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Chapter 16: It feels so good!

*Illya's POV*

Although we're fine it would be strange to be unhurt from such a "fun" downhill ride as the one me and Rin just rode so, I made fake bruises and bloodstains on our clothes and bodies so as not to cause suspicion. Ahh, our lovely clothes are now ruined... Rin does look quite good being covered in blood though. If only it was the blood of her enemies…

An ambulance showed up but, a bunch of thug-looking men came out from the van that rammed us which, of course, scared the EMT's and they couldn't come to our aid. Not like that would help much besides them just getting hurt.

Thug A: "You two are gonna come with us you hear me..." A thug said after walking towards me and Rin.

Illya: "No, Nope, Stop talking!" I say in an annoyed tone before beating up the thugs.

Out of the 8 thugs, I beat the shit out of 7 of them. Breaking their arms and legs felt so good that they most likely won’t be able to use their arms or walk for at least a few months. Unfortunately, I couldn't kill them since, there are 3 witnesses, and killing someone even in self-defense, is still frowned upon in this modern world. I left one unharmed so I could talk to them and understand their reason for attacking us.

Illya: "Okay. Now you are the last one still standing." I say after getting up from one of the thugs. I was on top of him beating his face in nicely.

Thug B: "Y...YES, What do you w...want?" The thug said with a stutter while sitting on the ground shaking violently as if I’m the angel of death or something.

Illya: "Why have you attempted to murder us?" I say with my arms crossed and one of my fingers tapping on one of my arms.

Thug B: "W-we didn't intend to kill you two… We were just told to run you off the road and then kidnap you both." The thug says while not being able to look me in the eyes.

Illya: "Run us off the road? You've damn near killed us! You all clearly didn’t think this through at all." I say in an annoyed domineering tone.

Thug B: "Please don't hurt me! Blame the driver! He overestimated how fast we'd need to go to run you off the road." The thug said while waving in his hands in front of himself.

Illya: "Hey Rin." I say after looking at Rin.

Rin: "Yes Illya?" Rin said with a slight frown.

Illya: "Do you want to beat up the driver?" I say with an evil smile.

Rin: "I'm good. Although. I would like to get revenge on him, you've already pretty much crippled him anyway." Rin said with a sigh.

Illya: "Huh? Crippled? They'll all walk again… Just maybe with a limb." I say with a sadistic smile.

Rin: "Either way, I feel better seeing you beat the shit out of them so, let's just leave it at that." Rin said with a smile.

Illya: "If you’re fine leaving it at that, then I’m with it too." I say with a smile.

Illya: "Now, tell me who sent you right now, before I feel like beating you up as well." I say with an angry look on my face to intimidate the remaining thug.

Thug B: "Our boss sent us!" The thug said in a hurry.

Illya: "For what reason did they do that?" I say with a head tilt.

Thug B: "Miss Inaba owes our boss because she took a loan from him but, Once someone takes a loan he never lets them pay it off until the day they die." The thug said with a shaky voice.

Illya: "And? I paid it the load for her already, and at an exorbitant price which was significantly higher than her loan ever was." I said with an annoyed tone.

Thug B: "That's the exact reason! He wanted to get to the person who could spend so much money." The thug said quickly selling out his own boss.

Illya: "Your boss is a fucking idiot!" I said in a loud tone.

Thug B: "W-what do you mean?" The thug said looking like he was about to faint.

Illya: "I gave him $1 billion USD. That was clearly fuck off money but, instead of leaving us alone he decided to attack Rin and me." I say after showing the thug the amount of money that I sent his boss on my phone.

Thug b: “…”

Illya: "He's a fucking idiot because, I'm clearly someone he shouldn't have fucked with and now, he's going to pay the price!" I said with an evil expression.

Thug B: "..."

Illya: "Your information is pretty useful but, if you don’t want to beat you up, tell me your boss's location." I say while holding the thug up in the air by his shirt.

Thug A: "DON'T TELL HER SHIT!" Thug A screams.



Thug B: "I..."

Illya: "I'll Give you $1 billion each, with an extra 100 million for your mental and physical injuries but…" I say after dropping the thug on the ground. He fell flat onto his butt.

Thug B: "But?..." Thug B said after regaining his breath.

Illya: "You must leave the country after you recover. I don't wish to see you ever again."

Every thug: “…”

Illya: "Oh, that isn't because I fear for my safety. I just don't think that I can stop myself from killing you all in the event I do see you again. Your boss and everyone still at his base, will all be dead soon so, so honestly, this is the best deal you could ever ask for." I say with an evil smile.

