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Chapter 17: Date and Encounter.

*Illya's POV*

Me and Rias spent most of the day relaxing together. Like I said, I don’t have to attend a single class at all. Since I completed all of their tests with flying colors, the school will just mark that I attended every class without me actually having to do so. On that topic, I even aced the tests that were college level. Seeing the looks on the faces of the teachers who slipped those tests in, was quite funny. Anyway, school was over for the day, and the minute that her last class was let out, Haruka called me. She had called me while I was eating lunch that I had made for me and Rias. She said that we should meet at the aquarium at the time she specified to start our date and of course, I agreed with her suggestion. It has been a while since I have seen fish that was uh... Alive and not trying to kill me.

Instead of just teleporting there, I decided just to “walk” there since it won't take too long for me to reach it considering my ability to fly and move around fast. On my way out, I made it to the school's main gate where I saw an extremely beautiful student about to walk out into an expensive car where a maid was waiting for her. I can't pass up a chance to talk to her so, I rushed to her so that I could say hi and hopefully get her contact details. Although I sound really desperate you'll understand the reason for me to act this way once I describe how she looks.

Illya: "Hello!" I say after grabbing the girl's hand to get her to stop walking.

???: "Oh? Who might you be? You're quite a beauty. I'm surprised that I haven't heard about anything regarding you yet." The girl said with a bright smile.

Her voice was like silk. I felt like my mind was melting whenever she spoke and, she surprisingly was looking at me with a very lustful gaze that is even stronger than the gaze that I often give to my lovers. First Haruka and now this woman? I’m afraid that I will start to get addicted to this feeling of role reversal...

Illya: "My name is Illya, and I've only attended this school for a few days now." I say with a smile.

I said that with a slight blush as if I was a high school girl talking to their crush which, slightly irked me but, I’m technically a high school girl anyway. Also, my reaction had seemed to intrigue her quite a bit, as she leaned over to me and gave my hair a sniff. She also played with my hair for a bit as well. After she was done playing with my hair, then she said.

???: "Oh silly me, I haven't introduced myself even though I'm doing something so intimate. My name is Miya Asami. Please call me Asami, oh, and It's a pleasure to meet you." Asami said before extending her hand to give me a handshake.

Illya: "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Asami!" I say with a cheery tone and shook her hand.

Now that I know her name, I guess that it's high time that I describe her appearance. Asami has long white hair in the same exact shade as mine. Her breasts were on the modest side only slightly bigger than my own pair, as for her eyes, they are a shade or shades that are as rare as my eyes are. She has Heterochromia, her left eye is a beautiful deep red and her other eye is the same purple as my eyes. I could look into her eyes all day and not get bored at all and in fact, We didn't even speak a word for 5 minutes while staring into each other's eyes both our gazes unfaltering.

Asami: "Could you please hand me your phone?" Asami said with a smile.

Illya: "Sure. The password is the hex color code of my purple eyes." I say with a grin.

Despite giving her nothing to go on, she was able to figure out my password within just a few minutes of trying. I handed her my phone without hesitation not because I didn't think that she couldn't figure it out but, because I don't think she would do anything bad to me. She just gives me that kind of feeling.

Asami: "Thanks! Here's your phone back." Asami said with a happy tone before handing me back my phone.

Illya: "Thanks!" I say after receiving my phone back from her.

Asami: "You're not going to ask what I did on your phone at all?" Asami said with a questioning expression on her face.

Illya: "I don’t that you did anything bad on it. You just gave me your number right?" I say with a knowing smile.

Asami: "That's right! You're such a smart girl." Asami said before proceeding to pat me on my head.

I didn't resist because it felt really nice. At this point, my notion that girls are perfect to pamper is long gone and I now think that girls are perfect to be pampered and to give pampering... Asami has awoken a whole new world to me with a bit of help from Haruka.

Illya: "Not that I mind but, You're acting very intimate with someone you just met." I say after Asami was done rubbing my head.

Asami: "Please don't get the wrong idea! I only do this to girls that I'm either interested in or in a relationship with." Asami said with a pleading tone.

Illya: "I see. Don't worry, that's what I figured, anyway I was just teasing." I say with a cheeky smile.

Asami: "You and me are two of a kind, huh?" Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "What do you mean?" I say with a head tilt.

