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Chapter 14: Morning ruckus.

*Illya's POV*

After a very fun and loud night with Rias, I woke up from my alarm. It’s not a normal alarm, I made it with magic so that only I can hear it in my head. That way, none of my lovers will be woken up by it. I woke up nestled in Rias's bountiful twin pillows, otherwise known as breasts. I was tempted to go another round with her but, I somehow managed to hold back my never-ending lust, only because today was my first of school and I didn't want to be late due to me and Rias’s "fun" early morning times.

Illya: "Time to wake up." I say in a quiet voice to not wake up Rias before carefully getting out of bed to not disturb her.

I know that me only caring about my first day at school sounds a little weird but, I had actually already done all of the exams, essays, etc, in advance before coming here so, I don't have to attend any of my classes at all. When I said that I was here only for fun, I really meant it 100%. I was able to arrange this because, I have donated 500 million USD to this school so, of course, they're gonna treat me quite differently than other students enrolled in this school. I know what you’re thinking but, my scores are real, and didn’t cheat by paying the school off. That was one of the main reasons why they accepted the arrangement so easily.

Rias: "Illya? Why are you already awake? It's only 3 AM. Your first class starts at 7 AM." Rias said while leaning up from the bed and rubbing the sleep sand from her eyes.

Seems like Rias woke up whilst I was talking to myself in my head. Or maybe it might have been because I was fondling one of her breasts whilst thinking. I know that I said I didn’t want to wake her up but, I wasn't doing it on purpose and Rias didn't seem to mind at all. After I heard her talk to me, I was snapped back to reality and stopped my groping high jinx.

Rias: “Illya, you didn’t have to stop. If you want, we can spend the rest of the morning until your classes cuddling. You can get your fill of my breasts as much as you want during that time.” Rias said with a lewd and smug look on her face.

Illya: "A very tempting idea but, I want to make some breakfast for you then, spend time with you until its the time for me to go and head to my classes." I say after putting one of my fingers on her lips.

Rias ignored my relentless hand-powered attack on her breast just a few seconds ago and played it off like in a composed manner, even trying to tempt me but her face still showed some red on it so, I could tell that she was embarrassed. Honestly, I can never get over all the amazing expressions that women can make. Ahh, stop if you keep showing me that cute face I won't be able to resist anymore. Rias noticing my lustful gave suddenly changed her expression to a more neutral one.

Rias: "Sometimes, with the way you treat me, I forget that I am supposed to be your maid." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Huh? What do you mean? You're no longer my maid." I say with a head tilt.

Rias: "H-huh? Come again?" Rias said with a shocked expression.

Illya: "This isn't my grandparent's estate. This is my paradise for my harem. As such, I won't need to treat you like my servant anymore to keep up appearances. Now that we’re free from prying eyes, you’re my lover." I say with a warm smile.

Rias: "Lover huh? That sounds really nice." Rias said with a happy look on her face.

Illya: "Please don't get jealous since, the way I treat you will be the same exact way I'll treat my other lovers. When I get more that is." I said while giving Rias headpats.

Rias: "Of course, I won't be jealous as long as you treat us all equally." Rias said with a slight smile.

Illya: "That's the plan but, do keep in mind that Akane is the only person I'll pay special attention to since she is my one and only wife." I say while holding one of my fingers up.

Rias: "Don’t worry, I understand." Rias said with a warm voice.

Rias did look a little sad when I said that my only wife is Akane but, it couldn't be helped. To console her I gave her a tight hug and a meaningful slightly long kiss. Rias seemed to be content now.

Illya: "Anyway, enough flirting. I have to get breakfast ready, otherwise, we won’t have much time to hang out with each other." I say before heading to leave the room and go to the kitchen to cook.

Rias got up out of bed and followed me but, then I turned around picked her up in a princess carry then I placed her back in bed. After I tucked her back into bed, I then kissed her on her cute forehead.

Illya: "You stay in bed and rest a while longer. When I finish cooking, I’ll come to wake you up, Okay?" I say while holding her hand.

Rias: "Okay... I look forward to eating more of your food. Have fun." Rias said with a smile and a blush on her face.

