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Chapter 18: Have fun and kill!

I woke up very happy about my date which went so well and went on longer than planned yesterday. As I woke up, I saw that Rias was cuddling me. I woke her up and then we went along with me and Rias's normal morning routine of pampering each other. After I said goodbye to Rias and left my dorm and I was about to head to class so that I could attend my classes, I got a really bad feeling. Instead of just ignoring it as I should have I decided to head to the location where said feeling was at. Seems like I won't be attending my classes today either...

It took me about an hour to make it to my destination even at full speed. I didn't want to just teleport there because I didn't want to end up getting hurt due to being unprepared for what was at that place. When I got there I was shocked to see Asami covered in blood and missing her right arm which was really bad since, I think she is right-handed, how can she pleasure her lovers with a missing primary hand? Though, that really isn't important right now.

Anyway, there was a creepy-looking demon fighting her and, I'm sorta surprised because things like that shouldn't exist like at all in this dimension. Whilst I was lost in thought, they continued to fight, I didn't want to barge into the fight since I figured that Asami could handle it. She must have only gotten injured so badly just because she was caught off guard.

Far behind the demon thing was a person who was covered in blood and looked extremely injured, normally I wouldn't care that much but, it was Haruka who was laying there not moving at all. I immediately rushed over to her so fast that Asami and the demon didn't even notice.

Illya: "HARUKA!" I yell lifting her up from her back.

She didn't respond but, she was still breathing which was good. When I realized that she was still alive, I managed to calm down, and then I healed her completely. She should be waking up soon without any lasting problems unless she obtained some mental trauma from almost dying. In that case, I'll be there to help her through it. Regardless, my anger was overflowing and that demon was the perfect thing to vent it on.

Illya: "Hello there." I say with an evil smile.

Asami: "Illya? What are you doing here? It's dangerous here! Please run away!" Asami said in a very concerned tone.

Demon thing: "She's right little girl, You should listen to your older sister and run. I think I killed one of her little friends just a moment ago." The demon gives a small laugh.

Seems like the demon thing mistook me for Asami's sister but, I didn’t have time to care about such a small misunderstanding since I was far too pissed off to really care.

Illya: "Stop talking!" I say with an angry tone.

I wanted to talk to that demon more before fighting but, my anger was too much and his arrogance pushed me over the breaking point. I used all the power at my disposal to pin him down with the hilt of my scythe almost crushing him completely with sheer strength alone. My incredible fast movements and immense strength shocked Asami and the demon for a few minutes before they came to their senses.

Demon thing: "Y-you fool! Who do you think you are?!" The said with a slight stutter trying to pretend that he isn’t intimidated by me.

Illya: "And who the FUCK do think you are HUH? You think that I’d just let you critically INJURE my friend and almost damn near kill one of my lovers and get AWAY with it?!" I say with an immense fury that even caused the ground to shake. Both the demon and Asami were unable to even speak due to the amount of killing intent that I let out.

Asami: "..."

Demon thing: "I..." The Demon stutters while shaking from fear.

Illya: "Don’t speak unless given permission to, fool! Asami, come a little closer, I'll heal you right away." I threaten the demon before switching to a more calm tone and talking to Asami.

I was worried that Asami was in too much pain so, I used a lot more of Mana than even necessary to heal her fast. It took me only a few seconds to return Asami's severed arm back to her, or more accurately, I just regenerated her a new one. I even used cleaning magic and fixed her clothes so she looks perfectly fine now. I did the same with Haruka earlier. You couldn’t even tell that she and Haruka were in a fight for their lives and were almost killed.

Despite the tone it originally took with me, the demon took on a more meek one upon finally realizing that I'm someone he shouldn't have angered ever in his pathetic life. He should have figured that out instantly considering that me, this normal-looking girl was able to overpower him and prevent all of his movement using power magic.

Illya: "Now that I’m done healing Asami, tell me what this whole thing was about. I don't want your excuses. All I want is answers."

Demon thing: "And you'll let me live if I answer them?" The Demon said in an unsure tone.