Asami: "Since you're going outside the school I'm assuming you have something to do right?" Asami said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "That's correct. I do have something to do today." I say with a shrug.

Asami: "What might you be doing exactly?" Asami said with a raised eyebrow.

Illya: "I'm going on a date." I say with a smile.

Asami: "That's what I figured." Asami said with a smug smile.

Illya: "How come?" I say with another head tilt.

Asami: "I smelled the scent of a few different women on you. One scent on you is very recent and it is a very particular scent." Asami said with a smile.

Illya: "Oh? What kind of scent would that be?" I say with a smile of my own.

Asami: "The smell of sex. Particularly one that occurs when two or more women have sex." Asami said with a seductive smile on her face.

Illya: "You have a pretty good sense of smell." I say with a confused expression.

I can't tell if she really has such a godly sense of smell or if she is just guessing. Does sex between women really have a distinct and describable smell?

Asami: "You seem to barely be an adult so, it might be weird to ask but, Do you have a harem?" Asami said with a knowing smile.

Illya: "I do. And what do you mean by me barely being an adult? You can't be that much older than me. I mean you do attend this school so you're 20 at most." I said with a slight pout.

Asami: "I don't actually attend this school." Asami said with a shrug.

Illya: "Then why are you in this school's uniform?" I say with a head tilt.

Asami: "Just like you, I have a harem and, it just so happens that one of my lovers attends this school so, I put on this uniform whenever I want to meet her at school." She said with a proud smile.

Illya: "That’s pretty dangerous but, makes sense. I’d probably do something similar." I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Asami: "Now do you see the reason why we're two sides of the same coin?" Asami said with while holding up a coin of some kind and flipping it back and forth.

Illya: "Not fully, no." I say with a sigh.

Asami: "Then let me help you figure it out. In your harem, you're the dominant one correct?" Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Correct." I confirm Asami’s guess.

Asami: "Which is the same for my harem. Though I'm clearly more dominant than you." She said with a bright smile.

Illya: "Also correct. I get it now." I say with another sigh.

Asami: "I knew you'd get it eventually. You're a very smart and special girl after all." Asami said before attacking me via headpat once again.

Under Asami’s hand filled head pat assault, I had to Hide my blushing face. Even though I was quite embarrassed, I managed to ask her a question.

Illya: "I answered some of your questions, now please answer one of mine, Why did you want my number?" I say after removing Asami’s hand from my head.

Asami: "Are you interested in being my lover?" Asami said after looking at all of my assets once again.

I almost blurted out "YES!" immediately but, I can't just abandon my lovers. Because of that, I was lost in thought for quite a long while before Asami spoke to me.

Asami: "I'm not asking you to abandon those in your harem. Nor am I asking you to join mine." Asami said in a calm tone.

Illya: "Then what are you suggesting?" I say with a head tilt.

Asami: "Before I answer that question, we should have this meeting in a more private place at some other time." Asami said with a smile.

Illya: "Haha! That’s so funny!" I say with laughter.

Asami: "Oh? What in that sentence did you find so funny?" Asami said with a confused tone.

Illya: "What you just said was very similar to what I said to get Haruka to go on a date with me." I say after my fit of laughter was over.

Asami: "Haruka?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "She is the one who I'm going on a date with today." I explain to Asami.

Asami: "Then that is quite funny." Asami said before beginning to laugh.

We then laughed together for a few minutes. Mostly because we used practically the same tactics to hit on girls. Great minds think alike it seems.

Asami: "I don't want to make you late for your date so, I'll ask you one last question." She said with an apologetic tone.

Illya: "Sure. I plan to be early anyway so, spending a few more minutes talking to you won’t make me late at all." I say with a smile.

Asami: "Are you just playing around with girls?" Asami said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "No. All the ones in my harem are girls that I truly love and my love for them will last for all eternity." I say with a proud expression.

Asami: "Good answer! I think the same way with those in my harem. I'll call you in a few days so that we can talk again on the matter of our relationship." Asami said while flirting by holding my hand.

Illya: "Sure. I'm free almost all the time unless I’m on a date with one of my lovers so, call me whenever." I say while leaning in on her ear.

Despite her being more dominant than I am, she still gave me a very enticing reaction. A reaction that I would like to see many more times. I’d probably never get enough of the feeling of out doming a girl more dominant than me.

