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Chapter 19: Shocking revelation.

I was fully aware of who was trying to talk to me. It was someone who was probably going to scold me but, despite my best efforts not to wake up and give in to the voice telling me to do so, I, unfortunately, woke up. I had come up with a brilliant idea. I decided to pretend to be asleep just to mess with Yuna. That lasted for an hour and she never stopped trying to wake me up. Like when you set up multiple alarms but keep snoozing them.

Yuna: “Illya, wake up!” Yuna said with an annoyed tone.

Illya: “…”

Yuna: “HEY WAKE UP!! I KNOW THAT YOU’RE PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP!!!” Yuna yelled in the loudest voice that she could muster.

Illya: “SHUT UP ALREADY!!!” I yell in reply since she really hurt my eyes with that yell.

Yuna: “Great! You’re awake ”now“ we can talk.” Yuna said with a snarky tone.

Illya: “Awake you say? How can I even wake up while I’m dreaming?” I say with a head tilt even though Yuna can’t see me.

Yuna: “Don’t think about it too much.” Yuna said with a deadpan tone.

Illya: “Fine! What do you want to tell me?” I say with a sigh.

Yuna: “I have some bad and good news… Mostly bad actually.” Yuna said with a nervous tone.

Illya: “Bad news first, please.” I say in a neutral tone.

Yuna: “The ones plotting against me have almost found out about you and are invading the dimension you’re currently in to find and kill you.” Yuna said in a hurried tone.

Illya: “What do you mean by almost?” I say with a raised eyebrow.

Yuna: “Currently, they only know that there is a person in this dimension that I’m helping to some degree. Said people is someone that I’m hoping will help me fight back against them.” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Oh yeah!” I say in a shout.

Yuna: “What are you so excited over?” Yuna said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “Nothing special, I just completely forgot that I killed one of them yesterday.” I say in a smug tone.

Yuna: “What!? Really? Who was it exactly?” Yuna said with a shocked tone.

Illya: “Hmm… I’m trying to remember, If I’m being honest I sorta killed him before he could even talk so, I don’t even remember what he looked like, let alone remember his name.” I say with a shrug.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “I seem to have a habit of killing my enemies before they can speak and then completely forgetting about them afterwards.” I say while doing a thinking pose.

Yuna: “Don’t worry about that. Mia did the same thing very often as well.“ Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “Ah, the good old “I can blame my parents for my bad habit” excuse. What a classic” I say jokingly

Yuna: “Yes… Anyway, Illya, just try to remember his name, please. It's very important.” Yuna said in a motherly tone.

Illya: “Yes ma’am!” I jokingly say with a salute.

It took me waaaay too much time to remember that stupid man's name. More time than I’m willing to admit. Seriously, do you really expect me to remember each and every cannon fodder that I kill? I’d only remember them if they had actually given me a challenge.

Illya: “Bat?… Boot?… Dammit! I at least know that it started with a b.“ I say while doing a thinking pose.

Yuna: “It… It can’t be… Illya… Did you really kill Baz?” Yuna said with a completely shocked tone.

See? I didn’t actually remember his name at all which is why I didn’t bother to tell you how long it took. My brain power is mainly reserved for beautiful women after all.

Illya: “Yes. Me and my lovers killed him yesterday. We also killed all of the demons that he had brought with him.” I say proudly.

Yuna: “K-KILLED HIM? D-DEMON ARMY?” Yuna screams. Although I can’t see her, I suspect that she has spiral eyes right now.

Illya: “That’s what I said.” I say with a deadpan expression.

Yuna: “Oh no… This is bad! I didn’t think they would get the demons to help them… Though, with Baz being dead it might hurt them enough to where the demons helping won't help much.” Yuna said while probably doing a thinking pose.

Illya: “Why’s that?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “Baz was the second in command of those who are plotting against me.” Yuna said in a calm tone.

Illya: “You’re joking right?” I say with a shocked tone.

Yuna: “I’m not joking at all. Baz was an extremely important commander to them. I’m really grateful that you killed him Illya!” Yuna said in a warm voice.

Illya: “But… We killed him so effortlessly…” I say with a nervous tone.

Yuna: “Effortlessly? Can you check your status and let me see it?” Yuna said with a suspicious tone.

Illya: “Sure, Status.”



Name: Illya

Race: Celestial

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Level: 100

HP: 25,785/25,785

MP: 1,843,624/1,843,624

INT: 1218

STR: 2125

DEF: 9642

Luck: 10,777

Charm: 9999

Illya: “I thought you locked my stats?” I say with a head tilt.


