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Chapter 15: Office Lady's thoughts.

*Inaba Rin's POV*

The class and classroom that I will be teaching in, didn't really have any interesting students attending. They all are rich and have power to some degree. That's pretty much all I can say about them. That is, All except one person. A student who doesn't care for her family name and only wants to be referred to by her first name, which is Illya.

Despite "donating" a literal fortune to this school, she didn't want us to just give her good grades due to her donation. She wanted her grades to be a reflection of her knowledge. For that reason, she did every exam, test, and essay for the entire 4 year period of education that a high school student in this school is required to take. Not only did she ace every single one with 100% she even corrected tests that had problems, on top of that madness she did everything in just 2 months.

All the teachers at this school watched her through a one-way mirror so there was no way she could have cheated which, left us all baffled that a barely 18 year old could answer every test perfectly as if she was some old scholar. Some of the other teachers were a little miffed about someone acing everything they threw at her with ease so, they had added college level tests into her roundup of tests to complete without any of us knowing about it. About 40% of the tests that she completed were at a college level. When the principal found out about what they did, he fired them on the spot. What shocked me even more though, was that she actually showed up to class, even though she doesn't even have to attend a single one to graduate.

Illya has been staring at me during the entire lesson not focusing on anything but me. At first, I thought she was judging my merits as a teacher but, now I think she is just checking me out. Her lustful gave she's been giving me reminds me of the male bosses and colleagues I had when I worked in the office of a big company. Now that I think about it, she did ask the principal whether or not the school had any policies against lesbians. And of course, we don’t. Even if we did, could we really stop rich brats from doing what they want?

When me and the other teachers heard about this from the principal we didn't mind at all since her age doesn't reflect her maturity at all. But I wouldn't have guessed that she would just completely ignore her fellow students and lust after a teacher like me instead. There are a lot of very attractive students in this classroom but, she paid them not more than a single glance before she set her sights on me.

Though it wouldn't be narcissistic to say that my beauty overshadows every student present, besides Illya who is at least, in my opinion, she is the most attractive and beautiful girl at this school and that includes me and other faculty. Honestly, I wouldn't mind her pursuing me if she wasn’t my student, I'd actually welcome it. If this was a normal school, I'd just tell her to not to pursue me since it would be highly illegal. I should have guessed that she would be into older women since she kissed that maid who looked at least to be over the age of 25 at the front gate yesterday.

Since this school has the 0.1% powerful people of the future. laws don't really matter to them at all. Illya is likely the most richest and powerful person here in this school, due to the fact that I doubt anyone else here can donate half a billion US dollars willy nilly, especially at such a young age… I do wonder if I can stop her from trying to get with me. Whilst my mind was a mess I still managed to finish the lesson without error.

Rin: "Alright everyone that's the end of this lesson. Please remain in your seats until your next class is over and then you can go to lunch." I said after the bell rang and I had put down my chalk.

Rin: "Miss Illya." I say with a stern voice.

Illya: "Yes Rin?" Illya said with a head tilt.

She said that like she was flirting I somehow managed to play it off and not let my face show any reaction. If I did let it show on my face, my face would be a mix of frustration and blushing. I don't like how attractive I find her...

Rin: "After your next class, come to my office instead of going to lunch." I say after pushing my glasses up.

Illya: "Oh? Are we going to have lunch together?" Illya said with a smile.

Rin: "No that's not..." I say with a hurried tone.

Illya: "I won't go to your office if we don't have lunch together." Illya said with a small pout.

The way she said that I remember that even as her teacher, she still holds way more power over me. There was no anger or malice in her voice when she spoke she just said it matter of factly. Even though the students here are of high profile most of them wouldn't talk back let alone try to "negotiate" with a teacher So I had to relent.

Rin: "Fine. Is there anything specific you want to eat?"

*Illya's POV*

Already having my oh so lovely teacher dance upon the palm of my hand is quite exhilarating. I think I might have underestimated how much power I really have in this school. This gives me a lot of morally dubious ideas. Heheh...

Illya: "Some steak would be perfect!" I say with a smile.

Rin: "Alright, see you then." Rin said before quickly leaving the classroom.

Illya: "See you then as well. Bye!" I say while waving her off.