Asami: "What about school? I'm sure you're quite busy with schoolwork." Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "Not at all. I've already finished everything required for me to graduate I don't even have to attend any classes." I say with a shrug.

Asami: "I could tell that you're smart but, that's quite the feat to accomplish. What reason do you have to attend? Can't you just graduate right away?" Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "If I go ahead and graduate, then I can't find more girls to have join my harem." I say with a chuckle.

Asami: "You're attending school just to find lovers? Well seems like we're even more similar than I thought." Asami said with a laugh.

Illya: "Seems so." I say with a smile.

Asami: "Would like me to drive you to your date?" Asami said after pointing to her limo.

Illya: "Normally I'd accept but, I know the exact reason why you want me to drive with you." I say with a knowing smile.

Asami: "And what reason would that be?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "You want to either flirt with or kiss me." I say with a laugh.

Asami: "That's right. How did you find out?" Asami said with a shocked expression.

Illya: "It's what I would do to a girl who is accepting of my advances." I say with a shrug.

Asami: "That leaves me at a loss on how to seduce you then." Asami said with a slightly sad tone.

Illya: "You've already succeeded in doing that. From now on, just be blunt with what you want from me." I say while playing with her hair.

Asami: "Seeing you been so honest, I guess I should follow your lead." Asami said before taking a handful of my hair and once again sniffing it.

Illya: "I'm always the one leading so, I'd prefer if you'd take the lead." I say with a blush on my face.

Asami: "If that's the case, Can I kiss you?" Asami said after putting one of her hands on my cheek.

Illya: "A small peck or a full kiss?" I say with a head tilt.

Asami: "There are so many people around us but, I of course would prefer the latter." Asami said with a seductive smile.

Either she has more shame than me or she doesn't want to do something I'm uncomfortable with. I’d say it’s the latter.

Illya: "Let's hop into your car. You can drop me off after we're done." I say after taking her hand and leading her to her limo.

Asami: "You've just made an offer I can't refuse. Though, I would like for us to kiss until we arrive at your destination." Asami said with a seductive look on her face.

Illya: "Fine. Just please take me to the aquarium." I say with a sigh.

Asami: "I would tell my maid to drive slow we could kiss longer but, I know you have a date and I would hate to drive a wedge in between you and the members of your harem." Asami also said with a sigh.

Illya: "Thanks for your understanding!" I say after getting the limo with Asami.

As such during the entire 2-hour drive to our destination, I sat on Asami's lap and kissed her without stopping until we arrived. Despite us, both being very aroused none of us overstepped the bounds we set and tried to grope each other, and we just kissed as planned. The mutual respect we shared for each other was already immense even though we'd just met. As we had arrived, I got off her lap and was going to give her a kiss on the forehead but, she ended up doing that to me before I could. Which made me blush quite a lot more than I wanted to. Going by the look on her face she seemed to think that my reaction was cute. I didn't mind and said my goodbyes to her before we parted. I used magic to put on my oh-so-favorite white dress.

Illya: "Time to meet Haruka!" I say after slapping my own cheeks to wash away my arousal.

It might seem that I spent too much time with Asami but, I'm actually still really early. The time for the date that Haruka had set was still an hour away. I waited at the entrance to the aquarium for her to show up. She had arrived at exactly the time she said we should meet. She is wearing a very pretty orange one-piece dress. Upon arriving she gave me a big hug.

Haruka: "Illya! It's so good to see you again!" Haruka said after giving me a hug.

Illya: "It's only been a day since we have last seen each other though." I say with a confused expression.

Haruka: "We only met because you and my mother were in an accident so, it doesn't count. Now let's head into the aquarium." Haruka said with a slight pout before she leaned into me and sniffed me.

Illya: "Why did you just give me a sniff?" I say with spiral eyes.

Haruka: "I know you have a harem but, could you not commit sexual actions on the day of our date?" Haruka said with another pout.

Am I going insane? Why do Haruka and Asami have such a good sense of smell? Should I start using magic to hide the smell of other women on me?

Illya: "I'll overlook your super smell power and, No." I say with a deadpan tone.

Haruka: "What? Why? Do I not arouse you enough?" Haruka said with a shocked expression.

Illya: "You arouse me plenty." I say before consoling her via headpat.

Haruka: "Then why?" Haruka said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I can't remember the last time I went more than a day either having sex or doing something sexual with a member of my harem. It must have been at least a year." I say with a shrug.

