva off her mouth and face.

Illya: “To cure your zombie infection and also because you’re cute. Ahh, I also healed your bite whilst we were kissing.” I explained calmly.

Arath: “I-i see thanks...” Arath said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “Now then. Welcome to my harem. I’ll introduce you to them once all of these zombies are gone. Oh yeah, just so you aren’t surprised, if your mother is to my liking then I’ll be trying to get her to join my harem as well.” I say something you should never say to someone's child in a confident tone.

Arath: “I’m going to ignore that comment about my mother for now, How are you going to deal with the zombies?” Arath said with a head tilt.

Illya: “I’m going to kill them?” I reply with a head tilt of my own.

Arath: “But there are so many of them?” Arath said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Cancel your spell?” I say with another head tilt.

Arath: “I can’t. It’s already been cast.” Arath said with a remorseful tone.

Illya: “How many zombies will appear?” I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Arath: “Between 1 to 8 million.” Arath said as if summoning that many zombies was an easy thing that anyone could do.

Illya: “Were you planning on destroying this dimension along with us?” I say with a questioning tone.

Arath: “That is so.” Arath said in a deadpan tone.

Illya: “Spicy.” I also say in a deadpan tone.

Illya: “Alright girls, let's get to work.” I say while clasping my hands.

I snapped my fingers and a pile of guns showed up. The pile consisted of Shotguns, Handguns, Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and RPGs. I do like guns quite a lot but, it seems that my harem members would prefer their op weapons over them since no one picked one up.

Diana: “What might these weapons be Illya?” Diana said with a confused expression on her face.

Illya: “Oh, they’re firearms or guns. Here I’ll give you the information on them.” I say before touching Diana and transferring her information on firearms.

Diana: “Thanks! Oh, I see so it's like magic in a way.” Diana said with an excited smile.

Illya: “That’s one way to put it.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Haruka: “Um… Wouldn’t our weapons be better to kill the zombies?” Haruka said with a confused tone.

Illya: “Yeah but, it’s more fun to kill them with guns. Or would you prefer a paddle?“ I say with a smug expression.

Haruka: “…”

Rias: “I agree with Haruka, With the number of zombies we would quickly run out of ammo.” Rias said in a stern tone.

Illya: “Two words,” I say after I hold up my hand and show two fingers up.

Illya: “Infinite and Ammo.” I say with an evil smile.

Rias: “…”

Haruka: “What about reloading?” Haruka said with a head tilt.

Illya: “No reloads necessary.” I explain in a happy tone.

Diana: “Even with infinite ammo I don’t think the bullets would be effective against the zombies I mean they’re pretty fresh.” Diana said after going through the information that I gave her about firearms.

Illya: “Magic bullets.” I say after putting one of my fingers on Diana’s lips.

It was pretty funny because I had to stand on my tippy toes to be able to reach her lips with my finger. Tall women sure have their charms.

Diana: “I’m sold!“ Diana immediately rushed over and picked up an RPG.

Haruka: “Me too!” Haruka also rushed over to the pile and picked up a full-auto rifle.

Rias: “She had me at infinite ammo.” Rias gracefully walked over and picked up a pair of semi-auto handguns.

Arath: “Sounds fun!” Arath mimicked Rias and walked to the pile with grace but, the excitement on her face was plain to see. Arath picked up a sniper.

Rin: “I would like to join in but, I don’t know how to use a gun…” Rin said dejectedly.

Illya: “Do not worry, Rin dear. I could easily just beam you the information on how to use a gun but, I think it would be far more fun to teach you myself.” I say with a seductive smile.

Rin: “You just want a good excuse to grope me, don’t you?” Rin said with a knowing smile.

Illya: “Who knows?” I say answering a question with another question smugly.

Rin: “…”

Illya: “Whoever kills the most zombies will get a prize!” I said after clapping my hands.

Everyone besides Arath: “The prize is sex isn’t it?” they said in unison again.

Illya: “NO!” I said with a pout.

Everyone: “…”

Illya: “Sex is a given, The prize will be a one-on-one date with me.” I say with a smile.

I said that as a joke but, surprisingly every one of them including Arath immediately started killing zombies in rapid succession. Arath dear, we’ve only shared one kiss, and yet here you are getting multiple zombie kills in one shot via headshots. The expression on her face is of complete joy. Ah yes, you will do fine in my harem. Looks like I don’t have to do much to corrupt her.