Despite us being student and teacher, it seems like she has already given up on treating me as such and, is now treating me oddly like a friend would. I'm guessing she noticed me gazing lustfully at her for the entire lesson. Normally I wouldn't act so shamelessly... To someone, I don't know. I wonder if because I’m not satisfying my blood lust my uh… regular lust is increased significantly. Damn... I have gotta start killing some shit again...

Nothing else interesting happened during my lesson and by interesting I mean the teacher for this lesson wasn't to my liking at all. During said lesson a certain thought was on my mind, that being me wondering what percent of girls in this female-only school are lesbians. 1%? 2%? I don't really know but, I do know for a fact that, by the time that I’ve finished the 4 years here whatever the actual percentage is, I'm going to be increasing it by a lot or at least somewhat.

The lesson came to end so I moseyed along to what I thought was the way towards Rin's office before I came to the realization that I had little to no fucking idea where it was. This school is far too big for its own good... As I was pondering my current predicament I turned a corner and was on a collision course with a cliche as I was about to slam headfirst into a woman's bountiful breasts.

I could have very easily avoided her and, I have thousands of different ways to do so but, why would I ever deprive myself of such a wonderful thing? As such, I let the face to breasts accident happen as it was the most natural thing in existence.

Though as I collided with her, I got immediately pushed down from the impact. Thus two bad things happened, one I didn't get to enjoy her breasts at all, and two, this girl is not a normal human. Since she was able to push back my beautiful and sturdy body. I by instinct stupidly used magic to protect myself from the fall.

???: "I would ask if you're okay but, as you used magic to protect yourself I'm just going to assume you're alright." The said with a cheerful tone.

Illya: "You know what they say when you assume things right?" I say after getting up from the floor.

???: "Huh? What do they say?" The girl said with a head tilt.

Illya: "It makes an ass out of me and you." I say with a laugh.

???: "Are you sure that you’re all right?" The girl says with a concerned tone.

Illya: "I'm fine physically but, I'm hurt mentally." I say with a sigh.

???: "How so?" The girl said with another head tilt.

Illya: "I'll leave it up to your imagination." I say with a smile.

???: “I see.” The girl says with a smile.

Illya: "Anyway, what's your name?" I say while trying to stop my eyes from lingering on her breasts for too long.

???: "Oh, it's Sawa Haruka. I'm a second year." Haruka said with a smile and extended her hand to give me a handshake

Illya: "It's a pleasure to meet you Haruka. I'm Illya, a first year." I return with a smile and handshake of my own.

Haruka: "Likewise. Now, about you being able to use magic." Haruka said with a serious tone.

Illya: "What about it?" I say with a head tilt.

Haruka: "Where did you learn it? What kind of magic can you use? How many spells can you use before your mana runs out? Are you evil? Have you ever killed anyone?" Haruka said in an excited voice without even taking breaths in between her words.

I was quite shocked that went from an elegant mature woman to acting like a child who just received a new toy. While she was bombarding me with question after question, I began to look her over in more detail this time.

Haruka has beautiful blond hair that went down to her shoulders and deep blue eyes and of course, her aforementioned breasts are the same size as Rias's. She is slightly taller than me. Despite having a Japanese sounding name, she looked to either be American or European. It might be rude but, I decided to check her status.

Illya: "Inspect."


Name: Haruka.

Race: Human.

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Level: 3

HP: 55/55

MP: 62/62

INT: 95

STR: 15

DEF: 85

Luck: 50

Charm: 90

Haruka: "Illya, I felt weird after you said "inspect"..." Haruka said while holding her arms together like a woman who noticed a pervert staring at her breasts.

My peeping seemed to snap her out of her never-ending questions. I want to talk to her more but, my oh so beautiful teacher… I mean, steak awaits...

Illya: "I just inspected your status." I say with a shrug.

Haruka: "What? How or what does that even mean?" Haruka said with spiral eyes.

Illya: "I'll tell you but, I'm busy right now. Also if you want me to tell you, you have to take me on a date first." I say with an evil smile.

Haruka: "I don't mind taking you on a date but..." Haruka said while playing with her hair.

Illya: "But what?" I say with a confused expression.

Haruka: "I don't know where you would like to go on a date." Haruka said with a nervous expression.