Although she agreed, she seems reluctant to do so. Up to this point, she had always woken up before me so that she could take care of all of my morning needs. But, here she isn’t just my maid anymore, she is one of my lovers and I fully intend to pamper her as such.

Rias: “On second thought, maybe I could help you with making breakfast?” Rias said with a pleading tone.

Illya: “No can do butter cup.” I say while shaking my head left to right to say no.

Rias: “Why not? Surely I can help you. Although I haven’t helped you cook before, I can most likely help you to some degree.” Rias says as if I’m trying to abandon her.

Illya: “Rias, I’m not abandoning you at all. You’ve taken care of me for a huge chunk of my life. It’s time for you to be taken care of instead.” I say while giving her a hug and rubbing her back.

Rias: “That sounds amazing but, are you sure?” Rias said with a look on her face that seemed that she wanted me to say “Yes.” or something to that effect.

Illya: "Haha! Pampering my lovers is the most fun thing I can think of! Don't worry about a thing!" I say while patting her head to reassure her after which I pat her head and leave one more kiss but this time on the lips.

After which, I left the room and headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast for me and her. Before I left, I had used sleeping magic to make her fall into a peaceful sleep. When you fall asleep by this magic. The sleep is so amazing that most people would probably be willing to kill to be able to be put to sleep with it. Before becoming a maid for the Katsumi family, apparently had a very hard life. I tried to ask her about it but, she was never willing to tell me about her past. And I wasn’t going to strongarm her into telling me. Due to her past, Rias can't have a good sleep unless I specifically put her to sleep with sleep magic. If I don’t use sleep magic, Rias will constantly wake up from having nightmares the entire night.

Illya: "Hmm..." I say with a thinking pose.

Illya: "I wonder what I should make?" I say while browsing the Internet on my phone.

Even though it's 2025, smartphones are still a thing. I could make holographic phones but, I prefer to stick with smartphones for now. I’ll probably release it in 2030 something. Back on topic, I couldn't think of what Rias would like to eat. I could probably just make something that I would I like but, I'm making breakfast more for her and not me.

Illya: "Ah! I got an idea!" I say after slamming one of my hands into the palm of my other hand.

My plan was quite simple. I was just going to hop into Rias's dreams using dream magic and ask her what she wants to eat. This way, I can ask without having to go back to the room and wake her up. Speaking of that, I'm very curious about what she is currently dreaming about. Oddly, when I used dream magic and directed it toward Rias, to go into her dreams, a loading menu showed up and just like the ones in games. It had to finish loading before I could "Load" into her dream.

Illya: "Trippy.” I say to myself to entertain my mind and no one else in particular.

Once the dream magic finished loading whatever it needed to load. the loading said it was done on the screen. As for the scene that appeared before me, it didn't shock me but, rather made me quite happy.

Illya: "Huh…So that's why you moan in your sleep sometimes. I didn’t know that my sleep magic had such an effect." I say with a smug look on my face.

Rias: "Huh? What!" Rias said with a shocked look on her face.

I stood on the side of the bed watching a dream version of me ravage Rias's body very proficiently. Hmmm, does this count as being cucked? Ahh, I don't want to think about philosophical things like that right now.

Rias: "Why are there two Illya's?" Rias said after looking back and forth at the dream version of me and the real me.

She was oddly composed but, I guess Rias is just used to me doing weird shit all the time. She is probably already just numb to it at this point.

Illya: "I just wanted to ask about what kind of breakfast you wanted but, I didn't want to wake you up so, I just dove into your dreams using dream magic." I say while not daring to look Rias in the eyes.

Rias: "Illya! This is a major violation of my privacy!" Rias said in an angry tone.

Illya: "Oh come on. You love to be violated by me a lot." I say with a cheeky tone and expression.

I say as an obvious joke to try to calm her down which seems to have caused the complete opposite effect. Who would have thought that would happen? Not me.

Rias: "YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM THIS SCOTT FREE!" Rias yelled before jumping out of bed.

She then made a huge sword show up out of nowhere and used the broad side of it to bop me on the head. During this, the dream me strangely disappeared as well. Guess she knows how to control what happens in her dreams... That's a pretty interesting implication given the situation I found her in.