Thug B: “…” Thug B said nothing and look towards his comrades for their answers.

Illya: "So? Deal or no deal?" I say with an annoyed tone.

Thug A: "I BEG YOU TO TAKE HER OFFER!" Thug A yells.

Thug C: "FUCK JUST TELLING HER WHERE! GIVE HER OUR BOSS'S ENTIRE DAILY ITINERARY!" Thug C throws in extra information into the deal.


Thug B: "We accept!" Thug B says hastily.

Illya: "Here's my aide's number. I'll pay you all the exact second that I get all the promised information. As for how you’ll be paid, just give her your bank details." I say after throwing Thug B a piece of paper with Rias’s number on it.

Illya: "Now… Get the FUCK back in your van and get these INVALIDS to the hospital!" I say in an overbearing and loud tone.

Thug B: "YES RIGHT AWAY MAM!!" Thug B yelled before quickly helping his comrades into the van before speeding off.

Now that those shmucks are gone, the EMTs calmed down and helped us into the ambulance. Though we're fine, we still gotta pretend that we aren't okay to keep up appearances. While we were driving I started to talk to the EMTs.

Illya: "Other than the crash please pretend that nothing else happened okay?" I say with a smile.

EMT A: "I still think that we should report everything that happened just in case another dangerous thing happens to you two..." EMT A explains calmly.

Illya: "You don't have to worry about that. Whoever it was that decided to mess with me will be dealt with very soon." I say with a sadistic smile.

EMT B: "But..." EMT B nervously says.

Illya: "$50 million for you both if you two just keep today's incident as an accident and nothing more, understand?" I said with a sigh.

EMT A: "Can't really give up that much easy money so, deal!" EMT A said after talking to EMT B.

Illya: "Good. Now, please call ahead to the hospital. I want the best two-bedroom possible. As for the money, give your bank account details to the woman who picks up when you call this number." I say before handing EMT A a piece of paper with Rias’s number on it.

EMT B: "Okay thanks, and sure thing!" EMT B says happily.

It didn't take us that long to make it to the hospital. Once there, we were taken to a VIP patient room and were checked all over to ensure that our health was fine. Rin called her daughter and told her what happened, her daughter said that she'd come to our hospital room immediately.

Rin's Daughter: "MOM ARE YOU OKAY!?" Rin’s daughter said after quickly opening the door to our room.

Very loudly Rin's daughter barged into our room and, something unexpected happened... Oh? This is a pretty interesting situation indeed…

Rin: "Haruka I'm completely fine. Illya protected us." Rin explains to Haruka calmly.

Haruka: "Illya? Oh, it's my schoolmate. Thank you so much for saving my mother!" Haruka said while giving me a hug.

Illya: "Haha, don't worry about it..." I say after returning her hug.

I said that slightly unnaturally awkward, due to the fact that I have a date planned with the daughter of a woman who I had just taken on a date. Said woman, is someone I'm trying to get to join my harem...

Rin: "What's wrong?" Rin said with a confused expression on her face from how I acted.

Illya: "Ah, well I don't like beating around the bush so, Haruka was the one who helped me find your office and, we also planned on going on a date tomorrow..." I say while not being able to look Rin in her eyes.

Haruka: "That's right! Though I don't know what it has to do with my mother?"

Rin: "Um... The thing is that Illya has a harem and she is only attending school to find more women to make her lovers." Rin said with a sigh.

Haruka: "I don't mind that. She's the only person I've ever been interested in after all." She said with a chuckle.

Illya: "If I remember correctly, We've only talked once though?" I said with a confused expression.

Haruka: "Me being interested in you doesn't mean I'll join your harem but, I will consider it. See mom? Our relationship is perfectly fine." Haruka said before giving her mom a thumbs up.

Rin: "Haruka… The key word here is “harem”..." Rin said with a face plam.

Haruka: "And what does that matter?... ILLYA! YOU'RE INTERESTED IN MY MOTHER?!" She said after realizing what her mother meant.

Illya: "That’s right! We even went on a date earlier. I took her to a very nice restaurant. We got in that accident while driving back to her apartment." I say with a proud tone.

Haruka: "..."

Rin: "..."

Haruka: "Mom, are you really okay with this?" Haruka said while looking at her mother with concern.

Rin: "Which part?" Rin said trying to avoid her question.

Haruka: "The whole thing. I don’t mind kissing and having sex with the same person as you but, are you?" Haruka said with a thinking pose.

Rin: "I think that I would be but, I haven't decided on joining her harem yet." Rin said with a thinking pose.