Illya: "Haha that's fine. Let's just go somewhere you and me both can have fun. How about after school ends for the day tomorrow?" I say with a laugh.

Haruka: "Sure! Here's my phone number." Haruka said before writing her number on my hand. Hmm… That was kind of erotic…

She then started to happily skip away but, I had something to ask her so I stopped her and asked her where Rin's office was. She did know where it was and, as I was about to her the location, she picked me up princess carry style and carried me to Rin's office. This whole being princess carried by Haruka lasted about 15 minutes. During that time, tons of my fellow students saw us and blushed. Once we arrived at Rin’s office, she then put me down and patted my head a few times afterwards, she left in a hurry.

Illya: "That was nice...heehee." I say while touching the spot where she rubbed on my head.

Now I understand why Rias likes it when I carry her like that. I also understand why she likes it when I rub her head. Not sure how I feel about being on the receiving end. I've always thought of myself as dominant but, seems like there are women like Haruka who are sometimes more dominant than me which, is kinda frustrating. With me being the one that likes to set the pace for my interactions and conversations. But... If Haruka joins my harem I think it might be a nice change of pace if someone else was in the leading role... Actually, rather than dominant, she must just be an aloof girl who is sometimes an airhead.

Illya: "I'll think about this later." I say with a sigh.

As such, I knocked on Rin's office door to which she replied "Come in." as I followed her short command, I found myself looking at Rin sitting on a couch with food in front of her. I took a seat on the couch in front of her.

Rin: "I'm sure that you're curious as to why I've asked you to come to my office." Rin says with a serious tone.

Illya: "I really am. I only came because you were the one who asked me." I say with a laugh.

Rin: "Meaning?" Rin said with a head tilt.

Illya: "If it was any other teacher, I would have just told them no." I say with a shrug.

Rin: "Well to be honest that is the reason I called you here." Rin said with a sigh.

Illya: "That so? Before we get into that, let's eat first before the food gets cold." I say with a smile.

Rin: "If it gets cold we can just get someone to microwave it until it’s hot again..." Rin said with an annoyed tone.

Seems like she forget that I'm rich and wouldn't do something like microwave food. I would but of course, she sees me like all the other rich kids in this school, I guess.

Illya: "I don't mind heating the steak back up but, I am quite hungry." I say with jokingly rubbing my stomach.

Rin: "If you were so hungry why did you take so long to come to my office? The steak will be cold soon because of that anyway. For what reason did you take so long to show up?" Rin said with a reproachful tone.

She said as if I offended her since I made her wait and the steak has gotten cold. Ahh, I feel the same, the steak going cold is quite heartbreaking in my opinion as well. I could just use some magic to heat the steaks back up though, since Rin probably doesn't know about anything magic it'd be a bad idea. I am supposed to be keeping a low profile.

Illya: "A very stupid reason." I say with a sigh.

Rin: "Being?" Rin said with a questioning gaze.

Illya: "I didn't ask where your office was so I got lost until a second year "guided" me here." I say with a slightly annoyed tone. My annoyance wasn’t directed to her but, to me.

Rin: "..."

Illya: "What's wrong?" I say with a head tilt.

Rin: "That was my fault. I'm sorry for being rude to you and assuming that you'd for some reason know where my office would be even though this is your first day at school." Rin said while bowing.

Illya: "It's fine. Don’t worry about it. Now about the steak..." I say before looking at the cold steak with a slightly sad look on my face.

Rin: "We can eat first or if you want, instead we can just go to dinner and talk while we eat." Rin said with a kind tone.

Illya: "Don't you have more classes to teach?" I say with a questioning tone.

Rin: "No. I only teach yours." Rin said matter factly.

Illya: "Oh, so it's one teacher per subject per classroom, huh?" I say with a thinking pose.

Rin: "Correct." Rin said with a smile.

Illya: "Explains why they are so many teachers here. Anyway, wouldn't student and teacher going to a place to eat be misunderstood as us going on a date?" I say with a cheeky tone.

Rin: "Do you want it to be a date between adults, or a meeting as student and teacher?" She said with a knowing gaze.

Illya: "I would prefer a date. Even though I’m your student." I say with a smile.

Rin: "Are you interested in me?" Rin said with a curious look on her face.

Illya: "I am very interested in you Rin." I say after grabbing her hand and holding it with mine.