Illya: "Welcome to Illyadonalds. May I take your order?" I say while gesturing like a waitress welcoming a customer.

Rias: "Will you please take this seriously?!" Rias with a visible vein showing up on her forehead.

Illya: "I am being serious. What do you want to eat?" I say with a serious tone.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Come on. It's the entire reason why I even "invaded" into your dreams in the first place."

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Most people don’t remember their dreams at all afterwards. You most likely won't even remember this when you wake up anyway." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "Fine! I want a bowl of fruit and a chicken sub." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Can do. Although, are you sure that's enough food?" I say with a head tilt.

Rias: "Yes I'm sure." Rias said with a nod.

Illya: "You know, if you don't eat some more food than that, your breasts won't get any bigger." I say with a playful smile.

Rias: "THEY'RE BIG AS THEY'RE GONNA GET! NOW GET OUT OF MY DREAMS!!" Rias said before bopping me on the head with her hand.

Illya: "Kay, bye!” I drive by kissed her forehead and then left her dream before she could retort, IE bonk me on the head again.

Will she remember this dream?

Who knows? Cause I certainly don’t. Though, her remembering would be quite funny.

Illya: "Cooking time!" I say after clapping my hands.

Although it's not really "cooking" per se, I'm just putting together a sub and preparing some fruit for two. As for the sub, the meat is God Tier chicken breast with God Tier lettuce and M*racle Whip and the fruit is God Tier Mangoes, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries. I have no idea why my creation magic can make God Tier level uh... things? Even though I'm not a Goddess.

Illya: "If I don't need to think about it today, I'll think about it tomorrow." I say to no one at all.

Yuna will probably tell me the reason why I can make God Tier thingies someday I'm assuming. The food was done and the table is prepared. I could just go back to the room and wake Rias up but, If I do that she'll want to take a shower first and I want to take a shower with her. That’s why I skipped taking a shower.

Illya: "Hmm… good idea me!" I say with a proud voice.

I decided to just teleport her onto the chair next to me. She showed up with a *Poof* and since I undid the sleep magic she was awake and looked super surprised at her current situation. Come to think of it, I've never used teleportation magic on her before...Oops! I'll just play it off like nothing special happened.

Illya: "Good morning sleepy head." I say while looking at her with a loving expression.

Rias: "Good morning..." Rias groggily said.

Illya: "Hm? What's wrong, dear?" I say with a head tilt.

Rias: "Ignoring you summoning me like some familiar, the food you've made is exactly what I asked you for in my dream which means..." Rias said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Huh? What exactly would that mean?" I said while giving her the food that I made trying to divert her attention.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Rias?" I say while poking her cheek.

Rias stared directly into my eye with her stunning brownish-black eyes for a solid 5 minutes before she said anything.


Illya: "soOO??!!" I say with difficulty from her attack on my cheeks.

Rias: “IT WAS WRONG OF YOU TO DO THAT!” Rias said while continuing to pull my cheeks for a few more minutes before stopping.

Illya: “You were the one having sex with a dream me. I just wanted to be a good lover so, we’re both in the wrong.” I say with a shrug.

Rias: “…”

Illya: “Even so, I’m still sorry that I invaded your dreams without consent.” I say while giving Rias a hug.

She continued to grunt as well making random frustration noises and assaulting me once again by pulling my cheeks until she finally calmed after about 15 minutes.

Illya: "You good now?" I say while rubbing my cheeks.

Rias: "Not fully... You said that I wouldn't remember that dream at all." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: “That was just a guess.” I say with a shrug.

Rias: “Just a guess? Aren’t you extremely intelligent?” Rias said with a head tilt. Cute!

Illya: "Bold of you to assume that I know what I am doing." I say with a deadpan expression.

Rias: "Huh?" Rias said with a slightly shocked expression.

Illya: "I act almost entirely on instinct 90% of the time. I just made the assumption that you'd forget since most people forget their dreams after waking up." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "Honestly... I did always think that you just act on your random whims most of the time rather than thinking through things fully. glad to know that I was right." Rias said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Glad that's settled. Now please eat your food so we can grope and kiss each other in the shower." I say after shoving a strawberry into her mouth.