Illya: “…”

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “Why did it get unlocked?” I say with a confused expression.

Yuna: “I don’t know and I don’t care anymore! You’re already like 800 times stronger than both Mia and me combined… You can fight the whole war by yourself without any trouble at all.” Yuna said in a tone that was a mix of annoyance and happiness.

Illya: “Well, even so, It's not like I’m just going to go kill them all right now.” I say with a shrug.

Yuna: “That’s fine. Since you have killed Baz and ruined their plan to invade this dimension, they’ll be quiet for a decent amount of time.” Yuna said with an understanding tone.

Illya: “Everything just always works out for me in the end!” I say with a laugh.

Yuna: “That it does… Though, you might want to deal with the demons.” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Actually, we don’t have to worry about them at all.” I say with a smug expression.

Yuna: “Don’t let your power go to your head. Those around you can still get killed.”

Illya: “Most of my lovers are already immortal.” I say with a shrug.

Yuna: “Even so…” Yuna said in a stern tone.

Illya: “I’m not letting my power get to me.” I say with a pout.

Yuna: “Then why do you think that we don’t have to worry about the demons?” Yuna said in a questioning tone.

Illya: “Guess who is laying next to me completely naked. Said person is someone who I also had sex for days with.” I say with the most smug expression that I’ve ever shown in both of my lifetimes.

Yuna: “You didn’t…” Yuna said with a nervous tone.

Illya: “That’s right! I did exactly what you think that I did.” I said with a prideful tone.

Yuna: “Y-you… You had sex with the Queen of The Demons?” Yuna said in a tone of pure disbelief and probably spiral eyes.

Illya: “On top of doing that, I’m pretty sure she will join my ever growing harem.” I say with a giggle.

Yuna: “I’m getting tired of you doing crazy things every day. I so miss those 15 years where you didn’t make much trouble.” Yuna said with a sigh.

Illya: “I for one, am enjoying it greatly.” I say with a smirk.

Yuna: “…”

Illya: “Was that all of the bad news?” I say with in a serious tone.

Yuna: “Unfortunately not… The other bad news is that, even though I can still sense that Akane is completely fine but, I can’t find her at all.” Yuna said in a remorseful tone.

Illya: “YOU LOST HER?!” I scream loudly.

Yuna: “I’m sorry! I’m trying my best to find her I promise!” Yuna said in a hurried tone.

Illya: “Dammit! I wish I could kick your ass but, you aren’t here and, you’re also my mother.” I say with a pout.

Yuna: “I appreciate your restraint.” Yuna said in a happy tone.

I don’t know how someone as meticulous as Yuna could lose Akane but, what’s done is done and I can’t find her without Yuna’s help anyway. Besides, I really wouldn’t hurt Yuna at all. She is one of my mothers after all.

Illya: “Anyway, what’s the good news? I need to get my mind off of Akane.” I say with a sigh.

Yuna: “This should make you feel better, I have one good piece of news.” Yuna said in an excited tone.

Illya: “Don’t leave me hanging. What is it?” I say with a slight pout.

Yuna: “Mia has reincarnated into the dimension that you’re in right now!” Yuna said with immense happiness.

Illya: “…”

Yuna: “Illya? What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy about this.” Yuna said with a surprised tone.

Illya: “Hahaha… That’s a good joke Yuna! Really got me there.” I say in a joking tone trying to ignore reality.

Yuna: “Again. I’m not joking with you at all. Things regarding Mia, I would never joke about.” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Um… Yuna? What does Mia look like?” I say in a nervous tone.

Yuna: “She has the same color hair and build as you but, she has one eye that is deep red while the other eye has the same color as your eyes. She is just as breathtaking to look at as you are.” Yuna happily gloated about her wife.

Illya: “…”


Yuna: “Illya? What’s wrong? You haven’t screamed like that ever since you wasted so much time on life skills.” Yuna said with a concerned tone.

Illya: “L-last night… I had sex with her… Oh, God… I even got her to join my harem after I proved that I was more dominant than her last night…” I say with an absolutely shocked tone.

Yuna: “Y-you WHAT!?” Yuna yelled.

Illya: “Dammit! How the hell was I supposed to know? You said that she was killed!” I yell in defense of my indefensible actions.

Yuna: “W-what’s her name?” Yuna said with a worried tone.

Illya: “She told me that her name is Asami…” I say with a nervous tone.

Yuna: “And? How do you know that she is Mia’s reincarnation?” Yuna said in a questioning tone.