Rin: "Do laws even matter to someone like you and would you protect me from said laws?" Rin said with a nervous look on her face but, didn’t look disgusted by me holding her hand.

Illya: "I doubt anyone could do something to me or anyone I care about so, laws mean absolutely nothing to me, and of course, I'll protect those I care about no matter the cost." I say with a proud tone.

Rin: "Great! A date is then." Rin said with a happy tone and a smile on her face.

Illya: "You seem rather enthusiastic about having a date with your own student, you know." I smugly said.

Rin: "I don't really see you as just my student at all, if anything I'd say your mental age and maturity are superior to mine." Rin said with a sigh.

Illya: "Eh, who knows?” I say with a laugh.

Rin: "Shall we head to dinner?" Rin says while leading me out of her office.

Illya: "lead the way, please." I say while following behind Rin.

Rin: "Let's go to my car oh, right can we head to my house first so that I can change into
something nicer?” Rin says while looking at me waiting for my answer.

Illya: "Sure, I don’t mind. Though, I for one think your office lady outfit is pretty hot." I say with a giggle.

Rin: "Regardless, wouldn't I look better in a dress?" Rin said with a hint of self deprecation.

Illya: "This isn't me just flirting but, I honestly think that you'd look beautiful in anything." I say after grabbing her hand once again.

Rin: "T-thanks! You should chan... Ahh! You’re outfit…" Rin said with a shocked expression.

Illya: "What's wrong with it?" I say with a head tilt.

Rin: "I just realized you are still dressed in your school uniform…" Rin said with a face palm.

Illya: "What's wrong with that?" I say with another head tilt.

Rin: "I would have thought that with your power and attitude, you'd just wear whatever you want to wear because no one would be able to stop you." Rin said with a smirk.

Illya: "Oh normally I would but, Luckily this school's uniform is very cute. You have to hand it to the designer of this outfit." I say after letting go of Rin’s hand and doing a spin so that she could see every part of me in my uniform.

Rin: "True. Though this is also not me just flirting, I think you're the most beautiful person to ever wear that uniform. I think that the designer of it would probably shed tears of joy if they ever saw you in it." Rin said while trying to hide her lustful gave she has when looking at me.

Illya: "Haha thanks! Anyway, you think I should change right? It’s probably not a good thing for you to be seen going on a date with one of your own students." I say with a sarcastic tone.

Rin: "Yes if you want we can head to the dorm first... WHAT?!" Rin said with a shocked expression.

She was surprised because I had used magic to change my outfit. I changed into a beautiful pure white dress. No matter how many years it’s been, I can never stop wanting to wear a dress like this. As for blowing my cover to Rin, since she's going to be a part of my harem, I don't at all mind her knowing about me not being a normal person.

Illya: "What I just used was magic. I'm not only an extremely rich and powerful person. I can also do things like use magic and other unnatural things." I say while playing with magic in my hand.

Rin: "Explains why you're so extraordinary. From the moment that I first laid my eyes on you, I’ve been captivated." Rin said with a flushed face.

Illya: "You're adjusting to this extremely well." I say while looking at Rin with a look of suspicion.

Rin: "I-it's not my first time seeing magic." Rin quickly explains.

Illya: "I see." I say after pulling my face away from Rin’s face. The reason she stuttered wasn’t that she was hiding something from me, it was because I had held her close to me by her waist and looked directly into her eyes.

Huh, I guess there are other special beings in this world like me. It struck me that I completely forgot about Haruka knowing about and being able to use magic... Clearly, beautiful women rank as a far higher priority than most things in my mind.

Rin: "Can you put a nice dress on me too?" Rin said after closely examining my dress.

Illya: "I'd have to feel you up first." I say with a seductive smile.

Rin: "Too soon for that so, I guess I'll be driving a beautifully dressed girl to my apartment while I’m still in a suit." Rin said with a sigh.

After our conversation was over, Rin then lead me to the parking garage exclusive for teachers. It only took a few minutes for us to make it to her car. Her car is a pretty cheap common model not fitting her current job's most likely high pay. I don't pity her for having a cheap car or anything I am just surprised. It took us an hour to get to her apartment which, was cheap by rich people's standards. By normal people's standards, it would probably be called a luxury apartment.