Rias: "Yes mam." Rias cheekily said.

Rais almost always listens to me after I mention doing something sexual with her... Hmm, I guess that I must be doing a very good job at satisfying her desires sexual or something like that.

While she was nomming on the food I made her like a cute hamster so she was completely in a trance. Because of that, she wasn't able to notice me at all so, whilst she was busy I decided to take a sneak peek at her status.

Illya: "Inspect."


Name: Rias

Race: Human.

Sex: Female

Age: 37

Level: 38

HP: 3,568/3,568

MP: 1,580/1,580

INT: 328

STR: 50

DEF: 180

Luck: 15

Charm: 85

Illya: "Interesting." I say right before I freeze time.

I did that so that I could eat all my food since Rias had already finished hers while I was examining her personal info. Eating it all only took a few minutes. After I was done, then I unfroze time to hear my lovely maiden ask me a question.

Rias: "What's Interest... Wait, where the Hell did your food go?" Rias said with a confused look on her face.

Illya: "You finished eating before me, so I just froze time to finish the fruits of my labor." I say with a proud look on my face. The food I make is truly to die for.

Rias: "Ahh I see... Um, what did you find interesting?" Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "I just looked at your status and found out some very intriguing details." I say with an evil smile.

She put on a nervous face probably thinking that her status would end up detailing her hidden fetishes or something to which I replied by putting on a huge smile on my face as if to imply her said fears. She had just always told me about her levels and stats. I never bothered to peek at her status until now.

Rias: "I-I didn’t know that you could see my status…" Rias said with a slightly nervous tone.

Illya: “I have an inspect skill so, I can see other beings status’s.” I say with a shrug.

Rias: “W-what exactly did you see on my status that you found interesting?” Rias said with an even more nervous tone.

Illya: "Huh... what? Oh, nothing special." I say with a smug smile.

Rias: "Going by how you are acting… I FIND THAT VERY HARD TO BELIEVE!" Rias shouted.

Illya: "Haha! I'm being honest. It's just that you're so beautiful for your age." I say with a bright smile.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "You gained quite a bit more levels up from the last time you told me your status. Also, your INT is absurdly high which might be why you remember your dreams." I calmly explain.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Hello? Earth to Rias?" I say while waving my hand in front of her wave back and forth.

Rias: "You don't mind me being so much older than you?" Rias nervously said.

Illya: "Normally you, a 37 year old woman dating an 18 year old young woman would be way outside of the norm but..." I say intentionally ending my sentence early.

Rias: "B-but?" Rias said with a stutter.

Illya: "I'm immortal and I am technically older than you by a few years." I say with a smile.

Rias: "Oh right." Rias said after calming down.

Illya: "On top of that, I already stopped my aging when I turned 18 so I won't ever look different than I do now. Oh, I also already stop you from aging a few months after we met." I say with a shrug.

Rias: "Ah, so that's why I haven't aged since we met." Rias said with a thinking pose.

Illya: "Anyway. Why don't we leave the heavy things behind and go "clean" each other in the shower?" I say with a seductive smile.

Rias: "Alright." Rias said with a blush on her face.

I walked over to her chair and motion her to let me pick her up. She threw her arms up the air and relented so, I carried her princess carry style into the shower in which we did things such as cleaning and “cleaning” each others every nook and cranny.

Due to all this morning ruckus, it is almost time for me to head to my first class. The first class of my school life is my most hated subject, which is math. I had Rias dress me up in my uniform, not because I can't do it myself but because she gets flustered dressing me up in anything which I find irresistible.

Rias: "You look so good in that uniform. Seeing you in that, makes me feel even more like a sinner." Rias said with a sigh.

Illya: "Thanks! And don't about your sins. I for one, am responsible for multiple murders and if I remember correctly a few genocides as well." I say with a thinking pose.

Rias: "Huh? Genocides… Really?" Rias said with a questioning tone.

Illya: "Yup. In my opinion, they deserved it. Also, I'm counting species other than humans on that list. Ones such as goblins, etc." I say with a thumbs up.

Rias: "I see... I guess that's understandable in some dimensions." Rias said while thinking to herself.

Rias: "Anyway, Illya, have fun at school." Rias said with a bright smile.