After teaching Rin how to use a handgun for an hour she was off to the races and was expertly killing off zombies. I must be a good teacher. Speaking of teaching, I skillfully groped Rin multiple times whilst teaching her, The first few times was a complete accident I swear! I mean you have to get pretty close to show someone how to properly hold a firearm and I just so happen to touch her breasts and her hips a few times. I think I may have finally corrupted her because, after the first few times, she kept trying to get me to “accidentally“ touch her in sensitive places.

As for the zombies, I joined in too, and used a handgun. I wasn’t being as serious as the rest of them and was just having fun. Honestly, even though they’re soulless husks and I shouldn’t feel anything from killing them, blowing their heads or body parts off with a gun was extremely enjoyable. Even Diana agreed with me.

There were a lot of dead on this island that Arath had summoned. The amount of magic she used must have been all she and. Probably the main reason why she went with a gun instead of using magic. Anyway, after 9 hours straight the kill count was like this.

Illya: 85,854 Zombies killed.
Haruka: 125,245 Zombies killed.
Rias: 185,782 Zombies killed.
Diana: 58,921 Zombies killed.
Rin: 25,780 Zombies killed.
Asami: 92,641 Zombies killed.
Arath: 35,932 Zombies killed.

So over half a million zombies were killed.

Even though I gave Diana information on how to use guns she surprisingly killed a low amount of zombies even though she had an RPG. Rin did pretty well and probably would have killed more but, she didn’t stop throwing up every time she killed a zombie until the 800th one. Arath did pretty well too even though I didn’t teach or give her any information on how to use guns. Rias did well but, to be fair I gave her instructions on how to use guns a long time ago so, that was to be expected. Haruka was surprising! I asked her why she was so good at using guns and she said because she loves them and has used them a lot.

Despite our 9 hour long shooting fest, there were still millions of zombies left. Since I’ve had my fill and I think the others did as well I decided to finish this little event.

Illya: “Okay, I’m bored now.” I say with a sigh.

After I said that, I snapped my fingers and used magic to kill the remaining 6 million zombies instantly. They all just exploded into a dense fog of blood.

Haruka: “I didn’t get enough points…” Haruka said after collapsing onto the ground.

Looks like she wanted to have a date with me. I understand where she is coming from. I’d love to go on a date with myself as well if I was someone else.

Arath: “Wait! Why didn’t you just do that in the first place? I don’t care that was pretty fun!” Arath said while taking a seat on one of the beach chairs.

Rin: “Thank God that’s over!” Rin says while also taking a seat on a beach chair.

Diana: “One step ahead of me Illya. I was also bored and was about to kill the remaining zombies with magic.” Diana said with a laugh.

Asami: “Illya you can’t go on a date with yourself!” Asami says while pouting.

Oi! Aren’t you my mother? Eh, I see Asami more as my lover than my mother anyway.

Illya: “My points don’t count.” I say with a shrug.

Rias: “Date acquired.” Rias said while putting her hand up in the air like a date with me was an item that she just acquired in a game.

I teleported all of the staff back to the island. Rather than put them back where they were before I sent them away I just summoned them all in front of me.

Manager: “Why did we get sent away? Was that magic?” The manager said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Someone summoned a bunch of zombies so, I sent you all away so you wouldn’t get hurt.” I say in a deadpan tone.

Manager: “Z-zombies?” She said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “Ask no more questions and resume work and I’ll give you all an $85 million dollar bonus.” I say with a serious tone.

Every Employee: “HURRAY FOR OWNER ILLYA!! HURRAY FOR AN ABSURD BONUS!!” They said in unison.

I have gotten their silence via money and there is no one in this dimension who could bribe them more than me so, I’m confident that no information will be leaked.

Illya: “Alright girls, today was quite eventful. Let's turn in for today.” I said after clapping my hands once again.

Haruka: “You mean have sex for days right?” Haruka said with a knowing expression.

Illya: “You know me so well.” I say with a smile while giving Haruka headpats.

Rin: “Umm…” Rin says while grabbing ahold of my dress to get my attention.

Illya: “Oh, what is it, my dearest Rin?” I say with a confused tone.

Rin: “C-can we talk alone?” Rin said with a slight stutter.