Haruka: "Ahh I see. By the way, how strong is your sex drive?" Haruka said with a curious expression.

Illya: "In my past life I had sex with over 100 members of my harem at the same time for months and I still wasn't completely satisfied." I say with a chuckle thinking back on my amazing sexual feats.

Haruka: "Damn... Well, at least I know you won't be tired for our date." Haruka said with a smile.

Illya: "I am always full of energy if I'm being honest." I say with a laugh.

Haruka: "Great! Let's head in!" Haruka said before extending her hand for me to hold.

Illya: "Okay." I say before taking her hand and letting her lead me.

When we made it to the ticket counter we rather funnily encountered a problem. They were all out of regular tickets. Haruka was sad since she couldn't afford the VIP ticket which was the only kind of ticket still available. I guess Rin hasn’t had the time to lend her some of the money that I gave her. I asked Haruka for her bank account details and gave her $80 billion USD. She refused at first and wanted to return the money to me. Given her personality where she is more dominant than me, it was pretty hard to convince her to keep the money and I had to show her my bank account to which she replied "THAT'S TOO MANY ZEROS WHAT THE HELL!!" after which she calmed down and accept my money. Which she used to purchase the VIP tickets.

Haruka: "Doesn't this make you my sugar mommy?" Haruka said after she stopped walking in shock from her realization.

Illya: "Oh? Do you want to call me your mom?" I say with a smug expression.

Haruka: "I'd rather you call me that instead." Haruka said with a sigh.

Illya: "Well I don't mind but, doing so might confuse your actual mom." I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Haruka: "True. We'll walk that bridge when the time comes." Haruka said before grabbing my hand and walking into the aquarium.

One thing that I didn’t tell Haruka was that I actually own this aquarium. If you didn’t know, aquarium dates are really popular. As such, I had purchased this place a few years ago. I poured a lot of money into it. Due to my never ending supply of capital, I was able to turn it into the most popular aquarium in the world. It’s also the biggest. Tons of people travel to Japan just to have a date at this aquarium. And it’s surprisingly profitable. I made my money back in just under two years of operation. If you’re wondering what its name is, I actually just called it “Aquarium.” Because of that, whenever you look that word up, my aquarium is the top search result. I don’t even have to pay the top search engine at all.

Haruka: “Illya, We’ve been looking around for two hours but, we haven’t even like 5% of this place…” Haruka said while laying down on a bench.

Illya: “That’s true. This place is huge after all.” I say while rubbing her head since she is laying her head on my lap.

Haruka: “And all of the fish that they have here… I think that they have every single species on earth…” Haruka said while looking at the aquarium pamphlet.

Illya: “It seems so.” I say feigning ignorance.

If I recall correctly, it should take well over an entire day and a half to explore and look at everything this aquarium has to offer. There’s even a hotel built into it so most people just book a two day stay so that they can see everything.

Haruka: “Whoever owns this place must be crazy rich.” Haruka said after eating some grapes that I feed her.

Illya: “She truly is.” I say with a smug smile.

Haruka: “How do you know that a woman owns this place? Do you know the owner?” She said with a head tilt after sitting up from my lap.

Illya: “She’s someone that you know as well.” I say with a grin.

Haruka: “Someone I know? Hmm… Let me think.” Haruka said while doing a thinking pose.

Illya: “Take your time.” I say before eating a grape.

Haruka: “Goddammit… It can’t be you… Right?” Haruka said with a look of disbelief on her face.

Illya: “Guilty as charged.” I say after getting up from the bench and doing a curtsy.

Haruka: “What don’t you own?” Haruka said with a sigh.

Illya: “A lot of things but, if I don’t own it completely, I either have some of its stock or at least own an industry that they rely on.” I say with a shrug.

Haruka: “I see. But, wait… If you own this place then… You didn’t need to give me all of that money…” Haruka said in a nervous tone.

Illya: “True. But, I want all of my lovers to have all the money they could ever need. If you didn’t accept my money earlier, I would just have gotten you to accept it at another time.” I say with a bright smile.

Haruka: “Ah, dammit… Whatever! Thinking about this will just make my head hurt more. Let’s continue exploring.” Haruka said with a blush on her face before taking my hand once again.