I was about to say goodbye to Rias before I left but, I ended up thinking about something I've been avoiding these past few years...

Illya: "Hmm..." I say with one of my hands on my chin.

Rias: "What's wrong?" Rias said with a head tilt.

Illya: "I just realized that I haven't killed anything in a decent amount of time." I say with a nervous tone.

Rias: "Umm... Isn't that a good thing?" Rias said as if I just said something that didn’t make sense at all.

Illya: "Nope. I'm a Celestial so, killing shit is like eating for me. It's a miracle that I've abstained this long without going on a genocidal rampage." I say with a serious tone.

Rias: "..."

Illya: "Hey don't get the wrong idea! I only kill beings that are evil or beings that annoy me too much." I say while pulling Rias’s cheek.

Rias: "Thank God! I thought for a second I fell in love with a madwoman..." Rias said with a happy tone.

Illya: "I'm extremely sane for Celestial standards if I'm being honest." I say with a sigh.

Rias: "That's not a good implication..." Rias said with a nervous expression.

Illya: "Oh, don't worry. All of the other Celestial's have been wiped out. I'm the only one left." I say while patting her on the head.

Rias: "Is it wrong of me to think that's a good thing?" Rias said with a concerned expression.

Illya: "I don't know much about other Celestial's but, going on what I do know, it is most likely a good thing they're all gone." I say while comforting her.

Rias: “I see.” Rias said with a slightly remorseful tone.

Illya: "It's not gonna stop me from killing the ones that did it though." I say with an evil smile.

Rias: "I'm going to ignore that whole revenge plan of yours, and I urge you to continue to school for now." Rias said with a knowing smile.

Illya: "Ahh good idea! Goodbye Rias, I love you!" I gave her a nice full tongue kiss that due to time constraints was short much to Rias and my disappointment.

Afterwards, I made my way towards my classroom. In usual schools you'd have to move to different classrooms for each subject but, in this school, you stay in the same class for all subjects. This unfortunately or fortunately depending on the outcome means I'm stuck with the girls I get in this class at least during class time.

Illya: "Ah, there's my seat." I say after looking around for a few minutes.

I found my seat pretty quickly. Although I rushed here it's still really early. Apart from me, there are only 5 other students present. After waiting until it was 6:40 AM the classroom was completely filled and, by that, I meant the other 34 students finally showed up.

Quite a few beautiful girls in this class but, most of them seem really stuck up which is a given considering everyone in this school is stupid rich by a huge margin. I don't see anyone resembling Akane nor is any girl here to my taste.

Illya: "I drew a terrible fucking lot!" I scream.

I said that in my mind so of course, no one heard the bemoaning of my distress from the lack of potential harem members present in this classroom. While I was cursing my very shitty luck which should be the highest of any being in this dimension, the math teacher showed up.

Math Teacher: "Everyone please quiet down." She said in a slightly loud voice.

Although she said that, since everyone here is part of 1% no one was really making any loud noises or socializing much. Guess they're too proud too or something.

Math Teacher: "My name is Inaba Rin. Please just refer to me as Miss Inaba or just teacher, I'm fine with either." Rin said with a calm voice.

After her introduction, she immediately started the lesson. I'm guessing the reason why she didn't have us tell each other our names was due to the fact we're all important highly people. And if we want to know someone's name, we would just ask them. This way, instead of letting potential bullying happen because of their names or who has more power won’t happen at least not immediately.

Illya: "Am I really that desperate?" I say with a thinking pose.

I say in my head again. I said this because I finally decided to appreciate Rin's looks. She has deep black hair tied into a ponytail similar to how Rias puts her hair up. She's wearing glasses that have the bottom bit of the frame missing so it's just her lenses. Her business dress suit really brings out her form and breasts which are only slightly smaller than Rias's. All around she looks like a hardcore business first OL.

Illya: "Am I really going to try to add my math teacher to my harem?" I say with a sigh.

I mean, I really don't have to if I don't want to. Though she does suit my taste and is the only one here that does... Well shit! I didn't think I'd ever say this but, I guess I have to figure out how to seduce my teacher. I wonder if this will be hard or not...


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