Illya: "No. Whether or not you answer my questions will only decide if your death will be a quick one or a death where I will dish out the worse pain that I can possibly inflict on you before ending you." I say with a serious tone.

Demon thing: "W-what do you want to know?" The Demon said with a slight stutter.

Illya: "Just a few questions to ask you and then I'll give you a swift death. How did you even get to this dimension? Why did you attack Haruka and Asami? Are there more of you around? If so, where are they and what is your goal?" I said while still pinning the demon down on the ground.

Demon thing: "There are more demons like me in this dimension, we were sent here by beings that want to overthrow the Queen of the Creators. I have no idea why us invading this dimension will help them with that but, our orders were to seek out anyone with inhuman power and kill them. I had noticed these two close by and decided to kill them to follow my orders." The Demon quickly explains.

Illya: "Is the one who sent you to this dimension already here?" I say while increasing the pressure that I am putting on the demon.

Demon thing: "Y-yes. He is currently in this dimension. He is also in this country of Japan overseeing our operations. And his name is Baz." The demon says hurriedly not even caring that he is selling out his commander.

Illya: "And, would you just so happen to know his location?" I say with an annoyed tone.

Demon thing: "I'm sorry but, none of us cannon fodder know. He just shows up randomly." The Demon nervously said.

Illya: "How long has this operation been in action?" I say with a raised eyebrow.

Demon thing: "Only two weeks." The Demon explained quickly.

Illya: "I see. That's all I wanted to know. I was going to go back on my word and torture you to death but, I'll save that for Baz." I say with a laugh.

Demon thing: "Then..." He said with a worried tone.

Illya: "I want your arm and I want to critically injure you. Comply as well as survive my attacks and, I'll let you live." I say with an evil smile.

Demon thing: "It would be an honor to fight someone as strong as you. It'll hurt but I won't resist." The Demon said with a smile.

Illya: "Where's the fun in that?" I say with a head tilt.

Demon thing: "Huh?..." The Demon said with a shocked expression.

Asami: "ILLYA, WHY!?" Asami said with a completely surprised look on her face.

Haruka: "ILLYA!" Haruka screamed after waking up and seeing what I had done.

There were in shock because I had completely healed the demon. It's not fun unless he goes all out to survive. Maybe it’s the celestial in me that says I'll find fighting him at his full strength and health far more entertaining. It also seems that Haruka had woken up. This is perfect I can show her and Asami how pissed off seeing her and Asami getting injured has made me.

Illya: "My anger from you for injuring my lover and my friend won't go away unless I fight you at your best." I say before slamming my fist into the palm of my other hand.

Demon thing: "I see. I won't hold back but, My I ask your name?" The Demon said with a respectful tone.

Illya: "As you might have already heard from those two. It's Illya." I say with a smile.

Demon thing: "My name is Tilroth. It will be an honor to fight someone as powerful as you. I won't even resent you if I end up dying." The Demon said with a bow.

Illya: "That's good. Now let us fight. Asami, please go wait with Haruka. I'll be done soon." I say with a warm smile.

Haruka: "B-but..." Haruka said with a stutter.

Asami: "Fine. Just don't die." Asami said with a pout.

When she said that with such a cute pout, I gave her a reply which was a "Don't worry about it." and went to fight with Tilroth. I was going to use my scythe but, I really want to beat this shit out of him with my fists so that I can properly vent my anger.

Illya: "The rules for this fight are as follows. No weapons and no magic. Do you accept these rules?" I say after raising two of my fingers up.

Tilroth: "I do, honorable one." Tilroth said with another bow.

Illya: "Ha! I don’t know about me being an honorable person but, let the fight begin!" I say with a laugh.

As the fight began, Tilroth thought he still had a slim chance to win since, I wasn't using any weapons or magic. That false hope of his didn't pay off at all, as he was unable to even land a single scratch on me even after 30 minutes meanwhile, his injuries were piling up more and more as the time went by. After an hour, he was half dead and missing an arm while I was covered in his blood but, completely uninjured.