Illya: “The way you described her is exactly how Asami looks…” I say with a remorseful tone.


Illya: “I’M SO SORRY!!!” I yell back.

Thus began a 3 hour event in which Yuna comes up with new swears to insult me for having sex with her wife and cucking her completely. I mean, it's not like I don’t understand where she is coming from so, I just let her vent her anger. After a while, I came up with an idea that should calm her down.

Illya: “If it makes you feel better, Asami doesn’t have any memories of you or me.” I say with a serious tone.

Yuna: “Illya… You’re absolutely wrong!” Yuna yelled in a less loud voice.

Illya: “What do you mean?” I say with a head tilt.

Yuna: “Mia definitely reincarnated with all of her memories intact!” Yuna said in an annoyed tone.

Illya: “No… You can’t mean that she had sex with me and, became one of my lovers even though, she knew that I’m the reincarnation of her own daughter… Right?” I say with an expression of complete disbelief.

Yuna: “She did! I guarantee it!” Yuna said in a serious tone.

Illya: “Why would she do such a thing!?” I say after dropping to my knees.

Yuna: “Illya… You do know where you get your pervertedness from right? Because you didn’t get it from me.” Yuna said in a calm tone.

Illya: “Oh, she did it because it's hot.” I say in a calm tone after getting up from the uh… Mind ground.

Yuna: “WHAT?! WHY’RE YOU OKAY WITH THIS NOW?!” Yuna says while returning to screaming.

Illya: “Like mother like daughter. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do something similar.” I say with a shrug.

Yuna: “Dammmmmit! You’re right… This is completely in line with your and Mia’s usual behavior.” Yuna said with a sigh probably with her head in her hands.

Illya: “It’s about time I wake up… Uh… I mean, wake up in real life.” I say with a smug smile.

Yuna: “You’re going to do inappropriate things with my wife when you wake up just to spite me aren’t you?” Yuna said in an angry tone.

Illya: “You can join us if you want. I’m pretty sure that I can protect you from everything now.” I say with a seductive smile even though Yuna can’t see me.

Yuna: “YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME THROW UP!! I’M NOT AS PERVERTED AS YOU AND MIA!” Yuna screamed at the top of her lungs in denial.

Illya: “You just keep telling yourself that. Goodbye!” I cheekily say.

Yuna: “I’M NOT DONE TALKING WITH YOU…” Yuna continued to scream.

I forcefully cut off my connection with Yuna because I did not want to listen to her lecturing me for hours again. I woke up to find all the members of my harem on the bed surrounding me almost completely naked. I mean, naked in the sense that they’re in lingerie and covered in a blanket but otherwise aren’t wearing anything else. They are all still sleeping so, I gave them all a kiss on the lips and went to make breakfast for them.

While eating, Diana asked me if she could join my harem and, I of course said yes to her proposal which she was quite happy about. So happy that she gave me a kiss that lasted for 15 minutes before she was satisfied. After breakfast was finished everyone besides Asami and Rias went home. Asami stayed because I had something to talk to her about.

Asami: “Okay. Everyone is gone now. What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

Illya: “Do you happen to know who I talked to this morning?” I say with a stern tone.

Asami: “Hm? Who? Did one of my lovers call and yell at you or something?” Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: “Nothing crazy like that.” I say with a deadpan tone.

Asami: “Then who exactly?” Asami said with a concerned expression on her face.

Illya: “Oh, no one special. Just the Queen of The Creators, Yuna.” I say with an evil smile.

Asami: “…”

Illya: “Mia... Don’t you think it's pretty fucked up to have sex with your own daughter and even become her lover? All while pretending not to know her?” I say with a slightly angry tone and expression on my face.

Asami: “…”

Rias: “W-what… What do you mean Illya?” Rias said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Asami is the reincarnation of one of my mothers. Her name was originally Mia.” I say in a serious tone.

Rias: “S-she surely can’t be one of your mothers… H-how do you know for sure?” Rias said with a shocked expression and a stutter.

Illya: “My other mother is the Queen of The Creators and she told me so.” I say with a sigh.

Rias: “…”

Asami: “I should have known that Yuna would spill the beans.” Asami said with a shrug.

Illya: “You should really understand your wife better you know.” I say with a reproachful tone.

Asami: “Look. You’re the second reincarnation of my daughter and I am the reincarnation of your mother. We technically aren’t related.” Asami said while trying to bend the truth to something that benefits her more.

Illya: “Did you know that I was your daughter from the beginning?” I say with a raised eyebrow.