Rin: "Do you want to wait in the car?" Rin said after the car in front of her apartment complex.

Illya: "You mean you don't want me to help you undress?" I jokingly said.

Rin: "Oh, and then what? Are you going push me onto the bed and have your way with me?" Rin said with an angry tone.

Illya: “Where’s this coming from?” I said with a concerned tone.

Rin: “I’m sorry… It’s just that, the last relationship that I was in didn’t end well. I hope this won’t ruin our date…” Rin said while using her right hand to rub her upper left with a sad and remorseful tone.

Illya: "It’s fine, don’t worry about it at all. You don’t have to tell me what happened if you don’t want to. As for what I said, I would never force you to do any that you don't want to do. I'm sorry if I made you upset. I was just making a joke." I say while giving Rin a hug after her if she wanted one.

Rin: "Ah, thanks for the hug. It really made me feel better." Rin said with a shy expression.

Illya: "Are you sure that you’re okay?" I say with a concerned expression and tone.

Rin: “I am, don’t worry.” Rin said with a forced smile.

Illya: “If you're not feeling like not wanting to go out right now, we can go on a date some other time.” I say with an apologetic tone.

Rin: "No, I really do want to go on a date with you… I just have some things that I'm really stressed out about. I'm sorry that took it out on you earlier." Rin said in an embarrassed tone.

Illya: "If you want to talk about it I don't mind, I might even be able to help." I say with a warm smile.

Rin: "You may be able to help me with it so, I'll bring it up while we're eating later." Rin said with a slightly reluctant expression.

Illya: "Okay, I'll hear you out then. Please go get dressed, I'll keep the car warm." I say while waving her off.

Rin: "Thank you." Rin warmly said.

It only took her 25 minutes to get dressed. It would have taken longer if she needed to put on makeup but, her beauty can't really be enhanced much more by makeup so, there is no real reason for her to put some on. Although, she put such a beautiful black dress on that fits her perfectly. I don’t mind her choice in cars but, she wanted to eat at a small and cheap place. I can do without a lot of things but, food and women are the two that I will never comprise on at all.

Illya: "Rin, instead of that cheap place, let's go to the nicest place that we can." I suggest to her while she is driving.

Rin: "But... The cost." Said nervously while still maintaining her focus on driving.

Illya: "I'll pay, of course!" I say with a smile.

Rin: "I-I can't impose on my own student like that." Rin said with a hesitant tone.

Illya: "Remember, we aren't supposed to be teacher and student right now. Also if you're going to be my lover, I should do everything in my power to make sure you have a perfect time so, don’t worry about the cost and just enjoy yourself." I say while rubbing her right thigh trying to tempt her.

Rin: "Fine..." Rin said finally giving in as well as trying to ignore how she feels from me touching her thigh. Look, I asked her if I could do that first and she said that it was okay for me to do so. I even asked her multiple times before doing so. It was funny seeing her try extremely hard to focus on driving.

Though she didn't want to impose on me, I still wanted to take her to a really nice place. As such, we went to a high-rise restaurant that I gave Rin directions to. At this restaurant, the cheapest meal cost $500 USD without entrees or drinks. A private room here cost $4500 USD for the smallest private room. Seeing Rin almost pass out after realizing the cost of this place was quite the funny thing to see and already made this date a success, at least in my mind. She damn near fainted when I told her that we will be dining in a VIP room. After I told her the cost of the room alone she wanted us to leave but, I reminded her that I gave half a billion USD to the school and then she calmed down. The cost for the room was $10,000 USD.

Illya: "Rin, You can order whatever you want. Just think of me as a reverse sugar momma." I jokingly say.

Rin: "Ignoring that last comment, thanks." Rin said while expertly brushing off my inappropriate comment.

Illya: "Oh, please don’t order any alcohol though. I much do not like it at all." I say with a pleading tone.

Rin: "Sure I mind. I also don't like alcohol anyway." Rin said with a smile.

Illya: "This date is going well so far, we already have so many things in common." I say before returning a smile back at her.

Funnily enough, we both ordered steak. Since it was their most popular meal, it didn’t more than 10 minutes for them to make and deliver our food to our private room. After the food arrived, we started to talk about things that we wanted to ask each other.