Illya: “I’ve actually never been here even though I own it so, I’m quite interested in exploring it as well.” I say with a smile.

Haruka: “Why did you buy it if you weren’t going to explore it?” Haruka said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “I bought it so that I could have dates with pretty girls like you.” I say while holding one of my hands on her cheek.

Haruka: “T-that so? Anyway… L-lets continue.” Haruka said with a blush on her face.

After 4 hours, we left even though we haven’t seen all there was to see at the aquarium but, since it was getting late, and we decided to leave. We spent some time shopping around the stores that were nearby the aquarium of which, of course, I also own. And we bought quite a few clothes and accessories. I could just make her some beautiful clothes and accessories but, shopping is still fun and the things we bought were quite high quality. Only the best for my customers.

Girls that go to my stores get a 30% discount on everything in the store. If they bring another girl with them, they both get a 50% discount. And if they bring a date with them and that date happens to be another girl, and they look like they’re on a date, they get a 75% discount. It’s not like every girl in the stores were lovers since most of them just pretended to be lovers so they could get an amazing discount but, even so, having so many stores that almost always look like a lily garden is worth the pretenders. My stores are actually extremely popular dating spots for lily girls so, there are far more actual lesbians than pretenders that go to my stores.

After that, we went to the same restaurant that I had taken Rin to. Now that I think about it, I don't have any idea how Asami's maid was able to get me to the aquarium in only 2 hours... Did I misjudge the time or did she speed and I didn't notice due to my attention being taken up by Asami's lips... Regardless, me and Haruka booked a private room to eat in. I wouldn't settle for anything else and neither should she.

Haruka: "This place is amazing!" Haruka said with an excited expression.

Illya: "Yes, the food is also quite good as well." I say before taking a seat.

Haruka: "The waitress asked you if you wanted the same as last time so, you've been here before?" Haruka said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "That's right. It's where I took your mother on our date." I say with a calm expression even though I just told my own date that I took her mother to the same place.

Haruka: "You do really just do whatever you want huh." Haruka said with a deadpan expression.

Illya: "If that makes you uncomfortable we can go to a different place." I say with a concerned tone.

Haruka: "It's fine, I don't really mind." Haruka said with a smile.

Illya: "Great! Please order whatever you want. My order is already on its way." I say while handing her a menu.

Haruka: "You don't have to tell me twice!" Haruka said after quickly snatching away the menu from me.

Since my food was already on the way, I sat close to Haruka and looked at the menu with her, and helped her decide what she wanted to eat. She decided to have the same thing as me. After a few minutes, our food arrived and we started to eat. While we ate, we talked about our relationship and our likes and dislikes. Surprisingly she had already decided to join my harem and in her words "Even though I’m a virgin I honestly can't wait to have sex with you Illya." Much to my surprise...

Illya: "You know, this restaurant is also a high-class hotel." I say with a seductive smile.

Haruka: "That's perfect! I'll book a room for tonight." Haruka said with a smile.

Illya: "Please do." I say with another smile that is similar to hers.

She booked a VIP room on her phone and then we spent more time talking until we finished eating. The hotel here was pretty advanced too, once you book a room on your phone you can just use a code on your phone to get into your room. Haruka opened the door for me and then closed it behind her after I went into the room. I then picked her up in a princess carry and headed to the bed in which, I carefully put her down on it. I took off her dress and lingerie and she helped me undress as well. Me and Haruka spent the entire night enjoying each other's bodies.

Since we could both skip all the classes we wanted because me not needing to attend and her having the top grades in school just behind me, Haruka booked more days at this hotel. Of course, we spent it having sex while also enjoying ourselves in many other non-sexual ways. I have to hand it to the owner of this place, our room had everything you could ever want in it for entertainment, a big TV, all of the current game consoles out with almost every game for them, and many novels and manga to read. Now that I think about it, all of the novels and manga were Yuri themed. And I think that I mostly saw other women at this place so, I’m guessing that this is a high end date spot for lesbians and I just didn’t realize it. Even the room was designed to suit women's tastes. You could even order some sex toys and other sexual gear. On our last day, I ran into Asami in the hotel hall.

Asami: "Oh it's surprising to see you here." Asami with a slightly surprised look on her face.

Illya: "I could say the same thing." I say with a raised eyebrow.