Asami: “Of course! It’d be really hard to not notice with how similar we are but, as I said it's fine because we aren’t technically related.” Asami said with a pleading tone.

Illya: “Be honest with me.” I say in a serious tone.

Asami: “Honest about what exactly?” Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: “Stop trying to pretend that you don’t find me being your daughter and, also your lover an extremely arousing situation.” I say with an angry tone.

Asami: “Fine… I admit it! I find the very idea irresistible!” Asami said with a shrug.

Illya: “Just as I thought you would.” I say with a sigh.

Asami: “How’d you figure out I would find such a situation irresistible?” Asami said with a look of suspicion on her face.

Illya: “That’s easy! For I am your daughter so, I also find such a situation irresistible.” I say with a smile.

Asami: “I should have known! I mean, you’re my daughter after all.” Asami said with a smile of her own.

Rias: “YOU TWO ARE JUST COMPLETELY FINE WITH THIS!?” Rias said with a yell.

Illya: “Yes.” I say with a deadpan tone.

Asami: “Completely.” Asami said with a deadpan expression.

Rias: “B-but… Illya, I had sex with your own mother…” Rias said with spiral eyes.

Illya: “That’s funny, so did I.” I jokingly say.

Rias: “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!” Rias said after crouching down on the ground with her head in her knees.

Apparently, having sex with my mother really shook Rias up. After cuddling her in bed for a few hours, she calmed down and fell asleep. Asami waited in the living room while I was taking care of Rias.

Illya: “Sorry for taking so long.” I say with a smile.

Asami: “It’s fine. I understand why what happened shook her to the core. By the way, thanks for not spilling the beans in front of everyone.” Asami said with an appreciating tone.

Illya: “Don’t mention it. Rias is the one I’ve known the most so, I trust she can handle anything that I throw at her no matter how crazy. Anyway, what are you going to do about Yuna?” I say with a thinking pose.

Asami: “What do you mean?” Asami said with a confused expression.

Illya: “Don’t you have lots of lovers?” I say while raising one of my eyebrows.

Asami: “And?” Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: “Doesn’t that mean you’ve cheated on her?” I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Asami: “No. I’ve always had a harem. Yuna is special to me and is the only person I’ll ever call my wife. You’ll find someone like that as well.” Asami said with a warm smile.

Illya: “Actually, I already did.” I reply with a warm smile of my own.

Asami: “And where might she be?” Asami said with a bright smile.

Illya: “I don’t know. We reincarnated together but apparently, Yuna lost her.” I say with a sigh.

Asami: “That’s odd. Yuna isn’t the kind of person to do such a careless thing.” Asami said with a shocked expression.

Illya: “She’ll find her eventually.“ I confidently say.

Asami: “True. I would like to talk to you longer but, I have to run my business.” Asami said using a good excuse to leave.

Illya: “I like how you completed avoided mentioning how you’ll handle Yuna since you had slept with me.” I say with a laugh.

Asami: “Even I don’t know how I’m going to explain that to her.” Asami said with a sigh.

Illya: “Good luck with that! Have a good day at work.” I jokingly say.

Asami: “Thanks!” Asami said happily.

Illya: “Oh right. You can chill here whenever you want.” I say while leading Asami out of my dorm.

Asami: “Does having sex with you count as chilling?” Asami said with a seductive expression.

Illya: “If you want it to.” I say with a seductive expression of my own.

Asami: “Great! Bye-bye, I love you!” Asami said before kissing me a deep kiss on my lips and giving me headpats.

Before she left she gave me a deep kiss while patting my head. Now that I think about it, at this point, I find myself not having anything or anyone to do. I mean I could go to class or something but, that’s pretty boring….

Illya: “I have a good idea.” I say to no one at all.

I decided that I could try adding one person to my harem. She is sorta on the pending list already though. After I went back into my dorm, I put on my school uniform, and then I left and walked towards the school's faculty office where Rin's office is.

Illya: “Oh Rin! Why don't we go on a date sweety?” I say after I barged into her office without caring who was in there. Unfortunately, the principal was present and heard my outburst.

Principle: “Miss Inaba, You’re dating one of your students? I don’t have to tell you how unethical, let alone how illegal such a thing is, do I?” He said in a slightly loud and stern tone.

Rin: “…”

Looks like Rin was too scared to reply which is understandable due to the principal’s tone. She could easily lose her job and go to prison for dating one of her students after all. I decided to help her out as I always do for my lovers. I also completely ignored the glaring fact that this only happened because of me doing something so stupid.