Haruka: "Then everything is okay." Haruka happily said.

Illya: "Really? You know, you two could end up having sex together with me at the same time." I say with a seductive smile.

Haruka: "..."

Rin: "We... We'll cross that bed... I mean bridge when we get there." Rin said correcting herself.

Why the hell is everyone so quick to accept the absurd things I say and do? Is my absurdly high charm and luck the reason why? Eh, I'll figure it out later. Or probably never. I’m pretty forgetful of things that have nothing to do with beautiful women after all.

Haruka: "I mean, technically we aren't blood-related which is why I don't share my mother's last name since I decided to keep my family name after she adopted me. So… it's "maybe" morally okay." Haruka said with spiral eyes.

Illya: "Ah, the not blood-related family members so it doesn't count as incest. the classic loophole!" I say with a laugh.

They didn't comment on my outburst and instead, we talked about random stuff. During the time I was talking with them, I was also waiting for Rias to contact me and give me all the juicy details of who I will be slaughtering tonight and when the slaughter will happen. Rias finally called me after waiting for 15 minutes at the hospital so, I answered my phone.

Rias: “Illya! I heard about what happened, are you okay?” Rias said in a concerned tone.

Illya: “I’m fine Rias. Not much can really hurt me, you know.” I say with a warm voice.

Rias: “I know… It’s just I don’t like hearing that you were in an accident.” Rias said with a sad tone.

Illya: “I appreciate that you care so much about me, I feel the same way about you.” I say with a loving tone.

Rias: "I know. As for the information you wanted, their boss's name is Saito Kurou. I've sent the location of their base to your phone." Rias calmly explained.

Illya: "Thanks! Once I'm done I'll reward you tonight."

Rias: "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already longing for your touch so, I'll await your return with bated breath." Rias said with a slightly hurried voice.

Illya: "Hmm... Actually, I have a better idea." I say with a sinister tone.

Rias: "Which is?" Rias said with a nervous tone.

Illya: "Meet me at their base. It's high time for your first literal blood bath." I say with an evil smile even though I know that Rias can’t see my face right now.

Rias: "What do you mean by literal?" Rias said with a confused tone.

Illya: "Seeing my lovers covered in the blood of their enemies highly arouses me." I explain slowly.

I said that to her bluntly as if a fetish like that was was the most normal thing in the world.

Rias: "I don't know if I should reprimand you or not." Rias said with a deadpan tone after thinking about what I said for a few minutes.

Illya: "Just trust me. It'll be great!" I say in a pleading tone.

Rias: "Fine I trust you." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Great I'll see you there. Bye love ya!" I say before blowing her a kiss from my phone.

Rias: "Bye, I love you too." Rias said with a happy tone.

After I hung up the phone, I saw Rin and Haruka with two shocked faces. Guess that I should have left the room before talking to Rias about such dark topics.

Illya: "What?" I say in an innocent tone.

Rin: "Blood bath?" Rin said in a shaky voice.

Haruka: "Base? What do you mean?" Haruka said with spiral eyes.

Illya: "The boss of those punks that we encountered earlier. I'm going to their base to kill them. I'm also bringing with me one of my lovers since she is also strong." I calmly explained this to both Rin and Haruka. I already consider them my people so, I don’t mind telling them sensitive information at all.

Rin: "W-why do you have to go? Surely you don’t have to personally handle this, right?" Rin said with a concerned tone. If it was from her being my teacher or her being interested in me, I don’t know exactly.

Haruka: "Yeah what she said! Why can't you just get someone else to do it?" Haruka said with a pleading tone.

I do appreciate their concern but, regardless me, and Rias will be completely fine.

Illya: "I'm immortal as well as most likely the most powerful being in this world. On top of that, I'm also a Celestial. Killing is literally in my DNA" I say with a shrug.

Rin: "I understand the immortality but, what does you being a Celestial have anything to do with this?" Rin said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Unless I satiate my killing urges, I may or may not go insane and go on a murderous rampage which will highly likely end the world." I said something so terrible with a shrug.

Haruka: "D-do you kill innocent people?" Haruka said with a shaky voice.

Illya: "No. I only kill those that deserve it. Unlike others of my kind, I'm special in the way that I can control my urges while they couldn't." I say with a smile.

Rin: "I believe you. You aren't the kind of person that would hurt innocent people." Rin said with a warm smile

Haruka: "Well if my mother believes you, I guess I have to as well." Haruka said with a bright smile.

Disregarding that time I went on a murderous rampage where I did kill a shit ton of people which, I bet some were innocent. I mean, technically we went back in time afterward to before we committed the act so it didn't really "happen"...