Asami: "Did you take Haruka here?" Asami said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "Yes, I took her to dinner here and we spent a few days staying in the hotel here." I say with a smile.

Asami: "I'm glad you've enjoyed your time here!" Asami said with a bright smile.

Illya: "How come?" I say with a head tilt.

Asami: "This establishment is mine. It's the most popular date spot for women to safely date and treat other women who happen to be their lovers." Asami said with a proud expression.

Illya: "Ah, that explains why all of the staff are women. And all of the various yuri themed entertainment. This place is perfect! In fact, Haruka is the second person I've taken here." I say with a happy tone.

Asami: "Oh? Who was the first? If you don’t me asking." Asami said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "..."

Asami: "What's wrong?" Asami said with a head tilt.

Illya: "Well... How accepting are you of very "unique" relationships?" I say with a nervous tone.

Asami: "I happen to have many lovers whose relationships may be considered morally wrong so whatever it is, I won't be disgusted by it at all so, don't worry." Asami said with an understanding smile and a pat on my head.

Illya: "The first woman I took here is named Rin and, Haruka is her adopted daughter." I say with a slightly embarrassed expression.

Asami: "I see." Asami said with a calm expression.

Illya: "You don't seem phased by this at all..." I say with a confused look on my face

Asami: "It's not as morally wrong as one special relationship I have." Asami said with a shrug.

Illya: "That being?" I say with a questioning tone.

Asami: "I have a relationship with female twins and their biological mother." Asami said with a deadpan expression.

Illya: "I see." I say in a deadpan tone.

Asami: "You also don't seem phased either." Asami said with a questioning gaze.

Illya: "Eh, it sounds hot." I say with a shrug.

Asami: "It very much is. Especially in bed with them… Anyway, how much longer are you staying here? I've been meaning to call you but, a lot of things have come up and I just can't find the time yet." Asami said with a remorseful tone.

Illya: "Tonight is our last day here and, don't worry about it. Call me whenever you have time." I say with a reassuring tone.

Asami: "I'll call as soon as possible. By the way..." Asami said with a slightly nervous tone.

Illya: "What is it?" I say with another head tilt.

Asami: "Illya. May I ask how old you’re?" Asami said with a serious tone.

Illya: "Sure. I'm 18." I say to her calmly.

Asami: "You're so mature, I honestly thought you'd be older..." Asami said with a shocked expression.

Illya: "How old are you? That is if you don't mind me asking." I say with a smile.

Asami: "I'm worried to tell you since I don't want you to think that I am weird for wanting to be in a relationship with someone so young..." Asami said with a nervous tone.

Illya: "The oldest woman in my harem is 37." I say with a laugh.

Asami: "I see. That's fine then! I'm 32." Asami happily said.

Illya: "My God! 32? You don't look over 20..." I say with a shocked expression.

Asami: "Thanks for the compliment! I have another question for you though." Asami said with a smile.

Illya: “What is it?” I say with another head tilt.

Asami: “You’re rich right? Do have to own the aquarium as well as the shopping mall that’s a part of it?” Asami said with a thinking pose.

Illya: “That’s correct!” I say confirming her suspicions.

Asami: “I figured! The place is a lily girls paradise. I’ve gotten so much use out of taking girls on dates to shop there. Thanks for making it such an amazing place! Now, please don't let me hold you up and go back to your date.” Asami said with a grateful smile.

Illya: "Alright..." I say with a slightly disappointed voice.

Asami: "What's wrong?" Asami said with a confused expression.

Illya: "Um... K-kiss... Give me a goodbye kiss please!" I nervously say with a small stutter.

Asami: "Of course how could I forget? Come here." Asami said before grabbing me by my waist and planting a kiss on my lips.

After me acting like a submission girl wanting affection, Asami finally granted my request and gave me a nice kiss before we parted. Haruka was able to figure out that I was with another woman again with just her sense of smell though, she wasn't mad this time. We spent our final day doing everything we wanted to do before we also parted ways. Although I say that, I actually teleported her to her house.

Right when I was about to leave, I realized that I had completely forgotten to talk to her about my magical abilities since, she was very shocked after I teleported us. As such, I spent two hours in front of her house explaining everything to her until she was satisfied with my explanations. After that, I teleported back to my dorm and went to sleep with Rias. I really don't have anything to do tomorrow... I guess I'll attend my classes for the hell of it.


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