Illya: “Hello Mr principle.” I say after shaking his hand.

Principle: “Who might you be? I know that you’re young and this is just a mistake so, don’t worry. Miss Inaba is the one at fault.” He said in a reassuring tone.

Illya: “You don’t have to worry about that principle, oh, and my name is Illya.” I say in a calm tone.

Principle: “Miss Illya?…” He said with a shocked expression.

Sweat started dripping down his forehead. Seems like he knows not to mess with me or at least he knows not to mess with someone with my name.

Illya: “I hope you’ll overlook our relationship.” I say with a stern tone.

Principle: “B-but… Miss Illya, this relationship is highly unethical…” He said with a stutter.

Before he could say anymore I put my hand up to make him stop talking and then started doing something on my phone. It only took me around 15 minutes to finish what I was using my phone for.

Illya: “I have donated $5 billion USD to this school and I’ve put $1 billion USD into your bank account.” I said in a serious tone.

Principle: “That’s more money than I’d make if I worked here for hundred years…“ He said with a shocked tone.

Illya: “Quite a big donation don’t you think?” I say with a smug smile.

Principle: “I’ll overlook this incident and the following incidents revolving around your romantic relations at this school from now on. I will also order the teachers and other faculty to do the same.” He said with a smile.

Illya: “That would be great! Thanks!” I say before shaking his hand once again.

The Principle quickly left Rin’s office. After he left, Rin just stared at me for a few minutes in a daze until she finally came back to reality and her face turned red. Pretty cute reaction in my opinion.

Rin: “Thanks for the help!” Rin said with a smile.

Illya: “Don’t mention it. I was the one who got you in trouble in the first place.” I say with a sigh.

Rin: “You said something about a date?” Rin said with a head tilt.

Illya: “That’s right. Do you want to go on one?” I say with a bright smile.

Rin: “Actually yes but, I don’t want to just go to a restaurant.” Rin said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “Oh? What do you want to do? Whatever it is, I will provide it to you!” I proudly say.

Rin: “I’d like to go on a vacation to a beach resort with you and Haruka.” Rin said while I played with her hair.

Illya: “That sounds nice!” I say after I stopped playing with her hair.

Rin: “You can bring the members of your harem with you as well.” Rin said with a knowing smile.

Illya: “That doesn’t really count as a date though?” I say with a confused expression.

Rin: “I want to join your harem but, I want to know for sure that I won’t be bothered by you being surrounded by other lovers first before I join.” Rin said with a slightly embarrassed tone.

Illya: “Okay. I’ll contact them.” I say before getting my phone out of my inventory. My uniform doesn’t have any pockets.

Diana: “Can I go too?” Diana said with a happy tone.

Rin: “What!? Who the heck are you?!” Rin said after she jumped up from her office chair.

Illya: “Ah, this is Diana. She is the Queen of the Demons and also a succubus.” I say with a deadpan expression.

Diana: “Guilty as charged. I’m also Illya’s lover.” Diana said with a bright smile.

Rin: “…”

Illya: “Diana you have to stop popping out of thin air.” I say with a sigh.

Diana: “I’ve only done it to you twice.” Diana said with a pout not fitting her mature appearance.

Illya: “I don’t mind it but, other people might. I mean, look at Rin. You scared the hell out of her.” I say while pointing at Rin who has her hand on her chest trying to calm herself down from Diana’s jump scare.

Diana: “Oh, I’m sorry Rin! And Illya, I’ll keep that in mind.” Diana said after using her succubus powers to calm Rin down.

While me and Diana were having a small conversation, Rin couldn’t help but continue to stare at Diana. She kept switching from looking at her height to starting at her

Rin: “She’s so beautiful and huge…” Rin said with envy after looking at Diana’s breasts and then back at her own that look small in comparison.

Diana: “Thank you! You’re also quite beautiful as well. Illya’s taste in women is truly unmatched.” Diana said with a thumbs up.

Illya: “Rin, don’t feel bad about Diana’s mountainous breasts, I think that all sizes are perfect!” I say while patting Rin on her shoulder.

Rin: “T-thanks Illya!” Rin said with a happy expression and a slight stutter because I was groping her breasts as I said that.

After I consoled Rin, Diana and Rin continued to chat while I contacted my lovers. All of them said yes to going even Asami said yes. So looks like I actually have something to do now. I don’t think anything bad can happen at a resort and if anything, something good might happen with Rin joining my harem. Maybe I’ll even find more women to join my harem there. Ah, I almost can’t wait to go it’s been so long since I’ve gone to the beach!


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