Asami and Haruka thought that the fight was over and were both surprised when I sat on his stomach and started beating his face in with my fists which, I did for 20 minutes until his face was pretty much just mush. Ah… It’s been so long since I’ve fought someone or something that could last this long so, I might have gone a little bit overboard… Only a little bit.

Illya: "Oh? How wonderful! You're still alive after all that?" I say after wiping blood off of my cheek.

Tilroth: "U-unfortunately... I am still alive…" Tilroth said with much difficulty.

Illya: "You've impressed me. I'll heal you and I will also send you back to your dimension." I said before standing up and healing after I used magic to clean myself.

Tilroth: "Much obliged but, why go so far for me?" Tilroth said with a confused expression.

Illya: "Take this magic orb and give it to the ruler of demons." I say with a smug smile.

Tilroth: "I don't mind but, what is it?" Tilroth said while examining the orb.

Illya: "It's nothing special, it’s just a recording of our fight." I say with a shrug.

Tilroth: "I see… You want me to hand this to Demon Queen Diana so she will cut off her support for those odd beings." Tilroth said with one of his hands on his chin.

Illya: "That's right. You would be wise to tell her that if she doesn't, she will incur my wrath." I say in a serious tone.

Tilroth: "Your wrath? Forgive me but, even though you're the most powerful being I've ever seen. You’re also plenty lenient, given how you've let me live even though I've hurt your lover and friend." Tilroth said with a confused expression.

Illya: "Don't test me. If you had killed them, nothing would be able to stop me from killing every demon in existence. It wouldn't be the first time I've driven a species into extinction." I say with an annoyed tone.

Tilroth: "I-I'll leave it at that." Tilroth said with a nervous tone.

Illya: "Wise choice!" I say while patting him on the shoulder. The amount of force I used would break a normal human's shoulder easily.

Tilroth: "Farewell. I do hope that I never see you again." Tilroth jokingly said.

Illya: "Likewise! Goodbye." I say before making a magic teleportation circle appear under Tilroth.

As I sent Tilroth back to his dimension which, I can only assume is the land of demons Asami and Haruka were still in a daze. I would like to go on a date with them since something traumatic happened but unfortunately, I still have one more annoyance to deal with.

Illya: "Asami, Haruka, we need to talk after I get back." I say in a serious tone.

Asami: "Back where?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I'll teleport you to my dorm with my maid, her name is Rias. She'll take care of you and Haruka until Baz is dead and gone." I say with a calm expression.

Haruka: "You're going to kill their commander? But… That demon was just cannon fodder. Baz will surely be much more stronger…" Haruka said with a concerned tone.

Asami: "She's right! You might get killed if you go..." Asami also said with a concerned tone and grabbed my hand to not let me.

Illya: "I'm immortal so, you don't have to worry about me dying. As for Baz's strength, it's irrelevant. I could have ended my battle with Tilroth the exact microsecond that it started but, I let it last longer so that I could vent my anger." I say with a shrug.

Asami: "Even so, how will you find him?" Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Same way that I had found Tilroth. The main reason I found you two was because I could sense his presence and it made me worried. I can already sense Baz's location. I was just messing with Tilroth, I didn’t need his information at all." I say with a laugh.

Haruka: "Okay. I'll go with your plan." Haruka reluctantly said.

Asami: "How powerful is your maid?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "As far as I am aware, she's the second most powerful being in this world. The first being me." I say with a proud tone. I have pride in myself and my lover Rias.

Haruka: “What if someone like Tilroth shows up at the dorm?” Haruka said with a nervous tone.

Illya: “Rias is at least significantly stronger than you two. Like me, she could have easily killed Tilroth in seconds.” I say with a smile.

Asami: "Fine. Teleport Haruka. I'll be going with you." Asami said with a determined tone.

Haruka: "Wait! If you're going then, I have to go as well!" Haruka said with a yell.

Illya: "I don't mind but, first two you should drink a drop of my blood." I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Asami: "Why?" Asami said with a suspicious head tilt.