Rin: "Why are you attending school when you can just go straight to college and most likely get a degree in just a few months?" Rin said while doing a thinking pose after taking a bite of her steak and after swallowing it.

Illya: "I'm looking for lovers to add to my harem. Also, there is a specific person that I am trying to find. She may be at our school." I reply with a smile after answering her question.

Rin: "Harem? How many women are in your harem right now? I doubt you have any, considering that you've only been at school for two days max." Rin said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "Just one right now. It is the reason why I bought an entire dorm. That way no one at the school can bother me at all." I say with a chuckle.

Rin: "Let me guess who is the only woman in your harem, it’s the maid that you kissed at the entrance to the school during the opening ceremony, right?" Rin said with a smirk.

Illya: "That’s correct!" I say with a okay hand sign.

Rin: "Going on how you treat women, I doubt that you just let her leave without you. You’re the kind of person who spends millions of dollars to have a place where you can keep them close to you at all times. I’m guessing that she is living in your dorm?" Rin said with a knowing smile.

Illya: "Correct again." I say while clapping my hands.

Rin: "What's her name?" Rin asks me.

Illya: "Her name is Rias." I say with a loving tone to express how I feel about Rias.

Rin: "I see. It's a very pretty name." Rin said with a smile.

Illya: “A pretty name befitting of a pretty woman. Of course, you’re also very pretty Rin!” I say with a flirty tone.

Rin: "Wait… How can we be lovers if you already have one?" Rin said with a look of confusion after she realized the problem.

Illya: "Are you worried that I won't treat you equally as I do Rias?" I say with a head tilt.

Rin: "Yes, how can you be in a relationship with more than one person? There's not enough time in life for it even if we can live for hundreds of years now, you can still die at any point." Rin said with a thinking pose.

Since we were in a private room I took a steak knife and cut my arm to show her that I can heal immediately. It's better than trying to convince her with just words even though she knows about magic. After seeing me heal she was lost in thought.

Rin: "..."

Illya: "I'm immortal and I of course can my lovers immortal too. I and my lovers have nothing but time.” I say with a bright and smug smile.

Rin: "I see... A true harem will the love for each member is equal, would only really work if all involved were immortal so, your logic isn't wrong." Rin said while doing another thinking pose.

Illya: "My thoughts exactly." I say before taking a bite of my steak. It’s pretty good but, nowhere near as good as the food that I can cook.

Rin: "I'm happy that you're so interested in me that you can tell me about so many important things about you but..." Rin said with a nervous tone.

Illya: "Hmm?" I say with a head tilt.

Rin: "I don't think that I can say yes to being in a relationship with you just yet." Rin said with a sad tone.

Illya: "That's fine. Take all the time you need I'll accept your answer whether it’s a yes or no." I say with a reassuring tone.

Rin: "Ah, sorry. I was treating you like a child who just found their first love and wanted to date them." Rin said with a face palm.

Illya: "It’s fine." I say with a laugh.

Rin: "Well, I guess I don't have to feel bad about hurting your feelings since we're both adults." Rin said with a smile.

Illya: "Likewise, I do hope you continue to treat me like an adult though." I say with a laugh.

Rin: "I'll try my best to remember to do so." Rin said with a laugh of her own.

After that conversation, we started talking about random things like, what kind of clothes that we like and other things that we are interested in, etc. When we were almost done with our food, I decided to ask her about what was stressing her out.

Illya: "Could you tell me what you're currently having trouble with? It seems to be burdening you quite a lot." I say after using cleaning magic to clean both me Rin off. Not that we are messy eaters or anything.

Rin: "I was hoping to avoid bringing it up." Rin says with a sigh.

Illya: "How come? You did say that you were going to tell me about it." I say with a head tilt.

Rin: "If you are able to help me, and I end up joining your harem I don't want you to think I only did it because of your money and power..." Rin said with a conflicted tone.

Illya: "Don't worry about that. You aren't the kind of person who would do such a thing. I wouldn't be interested in you if you were someone like that." I said once again reassuring her.

Rin: "That's good. I thank you for having so much trust in me." Rin said with a bright smile.

Illya: "Don't mention it. Anyway, your problems?" I say in a serious tone.

Rin: "Money problems. You've seen my apartment and car." Rin said in a serious tone as well.