Illya: "Thanks! You two stay here. Just in case they try to do something again before I can take them out." I say after getting out of my hospital bed.

Rin: "Okay." Rin said calmly

Haruka: "Fine! But, we are still going on that date tomorrow okay?" Haruka said with a pout.

Illya: "Of course! Goodbye, you two. I have a very busy night ahead of me." I jokingly say before heading to the door of the hospital room.

Rin: "Stay safe!" Rin said while waving me goodbye.

Haruka: "Bye-bye!" Haruka said while giving me a wave of her own.

It didn't take any time at all to get to their base since I just teleported to it. Rias was waiting nearby the base and I teleported right in front of her and gave her a hug and kiss in which, she accepted my kiss without any disgust and she kissed me back wholeheartedly. Oddly she was wearing a maid uniform but not a formal one, it was more like a sexy one that shows off her body.

Illya: "Damn! That outfit fits you perfectly!" I say after walking around Rias and inspecting her outfit.

Rias: "Thanks! I figured that you'd like it. You were the one who made it." Rias said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “You figured right! Though, if I remember correctly, you said you wouldn’t wear it.” I say with a cheeky expression.

Rias: “As you said, I am no longer your maid. This is just a sexy maid cosplay.” Rias said with a laugh.

Illya: "That so? Now, take this katana." I say while handing her a katana that I made.

I made her a special weapon since a weapon is a gift that I give to all of my combat-loving uh... Lovers. I also made my Scythe of Love and Slaughter appear. Ahh, It's been a while since I've had a chance to use it. It’s also been a long time since I’ve killed anything. I’m really itching for a slaughter already…

Rias: "A sword? And is that a scythe? Wouldn't using guns be better?" Rias said with confusion while examining the katana that I gave her.

Illya: "Most definitely but, it feels significantly better to cut down your enemies rather than shooting them." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "Are you sure?" Rias said with a look of uncertainty.

Illya: "What do you mean? Acting like you don’t like the idea greatly. I can tell that the idea that I just presented to you, has aroused you somewhat." I say with a seductive smile.

Rias: "W-what... I don’t know what you mean at all." Rias said with a blush on her face before looking away from me.

Illya: "The longer you stay with me the more you'll enjoy slaughtering your enemies. Don't worry about it, I of course accept everything about you, including this." I say while giving her headpats.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Tonight we're going to let loose together okay?" A sadistic smile appeared on both of our faces.

Rias: "YES!" Rias yelled in excitement.

I peered into their base which, is just a normal-looking big office building. The number of enemies was exactly 327. I confirmed this with enemy detection magic. Wow! that's a lot of thugs in one place. I wonder what type of organized crime that they aren’t doing. With that kind of number of people and this expensive looking building, they must be a pretty big crime group.

They can’t be Yakuza since I had dealt with them long ago. I didn’t genocide them though. I just paid them all off and they stopped their criminal activities. They mainly run my many businesses for me. Of course, the ones that I put into power were all women. Other than that, their other main job now is stopping new crime gangs from appearing. Looks like this one fell into the cracks without them knowing.

Illya: "There are 327 enemies. Make sure to keep count of how many you kill." I say with a sly smile.

Rias: "Why does the number matter exactly? Just to make sure we don’t miss any?" Rias said with one of her hands on her chin.

Illya: "If you kill more than me I'll reward you greatly!" I say while caressing her right thigh with one of my hands.

Rias: "I-I will do my best!" Rias said with a slight stutter and blush on her face.

She's fired up now. As I don't really like waiting, we decided to just storm their base and start slaughtering them since we both are aching for bloodshed. Or at least I’m aching for it. Maybe Rias is so excited just because she wants to be rewarded? I don’t mind either way.

The "fight” if you could call it that, only lasted for 40 minutes before they were all dead. I was so into it that I completely forgot to spare Saito Kurou in my murder filled trance so I could monologue before killing him. He didn't even get to know the reason for his world crumbling or the reason his time on this mortal plane was cut short. Oh, but this feeling of slaughtering my enemies feels so damn good! Ah, how I’ve missed this wonderful blissful feeling. No wonder most Celestials were murder crazy.

Rias: "Is… Is it over?" Rias said while wiping some blood off her cheek.

Illya: "Unfortunately, yes it is over." I say with a small sigh.

Rias was covered head to toe in blood. Seeing Rias painted in pure red glistening blood was a picture of absolute perfection in my mind. On her face was a smile of pure glee. Like she was a little girl opening up a present on Christmas day her smile was perfect.