Illya: "It’s not like I want you two to drink my blood for no reason! I can you make you immortal that way. I'll make it so it'll only last for a few days. Rest assured that you won't have to live forever." I explained hurriedly.

Haruka: "Screw that! Make me fully immortal like you." Haruka said with an angry tone.

Asami: "I agree with her." Asami said with a smile.

Illya: "You two won't regret it? You'll exist for all of eternity." I say while a concerned look on my face.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to talk them out of it but, they both made their minds up and decided to become immortal. Giving them my blood will also give them a lot of power which is the main why I suggested it. Given how Haruka and Asami were going with me, I decided to call Rais and have her meet us before we leave. Although Asami isn't my lover yet, having two of my lovers and my potential lover going to kill a bunch of evil beings was just too much of a good opportunity to pass up. I consider this a date.

Illya: “Hello, Rias!” I say in a cute voice after Rias arrived at our location.

Rias: "I know that tone… Is it another massacre?" Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Most likely." I say with a deadpan tone.

Rias: "Couldn't you wait just a few days before committing more acts of extreme violence?" Rias said with a hand on her waist.

Illya: "Probably… Besides, I didn't start this war but, I’ll just be the one to end it." I say with a pout.

Rias: "That so? Anyway, who might these two be?" Rias said in a way that says that she doesn’t believe me at all and looked at Asami and Haruka.

Illya: "Asami is the one who looks like me and, Haruka is the other girl." I say after pointing to Asami and Haruka in that order.

Rias: “If my eyes don’t deceive me they’re both quite beautiful. What’s your relation to them?” Rias said with a knowing smile.

Illya: “Haruka is one of my lovers and Asami is my friend.” I say in a proud tone.

Rias: “You did go on a long date that lasted for a few days. I assume that you went with Haruka?” Rias said while doing a thinking pose.

Illya: “That’s correct!” I say confirming her assumption.

Rias: "And what are they doing here? You said that we are going to kill demons and the powerful being commanding them." Rias said with a raised eyebrow.

Illya: “I was going to go to school but, I sense a powerful being near here and went to check it out. When I got here, Haruka and Asami were both badly injured. I then dealt with the one who hurt them.” I explain to Rias in a calm tone.

Rias: “I see. Well anyway, Illya, let’s head out right away.” Rias said while urging me to leave Haruka and Asami behind.

It wasn’t her being jealous or anything. She just didn’t want me to drag more beautiful women into my deprave hobbies. As such, she wanted us to quickly leave before I had the chance.

Haruka: "Wait! We want to help!" Haruka said in a pleading tone.

Asami: "That's right!" Asami said encouraging Haruka.

Rias: "It's going to be very dangerous… Are you sure this is okay Illya?" Rias said while looking at me with concern.

Illya: "I've already made them immortal so, it'll be fine." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "I see. Then let's head out." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "I teleport us near their base." I say while making Mana flow around before I used teleportation magic.

Their base was carved into the side of a big mountain. We were just hiding right outside the guard's line of sight in some trees and bushes. It was a very simple and basic as all hell base. I was honestly surprised that these oh so high and mighty beings that want to kill one of my mothers were fine with staying in such a shitty base. Well, at least this Baz guy is fine with it.

Illya: "Haruka, Asami, what kind of weapon do you want?" I say after scanning the base and looking at Haruka and Asami.

Asami: "Weapon?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I'll make you two one similar to my scythe and Rias's Katana." I say while showing off my scythe.

Asami: "Ahh I see. Then, a katana as well please." Asami said after looking at Rias's katana with sparkly eyes.

Haruka: "I’m more to punching things so, some gauntlets for me please." Haruka said with a smile.

Illya: "Here you two go!" I say before handing them the weapons that I made for them.

Now that everyone had a weapon, I decided to see how many enemies we have to kill. Whilst I was counting, Rias came over to my side and whisper a question into my ear, which was "Are we going to have sex after this?" and my answer was "Yes. We might even have two more people joining us tonight." and she replied "That's even better!" anyway, the count was 8500 which was much more than I was expecting. Not that it mattered at all.