Illya: "I have but, if a problem can be solved with money, then it isn't a problem at all." I jokingly say.

Rin: "I wish it was as simple as that." Rin said with a sigh.

Illya: "It's not?" I say with a concerned expression.

Rin: "Currently all my money goes mostly to paying off a loan shark who keeps saying I owe more even though I keep paying, and the rest is going to pay for my daughter's school tuition."

Illya: "Sounds like a tricky situation… How much exactly?" I say with a serious tone.

Rin: "Umm... $120K a year for tuition and $50K every time they contact me to pay." Rin said with an embarrassed tone. Most people aren’t willing to admit that they’re being strong armed by loan sharks.

Illya: "Give me the account number that you transfer the money to, then give me your
bank account details." I say in a slightly domineering tone.

Rin: "Sure. It's xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx." Rin said with a slight blush on her face.

Illya: "Okay, done." I say after using my phone for a few minutes.

Rin: "Um... What did you do? T-these numbers can’t be real…" Rin said with a confused look on her face after seeing the notification on her phone.

Illya: "I put $50 billion into your account and I paid the loan shark $1 billion." I say with a deadpan expression and tone.

Rin: "THAT'S WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!" Rin said with a shocked yell.

Illya: "Calm down! Even a trillion is chump change to me." I say with a shrug.

Rin: "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!" Rin said while continuing to yell.

Illya: "There's something that I can tell you about that'll make you easily believe me." I say with a smug expression.

Rin: "I DOUBT IT! PLEASE TAKE YOUR MONEY BACK!" Rin said with a pleading but loud tone.

Illya: "I cured cancer and stopped aging as well as own every big business you can think of. If I don't own it completely I at least own a huge stake in it." I say with a prideful tone.

Rin: "Oh..." Rin said with a shocked and deadpan expression.

Rin then went completely quiet and started to silently eat the rest of her food. After about 15 minutes, she calmed down and we started talking about random stuff again, it wasn't long until we finished our food. I then paid for the meal and private room and walked back to the car with Rin.

Rin: "That food was extremely good." Rin said with a satisfied expression.

Illya: "It was but, it pales in comparison to the food I cook." I say with a sigh.

Rin: "I'll have to ask you to make some food for me some time then." Rin said with a big smile.

Illya: "Anytime, haha!" I say with a laugh.

Rin: "Let's head home sweety." Rin said with a motherly tone.

Illya: "Home? Sweety?" I said with spiral eyes.

Rin: "Ah, sorry I went into parent mode." Rin said with a blush on her face.

Illya: "It's fine. Though I don't mind you calling me "Sweety"." I said with a slightly lewd look on my face.

Rin: "Ignoring that comment... Should I drive you back to the school?" Rin said ignoring my comment.

Illya: "We can just head to your house, I'll teleport to my dorm after we get there." I say with a wave.

Rin: "Well, I can't argue with that. It’s gotten really late, let's go." Rin said while getting in the driver's seat of her car. I had opened and close the door for her which, she seemed to really appreciate it.

We drove quite a long distance away from her apartment so, it would take us 4 hours to get back to her apartment. While we were halfway there, a car slammed into us, they intentionally pushed us off the highway and into the forest to the right.

Illya: "HOLD ON!!" I scream.

I held onto Rin shielding her with magic so she wouldn’t be hurt. If tumbling down a hill in a forest in a car was an amusement park ride I'd give it a 1 out of 10. After bouncing around for a few minutes, the car came to a stop. I check Rin all over to make sure she was unhurt, luckily my magic worked as intended and she was perfectly fine.

Illya: "Are you okay?" I say with a very concerned tone even though I knew she was physically okay.

Rin: "I'm fine but, that should have killed us." Rin said with a confused expression.

Illya: "I shielded us with magic so that we wouldn't get hurt." I explain to Rin calmly to try to calm her down.

Rin: "Well seems like you weren't lying about protecting those you care about. Thanks!" She said with a loving expression.

Illya: "Anytime!" I say with a smile.

Although I showed her a smiling face I was burning with pure rage. Even though our health situation was fine, there was one other major problem... Who the FUCK would DARE to FUCK with me like this? I'm going to go on a FUCKING murder spree once I found out WHO did this! Just you FUCKING wait whoever you are!

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