Rias: "Illya..." Rias said with nervously.

Illya: "What is it, my dear?" I say with a head tilt.

Rias: "You were right... This… This feeling is honestly just as good as sex..." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Oh? I'm glad that you think the same as me." I say with a smile.

I pulled her close to me and l licked off the blood which was on her cheeks in which, I tasted the blood in my mouth for a few seconds before feeding the blood in my mouth to her via a nice blood-flavored tongue kiss. My hand made its way towards her special place. It was very wet. Was it blood or some other kind of liquid? I'll leave it up to your imagination. Either way, we both were clearly extremely aroused. We parted lips and I whispered something into her ear which made her shudder in excitement.

Illya: "If you think this is good. Having sex whilst covered in your enemy's blood is even better."

Rias: "L-lets go home immediately!" Rias shouted in excitement.\

Illya: "That is our next destination but first, how many did you kill?" I put my finger on her pretty lips before I asked her that question.

Rias: "If my math is correct, I killed 164."

Illya: "Oh? That's just one more than me. I only managed to kill 163." I say with a cheeky smile.

Rias: "Liar! You could have killed the last one but, instead of killing him you throw him to me to kill." Rias said with a slightly annoyed tone.

Illya: "Guilty as charged." I shrugged.

I doubt that she would just take the kill from me unless I tricked her so, I had thrown the last guy directly at her. I warned her beforehand first mind you. It was kinda funny seeing a sexy maid slice a gangster in half with ease.

Rias: "Why did you let me win?" Rias said with a small pout.

Illya: "I wanted to reward you obviously." I say while playing with her blood covered hair.

Rias: "Is that really the only reason?" Rias said with a look of suspicion.

Illya: "Of course! You know that I'll do everything in my power to pamper my lovers." I say before patting her blood covered head.

Rias: "I see..." Rias says with an embarrassed look on her face.

Illya: "Do you want to know what the reward is?" I say with a seductive smile.

Rias: "If it isn't sex then I'd like to trade my reward for it." Rias said confidently.

Illya: "The reward is sex. But, very special sex." I say while holding one of Rias’s hands.

Rias: "More special than blood sex?" Rias said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I'm going to make you immortal. Although I stopped your aging I didn’t make you immortal yet. Then we are going to spend as much time as we want enjoying ourselves to the fullest while time is frozen. That doesn't just include sex though, we will also do things we want to do together like watching movies, playing games, etc." I say while dancing with Rias in the blood and gore filled dance floor that was once a base for gangsters.

Rias: "That sounds so nice." Rias said with a bright smile.

Illya: “It sounds amazing to me, even though it’s my own idea.” I say while spinning Rias around.

Rias: “Why are you only making me immortal now?” Rias said with a questioning tone.

Illya: “Immortality isn’t for everyone.” I say with a sigh.

Rias: “That’s true.” Rias said with a sigh playing along with me.

Illya: “I waited until now to make you immortal because I wanted to make sure that you could handle it.” I say while lifting Rias up into the air by her waist.

Rias: “I can handle it as long as I’m with you.” Rias said with a blush on her face.

Illya: “I know. That’s why I’m going to make you immortal now.” I say after putting her down.

Rias: “I have one request…” Rias said nervously.

Illya: “Whatever it is, I will grant it.” I say with a smile.

Rias: “Seal the deal with a kiss. Not just a normal or sexual kiss but, a romantic one.” After Rias said that she turned as red as a tomato.

Illya: “Gladly!” I say with a happy tone before kissing Rias on the lips.

Our romantic kiss lasted for 10 minutes. Most people might think that a place like this isn’t the best place for a romantic kiss but, to me, the most romantic scenery is that of a battlefield filled with corpses of me and my lovers enemies. The room being covered in a dense smell of blood allows me to focus on every smell of my lovers. The red also contrasts with my white hair and white dress greatly. I look like an angel of death.

Before leaving, I cleaned up the mess we had made as well as used magic to clean gallons of blood that I stored. Rias asked me why I needed the blood and I replied "I want to paint you with it and it's a pretty good lubricant." She flushed and didn't say anything else until I teleported us into our room in which we couldn't wait any longer and indulged in each other's bodies. As for how long this time "reward" lasted, if I remember correctly it was 8 months. During that period we tried to indulge in every fetish or kink we could think of, even if we were only slightly interested in it. Now that that's all done, all I have on my plate is the date with Haruka. Although I could just freeze time longer we decided to unfreeze time stay inside my dorm, and enjoy ourselves until classes were over and the time for my date came.


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