Illya: "There are exactly 8500 enemies, not counting Baz." I say in a nonchalant tone.

Asami: "Isn't that too much?" Asami said with a nervous tone.

Rias: "No, not at all. Regardless of how many warm bodies they have, the only difference that those cannon fodder will make, is how long it'll take us to kill them all." Rias said with a slightly evil smile.

Illya: "Exactly! Oh, by the way, my blood also gave you two a huge power boost." I say with a smile.

Haruka: "Really? Awesome!" Haruka said with an excited tone.

Asami: "I do feel quite a lot stronger." Asami said while opening and closing her fist to measure her strength.

Illya: "All right girls, let's just go have fun and kill them all!" I say after clapping my hands.

Rias, Haruka and Asami: "RIGHT!" They all yell in unison not even caring about alerting the guards.

Unsurprisingly, after we had stormed their base, it only took 4 hours for us to kill them all. We all had huge smiles on our faces and were completely soaked in blood. We were like giddy little girls having fun. Apparently, giving them my blood slightly gave them my blood lust quirk and the ability to feel pleasure from killing their enemies. Rias, Haruka, and Asami were all affected to a different degree though.

Asami seemed to be affected the most. She pretty much almost had an orgasm every time she killed an enemy. Seeing her clutching her special place in between her legs with one of her hands and using the other hand to bite one of her fingers to calm herself down every time she killed an enemy was quite arousing.

After all the cannon fodder was dead, we tag-teamed Baz for 30 minutes for no reason other than messing with him. Also while he was fighting for his dear life, it was a very entertaining display for us. Pretty much every time we landed a hit on him, we all laughed like evil little girls. The look of complete shock on terror on his face every time we laughed was an alluring sight to murder crazed girls like us.

Asami: "This is getting boring." Asami said with a sigh.

Illya: "I think so too. Asami, would you like the honors?" I say with a sinister smile.

Asami didn’t even answer me and decided to go for the killing blow. After she cut Baz's head off, she stood up and stopped moving, and then her legs shook like crazy. Then she went over to me and locked her arms around my waist and gave me a deep kiss. It lasted for 8 minutes and we only stopped because Rias and Haruka wouldn't stop fidgeting for a similar reason that you can probably guess.

Illya: "Why don't we head to my dorm?" I say with a seductive smile.

Asami, Rias and Haruka: "For sex?" They all said in unison once again.

Illya: "Of course! As long as you're all are alright with us doing it covered in the blood of enemies for a bit." I say with another smile while I play around with the blood on Asami’s face.

Asami: "Oh how weird… I was going to suggest the same thing!" Asami said with a laugh.

Rias: "I was hoping you'd say that Illya! I mean the sex part. Not the blood play one." Rias said with an embarrassed expression.

Haruka: "I'm far too aroused to resist the temptation. Let's do it!" Haruka said after ogling my body.

Illya: "Then it's settled! I also can't wait any longer!" I say with a lust filled smile.

???: "Might I join you four?" The woman said in a domineering but silky tone.

A very beautiful woman showed up out of nowhere to ask us a question. She had deep red hair and beautiful deep red eyes. She was at least 7ft tall. This woman seemed to be the older sister type or maybe even the milf type. She also had a super huge chest probably an f cup. Her mounds might just be the biggest pair of breasts that I've ever laid my eyes on and to be honest I can't wait to get my hands on them as well. So, I have of course already accepted her request to join but, I have to seem responsible to my lovers and question her properly.

Illya: "I did notice someone watching us. Seems like that was you." I say with a serious tone.

???: "That's right. My name is Diana." Diana explained calmly.

Illya: "Are you sure that you want to join an all female orgy? Especially with girls who had just killed a lot of your own people? We are even going to have sex while covered in their blood." I say with a questioning expression.

Diana: "They died because there were weak, nothing more nothing less. As for the all female part, I am also only attracted to females so, there's no problem there. I am also very interested in you miss Illya." Diana said with a smile.

Illya: "Oh? How so?" I say with a head tilt.