Illya: “We could but, I have an open policy with my harem so I’d prefer if we talk where everyone can hear us.” I say with an evil smile.

Rin: “…”

Illya: “Go on.” I say while urging Rin to speak.

Rin: “F-fine…” Rin said with a sigh.

Illya: “What is it? Come on, you know that you can tell me anything.” I say giving her a nudge.

Rin: “C-can we do it?” Rin said with a stutter and a blush on her face.

Illya: “Ara? What might this ”it“ be that you’re referring to?“ I say with an innocent tone.

Rin: “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!” Rin says grabbing my shoulders and shaking me.

Illya: “Can’t say I do. I am quite dense sometimes.” I say with a smug smirk.

Rin: “Can you and me have s-sex tonight?” Rin said with a stutter while barely being able to look me in the eyes.

Illya: “Ahh, how could I ever resist when you’re being so Goddamn cute?” I say while playing with her hair.

Rin: “I look forward…” Rin said with a smile.

Illya: “But, I will resist unless you do something for me.” I say with an evil tone.

Rin: “What is it?” Rin said looking quite mad that I requested her to do something for me so that I would have sex with her.

Illya: “Oh nothing special.” I say with a seductive smile.

I leaned in on Rin and whisper into her ear. What I had requested of her to do made her turn beet red. Seeing her reaction just makes me even more aroused.

Illya: “Do that and I’ll comfort you all night.” I say patting her shoulders.

Rin: “P-please…Have…” Rin said almost with tears.

Illya: “You can do it!” I say encouraging her like a cheerleader.

Rin: “Please…Have… S-sex leveling with me!” Rin said with an embarrassed yell.

Haruka: “Wow! You’ve actually got my mother to say that…” Haruka looked at me with respect.

Illya: “Wow! I am cringing so hard from hearing that. We won’t be calling having sex with me that anymore everyone and, yes dear Rin tonight, it will just be you and me all night.” I say while holding her chin with one of my hands.

Rin: “I look forward to it.” Rin says while pretending to be calm even though she's blushing like crazy.

Diana: “While you two are doing that, I’ll comfort the rest of the harem.” Diana said before licking her lips.

Illya: “Denied.” I said in a deadpan tone filled with denial.

Diana: “WHAT!? Why???” Diana says showing an absolutely shocked expression.

Illya: “You’re going to end up sexing them to death unless I’m there to stop you.” I say before proceeding to bop her on the head.

Again, she's like a mountain compared to me so I had to jump up and then bob her on the head. The whole exchange made the other members of my harem laugh.

Diana: “Ouch! I wouldn’t do such a thing… Wait! Aren’t all of your lovers immortal? Wouldn’t they just come back to life?” Diana said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Dying still sucks!” I bop her once again but, she doesn’t react. Looks like she really likes pretending for fun.

Diana: “Damn, you’re right.“ Diana said with a sigh after giving up.

Arath: “If it isn’t too much trouble, Illya. Could you perhaps please make me immortal as well?” Arath said while looking like a small animal begging for attention.

I guess she’s never had to ask someone for something for her to act like that. It’s a really cute expression that she’s making. And I thought that I’d already seen every single expression that a girl could make. Looks like I have a lot left to learn…

Illya: “I already did?” I said tilting my head to the left.

Arath: “What? When?“ Arath says while showing a pretty shocked expression.

Illya: “When I kissed you?” I said tilting my head to the right.

Arath: “Why are you saying that like a question?” Arath says looking like a vein is about to burst.

Illya: “It’s funny.” I say with a shrug.

Arath: “…”

Illya: “…”

Arath: “Is she always like this?” Arath said in an annoyed tone.

Rias: “She has been like this for as long as I’ve known her.” Rias said with a sigh.

Arath: “I am really immortal now? Or was she just messing with me?” Arath says looking like she’s beginning to get fed up with my antics.

Haruka: “Are you beautiful?” Haruka says with a deadpan expression.

Arath: “Y-yes.” Arath says while blushing.

Looks like she isn’t too certain that she is beautiful. Shame. Beautiful girls should always be told that they’re beautiful. Beautiful women make the world go round after all. Well, at least it makes my world go round.

Haruka: “Are you part of Illya’s harem?” Haruka says while maintaining her deadpan expression but somehow making it look even more deadpan.

Arath: “Yes.” Arath said proudly.

Arath was very confident in this so she answered easily. Cute!

Haruka: “Then Illya without a doubt made you immortal.” Haruka says while patting Arath’s head.

Arath: “I see…” Arath said happily as she was quite pleased by the fact that she is now immortal.

Is it hard to become immortal or something? It was pretty easy for me to become immortal, Akane became immortal too so surely it can't be that hard right?

Illya: “Hey Arath. Is it hard to become immortal?” I say with a questioning tone.

Arath: “My mother has been trying to become immortal for the 1500 years that she’s been alive and still hasn’t found a way so, I’d say yes.”

Illya: “But she’s lived for a long time? Isn’t she basically immortal?” I say with a confused expression.

Arath: “Celestials can live for thousands of years but, aren’t immortal.” Arath explained calmly.

Illya: “I thought that I was the last Celestial though?” I say with a shocked expression.

Arath: “Yes and no. You’re the last true Celestial, me and the rest of my kind are failures of Celestials. We’re maybe only 1% celestial.” Arath said with a slightly sad tone.

Illya: “I see. Thanks for the information.” I say while patting Arath’s head.

Arath: “N-no problem.” Arath said with a red face and a stutter.

Illya: “I know that all of you are quite aroused from all of the zombie killing but, please restrain yourself for tonight. Since tonight will just be for me and Rin. Tomorrow and the weeks after and maybe even months after that will be an orgy to remember.” I say while holding my arms out like I’m some priestess praying.

Everyone besides Rin: “Fine!” They said in unison.

Having sex with Rin was extremely amazing! Her moans were truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much stamina and she had reached her limit just 7 hours in. I had said this to her after we were done and cuddling in bed “Those are rookie numbers Rin, Especially compared to your own daughter.” Rather than reply with a comeback she just blushed and looked away. Cute! I decided to end our “session” with my signature never removing our mouths from each other deep kiss, Rin was only able to last for 48 minutes before she almost passed out which, at that point, I release her mouth from mine and a trail of a mix between mine her saliva fall onto her breasts.

While during the aftercare which, was just me holding, rubbing, and patting Rin’s head, Rin said that sex was the best she’s ever had and she also said that she felt bad about not lasting long. I told her I don’t mind since even though it was shorter than my usual sex sessions with my other lovers I still enjoyed myself quite a lot, I mean her moans and how she squirmed whenever she “finished” was just like I said, breathtaking! to which Rin blushed and looked away again.

If you are wondering yes, I did make Rin immortal before we did the deed since I was afraid that I might end up accidentally killing her from my lust filled attack. After I had finished pampering Rin for 4 hours, I made her some food of her request which was Wagyu steak of the highest grade and mashed potatoes. Even though it was already the next day I tucked her into bed since, sex with me is extremely taxing and Rin probably won't be able to walk right for at least a few days, the same thing happens to my other harem members even including Diana. I know what you’re thinking, aren’t they immortal? Shouldn’t any and all wounds be instantly healed? Well, you’re right but, even if I heal them, their legs still wobble like a newborn fawn when they try to walk after a session with me. I think it’s a physiological thing or something and that’s why I can’t heal it.

Since Rin was out of commission, I decided to enjoy the company of the rest of the members of my harem. Unlike Rin, the rest of my harem has almost endless stamina and, the session lasted for a total of 15 days. At first, it was pretty funny as I had Arath be introduced to my other lovers and say each other's names whilst kissing. Rin didn’t join back in because similar to Yuna she wasn’t open to having sex with a lot of people involved. One of those said people being her own daughter might also be one of the reasons why. As for Arath, she was pretty delicious! Arath surprisingly was a virgin, a fact that me and Diana both salivated over. I mean, you don’t get to take the virginity of a 500 year old woman often you know.

Speaking of Arath, her mother kept trying to contact her but, Arath keep just shutting off the magic communication circle each time it popped up. I asked her if it was alright to hang up on her own mother and she replied Arath: “I’ve never had a rebellious phase before so it was about time and besides, sex with you all feels too good to stop at least until I’m satisfied.” so, I decided to do as Arath and ignore her mothers calls. Her mother had called a staggering 7855 times in those 15 days before she stopped so, she might be heading to this dimension soon. Hmm... I hope that she is to my liking and also open to joining my harem.

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