Diana: "That recording of your fight with Tilroth got me very itchy down there seeing your brutality. And it was all for your lover and friend? Even better!” Diana said with an excited tone.

Illya: “I’ll admit, I had a lot of fun doing that to Tilroth.” I say with a laugh.

Diana: “And now, I had the chance to see you all commit a massacre as if you were just dealing with meaningless bugs. I have to say, after witnessing that, I am in the same extremely aroused state that you are all in." Diana said with a knowing smile while glancing at our legs that were wet with blood and some other “mysterious” clear liquid.

Illya: "I see. Well, I don’t mind but, do you girls mind if she joined us?" I say while looking at Asami, Rias, and Haruka.

Rias: "Honestly, you’ve corrupted me too much already Illya. Right now, I just really want to grope those two mountains that she calls her breasts so, I don't mind." Rias said while staring at Diana’s breasts with lust.

Asami: "I agree! Her body is extremely alluring and my body is already hot. Far too hot for me to disagree now." Asami said with a bright smile while Diana let her grope her breasts.

Haruka: "Never thought I'd agree to have sex with a demon but, I can't resist her body either." Haruka said while looking at Asami with envy.

Diana: "Ah, I forgot to mention that I am a succubus." Diana said with a nervous expression.

Asami: "That must be the reason why we can't resist her at all. I’m usually really good at controlling my lust after all." Asami said in a serious tone with one of her hands on her chin with the other one still playing with Diana’s breasts.

Haruka: "Eh, I don't really care. She probably doesn’t have that much of an effect on us since I still find Illya more alluring" Haruka said while looking at me with a lustful smile.

Asami: "Likewise." Asami said after finally letting go of Diana’s breasts.

Illya: "Alright then. You're welcome to “join” us, Diana." I say while looking at Diana with a seductive smile.

Diana: "Many thanks! It’s always been one of my dreams to have sex with such beautiful women at least once in my life." Diana said with a bright smile.

As such, I teleported us to my dorm room specifically the room I made for orgies. This room was decorated in dark pink accents and had a huge bed. It also had many toys for us to use. Due to the fact that we were all giddy, we spent an hour just filling each other up and kissing before we started having sex. I had stopped time because I had a feeling that we would be going at it for a long time given how aroused we all were. Though I did ask everyone their opinion first in which, and they all agreed with my suggestion.

After 96 hours of nonstop sex and being attacked by me, Asami, Diana, Haruka, and Rias passed out. Me, Asami, and Diana still had plenty of energy to keep going. After 48 more hours, Asami finally passed out. Me and Diana still weren't completely satisfied yet so, we continued to enjoy each other's bodies. Each time the other three would wake up, me and Diana would pleasure them more until they passed out yet again and then go back to satisfy each other.

It went just like that over and over again for a total of 25 days until both me and Diana passed out. Diana had passed out before me. The bed was covered in sticky liquid and the rest of the girls were all sprawled randomly around the bed each with their own “mysterious” wet spot on the bed under their legs. I used cleaning magic on myself, the bed, and finally them. I then dressed them all in lingerie that fits their personalities.

I gave Diana a set of slightly dark red bra and panties. As for Haruka, I gave her a bright orange pair of lingerie. Rias was wearing a deep black set of lingerie. And the last girl, Asami, I gave her a dark purple pair of bra and panties. I then spent 15 minutes admiring their bodies as they slept. Once I was done with my antics, I then put them each in a more comfortable position with a lot of space between each other. And gave them each their own blanket. After I tucked them all in, I went under the blanket that I put on Rias and cuddled with her. By cuddle I mean, stuffed my face in her breasts. She was pretty tuckered out so, she didn’t wake up at all. She just held me in her arms due to habit. After that, I finally fell asleep.

Today was a far more productive day than I had thought that it would be. I mean, not only did Asami become my lover, but I also even got a giant demon queen milf to join my harem. On top of that, she can even last as long as me in bed. Thank God that I didn’t go to class today, otherwise, I would have missed out big time! While I was in the process of dreaming, someone was trying to speak to me in my dreams...

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